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  1. Teach a man to fish: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20465
  2. Take a look at the readme. You have to do this first: #include “pxs_satcom_a3\init_interface.hpp”; //write into your description.ext file _variable = [] execVM “pxs_satcom_a3\init_satellite.sqf”; //write into your initialization file, by default it’s init.sqf file
  3. ADV - ACE Splint

    Ah... it should've said: disabled. healHitPointAfterAdvBandage has to be disabled in order to give the option to use the splints. Otherwise there's no need for splints. - updated description.
  4. Forums Upgrade

    I have a suggestion for the forums: Currently the notification system works like this: A user does an action that creates a notification on my end (let's say he quotes a post of mine). Now I get a bleep-noise and at the bottom of the screen a notification pops up, which allows me to directly go to the post that has the quote. Additionally the notification is added to the list of notifications in the top right corner, showing a little sign that a new notification has been added. Clicking on the new notification in the notifications list, I can go to the post that has the quote just as much as using the bottom screen pop-up. By clicking on the entry in the notifications list in the top right corner, the little sign is being removed and the notification is being marked as 'read'. But if I click on the pop-up at the bottom of the screen the notification is not marked as read, so I have to click on it again in the notifications list if I want to remove the little sign. I suppose it would be better if clicking on the pop-up would mark the notification as read too.
  5. //creating the base variable private _themIn = false; //we create a little function to call for the waitUntil: private _checkForUnits = { //creating an array of all objects from the type "MAN" closer than 10 meters to _veh private _nearestObjects = nearestObjects [_veh, ["MAN"], 10]; //counting all objects in that array with the name "unit1" or "unit2" - IN is case sensitive, so you have toUpper the str _themIn = { toUpper (str _x) in ["UNIT1","UNIT2"] } count _nearestObjects > 0; _themIn }; //with the sleep you ease the strain on the mission performance. waitUntil { sleep 1; call _checkForUnits }; That should do it.
  6. if (!isNil "unit1") then {}; and if you want to check if the player is unit1: if (str player == "unit1") then {};
  7. ADV - ACE Splint - Fixing you up if your arms and legs go kaputt - The times are over in which you had to use a Personal Aid Kit to fix damaged arms and legs with ACE³. ADV - ACE Splint offers you an item you can use to fix damaged arms and legs. Of course the option to splint a damaged limbed will only be available with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage disabled. I recommend using ADV - ACE CPR additionally to ADV - ACE Splint - not just because I'm the modest author, but because these two mods offer the things I felt missing in the current version of ACE³. Download: The most current version (1.0.1) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Mods/releases/download/1.0.1/adv_aceSplint.zip Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) Community Base addons A3 The Addon is signed and has a bikey. And of course ACE³ is needed - adv_aceSplint works with at least version 3.12.0 Or get it at the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291442929 For mission builders: The classname for the splint item is "adv_aceSplint_splint" If you want to enable logging to rpt set this variable: adv_aceSplint_diag = true; Current issues: - Unknown. We don't usually play with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage so if something breaks I'm most likely the last person to know about it, so bug reports are always welcome. Changelog: 1.0.1: FIXED: Compatibility to ACE 3.11.0 1.0: First build. And of course, the licence: This addon - as a whole - is allowed to be copied, distributed or modified as per the GPL-2.0 licence. Additional terms apply for using this addon: You may not use this addon or parts or derivatives of it for any commercial purposes, including monetized game servers. This addon or parts or derivatives of it may not be used in any derivative of Life gamemode. Different licences may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole.
  8. Ai Skill Settings?

    Start here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Scripting Or here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/145056-arma-3-scripting-tutorial-for-noobs/ There's no way around learning the basics. The bits I posted earlier are all informations you need after that.
  9. Ai Skill Settings?

    No. His code is faulty and won't work. Use something like this: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_MissionTemplate/blob/master/adv_missiontemplate.altis/functions/AI/fn_setSkill.sqf
  10. Ai Skill Settings?

    only possible with CBA: ["CAManBase", "init", { //set skill here }] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;
  11. It's not setting related. The shown line drawn on the gps map is not vanilla behaviour and not reproducable within the base game. What kind of mod is being used - I don't know. I suppose it's something with a Draw3D-mEVH: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/addMissionEventHandler#Draw3D
  12. There's no relation between CPR and blood loss in ace. You can do it before or after, it doesn't matter. The same goes for the order of medication. There are only logical considerations, but nothing in the code itself: Having CPR being applied while the patient is being bandaged is usefull if you're using ace_medical_enableRevive. If the patient's heart rate doesn't go below 40 after morphine has been given, you can keep the epi - but you won't know this until after you give the morphine first. There are certain CPR mods out there which simulate that stuff, but in 'regular' ACE³ there's no factual correlation.
  13. If you use the vanilla garbage collector ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#corpseManagerMode ) then you might simply put this in the init-line of the objects or apply it in the necessary way: removeFromRemainsCollector [this]; If you're using any other scripted garbage collector you need to ask the creator of that.
  14. Well... technically you can't. You can have a fullscreen nvg or the new one, there's no actual middle ground without completely removing ace_nightvision.pbo. "ACE_NVG_Wide" is currently the only nvg object that offers a playable experience for those who disagree with the idea behind dslyecxi's nvg concept.