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  1. any way to cut/rewind animation?

    I found a solution, I'm using moveTime and setAnimSpeedCoef When I brouse animations in animationlist and find acceptable timing for me (example 12.4) I'm pausing animation with setAnimSpeedCoef 0 when animation reaches acceptable timing. StopAnim01_PalecAndShag = { _a = moveTime twin1; if (_a > 12.4) exitWith {twin1 setAnimSpeedCoef 0;}; call StopAnim01_PalecAndShag; }; When I want to start animation with this place - Im using setAnimSpeedCoef 1; And I'm using twins, like @johnnyboy said
  2. Disable AI Head Looking Around

    Is there possible to dissable AI randomly loking around druning animation? {enableSimulation false} is stoping the animation)
  3. Hm. Find a way to play all animations for AI. But what about playing one for player? P.S: playMoveNow and playMove dindt working with this animation (Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut) for the player twin1 switchmove "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_4"; twin1 playMoveNow "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_5"; twin1 playMoveNow "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_6";
  4. some animations in arma divided into parts ("Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1", "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_2", "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_3" etc) when I'm placing two unints: player and AI unit. and give them switchmove comand to play one "part" (example : Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1) Player unit starting to play all parts one after another (Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_1, Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_2 ... 3... etc) AI unit playing only one part, wich I said It's strange What will I do to If I want to play all parts for AI / one part for player? I have one sqf file for camera postions, animations and dialogs. Seems like I need to create another one SQF to control animation flow
  5. any way to cut/rewind animation?

    Hm. If I making SP mission, and every player who will play it has his own face. I dont want set one face for everyone. How can I import face of the player, when mission starts and export it to AI-understudy? -- oh god, there is face command
  6. hm. I Found a way to import position, but not the angle. To import position: launch cut-scene, wait when the shot u want to fix appears, then press ESC, and click "Camera" below the console - Splendid Camera will lauch exactly in the same place, where your camera was. Change position and press cntr+c to import camera settings. Array will be looking like this ["Paste",["ISLAND NAME",[camera x,y,z coords],dir,fov,[pitch,bank],focus_qtr,aperture,daytime?,overcast, acctime, brightness, contrast, saturation]] We can take the array with camera x,y,z coords and use it with our _camera camPreparePos ---- But I dont know what to do with angle. Because in Splendid Camera there is a DIR parametr, not coordinates like in BIS_fnc_camera and comand camPrepareDir is not working (but I will test)
  7. I'm making cut scenes, and sometimes I'm finding that I want to change angle of camera on 0.5-1 gradus , or move camera away to 0.1m, etc. But I dont know how to do it in game, without placing enitre new camera again, or manualy changing coordinates I'm using BIS_fnc_cameraOld and It gives me camera postion: _camera camPrepareTarget [64500.98,-78605.88,-3041.97]; _camera camPreparePos [7703.70,3642.47,1.17]; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; How can I export this coordinates to BIS_fnc_cameraOld and change postion of camera a little bit
  8. Guys! I found a way! [] spawn{ x1 PlayMove "Acts_Executioner_Kill"; sleep 4; x1 forceWeaponFire ["hgun_P07_F", "single"]; x1 PlayMove "Acts_Executioner_Kill_End"; }
  9. Some animations are very long, and I want to use only final 2seconds from 30sec animation. Is there any way to cut animation to the last to seconds? Or there is only way to use setAnimSpeedCoef with right hight coef and preparations, and manualy rewind it and then set default coef to that segment, that I need ?
  10. Finding Muzzle Names

    same quastion
  11. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Guys, can u fix/restore/make Gcam Rec for arma3 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13944
  12. Is there similar script to arma3?
  13. no. there is only option for AI, not for players
  14. Feature Request for config by players: -ability to reduce the radius in which suppression is taken into account (example: you're staying behind north side of the house, enemy is shooting on south side of the house - and he is suppressing u through many house rooms and two walls. It is not right in my opinion. The radius in which you can be suppressed from a flying bullet should be reduced - ability to disable the accumulation of the supression effect / or increase recovery speed after being suppressed (sometimes enemy is shooting to u too much and supression effect is accumulating for u. And after enemy stops shooting, or you crawled away in the safe place, u are still uder effect of supression - colours are moddy and so on. and you need to wait ~15 sec until your vision returns to normalget in normal state/ It is to much in my opinion.)
  15. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    help! i dint see this parameter in game-launcher