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  1. The question is, if sharing is thought of as a value in itself (which it isn't, because it's about offering examples for further development from the community - sharing has a purpose that goes beyond just being nice), what's the value in itself of protecting viewing access to the code base of game scripts? I mean, I get it if people don't want certain users to use their scripts - I don't like LIFE-like gamemodes, hence I add it to my licences that I don't want my stuff to be used on life servers. But I know that that's basically just a question of a subjective preference on my side. It's not based on something concrete, like monetary interests. But since a priori valid reasons for obfuscating something don't exist beyond "I don't like YOU changing MY stuff!", I can't see the reason for it.
  2. http://cbateam.github.io/CBA_A3/docs/files/xeh/fnc_addClassEventHandler-sqf.html#CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler
  3. To be quite honest: I've taken countless inspirations from scripts from your escape mission. I'm always trying to give credit where credit is due and if I directly take something from someone, I will give credit or acknowledge and follow the license. But with an obfuscated mission script, I wouldn't be able to take a look at code that offers something that I might want to do and try to create my own version of it. That's how I look at it: Protect your stuff with a licence, but don't punish the whole community because of some people who are too retarded to come up with something of their own. In most cases simple scripts will just not have something that the german Urheberrecht calls "Schöpfungshöhe" or... roughly translated... value of creation that justifies protection beyond copyright (models, textures and complex script structures excluded). Someone who still feels the need to scrumble his code, might suffer from a serious case of self-overestimation.
  4. SetRoleDescription

    I don't think it's possible. No mission script is being executed before or during the lobby. Even with the preInit-tag a function will only be called right after the lobby. It would have to be executed via description.ext - and I don't think the preprocessor commands offer any solution for that. You might take a look at the way CBA does their group name changing. They take the roleDescription in a format abc@xyz, change the groupID to xyz and the roleDescription back to abc. So there might still be a way.
  5. Onmapsingleclick MP

    If you provide your current code, we could offer you a solution.
  6. Remove Radar from UAVs

    What about https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableInfoPanelComponent?
  7. Forest fights will be so much better. I hope ace³ will come 'round with a military chainsaw or something like that in addition to the entrenchment tool.
  8. How to get over the fear of talking?

    GAD is a very simple term for a very complex diagnosis which always comes with a whole group of secondary diagnosises, resulting from very different predispositions or neurological and psychological developments, needing very different treatments. The 'easy' solution - just raise your L tryptophan - might be right for some cases, but it's utterly irresponsible to suggest that without any proper anamnesis. No professional would do that - and that's why they're there. If Julia Ross promotes these simple solutions, she's a crook and should under any circumstances be mistrusted. But I won't stoop so low and directly jump to that conclusion. I just find it highly irresponsible to recommend a treatment, if no information has been given at all - and that especially when your knowledge about possible treatments comes just from a person who sells not just her books but also the nutriments she considers detrimental to her proposed miracle cure. Neither take nor give health advice in internet forums.
  9. How to get over the fear of talking?

    And, most importantly: Don't ever take health advice from an internet forum. No offense, Gunter, but there's a reason there are are healthcare professionals. GAD is not something that can be easily treated by eating supplements and doing stuff. That's an easy solution to a very complex problem that can't be grasped from less than two lines of text.
  10. Yeah, it was not a specific way to handle this command, just an example of what the return means.
  11. Exporte Data to txt

    Not without greater effort, no. But you can store your informations inside a profileNamespace variable and fetch it from that. _infos = call fnc_evaluation; profileNamespace setVariable ["var_evaluation",_infos]; and then retrieve it. profileNamespace getVariable "var_evaluation";
  12. Exporte Data to txt

    You might want to write a function that returns all the informations you want to gather and then copy it to your clipboard. _infos = call fnc_evaluation; copyToClipBoard _info;
  13. This returns the string of the team a unit is in - or nothing, if no unit is provided. _team = assignedTeam player; if (_team in ["MAIN","RED","GREEN","BLUE"]) then {format ["player has the colour %1",_team]};
  14. Here you go: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/assignedTeam