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  1. @Gudsawn I still have you bookmarked! Any word on progress?
  2. XianGrim

    Reset Targets via Laptop

    you need a nopop statement somewhere.For example, you could add another action to the laptop such as "Start Range" or something. inside that actions code: nopop=true and then in your action to Reset the range, add: nopop=false There's other ways of doing it of course but that's just the easiest to implement IMO
  3. you should use a formated hint to check the name hint format ["bullet name = %1",(_this select 7)]; I think should give you the projectile in the EH IIRC
  4. Haven't tested it but could you set up the module for an area to restrict Zeus and then sync it to a trigger? No idea if it would work but you could try it.
  5. Open the x_inithelirespawn2.sqf and in line 16 you'll see: private _vposp = (getPosATL _vec) vectorAdd [0, 0, 0.1]; which you can change to: private _vposp = (getPosASL _vec) vectorAdd [0, 0, 0.1]; Then, since we get the ASL position, we can remove the surfaceIsWater check in x_server\x_f\fn_helirespawn2.sqf: if (surfaceIsWater _cposc) then { private _asl_height; if (!isNil "d_the_carrier") then { _asl_height = d_the_carrier getVariable "d_asl_height"; }; if (isNil "_asl_height") then { _asl_height = (getPosASL d_FLAG_BASE) # 2; }; _cposc set [2, _asl_height]; [_vec, _cposc] spawn { params ["_vec", "_cposc"]; sleep 1; _vec setPosASL _cposc; _vec setDamage 0; }; }; Just comment those lines out: /*if (surfaceIsWater _cposc) then { private _asl_height; if (!isNil "d_the_carrier") then { _asl_height = d_the_carrier getVariable "d_asl_height"; }; if (isNil "_asl_height") then { _asl_height = (getPosASL d_FLAG_BASE) # 2; }; _cposc set [2, _asl_height]; [_vec, _cposc] spawn { params ["_vec", "_cposc"]; sleep 1; _vec setPosASL _cposc; _vec setDamage 0; }; };*/
  6. do you have a link to his respawn script? I imagine its a simple issue of at what height he's respawning vehicles at. its probably a very easy fix or a quick workaround could solve your problems
  7. You could shorten that a bit. No need to have 2 if statements with the same condition: leader1 SwitchMove "AinvPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_Putdown_A­movPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"; sleep 3; if (isServer) then { Radioplayer hideObjectGlobal false; EvMoscowIntel hideObjectGlobal false; }; _null = execVM "briefing\diary.sqf";
  8. Hello everyone, I currently have just over 4500 hours in Arma 3, 90% of those are in the editor. I LOVE teaching and I love the freedom that BI provides in the editor and scripts. You can make just about anything! I really enjoy helping out people with scripts and helping those who are trying to learn to do it themselves! If you are working on a script and need help, are a beginner and would like some dedicated advice for those questions that always seem to come up when no one is online to ask, hit me up on Discord XianGrim#6219 or on Steam, XianGrim. I will never charge a single penny for any help! A few "conditions" for my help:. I don't "play" Arma anymore (that many hours, I'm burned out from playing but still love the editor!) so I will NOT be downloading any mods. I might be able to help with general questions like, how to add a mod to your server, how to key it etc but probably not specific questions related to scripts dealing with mods. But if you have a question along the lines of, I have X mod and want to spawn Y vehicle at Z position on the map, how do I do that? I CAN answer that! Again, love teaching so please ask as many questions as you like! If I can't help you or don't know the information, I can at least point you in the right direction!
  9. Came to suggest the same thing. I agree with Pierre. You'd have much more control over the items without having to worry about more lines of code to make sure the direction and height of the object are correct.
  10. XianGrim

    Video Media Troubles

    lol You could "cheat" it diableUser input, use the large User Texture and some clever camera angles and play the video on the screen, fade to black as you want, ENABLE userInput and continue on. Just a thought. I could put a quick demo for you if you need. EDIT: Also, just found this post:
  11. Just off the top of my head, you could add a trigger that executes a small script that creates a marker in that sector. add that marker to a respawn array and that should do the trick.
  12. Couldn't you just put down an invisible helipad (or any object really) in the center of the room and use camSetTarget to force the camera to look at it? That's what I've done in the past to get camera shots. Seems like it might save you a lot of headaches.
  13. Is that your entire .sqf? I did a small scale test and seemed to keep teleporting the player into the vehicle after it was respawned. Also might help us narrow it down if you show/tel;l us how you are calling the script. Its execution could also be important.
  14. Updated - Fixed another error, the jammer name needed to be inside an array.