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  1. Belbo


    Thank you very much for all your feedback! I updated the mod to version 1.5.7, loosened up the licence and updated the description in the first post to reflect that:
  2. Belbo


    Yes, that is true either way. But I'm planning on posting this explicitly and clearing that up.
  3. Belbo


    I've gotten quite some messages about updating my mod to ace 3.13.0. I'm terribly sorry really, but I haven't even played Arma in about a year, so an update out of my own quill is more than unlikely. I'm currently thinking about how to open up my licence for other modders to update my mod on their own, but I'm not yet certain on how I want that to happen. Nonetheless I wish all of you a happy new year and hope the new ace update will still have enough to offer for you, to make up for the end-of-life of my mod.
  4. Belbo

    ADV - ACE Splint

    You got me there... Didn't think about it when implementing the limb analysis feature. Will take care of that.
  5. Belbo


    1. Yes - and to every bystander who's too close to the patient. Just like in a 90ies hospital show, I love clichés. 2. All the AED or CPR does is raise the patient's medical variables to the base level. If the patient is still wounded or has been given the wrong medication, they will drop down again. So you might want to fix your patient up before applying the AED.
  6. Belbo


    I'm currently not planning for that. I'll probably consider it as soon as the medical rewrite has been officially published.
  7. Belbo

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    How would you expect native functionality for CBRN stuff in multiplayer to work?
  8. Belbo

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    I like your thinking! 😄
  9. Belbo

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I'm amazed. Bloody aliens! I love it. Plus: The aliens aside there seems to be so much content usable for all kinds of scenarios (the ugvs for EOD-scenarios, the cbr stuff and whatnot, even the tractor!) But I'll be fighting some aliens for some time when this comes out.
  10. Belbo

    Black line across screen

    Yeah, it's caused by the fog. Under certain circumstances or rather setFog-values, the fog might over time show these lines.
  11. The difference in steering behaviour in different control commands has been the case since the alpha, up to at least 1.90. It's a game principle - that has been become a problem with the commander control.
  12. Except that the steering behaviour is very different with the different modes - and the seemingly preferred (or with the commander steering now only viable) option is the worst of all.
  13. private _RndMatDispln = ""; //The "" is the default value, in case none of the switch cases match. _RndMatDispln = switch (_RandomMat) do { case "VABB_ScrapMetal": { "Scrap Metal" }; }; RndMatDispln doesn't have to be a global variable. You don't have to define it inside of the switch, but make the statement of the switch the definition of _RndMatDispln respectively.
  14. No discord, thank you. You have to research that yourself - it can't be that difficult.
  15. That's up to your server provider or your way of access to the server. I can't possibly know that - you have to find that out by yourself.