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  1. ADV - ACE CPR Giving you a second chance if your everyday CPR doesn't do squat. UPDATED INFO: Dear community! I spent a lot of time here on the board and writing mods for my own community and you to use. And it has always been fun for me. But I haven't played Arma in over a year now and modding without using the fruits of one owns labour would be equally selfless and tedious. So I quietly waited out the end-of-life timer of my mod, as it was only a question of time when ace³ would release their medical rewrite. As of 1. January 2020 this has now happened. I therefore decided to drop my work on ADV - ACE CPR completely. My mod still works with ace³ versions below 3.12.6, so there's still the option to keep using it (but I'd recommend dropping my mod to update ace³ to the newest version!). Additionally you may visit my github and download all my ADV-ACE CPR data and modify, rework or base your own work, and distribute the mod as you see fit. The licence has been updated to reflect this, as with version 1.5.7 only the ace³ provided GPL 2.0 licence applies. Please feel free to post links to your work in this thread, so I can include the successors of ADV - ACE CPR in this first post. Sometimes I may even still come here and take a look at questions, but please don't expect too quick an answer. I have to thank the whole community for their positivity, help and support not just for me, but for every mod creator out there. When I started I didn't think something so small and simple as a mod that simply modifies the way CPR works, would be used so widely and by so many people. I'm thankful to have had this opportunity. You guys have been lovely to work with and I hope someone will pick up the lantern and provide you with the additional medical mods you need! Have fun! Current versions that came to my attention: ///////////////// OLD TEXT: My community and I had a serious problem with the way ACE handles its CPR. If you're playing with ace_medical_enableRevive=1 you might have found out that CPR practically does nothing as long as your patient has no pulse (i.e. is in the revive state). You would need to use a Personal Aid Kit to revive your patient, setting all his health variables back to their start values - practically doing a magical heal with the magical wand called PAK. With adv_aceCPR you can finally use CPR to get someone out of the revive state without healing him completely, making gameplay much more interesting. After successfully "stabilizing" the patient, he/she will have a basic pulse of at least 30bpm. ACE-doctors have a 40% success rate and ACE-medics have a 15% success rate. Regular riflemen can resuscitate a patient, but they will have a much lower success rate. They can still keep the patient from dying due to an expired revive timer though. The success rate is lowered if the patient looses blood and is raised if the patient received Epinephrine right before CPR. The minimum rate is always 2%, unless the player starts with a success probability of 0 (look at "For mission builders" for additonal info). Depending on your settings (adv_aceCPR_maxTime, see below) you might be too late to resuscitate a player with CPR alone - in that case I have good news for you: With version 1.4.0 a new item has been added to ADV - ACE CPR: A defibrillator. The defibrillator works almost like the CPR action, but you have to have an AED in your inventory and it's much faster and the success rate is way higher. Using the defibrillator will induce pain to all units who stand too close to a patient when the defibrillator is used (except for the operator). You can only use the defibrillator if you're a medic (ace_medical_medicClass > 0). With version 1.5.4 I have added the option to use stationary AEDs. You can set the stationary AED objects via CBA settings. Default is Land_Defibrillator_F. You can place a stationary AED via editor or curator. Players can approach the item and use an ACE action to activate the stationary AED. By activating it they have 12 seconds to use it on any unconscious patient in a radius of five meters. After 12 seconds the stationary AED will deactivate again. I recommend using ADV - ACE Splint additionally to ADV - ACE CPR - not just because I'm the modest author, but because these two mods offer the things I felt missing in the current version of ACE³. Download: The most current version (1.5.7) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/releases/download/1.5.7/@adv_aceCPR.zip Or get it at armaholic (thanks to foxhound!): ADV - ACE CPR v1.5.5 For now I uploaded ADV-ACE CPR to Steam Workshop as well: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104460924 Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) Community Base addons A3 The Addon is signed and has a bikey. And of course ACE³ is needed - adv_aceCPR works with at least version 3.12.6 For mission builders: You can set the probabilities for successful resuscitation individually depending on the value for ace_medical_medicClass a player's unit has, or the time to be added to the revive timer or the duration during which CPR can still be applied successfully. The easiest way to do this is via CBA Settings ( https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/CBA-Settings-System ). Alternatively you can use the following variables in your mission: adv_aceCPR_probabilities = [40,15,5,85]; //the first entry is for ace_medical_medicClass == 2, the second for == 1, the third for regular units with ace_medical_medicClass == 0 and the fourth one for the defibrillator. So if you want to disable CPR for any player with less than ace_medical_medicClass below 2 just use something like this: adv_aceCPR_probabilities = [40,0,0,85]; The time to be added to the revive timer (+/-3 seconds) can additionally be set with this variable (default is 30, maximum is 40, minimum is 15 - if set to anything below 18 there's a chance you spend more time on CPR than you gain): adv_aceCPR_addTime = 30; To set the duration during which CPR can still be applied successfully, you can set adv_aceCPR_maxTime. (Eg. if your ace_medical_maxReviveTime is 600 seconds and you want players to only be able to resuscitate patients for 300 seconds, set it to 300. If the value is higher than ace_medical_maxReviveTime, it will revert to ace_medical_maxReviveTime). After this time you have to use AED or PAK to resuscitate a player (default is 1200). In other words: after adv_aceCPR_maxTime each CPR only adds time to the revive timer, it won't bring your buddies back: adv_aceCPR_maxTime = 300; The classname for the defribrillator item is "adv_aceCPR_AED" I highly recommend to adjust the values for adv_aceCPR_probabilities when handing out the AED. Current issues: - Unknown Special thanks: - LeWarz and the whole Spezialeinheit Luchs for playtesting - Markus from Boom Tools Filmton for his support and the AED sound! - T.Fork - NorX Aengell - DeliciousJaffa - GodofMonkeys - veteran29 - corp-0 Changelog: 1.5.7: Updated: licence And of course, the licence: This addon - as a whole - is allowed to be copied, distributed or modified as per the GPL-2.0 licence. Additional terms apply for the usage of this addon: You may not use this addon or parts or derivatives of it for any commercial purposes, including monetized game servers. This addon or parts or derivatives of it may not be used in any derivative of Life gamemode. Different licences may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole.
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    Thank you very much for all your feedback! I updated the mod to version 1.5.7, loosened up the licence and updated the description in the first post to reflect that:
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    Yes, that is true either way. But I'm planning on posting this explicitly and clearing that up.
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    I've gotten quite some messages about updating my mod to ace 3.13.0. I'm terribly sorry really, but I haven't even played Arma in about a year, so an update out of my own quill is more than unlikely. I'm currently thinking about how to open up my licence for other modders to update my mod on their own, but I'm not yet certain on how I want that to happen. Nonetheless I wish all of you a happy new year and hope the new ace update will still have enough to offer for you, to make up for the end-of-life of my mod.
  5. ADV Zeus Script by Belbo Description: When playing as Zeus you might notice that you can't interact with editor placed objects/units or with units spawned during the mission or even with respawned players. That's why I wrote this very small script to counteract that. Features: This script adds (almost) all editor placed objects to the zeus interface, so you can edit them as Zeus. Additionally it checks every five seconds if units have been spawned and makes them editable as well. That way you always have a way to see or interact with your players or units spawned by scripts like UPSMON. Installation: 1. put the ADV_zeus.sqf into your missionfolder. 2. put this in your mission's init.sqf (create if necessary) ////////// ADV_Zeus-Script by Belbo start ////////// if (isServer) then { //CuratorModuleName = your curator module name; true = boolean, if civilians should be editable by zeus as well - set to false if you don't want civilians to be editable. [CuratorModuleName,true] execVM "ADV_zeus.sqf"; }; ////////// ADV_Zeus-Script by Belbo end ////////// 3. Make sure to replace "CuratorModuleName" with the name of your actual curator module. 4. Repeat for additional curator modules. 5. Start your mission and have fun with all the stuff you have placed in the editor and all the respawning players and whatnot. :) Usage: There's a sample mission included. Change log: v1.02: - small change to the while-loop (thanks to Psychobastard) v1.01: - reduced network traffic (thanks to Moricky) v1.0: - Initial release Download Link: - ADV_Zeus_v102.Stratis.rar
  6. ADV - ACE Splint - Fixing you up if your arms and legs go kaputt - The times are over in which you had to use a Personal Aid Kit to fix damaged arms and legs with ACE³. ADV - ACE Splint offers you an item you can use to fix damaged arms and legs. Of course the option to splint a damaged limbed will only be available with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage disabled. Depending on your settings an applied splint might come off again. In that case you might be able to apply it again, or have to use a new one. I recommend using ADV - ACE CPR additionally to ADV - ACE Splint - not just because I'm the modest author, but because these two mods offer the things I felt missing in the current version of ACE³. Download: The most current version (1.1.6) can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/releases/download/1.1.6/@adv_aceSplint.zip You can get it at armaholic (thanks to foxhound!): ADV - ACE Splint v1.1.5 Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) Community Base addons A3 The Addon is signed and has a bikey. And of course ACE³ is needed - adv_aceSplint works with at least version 3.12.0 Or get it at the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1291442929 For mission builders: Settings for ADV - ACE Splint can be changed with cba settings, or the following variables: adv_aceSplint_reopenChance_regular = 0; //default 30, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_reopenChance_medic = 0; //default 0, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_reopenTime = 300; //default 600 adv_aceSplint_reuseChance = 80; //default 90, maximum value 100 adv_aceSplint_patientCondition = 0; //default 0, 1 = patient has to be bandaged before applying splint The classname for the splint item is "adv_aceSplint_splint" If you want to enable logging to rpt set this variable: adv_aceSplint_diag = true; Current issues: - Unknown. We don't usually play with ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage so if something breaks I'm most likely the last person to know about it, so bug reports are always welcome. Special thanks: - NorX Aengell - DeliciousJaffa - GodofMonkeys - veteran29 - corp-0 Changelog: 1.1.6: FIXED: check limb feature wouldn't be applied correctly ADDED: spanish and polish translation ADDED: setting for the patient's condition in order to be splinted And of course, the licence: This addon - as a whole - is allowed to be copied, distributed or modified as per the GPL-2.0 licence. Additional terms apply for using this addon: You may not use this addon or parts or derivatives of it for any commercial purposes, including monetized game servers. This addon or parts or derivatives of it may not be used in any derivative of Life gamemode. Different licences may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole.
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    ADV - ACE Splint

    You got me there... Didn't think about it when implementing the limb analysis feature. Will take care of that.
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    1. Yes - and to every bystander who's too close to the patient. Just like in a 90ies hospital show, I love clichés. 2. All the AED or CPR does is raise the patient's medical variables to the base level. If the patient is still wounded or has been given the wrong medication, they will drop down again. So you might want to fix your patient up before applying the AED.
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    I'm currently not planning for that. I'll probably consider it as soon as the medical rewrite has been officially published.
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    Contact Expansion Feedback

    How would you expect native functionality for CBRN stuff in multiplayer to work?
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    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    I like your thinking! 😄
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    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I'm amazed. Bloody aliens! I love it. Plus: The aliens aside there seems to be so much content usable for all kinds of scenarios (the ugvs for EOD-scenarios, the cbr stuff and whatnot, even the tractor!) But I'll be fighting some aliens for some time when this comes out.
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    Black line across screen

    Yeah, it's caused by the fog. Under certain circumstances or rather setFog-values, the fog might over time show these lines.
  14. The difference in steering behaviour in different control commands has been the case since the alpha, up to at least 1.90. It's a game principle - that has been become a problem with the commander control.
  15. Except that the steering behaviour is very different with the different modes - and the seemingly preferred (or with the commander steering now only viable) option is the worst of all.
  16. private _RndMatDispln = ""; //The "" is the default value, in case none of the switch cases match. _RndMatDispln = switch (_RandomMat) do { case "VABB_ScrapMetal": { "Scrap Metal" }; }; RndMatDispln doesn't have to be a global variable. You don't have to define it inside of the switch, but make the statement of the switch the definition of _RndMatDispln respectively.
  17. No discord, thank you. You have to research that yourself - it can't be that difficult.
  18. That's up to your server provider or your way of access to the server. I can't possibly know that - you have to find that out by yourself.
  19. Take a look at the 1.90 troubleshooting-thread, there's a solution for your problem: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222192-190-update-troubleshooting/
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    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I just played a mission with TFAR (and little other mods). While we had no connection issues, I encountered severe fps drops (creeping around 5-10 fps), that could be solved by disabling the tfar plugin. After changing to the current performance binary on my client end, this issue had been solved.
  21. You can always attach an action to the drone that revives players around it, if you want that.
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    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    That may be the case with EM. The mods I tested didn't work without prefix and worked with prefix.
  23. Belbo

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I've currently done a bit of troubleshooting with mods (without the new binaries from Dwarden's post). For this I've created a fresh privatekey with the current dssignfiles from the arma 3 tools, resigned the mods I usually use with that key, added one after another to check if I get kicked from my windows server with verifysignatures at 2. So far I've found a couple of mods creating problems with the connectivity. Something these mods have in common is for one their age - and their pbos have not been created with the necessary prefix. Repacking the pbos with Addon Builder and a prefix fixed the connection problems with these mods. So that might be something to look into.
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    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    If only I knew... https://github.com/Pergor/ADV_Medical/issues/22 But I haven't been able to reproduce this on my end.
  25. Take a look at the "Visual" section of the current changelog: https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00085