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  1. blackburnrus

    CH View Distance Addon

    how can I disable changing terrain quality by players? I wanna disable this, because with low terrain quality - players can see objects behind rocks on far distance
  2. blackburnrus

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    here is the problem https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/16645/new-plugins-home-where-notepad-will-load-from and here https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/notepad-7.6.1-released.html so, where should I place Auto- sqf plugin?
  3. when all players die - mission ends, and ts3 automatically mute all players. How to disable it?
  4. blackburnrus

    Soldier Tracker ( Map and GPS Icons )

    Great mod! I have a quastion about _QS_ST_iconMapText Right now I can see iconMapText only when I zoom in the map and when I zoom out. I woud like to have this icont text only when I zoom in. How can I do that?
  5. blackburnrus

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    I have the same problem. I did what u say. But auto compleation works only for words, not the functions. --- upd Just dowloaded Notepad++ 7.5.8 (old version) and everything works!! I dont know why, but when I installed new version - there is no "plugins\APIs" foldier. Maybe that is the reason - it should be in another place. Because when I created this foldier and puted SQF.xml from "Auto" - Autocompleation didnt work for me
  6. how to disable compass in ace spectator?
  7. blackburnrus

    Sweet markers system

    Quick marker (ctrl+lmb) conflicted with BIS vanilla draw line feature.. how can set another hot key for quick marker?
  8. I want something like this "If a door is open, then..." --- ok, I can do this with creating custom action: doorOpen = false; player addAction ["SuperOpen", {door animate ["Door_1_rot", 1]; doorOpen = true; }]; waitUntil {doorOpen}; hint "open"; but I dont know how to hide vanila "door open" action
  9. he-he. Found the way to import angle. It is very stupid one, but it's works. Do this And then press "Space" to teleport player on your camera-center Now we can open Console and get position of player, using " getPos player " Then we can use camPrepareTarget to make camera watch on this coordinates. --- But if u want camera to watch in the sky - u can not teleport player in the air, u need to write Z coordinates manualy
  10. blackburnrus

    any way to cut/rewind animation?

    I found a solution, I'm using moveTime and setAnimSpeedCoef When I brouse animations in animationlist and find acceptable timing for me (example 12.4) I'm pausing animation with setAnimSpeedCoef 0 when animation reaches acceptable timing. StopAnim01_PalecAndShag = { _a = moveTime twin1; if (_a > 12.4) exitWith {twin1 setAnimSpeedCoef 0;}; call StopAnim01_PalecAndShag; }; When I want to start animation with this place - Im using setAnimSpeedCoef 1; And I'm using twins, like @johnnyboy said
  11. blackburnrus

    Disable AI Head Looking Around

    Is there possible to dissable AI randomly loking around druning animation? {enableSimulation false} is stoping the animation)
  12. Hm. Find a way to play all animations for AI. But what about playing one for player? P.S: playMoveNow and playMove dindt working with this animation (Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut) for the player twin1 switchmove "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_4"; twin1 playMoveNow "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_5"; twin1 playMoveNow "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_6";
  13. some animations in arma divided into parts ("Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1", "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_2", "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_3" etc) when I'm placing two unints: player and AI unit. and give them switchmove comand to play one "part" (example : Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1) Player unit starting to play all parts one after another (Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1, Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_2 ... 3... etc) AI unit playing only one part, wich I said It's strange What will I do to If I want to play all parts for AI / one part for player? I have one sqf file for camera postions, animations and dialogs. Seems like I need to create another one SQF to control animation flow
  14. blackburnrus

    any way to cut/rewind animation?

    Hm. If I making SP mission, and every player who will play it has his own face. I dont want set one face for everyone. How can I import face of the player, when mission starts and export it to AI-understudy? -- oh god, there is face command
  15. hm. I Found a way to import position, but not the angle. To import position: launch cut-scene, wait when the shot u want to fix appears, then press ESC, and click "Camera" below the console - Splendid Camera will lauch exactly in the same place, where your camera was. Change position and press cntr+c to import camera settings. Array will be looking like this ["Paste",["ISLAND NAME",[camera x,y,z coords],dir,fov,[pitch,bank],focus_qtr,aperture,daytime?,overcast, acctime, brightness, contrast, saturation]] We can take the array with camera x,y,z coords and use it with our _camera camPreparePos ---- But I dont know what to do with angle. Because in Splendid Camera there is a DIR parametr, not coordinates like in BIS_fnc_cameraOld and comand camPrepareDir is not working (but I will test)