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  1. AWR - Advanced Wound Reaction by [79AD] S. Spartan / [79AD] O. Forest I'm happy to announce a new mod that was created by me in collaboration with O. Forest. For our events we needed an improvement for the ACE3 unconsciousness so that people would still be able to interact with others but unable to actually fight. So I was asked if it's possible to create our own mod that extends the system of ACE3. In the current state the mod uses the perceived pain level from ACE3 to determine if a unit will be incapacitated. If that's the case the unit won't be able to use the weapons but the handgun based on a chance. You will then be able to crawl to a medic for medical attention. The pain can be reduced as usual by using the morphine. Be aware to not overdose! 😉 Features: configurable behavior for pain reaction reaction for AI and players configurable chance to pull out handgun while incapacitated ability for AI to drop and pick up their weapons after being hit Planned: make an option to get triggered by damage threshold, making it possible to completely replace the default ACE unconscious state. more reactions to different wounds option for AI surrendering after losing their gun Always happy for feedback in any means. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894821376 Github: https://github.com/Spartan190/Adv_Wound_Reaction Special thanks to [79AD] O. Forest for encouraging on making this mod and the [79AD] team for testing
  2. Thanks for adding the command-line support. Works perfectly. Was now able to create a repo. Will try it for my ppl :)
  3. spartan190

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    That's normal, the value for visible/invsible is just for seeing if enemies are in the zone or not. You need to set a invisble marker to make the marker completely invisible.
  4. Just the standard features for building and updating the repository, that my clanm8s can connect to the server and synchronize on their windows client. So that we can add/remove Mods and they just need to synchronize with the server and they are always up to date. Also like the ACRE installation wizard. That way we don't need to explain every step for ACRE.
  5. This tools looks great. Will there be a linux command-line/terminal version? I would like to use the sync feature in my clan but only have SSH access to the server (don't want to install a gui just for that). Or that I can create a repo remotely via my client.
  6. spartan190

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I used it in my Testmission and had no problems with it. Also nice that you now did add the getMarkerSize function and a SafeZone var. Works really nice just need to find out which Safezone size fits best for me :) Great work keep going on :)
  7. spartan190

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    it can be found in the eos_launch.sqf right under the variable initialization.
  8. spartan190

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Looking forward for it. Implemented it for myself for testing etc. Function can be found here
  9. spartan190

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hi there really nice script just tested a little around but need to get more into it. I had one thing that annoyed me. It was the static Markersize for testing and spawning. I thought: easiest way would be if the size of the Marker defines the size for checking and spawning of the AI. I have a little change you could make: Instead to set a static Markersize you could get it from the Markers. I tried it out and works like a charm :) So the size of a marker defines the size of the area for the Units. You just need to replace _esoMarkerSize in eos_init to getMarkerSize _x select 0 in every foreach loop. Then the size is defined by the A axis of the marker. Also possible to change that A and B axis are used but an extra parameter is needed.
  10. I also got problems with my FPS. Got a nVidia Graphics Card (GTX 560Ti) and AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Single Player no problem everything works smooth on high. Multiplayer depends on server on some no problem but mostly about 10-15 FPS CPU only 30%-50% used (all cores). Changing graphics settings makes no difference, still running bad.