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Found 14 results

  1. So, I'm working on a mission for my group, and one of the objectives is to rescue a captive held by opfor. I want the captive to be injured, but in a way so that whilst they won't die, medics will need to treat them and they'll need a medevac sooner rather than later. I'm thinking severe bloodloss, severe pain, some bandaged wounds, a broken leg and a major wound TQ'd should do the trick. Rather than fuck about with trying to use ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit to get sorta the right wounds, I've decided it would be simplest to just build the medical state I want as a JSON, and use ace_medical_gnc_deserializeState to apply said state to the unit. Most parts of the JSON file are fairly self explanitory, but I'm having trouble figuring out what the 4 numeric values for ace_medical_openwounds / ace_medical_stitchedwounds / ace_medical_bandagedwounds correspond to, and what those values represent, as there seems to be no documentation on it (at least, I've not been able to find any. maybe I'm just an idiot). I'm slowly "trial / error"ing my way through, but I'm wondering if anyone else knows / can explain these values, as it would save me a considerable amount of time.
  2. Hi there. If you want to create missions without ACE dependencies but still want to use ACE Medical and Food stuff when ACE is available on the server, you might use this code in your initServer.sqf, for example. initServer.sqf // If ACE Medical is activated on the server, do it: if ( isClass(configfile >> "CfgPatches" >> "ace_medical") ) then { supply_crate1 = createVehicle ["CargoNet_01_box_F", [1876.54,9278.19,200], [], 0, "NONE"]; chute1 = createVehicle ["B_Parachute_02_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "FLY"]; chute1 setPos (getPos supply_crate1); // getPos was designed to take the altitude pos obj from the surface below it. supply_crate1 attachTo [chute1, [0,0,-0.6]]; // attach the chute to the crate // Supply items > Medical: supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_fieldDressing", 36]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_elasticBandage", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_splint", 9]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_quikclot", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_tourniquet", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_packingBandage", 9]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_bloodIV", 9]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_plasmaIV_500", 5]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_salineIV", 5]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_bodyBag", 5]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_morphine", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_epinephrine", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_adenosine", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_painkillers", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_surgicalKit", 3]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_suture", 3]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_personalAidKit", 3]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["Medikit", 1]; // Supply items > Food: supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_Banana", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_MRE_SteakVegetables", 9]; // Supply items > Water: supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_WaterBottle", 18]; supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_Canteen", 9]; // Supply items > Extra: supply_crate1 addItemCargo ["ACE_EarPlugs", 9]; // Waiting the crate get closer to the ground: waitUntil { sleep 0.1; ((getPosATL supply_crate1) # 2) < 2 || !alive supply_crate1 }; // Adjust to crate velocity after the parachute detachment: _velocity = velocity supply_crate1; // [x,y,z] detach supply_crate1; supply_crate1 setVelocity _velocity; // Detachment of parachute from the crate: playSound3D ["a3\sounds_f\weapons\Flare_Gun\flaregun_1_shoot.wss", supply_crate1]; detach chute1; chute1 disableCollisionWith supply_crate1; // Animation breather: sleep 5; // Delete the parachute: if ( !isNull chute1 ) then { deleteVehicle chute1 } }; Pay attention to this line down below. You should set the classname of the asset of your taste. You MUST replace "[XXX, YYY, 200]" for other X and Y positions on the map. supply_crate1 = createVehicle ["CargoNet_01_box_F", [1876.54,9278.19,200], [], 0, "NONE"]; Enjoy.
  3. Recently, I have been working on a scenario where essentially wounded soldiers (AI) are flown to a field hospital where the player must treat them. Now, I am trying to figure out how to set this system up, as I would like the helicopters to leave and, when triggered, bring back more wounded. Now, I have thought of some ideas of how I could do this. One way I have thought of is if I place the helicopters in an isolated area away from view, and when triggered, the AI troops load into the helicopters. The helicopters bring them towards the base, and when they are like two clicks out, it flies through a trigger, which then adds damage to all AI on board except the Pilot. Then the helicopters land, the players offload the wounded using ACE, and the helicopter takes off and goes back to base, waiting for that same trigger to be fired again. This is my first Idea on this subject, but I felt I could get better ideas on making this all run smoother, so I am open to any suggestions, whether they are simple trigger lines or scripts. A quick heads up that I am still new to the scripts of Arma 3, but I have thought about trying a wounded soldier spawner script like for the ACE medical training scenarios. Still, I don't know how I would teleport the wounded AI into the helicopters. Anyways, any ideas are welcome, and thanks for your time.
  4. Hey folks, probably a pretty newbie question. I am trying to retexture the Kamaz Medical Transporter and can't seem to get rid of the Red Crystal symbols all over the truck. They don't seem to belong to any of the hiddenselectiontextures so I thought they maybe get added afterwards. Is there a way to get rid of these in the config.cpp? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Jan
  5. AWR - Advanced Wound Reaction by [79AD] S. Spartan / [79AD] O. Forest I'm happy to announce a new mod that was created by me in collaboration with O. Forest. For our events we needed an improvement for the ACE3 unconsciousness so that people would still be able to interact with others but unable to actually fight. So I was asked if it's possible to create our own mod that extends the system of ACE3. In the current state the mod uses the perceived pain level from ACE3 to determine if a unit will be incapacitated. If that's the case the unit won't be able to use the weapons but the handgun based on a chance. You will then be able to crawl to a medic for medical attention. The pain can be reduced as usual by using the morphine. Be aware to not overdose! 😉 Features: configurable behavior for pain reaction reaction for AI and players configurable chance to pull out handgun while incapacitated ability for AI to drop and pick up their weapons after being hit Planned: make an option to get triggered by damage threshold, making it possible to completely replace the default ACE unconscious state. more reactions to different wounds option for AI surrendering after losing their gun Always happy for feedback in any means. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894821376 Github: https://github.com/Spartan190/Adv_Wound_Reaction Special thanks to [79AD] O. Forest for encouraging on making this mod and the [79AD] team for testing
  6. So after downloading all the ace mods inducing the medical system, the AI keeps healing even tho they don't get a medkit. The problem with disabling Medical AI is that even if they do have a medkit, they won't heal themself. Does anyone know how to fix it so that they can only heal themselfs when they have a medkit/FAK in their inventory?
  7. I am making an addon that the whole point is having to heal injured civilians, but I have found the issue that even when I removeAllItems the AI still magically heals themselves. I have heard that this is a feature of ace3 as standard AI don't carry enough medical supplies, is there anyway I can disable this feature or just prevent/inturrupt the AI from healing. Any help is appreciated 🙂 Cheers
  8. Hi, I just want to open this post for people who want to test with the New Rewrite of ACE Medical. It is a very simple script that can help you understand the states in which the new medical system alternates. I hope you find it useful. init.sqf addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { { _unit = _x; if (!(isNil "_unit") AND ((side _unit) == west OR (side _unit) == civilian))then{ _pos = ASLToAGL getPosASL _unit; _headPos = [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 1.2]; _heartRate = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_heartrate", 00]; _bloodPressure = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_bloodpressure", [00,00]]; _bloodVolume = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_bloodvolume", 00]; _Text = format ["HR: %1 | BP: %2 | BV: %3",_heartRate toFixed 1,_bloodPressure,_bloodVolume toFixed 1]; drawIcon3D ["", [1, 1, 1,1], _headPos, 0, 0, 0, _Text, 2, 0.03, "PuristaBold"]; _headPos = [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 0.5]; _state = _unit getVariable ["cba_statemachine_state0",""]; _text = ""; if(_state == "cardiacarrest")then{ _text = format["cardiacarrest (%1 s)", (_unit getVariable ["ace_medical_statemachine_cardiacarresttimeleft",0]) toFixed 1]; }else{ _text = _state; }; drawIcon3D ["", [0.1, 0.45, 1,1], _headPos, 0, 0, 0, _text , 2, 0.03, "PuristaBold"]; }; } forEach allUnits; }]; Spyke
  9. Detachment One is a North America based Arma 3 unit based on MCSOCOM Detachment One. We are extending an invitation to skilled personnel interested in running operations of the following types: Direct Action Special Reconnaissance Special Activities The atmosphere at DetOne is more relaxed, as we have all been a part of previous milsim units. No need to report in, finish statements with “Sir!” nor address members by rank. We have a Teamspeak 3 and Arma 3 server and primarily use TS3 and Discord for communications. Events/Operations The main operation takes place on Saturdays at 9PM EST Other events and training may take place weekly or as determined. Our servers are online 24/7 with the exception of maintenance, so our members can additionally gather/play at any time. https://youtu.be/nAIed1M4a9g Requirements: Minimum age of 18 Teamspeak 3 with Microphone Fluent in English Arma 3 installed Good overall fit for the unit Open Roles: Direct Action Element Member SARC – Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Aviator, 1-160th SOAR The unit also has a “Fires Element,” where members can serve roles of: Machine Gunner Infantry Assaultman Mortarman Candidates will undergo an Initial Skills Assessment covering the followin criteria before acceptance: Land Navigation Radio Communication/TFAR ACE Advanced Medical Skills Room Clearing/CQB and POS ID ACE Explosives Further skills on the individual and team level may be trained and developed after entrance. To join or if you have questions, please message one of these members: Bezaleel DareThrylls Arondight Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/S4NSw8J
  10. ADV - ACE Splint - Fixing you up if your arms and legs go kaputt - The times are over in which you had to use a Personal Aid Kit to fix damaged arms and legs with ACE³. ADV - ACE Splint offers you an item you can use to fix damaged arms and legs. Of course the option to splint a damaged limbed will only be available with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage disabled. Depending on your settings an applied splint might come off again. In that case you might be able to apply it again, or have to use a new one. I recommend using ADV - ACE CPR additionally to ADV - ACE Splint - not just because I'm the modest author, but because these two mods offer the things I felt missing in the current version of ACE³. Download: The most current version (1.1.6) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/releases/download/1.1.6/@adv_aceSplint.zip You can get it at armaholic (thanks to foxhound!): ADV - ACE Splint v1.1.5 Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) Community Base addons A3 The Addon is signed and has a bikey. And of course ACE³ is needed - adv_aceSplint works with at least version 3.12.0 Or get it at the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291442929 For mission builders: Settings for ADV - ACE Splint can be changed with cba settings, or the following variables: adv_aceSplint_reopenChance_regular = 0; //default 30, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_reopenChance_medic = 0; //default 0, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_reopenTime = 300; //default 600 adv_aceSplint_reuseChance = 80; //default 90, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_patientCondition = 0; //default 0, 1 = patient has to be bandaged before applying splint The classname for the splint item is "adv_aceSplint_splint" If you want to enable logging to rpt set this variable: adv_aceSplint_diag = true; Current issues: - Unknown. We don't usually play with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage so if something breaks I'm most likely the last person to know about it, so bug reports are always welcome. Special thanks: - NorX Aengell - DeliciousJaffa - GodofMonkeys - veteran29 - corp-0 Changelog: 1.1.6: FIXED: check limb feature wouldn't be applied correctly ADDED: spanish and polish translation ADDED: setting for the patient's condition in order to be splinted And of course, the licence: This addon - as a whole - is allowed to be copied, distributed or modified as per the GPL-2.0 licence. Additional terms apply for using this addon: You may not use this addon or parts or derivatives of it for any commercial purposes, including monetized game servers. This addon or parts or derivatives of it may not be used in any derivative of Life gamemode. Different licences may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole.
  11. Hey all, I am facing a problem where I am trying to create units and inflict some damage on them with ACE. It works quite OK, but the only thing is that there is no bleeding happening. They start with normal vitals (which is not the main problem at the moment) and they stay like that despite their injuries (some are quite severe). I made a bit of a search on how I can use ACE to inflict damage on units and I ended up using "ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit" helper function (see below the script). As I said it works fine but after the damage is done no other effects are inflicted on the unit (pain, bleeding, etc.). Any thoughts would be extremely welcome. /* * _damage is the damage to be inflicted <NUMBER> * _maxDamage is a number I use to adjust the maximum possible damage <NUMBER> * _bodyParts is an array containing the possible body parts to be damaged <STRING> * _woundTypes is an array with the possible wound types to be inflicted <STRING> * _woundedSoldier is the object (unit) that will receive the damage <OBJECT> */ _damage = random _maxDamage; // Maximum possible damage is _maxDamage + 0.05 _damage = _damage + 0.05; // Add a small number to make sure damage is inflicted _bodyPart = selectRandom _bodyParts; // Select random body part _woundType = selectRandom _woundTypes; // Select random wound type [_woundedSoldier, _damage, _bodyPart, _woundType] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; // Inflict the wound Thanks in advance, Achilles.
  12. how can I disable unconscious state for players without disabling entire ace medicine?
  13. I'm looking for this classic tent. Photo I want to use this tent to build medical spot in my mission. But in CUP object, I can only find this tent without medical skin version. Can anyone know where I can find this medical tent? Thx
  14. Hi, I am my Unit's mission maker, we always play coop mission with ACE3. We basically use "Basic Medical System" and "Turn off Medical Specialized" and "Wound can be Full Heal". So everyone can heal each other with no limit, the only difference between our medical soldiers and the non-medic soldier is Medic will have more medical supplies than others. I want to set more challenge like ACE 2 old time, but don't want to use advance Medical System.(It's too complex more than I want) Here is my condition: 1.Basic Medical System 2.Everyone can use Morphine & Epinephrine 3.Everyone can blood transfusion for others. 4.Wound can't be full heal unless medic use personal medickit(or something) to heal you. So I just want to turn off about "Full Heal System", let some have badly wounded person heal after Bandage and Morphine, he will still hurt and shake his hand let him difficult to aim, and let medic have ability to full heal wounded. I try to set ACE3's medical modul, I "Turn On Medical Specialized" & "Wound can't be Full Heal", and add some personal medickit to medic, and here is my problem. 1.Because I "Turn On Medical Specialized", so blood transfusion can't be use by normal soldier, only medic can blood transfusion, but I don't want this. 2.I set "Wound can't be Full Heal" and it work, and I try hit some person(my friend who test with me) very hard, and save him and revive him, after normal ACE medical procedures, he will maintain very hurt because my setting, and I take a personal medickit from cache(ps: I set my Character to level max Medic), and here is problem, I use interactive button to him can't see anything about use this personal medickit button.(I set we can use personal medickit or surgical package anywhere we like) So is me done wrong with step? Please help me fix it, thanks