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  1. I'm really fine with the changes thus far. Something that I always crave is the twitch I get when a bullet hits close to me or passes me by, so the sonic cracks have to be really pronounced and punchy if it should please me. That's something that early versions of SoS did great, but slowly gave up. With the new version of JSRS this is finally back, so you really get the feel of panic when shots are being fired round or at you. Artillery shells or rather explosions are another thing that I'd really like to be as boosted as possible. But overall so far I'm very pleased with the latest update!

    Nice to see you're back! :) I will definitely give this a try.
  3. ADV - ACE CPR

    Updated to version 1.5.5: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/releases/download/1.5.5/adv_aceCPR.zip FIXED: Duplication of aedstation-actions. FIXED: RPT spam from checkPulse-action. ADDED: Polish translation. (Thanks to veteran29!)
  4. Wow... CUP just got roundabout 1000% more sexy with this update.
  5. ppg_yourHelis = []; { private _name = str _x; if ( _name select [0,3] == "heli" ) then { ppg_yourHelis pushBack _x; }; nil; } count vehicles; Now ppg_yourHelis contains [hel1, heli2, heli3, heli4] And with this you can select one of these: private _oneHeli = selectRandom ppg_yourHelis;
  6. ADV - ACE CPR

    That's the way we use them right now. ace_medical_medicClass > 0 can use the AED, but only ace_medical_medicClass == 2 carry one. That works quite well, because the ace_medical_medicClass == 1 can use the AED on the ace_medical_medicClass == 2, just in case.
  7. Random weapon

    If that is a question, you could use this: private _weapon = selectRandom ["classname1","classname2","classnameN"]; [_this,_weapon,8] call bis_fnc_addWeapon; (adds 8 magazines for the randomly selected weapon _weapon)
  8. ADV - ACE CPR

    Nope. Thus far you need just ace_medical_medicClass > 0. I haven't made a setting for the AED because it's just an AED - every git should be able to use those.
  9. Disable Abort Button

    Yes it does. It establishes that even with a disabled abort button there's nothing won. Trying to hinder players from quitting a game should never, not ever, be achieved by disabling the function to close the program - that's the moment you interfere not with their game but with their system, which I find highly obtrusive and cocky. If you want to hinder players from quitting willy-nilly you might want to look into some sort of persistency saving system (like in DayZ, where your player avatar would remain in the game world for a certain amount of time after quitting, or something like an auto ban if a firedNear-Event has been handled shortly before quitting). If none of that applies to you, you should rather keep your fingers from removing any meta game functions.
  10. It's actually pretty easy: https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/CBA-Settings-System#create-a-custom-setting-for-mission-or-mod For example: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/blob/master/adv_aceCPR/config.cpp#L85 and https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/blob/master/adv_aceCPR/functions/fn_registerSettings.sqf
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You mean like the ones right here? http://www.rhsmods.org/w/acu
  12. ADV - ACE Splint

    It would be possible, but it wouldn't make sense. The splints don't heal any wounds, they just reset the hit point damage. The way Arma handles the limping/shaking with hit point damage is pretty binary. You either have enough damage (>0.5) or you don't.
  13. Is it just me or is http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=WW2_Download reporting issues for others as well?