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  1. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    It should be possible to change the color but there are two limitations to that, one you can only use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgMarkerColors (or CfgMarkerColors from Mods) and second since they represent by default the faction colors in my opinion it should have an addon option to be disabled by the server or mission maker. So to make it useful, we would need to have the colors to choose from defined somewhere like in https://github.com/quies-in-proelium/qipBFT/blob/master/addons/bft/CfgMarkerColors.hpp Changing the Icon is almost the same problematic we would have to define a list of the the icons to choose from that are needed. Oh and all markers are local markers so the change would only apply to the client that changed it. I am not a programmer so there might be other better ways.
  2. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    For the icon I use a function that checks the vehicle class https://github.com/quies-in-proelium/qipBFT/blob/master/addons/bft/functions/fnc_getUnitMarkerType.sqf yes the offset is intentional so that you can still see the groupleader instead of being covered by the group icon.I should mention this applies only to your own group, groups of which you only see the groupicon do not have an offset on the leader. https://github.com/quies-in-proelium/qipBFT/blob/master/addons/bft/functions/fnc_createGroupMarkers.sqf#L30-L37 I don't know what you mean with changing the icon like ace does, you can only change the color and that is already synced. If you or somebody else changes his teamcolor this will also shown on the bft Currently the colors are hardcoded but I try to change the ace colors to use the ace variables (ace_nametags_nametagColor*) so they will be affected by a change too. If you have wishes that can easily added I will try my best. Cheers
  3. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    still alive and kickin, shoot
  4. NemesisRE

    Immersion Cigs

    @Andrej Kos yes if you use the correct item names "murshun_cigs_lighter" and "murshun_cigs_cigpack"
  5. NemesisRE

    Dismount Where You Look

    There is no BI function that can replace CBA Settings not even close
  6. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    Added screenshots hopefully they are helpful. Currently I am working on adding the tao folding map to the mod Issue #1
  7. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    Screenshots were definitely planned and should be ready over the weekend, I have to see if I have time for a video ^^
  8. NemesisRE

    [qip] BFT

    [qip] BFT is born out of the idea to rewrite a BFT script into a Mod and ending up writing it almost completely from scratch. Thankfully there is an open and helping community which made that possible. BFT (Blufor Tracking or Blue Force Tracking) shows friendly units on a map. In this case this would be the map, GPS or any other device which can display local markers. It's up to you what you want to track, almost everything is configurable. Features: completely configurable with CBA settings group tracking for own faction, friendly factions and civilians dynamic diplomacy updates, show units based on the friend state group details on group icon hover unit tracking for own Group unit life state for several medical mods/scripts and vanilla unit assigned team color Dependencies: CBA_A3 ACE3 (optional) Screenshots: Links: Github download (Currently no WS release) Issues and Suggestions And for all of you developers out there PR's are welcome. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  9. Hey @fn_Quiksilver would you mind pushing your current version to github maybe in a separate branch
  10. A total overhaul of Talon's TFAR Radio Backpack Additions by Tablesalt Features: The 3 classes of the original "Talon's TFAR Radio Backpack Additions" are still in there for compatibility Comes with the original 3 colors (green, coyote, and winter) There are now radios for every faction (west, east and independent) The mass of the kitbag was increased by 80 (Mass: 130) and the maximum load reduced by 80 (Max load: 200) to simulate the added radio Uses the respective base class from TFAR and replaces the model and mass/load settings Requires: TFAR 1.0-PreRelease (doesn't work with <=0.9.x) Download: Github Steam Workshop Armaholic Changelog: 1.0.0 initial release License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  11. I was playing around with different situations now I have some questions: 1. Do you draw the icons in special way on the map? I can't see them with the tao folding map or the MicroDAGR (ACE3), it worked for both with the ACE BFT this is why I ask. I noticed both get the group (but not the unit) icons as long as the full map is open. 2. Is it possible to disallow BFT without a GPS, MicroDAGR (ACE3) or NaviPad (BW Mod), so if you only have a map no BFT and if you loose your GPS no BFT anymore until you get anotherone. 3. Is it intended that a Zeus remote controlled unit does not have the BFT, except for ACE injured only on GPS?
  12. Damn you'r fast! Appreciate it thank you
  13. Hey @fn_Quiksilver would it now be possible to include the team colors for own group members from CBA, ACE3 and STUI? We used ACE3 BFT but it still misses an option to show group members only in addition to groups and since I can not find which BFT/FFT @dslyecxi is using your script seems to be the solution, but I would love to have those team colors like in shacktac's BFT. Anyway thanks for your work :)
  14. NemesisRE

    Immersion Cigs

    Hey rebel, probably the Cigarette addon from SyNcRoNiCzZ would be the perfect match for you. It contains models for a closed, open and empty pack. Would it be possible to replace the glasses/glasses shemag cigarette when finished with the actual glasses/glasses shemag instead of removing them completely? I love this mod! In our missions is the lighter part of the default gear :)