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  1. Escape Tanoa by Engima 2.22 Description Finally! Seven years ago I publiched Arma's first Escape mission - Escape Chernarus for Arma 2. I was very glad to see the response then. There were several servers online all the time during the first year, and now, after some years with Arma 3 it has spread in so many versions for every possible Island, and is running on so many servers all the time! I have tried a few of the missions, and I'm very careful not saying that other's Escape missions are not good enough, because I'm really impressed in how the genre has developed. But you also get a feeling for a mission, and this one might be a release for anyone who wants a little nostagy. You could call it something like "Original Escape with the Engima feeling", since its origin is the very same code base as my first Escape Chernarus for Arma 2. I have fixed it a little though. There are new units, and some of the script commands work differently in Arma 3 compared to Arma 2. But my focus has been to create a robust and fully working and exciting rework of the mission. Mission is 100% dynamic and uses the entire map. Play it 100 times, two games will not be the same! Plot CTRG Group 11 is deployed at Tanoa to gather intel about the situation prior to the arrival of NATO. However, finding themselves in a much more hostile environment than expected, they are captured by a Syndicat force suspisious about their intentions. Group 11 is unarmed and put in a temporary built prison while awaiting further interrogation. Take the first opportunity to escape the prison and find a way to rendezvous with NATO forces. Download Armaholic: (coming soon) Steam Workshop: Escape Tanoa Escape Chernarus Direct links: Escape Tanoa v2.22 Escape Chernarus v2.22 Please note that the different missions have different requirements. See Requirements below for more information. Features CO 08 Revive (recommended for 2-8 players). Uses entire map. Dynamic and living environment. True random start position. Game develops differently every time, inferring great replayability. Options for enemy skill, enemy frequency, weather and time of day. Supports hosted and dedicated (recommended) server and is JIP compatible. A small hint for best experience Escape Tanoa is best played at difficulty level Veteran or Expert (since the mission's story is based on the idea that you are lost, and you do not want too much help with navigation from the game). Installation Manually downloaded: put the .pbo-file in your MPMissions folder in the Arma 3 game folder. Requirements Arma 3 Apex DLC (official) Escape Chernarus requires the two mods: "CUP Terrains Core" and "CUP Terrains Maps" to work (since Chernarus is not part of original Arma 3). For more information, follow the Steam Workshop link. Media Remember this? Code Code at Github Licence MIT. You are free to do what you want with the code, but references to my name (Engima) must follow in the license text. I have also made an addition that disallows you use the text "Original Escape Branch" when releasing an Escape mission. Change log v2.22 Performance improvement. Added enemy insertion chopper. v2.2 Added more possible communication center positions. Made the mission easier to migrate to other islands. Fixed: Player slots disappears when player leaves game and comes back. Fixed: Rearranged some populated areas. Fixed: Rendesvouz task not updated upon mission complete. v2.1 Mission parameters are now saved in profile, and reused by default. Removed error message about missing image Escape.jpg. Lowered the number of armed and heavy armored vehicles in general traffic. Added more possible locations for comcenters. Fixed: Removed some vehicles that required the Laws of war DLC. Fixed: Too few enemy ambient infantry in the woods. Fixed: Script error when hijacking comcenter. v2.0 New Game version (Arma 3) and, new Island (Tanoa), and new units. Lessened the amount of enemy units somewhat, decreasing the difficulty a bit (original version got some critique for being too hard) JIP players now respawn dead and need to be revived. Patrolling enemy units are smarter. v1.8 Reduced enemy armor on all difficulty levels. Reduced amount of weapons at ammo depots. Increased amount of possible weapon types at ammo depots. Weapons may show up in civilian cars. Road blocks are more passive. Fixed: Paradrops do not fall free and crash onto the ground anymore. v1.72 Fixed bug: Server lagging. Reduced time it takes to hijack a communication center. v1.7 Fixed the start bug (player do not wake up dead anymore) Increased the time it takes to hijack a communication center, and FAC Operators do it faster than the others. Added field hospital at communication centers. Added things that you don't want me to tell you about. Fixed bug that made enemies surrender. Fixed bug that made player's vehicles suddenly disappear. Made it much easier to port to another map. A lot of fixes and improvements (for complete list, see ReadMe.txt in installation pack). v1.5 Changed player units to Razor Team. Communication centers now appear randomly. Added things that you don't want me to tell you about. Removed debug information that was left accidently. A lot of fixes and improvements. v1.1 Fixed bug at mission start (players could start mission dead etcetera). Fixed bug regarding parameter "Enemy frequency". Enemy armor is now also in relation to this option. Made the insurgents invest in night vision goggles. Removed the parameter "Number of revives" (since "Unlimited" is the only option relevant for this mission). v1.0 First version Credits & Thanks Tophe, Milton, Tobias, Alex, Robbi, Josef, Jaxmen, Samue, JavaDrinker, guccilane for beta testing! Tophe an extra time for composing music for the trailer! NeoArmageddon and Scruffy for spreading mission to many islands. BIS Forum members for help during scripting headaches! Bohemia for a fantastic game! My Other Missions Intrusion Operation Broken Arrow Night in July
  2. Some stuff for Tanoa , Mission File , DMS Big Mission, Map stuff for big Mission its on TKO_Objects https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Tanoa Update https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Tanoa-Reddy-to-use-with-dms-statusbar-town-mission images
  3. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS*** Hello There! I am currently in the process of designing a Campaign and want feedback on my idea and eventually when I start rolling out mission's them as well. Since moving over to ACE I've loved the ballistic system as part of it. I was inspired by Igneous01 - ArmA 2 Campaign and wanted to create something similar but on the ArmA 3 Platform. However, I wanted to make something that is also co-op but was unsure if that is possible so please feel free to comment down below. I also didn't want thousands of mods I wanted to use mods that are the most popular on the Steam Workshop but like I've said if you have any suggestions please mention them below. Here's a general summary of my campaign: MODS: ACE RHS USAF RHS AFRF Apex Now I know this campaign won't be for everyone but I would appreciate any idea's that great community can provide. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS***
  4. Hello I am new to map editing and have been following: "PMC ArmA 3 Ultimate Terrain Tutorial". https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial I'm trying to get Tanoa grass (greener than Stratis' too brownish for me). I replaced the textures in: "tut_grass_green.rvmat", gdt_grass_green_nopx.paa gdt_grass_green_co.paa with gdt_wild_grass_nopx.paa gdt_wild_grass_co.paa What should I do to get Tanoa 3D Grass?
  5. Hi guys, im here for asking u some help about xcam. Im using it for working on my map and i want to use the objects and buildings of tanoa and livonia. Can u tell me how can i take the pbo for put it on xcam librarys??
  6. Access Points A simple to use system which allows mission makers to easily setup access points that allow players to reach places they wouldn't be able to normally reach (but should) *whew*. Why'd I make it? Because Tanoa looks pretty, but the skyscrapers don't have interiors, making players unable to access the rooftops by foot. Download: http://files.bitdungeon.org/arma/AccessPoints.Tanoa.v0.3.zip Multiplayer Compatible! Updated on 6-9-2016 Demo Video License http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html Setup Preliminary: Copy the "AccessPoints" directory into your mission. Copy the "execVM" statement into your mission's "Init.sqf". 1. Find yourself a nice building that you want to rig. 2. Place a trigger that you want a player to enter to access the roof. 3. Resize the trigger to better fit the doorway (optional) 4. Change the "Text" attribute of the trigger to follow the format "AccessPoint_UniquePairNameHere". This distinguishes this access point pair from the others. 5. Apply the change to the trigger text. 6. Copy the trigger (or create a new one, if you hate yourself). 7. Paste the trigger at the position you want players to be able to access. 8. Tweak the rotation and scaling of the new access point to your heart's desire. 9. Start the scenario and test it out! 10. Boom! That's it! You got it done like the badass you are. Changelog
  7. THIS IS A SINGLEPLAYER MISSION THAT MUST BE PLAYED IN MULTIPLAYER SO THE USER CAN SELECT VARIOUS MISSION PARAMETERS AT STARTUP (Go to Quick Play > Host Server > Choose Tanoa > Choose Mission > Choose Parameters > Choose Units) Steam Workshop [Link] SP_10_CYPHER_SYNDIKAT.zip [Zip] CHANGELOG V 0.1 - uploaded to Steam Workshop V 0.1b - removed GC_FSNV dependency error SUMMARY Cypher is a dynamic mission generator based on and inspired by Cipher , which was a custom user mission for Arma 2 created by Wiper. The original mission was based in Chernarus - you started with a 10-man Blufor task group that had to take on a small Opfor squadron randomly staked out in a random building on the map. Your goal was to obtain information from the enemy leader and then do a chopper extract. Although the goal of each mission was the same, each mission had a unique start and often played out epicly, win or lose. This was, in large part, due to Wiper's excellent scripting. Hopefully this version captures some of that feel. PARAMETERS Mission Modes: [Squad w/Recon, Squad (No Recon), Solo] - Squad size is 7 units, Recon adds 3 units, Solo is just you Starting Vehicles: [None, Wheeled (Unarmed), Wheeled (Armed), Wheeled and Little Bird, Helicopter (Heavy), Armored, Random] - Choose what vehicles will spawn at your rendezvous point Insertion Type: [Chopper, Airborne, FUBAR, Random] - Choose your insertion option, more details below Recon Type: [Land Units, Diver Units, Random] - If you choose Squad w/Recon above, then you can choose what types of Recon units here Time of Day: [Dawn, Early Morning, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Dusk, Evening [Full Moon], Late Night [New Moon], Random] - Choose time of day Starting Weather: [Clear, Cloudy, Foggy, Raining, Stormy, Random] - Choose weather Enemy Force Size: [Low, Normal, High, Random] - Choose enemy force size Reveal Suitcase: [Never, 15 Minutes in Red Zone, Within 75 Feet of Suitcase] - Choose end game reveal options Civilian Presence: [Yes/No] - Turn civilian presence on or off Blind Overwrite: [Yes/No] -Blindly overwrites all of the above options randomly, except for civs Debug On/Off: [On/Off] - Turns debugging on or off BRIEFING Increasing unrest in the region has given Syndikat an opportunity to strike on Tanoa! A week ago, farm laborers protesting the curfew imposed by US forces, seized and blocked the main national highway on Tanoa in La Rochelle. The Gendarmerie were told to immediately restore order. They began firing at the unarmed demonstrators, who fled into the fields and took cover. For 25 minutes the police fired volley after volley of shots into the fields where unarmed families were hugging the earth. Two laborers were killed and others wounded. The State is sending a clear message. Now Syndikat will send our own. Let this mark the beginning of effective cooperation between Syndikat and the other independent movements on the Islands. Armed revolution for the masses! INSERTION TYPES Chopper - Standard chopper insertion. If you chose the squad option then you will automatically be team-switched to the team leader to order the units to disembark once the chopper sets down - the chopper will fly off to wait for the extraction call. If the insertion chopper does not touch down (due to AI issues) then the mission scripting will be broken - restart. If you chose the squad option then ordering your units to disembark will sometimes get the AI to force land. Airborne - Drop in with parachutes to the insertion point - chutes are scripted and will automatically deploy at around 200 meters. This option should be more covert than the others. F.U.B.A.R. - This option finds your chopper shot down and your squad scattered around the crash site (if they survived at all). Equipment loadouts are random and minimal. A few items may be found near the crash site. Once you have a radio in your possession the other units in your task force that also have a radio will join your group. Units with no radio but that have a map or GPS will head towards the rendezvous point. Units with no radio or nav gear will set off any IR/Chemlight/Smoke Nades they have and hunker down. If you can locate these lost units (and you are the leader) then they will have an addAction that you can select to have them join the group. The crash site is dangerous (watch out for explosions around the wreck itself) but it may be worth checking out to see if anything (or anyone) survived. Don't take too much time looking, any nearby enemy sentries will focus in on the site. Also, if the enemy helicopter spawned it will soon be on it's way. The FUBAR option is a challenge and you'll probably spend a bit of time getting your group together before you can even go for the main objective. EXECUTION Our contacts in Tanoa have sparked the uprising known as Black Saturday. The local government, bought and paid for by the US, have reacted harshly to a farmer's strike in La Rochelle, and have ensured that they have little to no allies left on the islands. In the wake of the unrest, the US battalion stationed on Tanoa has been ordered to evacuate and only a small remnant remains. Even more importantly, VIPER has revealed that a CIA task force is still within the area and that they are using a new piece of technology that can decrypt all known radio traffic. Your main objective is to obtain the code from this module, then extract from the island before the US can counter-attack. We will have to maintain radio silence until you have the module in your hands. Turn on Comms once you've retrieved the data and we can coordinate your extraction. Phase 1 - Approach. Enter the hostile area carefully. Watch for patrols. Search and destroy. There may be armed independent units in urban areas. They are allies and will attack US troops on sight. Phase 2 - Locate. The CIA team are located in a building somewhere inside the Red Zone. Find them and the suitcase to retrieve the decryption module. Note that this task has priority over everything else, although you are free to use your discretion on how to achieve it. Phase 3 - Extraction. Once the module is in our hands use Radio Channel Alpha on your radio to call the extraction chopper to your location. You will want to make sure you are far away from any enemy AA. Again, we have total support from the civilian population. CREDITS Thanks to these coders for their scripts used: Shuko (SHK_pos Positioning Scripts) Kronzky (Urban Patrol Script) Highhead, Wolffy, ARJay (ALiVE Functions) Bangabob (Civilian Occupation System) Beerkan (Simple Paradrop Script) Tophe (Random House Patrol Script) And, of course, Wiper, for the original Cipher mission and inspiration for this one. HINTS HOSTILE FORCES COS ERRORS: I was able to make the Civilian Occupation System script more stable but not error-free when running on Tanoa. If you see an error during the game it is most likely tied to COS. Some of the errors will only cause the patrol script in COS to fail but continue to run while others will cause it to error out completely. Overall, this only means that civilian spawns will stop occuring and has no impact on the mission scripting as far as I've tested. There is a parameter option to turn COS on or off as you like.
  8. when I rename the DUWS mission in order to be able to play on different maps like Tanoa, I still have aproblem: all the units are wearing arid camo and the vehicles have the wrong color as well. how to I fix this? Is there a way to replace the units or add additional ones?
  9. This page is for discussion of script features in Fly Tanoa Air. Mod page available now. Dev Files Current Version 0042 This download is compatible with APEX game version 1.7 and higher Live readMe [FTA] Guidebook
  10. Introduction A singleplayer, semi-randomized open scenario for Tanoa. You're an alien nanite swarm-based entity survivor, for now in roughly humanoidal shape, that crashed on the deadly planet - water everywhere, very toxic. Your mission was to recon for the Swarm, if your race should invade and consume the planet, or leave it be. But now the first issue is to survive long enough to hunt down The Hunter, rogue sub-entity of The Scout, that caused the crash. The Hunter will try to neutralize The Scout as well. Next task is to clean up all debris from the crashed starship, if doable, to leave no trace of your tech while avoiding detection as long, as possible. Lastly - transmit any recon data and evacuation request to finish the mission. Requires APEX expansion. Download Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Dropbox via Orangedox) Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Steam Workshop) Notes and advices I'm open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission may be enhanced with new features; Recommended settings: >1000 meters of object draw distance for intro and outro, enabled post process effects; DT gameplay differs from typical milsim scenario. Player gets new tools and HUD elements instead of usual soldiering stuff. These are simple to comprehend, but not always self-explanatory, thus I strongly recommend to read briefing entries before first play; The basic tools are: the Probe (action menu), Nano Stroke (melee range, 360 degees attack, free of charge, via LMB (basic shooting action)) and Nano Shot (ranged attack, holding and releasing RMB (temporary zoom action)). The attacks will be disabled, when player uses normal weaponry; Under 0-8 support menu one can find few settings: rate of time passage, autosaves, detector sounds switch; Scenario is highly randomized (in main part in quite peculiar way), thus regardless of initial settings, each gameplay difficulty may differ; GUI font is not very readable for purpose (should look alien at first glance). Don't worry, important informations about discoveries etc. are stored as diary entries with standard font; Combinations of some techs may prove very useful against The Hunter or if you wish to play the Predator; Brain scan tech is crucial for understanding local tongue, but also important as mean to gather valuable recon data, that affects the outcome; The only obligatory tasks are neutralizing The Hunter and Transmitting the signal. All the rest is up to you, but situation, you leave will affect the fate of the planet; You can sprint all the time, if terrain allows, fatigue doesn't apply to The Scout entity; Think about The Swarm as about a super-mind, where each specimen, temporarily separated, independent subswarm entity, represents a thought or pending consideration. Thus the same Swarm or his subswarms may generate subentities of contradictory goals, which represents a mind in doubt, during decission making or cognitive process. Thus we have The Scout and The Hunter, while The Scout has a task to convince The Swarmm to change its mind via new data; Chances for further mission development depend on level of interest around this scenario, which is indicated by amount of feedback. Especially proposed ideas and bug reports are appreciated; Known issues: due to Arma engine limitation, for "NAKED VR" avatar Active Camo tech may work only partially, if The Scout and The Hunter will use it simultanously. To Do waiting for requests and ideas... Changelog Terms of Use
  11. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128144 The small dirt roads around Mount Tanoa have a very short rendering distance. The road used around Mount Tanoa and the wo Comms bases disappears after a few hundred meters. Did not happen with version 1.80 its a 1.82 issue.
  12. Hired Guns 2 - Mercenary Co-Op Campaign [1-15+] 64-bit/32-bit Version Steam: Mission File Mod File Armaholic: Mission File Mod File 32-bit only (older version) Steam Workshop Host Mod GDrive: Mission File Mod Main Features: ~100 unique, hand-crafted, story-linked jobs Progress/Gear/Vehicles/Money saves to the host Hire players/AI to unite Tanoa, or just to raid supplies! Other Features: 70 Leader missions, 28 'Personal Jobs' (supply raids and Final Mission), 4 taxis, Interact with voice-acted leaders to lead a mission for them, and hire a team to carry it out, Money-List highscores, Ambient civilian populations to hire for missions, Multiple teams can play different jobs simultaneously, Custom squad-building GUI, Headless client optional (Werthles' Headless Module built in but not essential to run), Alternate units possible for each enemy faction (re-write unit class-lists and rebuild). Backstory In a moment of CSAT weakness, leaders across Tanoa rose up to expunge their CSAT oppressors. CSAT will be back, and in force. The only way to unite Tanoa before their return is to strengthen these leaders against the spectre of anarchy. -- Prologue vid wot i dun -- Mission Style Assassinations, demolitions, total eliminations, deliveries, detonations, escorts, defences, Slowly increasing difficult, Jobs can be taken from any leader, 10 jobs per leader, Respawn at any leader's home once you have met with them, Raid weapon caches, banks, steal vehicles, helicopters, planes with 'Personal Jobs', Cannot pay for more 'hired guns' than you or the Tanoan Leader can afford! Public Server: port 2302 Or search for 'Hired Guns' (Hired Guns 2 - Mercenary Co-Op Campaign - Werthles' Public Server). Host Mod: This required for the host of the mission in order to load/save missions/progress. Game will not work without the host running this! Other players do not need to run this though. Special thanks to: Voice of The Old Man - Johnny Castagneto Voice of The Cult Elder - The Uncertain Man Voice of The Investor - PlantLamp Voice of The Market Protector - Reid Granke Voice of The Slave Commander - Reid Granke Voice of The Rich Man - Reid Granke Voice of The Mine Supervisor - PlantLamp Meatball's RandomWeather2 - Meatball iniDBI - code34 Tester, Adviser, Mission Helper - ian Happy New Year!
  13. While trying to get AI to do things in La Rochelle harbor I eventually realized that the AI can't work on the harbour section beyond the market strip. Objects fall through it when placing. A man placed on the pier properly using alt will run into the water or get stuck instead of pathing along it. I also noticed a flaw in the alignment at the end of one of the Georgetown piers.
  14. Tanoa_Insurgency_2019_RHS.Tanoa Insurgency style mission complete with all the tools you need for a full MILSIM experience. This is a unique experience, the 1st edition of the mission and is a rolling release. This mission is designed for a multiplayer environment on a dedicated server, however you can also enjoy it in single player. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Steam Link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1574692333 GitHub; https://github.com/rcantec/Tanoa_Insurgency_2019_RHS.Tanoa.git If you want to try the mission you can test it on my public server link in Discord. To play this mission CBA_A3; RHSUSAF addons are required. The mission is compatible with all addons. To begin using the Software; Move the file into the following directory (assuming you have the Steam version of ArmA 3); C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions Special thanks to BangaBob, Engima, sethduda, cobra4v320, Soolie, aliascartoons, tonic & PHRONK for the use of their scripts to make some awesome things happen. The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. This mission is (c) 2018 RCANTEC(RyanD) rights reserved. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/
  15. SP and MP Pilgrimage "Tanoa Edition" Welcome on this new thread about the "non official" Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition. Pilgrimage is a free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis , made by RYDYGIER, winner of the "Single Mission Arma 3 Contest 2015". due to success of this mission and players requests, "official" ports to another Arma 3 maps have been made and Pilgrimage has been extended to a COOP version too. Mods friendly built, it has been updated and upgraded to open the mission to a wide choice of game level options and is very submersive to Arma 3 worlds. some Arma 3 community fellows, like me, have made their own versions of Pilgrimage, with the respect of Rydygier's initial work and sight about the mission atmosphere and offer thoses versions as "non official" ports as those have not been made by Rydygier itself. PILGRIMAGE Tanoa Edition is the SP and COOP versions of Pilgrimage 1.94 Beta6 mission ported and optimized for Tanoa with several news options brang to the wide choice of options the mission already offers. as this version is specific, in agreement with Rydygier on the initial Pilgrimage thread, I decided to open this thread to discuss about specific Tanoa Edition issues, updates and more. this way, it avoids any "pollution" on the original Pilgrimage thread about issues or discussions for "non official ports" that Rydygier didn't made itself. you'll find the original Changelog from Pilgrimage Thread, links to the latest versions of Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition: Download from Google Drive SP and COOP for Arma 3 1.64 version V1.22a updated 24 and 28 September 2016 SP and COOP for Arma 3 1.66 version V1.22H 22 december 2016 for SP and COOP both versions updated (some scripts errors on SP ) Download from Armaholic SP and COOP for Arma 3 required Addons: Arma 3 Apex Tanoan Armed Forces mod. Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition brings you on Pilgrimage mission into Tanoa map with specific Apex contents in priority. Changes have been made to offer the choice of a full dark world ( war zone ) at night without any external lights (streetlights are down ) or standard night lightened world, Incognito status (including now directly in the mission build) gives you the opportunity to play incognito or not in some situations, helping you to be considered by enemies as a civilian as long you are not acting as a threat ) the main change is a special modification of the whole map, with the help of Xcam (not required to play ), to offer a better "militarization" of the Archipelado. several new bases and a lot of jungle camps have been added on the islands. most of those camps can be seen on the map (once you have one ) for "hard structures" only. "soft" structures camps like tents are not shown AIs behavior has been scripted to bring some occupation into a random quantity of thoses camps and bases so you might encouter heavy forces sometimes. Changelog: V1.22H 22/12/2016 - Hotfix version for Arma 3 V1.66: Game crashes to death for memory reason with 1.22a after Arma 3 update. - some scripting errors fix in SP (some missing commands due to hurry in the Hotfix build process ) - Inactive UGV should be fixed now in COOP version (untested) V1.22a release 24/09/2016 (fix) -Fix Update for V1.22 to V1.22a -scripting error fix for "addaction" menu in MP version -"Attach Chemlight" functionality added player can now attach a chemlight to his shoulder (if at least one chemlight in inventory ) chemlight can be removed (then spent and lost as fired ) lifespan approx 900 seconds chemlight automatically fixed to Vehicle when player gets in chemlight automatically fixed to shoulder when player gets out V1.22 release 23/09/2016 - New Options on Starting menu (SP and MP) -Blackout option is now a specific choice in the menu (no more dependency with difficulty level) default is ON, can be set to OFF -Incognito Mod by Rydygier is now INCLUED into Pilgrimage as an option (so @RYD_INCOGNITO is no longer needed if you want to play with Incognito functions) also specific choice in the Start menu , default is ON, can be set to OFF -MP version is now WIP5 standard with new BIS_Respawn menu -still on test (BIS debug for some errors in next 1.64 update) - Tanoa Camps upgraded for a better gameplay -Modmap now shows added military bases and camps on the default map. main structures are visible on map, some are not ( like tents, sand bag bunkers ect...) -Reworked script for AI garrison spawn random occupation of a percentage of those added camps by AIs (OPFOR and/or Bandits) this adds AI units in the jungle randomly around and in camps locations those occuped camps may appear now as "intel about enemy presence" or specificaly as "there is a camp in this aera" with specific marker when interrogating/asking/searching for intel with civilians/prisonners/intel holders -Updated Pilgrimage Guide menu in Diary about all new specification in Tanoa Edition - some corrections in scripts V1.2 : release 9/9/2016 - Improved and checked list of "holyplaces"; some were missing, now 40 places to search. - Difficulty levels " Hard", "Very Hard", "Insane" will now put Tanoa Archipelado in full black-out at night. all lights on the island (99%) are switched off. Date setted for full moon night. for SP and MP versions -"Holster weapon" now for SP and MP versions in default Pilgrimage menu. - Intels upgraded to point you to military camps when interrogating civilians, prisonners, checking dead team leader or as reward after a succesfull kill mission. (with % of chance) intels containers type modified to avoid invisible containers sunk in floor of buildings - Upgraded Military camps map modification, still WIP . - AIbuddy is now always native from Tanoa, with random Tanoan face and Name and Surname (mostly Fijian typical names, some French or Dutch too), same as speaker into "French English" with 2/3 of chance V1.1 : release 26/8/2016 - Modded map after Tanoa has been invaded by Chinese CSAT troops: this will add a few military bases, watch towers, jungle camps, military facilities... may help to play in Reaslistic bases are not visible on the map, you'll need to explore the whole map to find all the places - Original content adapted to Tanoa Apex assets: all the new assets of Apex are scripted to be spawned in priority before previous Arma 3 assets. some Apex uniforms and weapons added to "initial spawn list items". - More than 35 random initial spawn points on the whole map - player (in SP only) can holster his weapon: can help in you use INCOGNITO mod by Rydygier - Holyplaces to search in : Churches in towns Natives temples in villages Mausoleums in cemeteries - RHIB boat as default boat. can be pushed if shored on the beach - CSAT Chinese troops mainly, some CSAT Altis remaining...for OPFOR - Bandits troops mainly, AAF remaining also for Independent - Tanoan Armed Forces, FIA remaining too for BluFor and more ....... better to play on Arma 3 as vanillia as possible, adding more mods will drastically slow the computer due to map modding with military bases and eventually crash the mission. recommanded mods: (missions tested with thoses following mods on two different PC, one I5-4690K with 16GO and GTX-960 and SSD , one with Intel Core 2 Duo with 8GO and a GTX660 and HDD.) Enhanced movement Incognito inclued directly in Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition since V 1.22, so no more required as a " @mod " DES Elevator and I use to play with PG services, EricJ weapons and all the Robert Hammer RH mods for weapons and TRYK for uniforms and vests... known issues: SP/MP: -for some reasons in a few of Tanoa buildings, you cannot "read" the intel from a device -Loot crates spawning on roof oF Patrol Military House of added military bases on the sea side. MP: - UGV seems to be inactive in V1.22a latest version. Work in Progress. -respawn after autosave teleports player to initial spawn point with his boat. (save before leaving with both players in the same vehicle, best choice is to save in the boat) -content cannot be sold after checking intel on dead bodies sometimes. -AIBuddy player don't have access to the action menu on initial spawning (need respawn to activate the actions menu) -AIBuddy can't sale a loot crate when main player have checked it before (sometimes ) WORK in Progress. enjoy!! special Thanks to: RYDYGIER for this wonderfull mission and permission to mod and port it : all credits to him VAFANA who is the first to port the mission to Tanoa here and to clear the path ..... ;) TIPS - none of the Mausoleum nor Native temple have "marker" on the map like churches ( those on vanilla Arma map ) you should have "Piligrimage scripted markers" in low levels of difficulty (the dot with a cross on the top) and it seems those markers in low level of difficulty are not showing all the types of churches on Tanoa. -this is a Mausoleum, located in cemetery (not all of the cemeteries but a few in Tanoa....cemeteries are easy to locate on a map close to towns) - this is a Native Temple, in almost all of the biggest native villages on the islands. MEDIAS
  16. Volition Servers Invade & Annex Game: Arma 3 Map: Tanoa IP: Location: Dallas, Texas Slots: 40 Privacy: Public Welcome to one of the very few I&A servers running on Tanoa from the Arma III Apex DLC. Here, you can finally experience persistent close-quarters and long-range combat in the lush and vibrant environment based off of the Horizon Islands North-east of Australia. This server is running the Invade & Annex Apex Framework released publicly by Quiksilver featuring flushed out performance improvements, enhanced AI behavior, comprehensive objectives and even a customizable radio system to clean up the clutter of public chatter. Source: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212240-apex-framework/ *Invade & Annex is a persistent mission making mod for in-depth Player vs Enemy experiences* Automatically generated missions with a variety of foes and rewarding objectives! Just hop in the server, pick a role and navigate to the front lines with the help of your comrades in arms! The Invade & Annex Apex Framework persistently generates all of the following: Main AO populated with enemy CSAT forces and complete with multiple sub-objectives to weaken the opposing force and strengthen your chances of victory! Forward Operating Base that can be resupplied and maintained as a respawn point supply depot and vehicle service location for all ground forces! Secondary objective that can vary anywhere from rescuing a friendly behind enemy lines, escorting valuable resources in a convoy, securing enemy intel and even engaging enemy forces under the ocean! Aircraft Carrier that provides 1 friendly CAS pilot a fully armed Black Wasp II jet and UAV drones for reconnaissance and precision destruction Main Base complete with the V44-X Blackfish VTOL plane capable of inserting a fully loaded Marshal IFV behind enemy lines in minutes, large capacity helicopters such as the CH-67 Huron and UH-80 Ghost Hawk to deliver supplies and reinforcements as well as a plethora of ground vehicles from the powerful MBT-52 Kuma tank to the amphibious AMV-7 Marshall Recruitable AI that can be actively commanded to assist in battle! Briefing: You are a member of the NATO BluFor forces. CSAT military has been working with the local Syndikat militia to establish control over the Tanoa region. Primary Objective: Your mission is to completely drive all of the enemy forces out of the region and cripple the foreign control over the island. The enemy has established fortified defenses and communication. Utilize any and all assets to neutralize the enemy defenses, destroy their means of communication and once they are weak and vulnerable, strike directly at their headquarters. Secondary Objective: The region has become war torn and the local populace is not without suffering. Assist IDAP personnel and delivery valuable resources where needed to assist the neutral bystanders in this time of crisis. Tertiary Objective: We are in need of reinforcements but good help is hard to find. Recruit your friends and fellow comrades to join our forces on the frontlines. Rules/Administration: You must be 13 years or older to participate on any assets provided by Volition Servers. Nobody needs to tell you how to behave. You don’t need a set of rules or someone holding your hand. Administration reserves the right to penalize anybody with OR without a proper reason. We’re all friends here, as long as everyone’s having a good time, then there isn’t a problem. Join us on Teamspeak @ VolitionServers.Teamspeak3.com Or Discord @ https://discord.gg/hkKBHgg We provide other servers as well, get to know us! www.volitionservers.com Thank you for reading!
  17. Hello ARMA community, today I release my third RAVAGE mission. Have fun! Short overview: Title: RAVAGE CASTAWAY TANOA Version: 1.3 Author: tourist Type: SP/COOP 1-10 Roleplaying Game Respawn: Base/Markers Game Version: created and playtested in SP and MP on 1.78 Stable Language: English Sceenshots: YouTube Channel featuring clips and Episodes of this mission and my other RAVAGE missions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsOXKlspvVe5HGSNlSbveFg Features: Survival Roleplaying Mission featuring the awesome RAVAGE Mod in an "Escape the Island" Scenario inspired by cosmic's mission Play in the beautiful Tanoa Archipelago. Once a tourist paradise, but now a very dangerous place to be! Further enhanced by usage of Bad Benson's immersive script suite tailored for RAVAGE: Temperature system makes campfires an absolute necessity – so getting wet from a little moonshine swimmig tonite is not a good idea if you can't warm up afterwards! Random Helicopter/airplane crashsites, vehicle spawns and airdrops make every playthrough different even in SP Random start and respawn locations in MP for all players – go find yourself a crew, Captain! And if your online friends let you down because of this lame excuse called „RL“, you can recruit any blufor AI with the RAVAGE recruiting system... AIS/A3Wounding System for the Revive – this is the HOT stuff cuz it works in SP also! See ingame Briefing hints for instructions on using that awesome piece of code and for the settings active in this mission! If you have any AI subordinates or play SP, your teammates will all be able to heal each other and you. In „mixed MP“ with some humans and some AI, the AI will also help the humans, even if those AI buddies are NOT the „Combat Medic“ class. Play as a small group through an adventure challenging you to show if you're ready to stand by your friend's side or rather choose to abandon one or even all of them in the face of mortal danger... Different win endings depending on your success and playstyle as a loner or as a team I'm happy to announce that my new "Tanoa Castaway" mission offers a persistent task with several sub-tasks. I achieved this by utilizing the convenient fact that ALiVE saves a vehicles position, health, ammo AND fuel state if any player has accessed the vehicle just once before the ALiVE savegame is made. Subtasks are to find three radio relays, then refuel their generators (depicted by a generator trailer and a truck with empty fuel tank) to finally power them up and send out a long range SOS. NOTE: Once a truck is refuelled, a player has to hop in&out once and then the session can be saved. After loading the ALiVE savegame, the trigger for checking the generator trucks which is set to repeatable on purpose will fire again due to ALiVE object persistency having saved the fuel level of the trucks. And once the "refuel" tasks are complete, the preliminary "finding" tasks also complete once again Did I mention this mission features a "digital sailing course"? You have to move from island to island either by paddling a PBX boat or motorboat with empty fuel tank (max speed 9 km/h) OR by sailing a yacht with up to 20km/h IF you sail it well and according to the "ropes" you get tought by a Field Manual entry and by an in-game GUI! Mission designed to make use of the improvements that came with RAVAGE 1.4.7, namely loot and equipment module variety: now props will spawn and lootable trash piles and furniture are there for you to scavenge. But beware: all loot types are only available in logical locations – so you won't find sniper rifles in a banana plantation's outhouse anymore! Phronk's „Addon Free Melee Script“ used to give all players a wrench as melee weapon at game start. Since the script is meant to work on items hand-placed in Editor, I didn't litter the whole map with axes, knives and whatnot. I simply give you a showcase of this cool script and the offer to try a unique playstyle fitting IMHO very well into an A3 RAVAGE mission. This script allows me to actually let you play through the grim experience of coming to a shootout wielding not even a knife, but just a wrench! Now go and create some vids of your flip-flopped game characters charging towards a bandit armed with a gun and beat him to death! Please do so with whatever battle cry your nation habitually yells out! Added ALiVE saving (local save, NO WarRoom Account necessary!) and player modules to the mission – this means you can use BIS save or ALiVE save in SP and only ALiVE save in MP. I have chosen to do so because the ALiVE save gives full object and inventory persistence for any and all boxes or vehicles or even loot objects left on the ground which players access during a SP or MP session. The usage in this mission is just for the persistence; so you don't need a Master Degree in ALiVE Gameplay. In fact, you won't even need a B.A. In SP, just press the ESC button and then you can choose between the usual „Save&Exit“ button or the „ALiVE SP Save“ button. Loading happens automatically when you start the mission. Even if you don't see the usual „continue“ button in A3 Scenario list, don't worry. ALiVE essentially emulates it's MP save resuming system when you use it in SP. So once you are ingame again, it will load the previous session's state automatically. You can also use ALiVE for managing your survivor team or for some debug/cheat options. If you want this, just press the „application“ button or whatever you have chosen to associate with ALiVE Menu. If you die in SP while using ALiVE save, you won't get a „reload“ button. Instead, quit to main menu and „restart“ the mission. You will load your last manual ALiVE Menu „Player Save“ or your last „ALiVE SP Save“ made on exiting the mission last time. In MP, you should try to get access to the GUI that lets you make an individual player save with ALiVE. You'll need that save if you want to leave the server before the other players or before the player who is Admin shuts it down. Speaking of which: easy as well! As Admin, press ESC, then choose „Server Save & Exit“. That's it! Once you do that, you save any players still on the server. Also in MP, the resuming of the mission is automatically. Oh, and you can move stuff around in the gameworld if it's not too heavy to lift. Crates, barbed wire, dropped weapons... Also you can load boxes (and their inventory) into your vehicles and later unload these again with mousewheel actions if the boxes are in a distance of 2 meters or less from the vehicles. NOTE: it's not recommended to mix between BIS SP savegames and ALIVE saving in the same playthrough, but if you decide to risk it and for this or for some other reason want to delete the ALiVE savegame, just execute this code in the debug console as sugested in the ALiVE WIKI: Manually clear data from the ProfileNameSpace when running Local persistence using the following commands. Be sure to use Server Exec if running on a dedicated server. call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceClear //removes current mission data only call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceWipe //removes all mission data completely CREDITS: First I'll credit the creators of the used tutorials and templates because without their work I couldn't even have started A3 mission making, modded game or vanilla, and of course special thanks goes to all RAVAGE specific tutorials! Haleks for his kind help in the RAVAGE release thread and the MP testing PM thread cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates MacScottie/Jester814 for providing his very motivating and beginner friendly YouTube Tutorials Psychobastard for his PDF A3 Editing Guide in German and for his AWESOME Revive Script AIS/A3 Wounding System rsoftokz for his ROADS mission sproyd for his A3 Editing Guide in English Next to be credited are the friendly forum members or YouTubers (listed alphabetical, not by amount of help) that helped me either with code, with direct communication to solve various specific problems during the creation of this mission or by testing the mission together with me bad benson for his script suite, for his general tips on mission balance and our broad exchange on the different approaches to achieve a high realism level in the ARMAVERSE and of course for playtesting my older missions cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates, for his great Escape! Mission that inspired me to try my own approach to this kind of RAVAGE mission, for the great exchange of mission ideas and for playtesting in general Evil Organ for lots of mission ideas we exchanged during RAVAGE testing Haleks for creating his awesome RAVAGE Mod and for letting me take part in the MP testing, also of course special thanks for all his coding tips phronk for his Addon Free Melee Script rpgteamx for his YouTube tutorial on markers and how to change their appearance with triggers Sgt Justin [GCF] for his Simple Vehicle Locking System Here comes the required addon list: CBA A3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CUP Terrains Complete: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 CUP Vehicles: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29716 RAVAGE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29638&highlight=RAVAGE ALiVE: http://alivemod.com/#Download HAFM NAVY: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32207&highlight=HAFM Sailing Mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32570&highlight=SAILING Little Yacht: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32131 Paddle Mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26055 MrSanchez Headlamp: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32777&highlight=HEADLAMP Optional Addons: ASR AI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080&highlight=ASR OR VCOMAI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381&highlight=VCOM Why ASR AI or VCOM AI? These two (use only one of them at a time ofc!) are my personal preference and IMHO the best plug-and-play solutions for SP and MP alike! They make bandits real crappy shooters and trained Army soldiers dangerously effective! ENHANCED MOVEMENT: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224&highlight=ENHANCED%2BMOVEMENT Get! That! Mod! Now! You WILL find it incredibly immersive and helpful to survive being hunted by zombies while still unarmed at mission start and you WILL still love it even later in the mission to save ammo by doing a little E&E or find a vantage point in firefights with bandits! ALL THE SUPPORTED EQUIPMENT AND WEAPON MODS: See the frontpage in the RAVAGE Release thread to find out which mods are supported by default! And finally the mission itself: Now go get it at Steam Workshop or via this BIS Forums release thread! Version with Zombies: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235056836 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/hltxztqt0w8v6a5/RAVAGE_CASTAWAY_ZEDS_1.Tanoa.pbo.7z?dl=0 Version without Zombies: TBD/on user request HERE YOU GO: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1241325229 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/efvq6ab4bjmzaos/RAVAGE_CASTAWAY_NOZEDS_1.Tanoa.pbo.7z?dl=0 UPDATE 1: Changed the Hypothermia damage you receive due to BB's temperature script being active when having low body temperature to increase much slower - after all, the original settings were ideal for a mission on WInter Chernarus, but are too harsh for a mission set in the tropic climate of Tanoa. Updated mission's modules to take advantage of the fixes in RAVAGE 1.48 UPDATE 2: Fixed: Mission had dependencies on Warfare Thai and IFA3; removed these so that both mods are just supported, but not required now Fixed the playable slots/AI buddies being invulnerable Fixed Team Switch being unavailable in SP by re-saving and re-uploading the mission with newest RAVAGE version which has this problem fixed Added: Script allowing to lock and unlock vehicles. Only becomes really necessary to use if you play with one of the recommended AI mods. Wether it's ASR AI or VCOM, you WILL face the problem that RAVAGE ambient AI is stealing any cars they come across – and that could break some of the tasks in this mission. Usage of the unlock/lock script is via action menu. And just in case that you a) use VCOM or ASR AI and b) still forget to lock the Radio Relay trucks after (partially) refuelling them I have set the trucks to lock automatically once all players leave the area to spare you from rage quitting after you haul some fuel across the whole island to your radio relay truck... only to see some dirty thieves drive away with it right before your eyes! UPDATE 3 Fixed: Fixed a possible exploit with the refuelling tasks: now there is a check if you syphon out the fuel again after a generator vehicle has been checked as „refuelled“ - now you can no longer refuel one generator and then syphon the fuel out to use that very same fuel on the other generators as well ;-) Updated mission's modules to take advantage of the bugfixes in RAVAGE 1.52 Added: Radio messages in response to players using radio codes „Alpha“ and „Juliet“ after having successfully refuelled all generators and thus established a radio contact to the EVAC vessel. This way you get a more noticeable feedback on whether your SOS call actually got through to the rescue party and what to do next. A task directing you to meet the EVAC ship which gets completed once you come close to the vessel at the designated rendezvous location. A final task ordering you to actually board the EVAC ship which completes after doing so and thus make more obvious what you have to do to trigger the mission end screen. Availability of the Debug Console for all players to extend a helping hand to all the victims of black computer magic who can't access the console in SP... UPDATE 4 Fixed: Fixed a problem with trigger locality preventing the mission from ending properly
  18. Hello my fellow player! I want to introduce a new Arma 3 A3Wasteland Tanoa Server. its not a normal one, its Modded! We made many changes to our Server: - Better Team Kill Punishment - Storage your collected Gear - Vehicle Painting - Aircraft Carrier to repair/rearm - Tanoa bridges from the main Island - High Value Target - High Performance (Min. 50 FPS) - Complete Missions to earn Money - CUP Vehicles/Units/Weapons - Ryans Zombies and Demons - New Global Visual Effect - Different Stores to buy Gear/Vehicles - Modified Hud - Better Gear at Spawn - FPS Fix - Dynamic Weather Effects And many more... We would be glad if you visit our Server! Download the Required Mods here, Screenshots of the Server included to view at: https://a3projectgaming.net/moddlservers/
  19. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229944898 I decided to create a series with each mission focusing on one specific type of soldier/task, this one entry is EOD. I used the AAF to give it a more modern day feel while keeping it vanilla. Used Tanoa to give it a vietnam flavor. Steam description: Step into the shoes of a soldier in an EOD unit during operations on Tanoa. The AAF have been engaged with Syndikat and remnants of the former dictatorship's loyalist army for the last 8 months. The guerrillas have access to large pre-overthrow stockpiles of anti-tank and anti-personell mines as well as improved explosive devices. Because of this our EOD unit has been kept busy during the occupation. During today's operation we will be escorting a tank platoon along a main supply route and clearing any minefields using our mine clearing rockets from the bobcat. We have multiple infantry units currently executing various missions and raids accross the island so be prepared to get tasked away to help them clear any explosives they encounter. Vanilla mission, only requires Apex. (Although from the latest update all Arma 3 users now have Apex assets so you may be able to play it, just with the expansion purchase advert in the corner.) (Mine Clearing Rocket script by John Harvey https://github.com/john681611/detcord.VR/releases ) Let me know of any bugs or issues and feel free to give me feedback for suggestions for this mission or how I can better accomplish things for future missions.
  20. Hi, Some friends and I have rented a server we would like to advertise to the community. It is a BMR Insurgency (Credits to Jigsor for the game mode) I have modified it slightly to add some new units and roles that I think will make the server more interesting. (SWCC boat teams, FA-18's, mechanized teams, combat rescue teams, etc...). All of the core abilities within BMR's insurgency are retained (CAS system, heli extract, AI recruiting, HALO jump for players and AI, suicide bombers, enemy air patrols, etc...) OPFOR is disabled, however. Right now we are running a Tanoa RHS Insurgency. (In the future we will host CUP maps but for now we wanted to stay as minimal as possible) I know Tanoa is notoriously resource heavy but I have set the game parameters up so that the game will run as smoothly as possible. I have experienced 40+ FPS during firefights outside and inside the towns. ASR AI3 is active and makes a big difference. The game is much more enjoyable with this mod. The AI is terrifying and reacts much more intelligently to your actions. Mods REQUIRED are below All of them (except for TFAR) are available on Steam; we recommend the steam versions as well since they are up to date and that's where we get the keys from CBA http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 RHS (all) http://steamcommunity.com/id/rhsmods/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 TFAR http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ FA-18 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=743099837 ASR AI http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=642457233 Advanced sling loading, rappelling, urban rappelling, and towing are loaded server side and are not required by the client. There are no other mods allowed on the server. Here is the IP and Port for our server Here is a link to our Arma 3 Units page https://units.arma3.com/unit/1ssf Here is a our Teamspeak domain name for TFAR purposes 1ssf.teamspeak.network Hope to see you guys playing. I plan on hosting this server reliably for a while as I hosted one similar in the past with a previous unit that was quite popular but I left to do my own thing. Thank you for your time and consideration. Mosley
  21. HICOS Horizon Islands - Commandement des Opérations Spéciales SOF Gear for Tanoan forces DESCRIPTION HICOS tires to aim for quality over quantity, giving Tanoa SOF gear to be used in missions as AI. Or gear that can generally be used in a jungle/woodland environment. The mod will include new models, as well as retextures/alternations from already excisting mods. Process will be displayed on this thread, and suggestions or questions regarding the contents of the mod can be asked here. Please note that the mod will only include gear such as backpacks, vests, uniforms and head- and facewear. There will be no weapons included within this pack, and they will be free of choice by the end user. HICOS is responsible for raids and special reconnaissance against Horizon Island's cartels and criminal organisations, such as Syndikat. They work alongside the gendarmerie to keep the Horizon Islands safe. HICOS is well funded, and uses primarily western equipment and vehicles. For questions or requests; Steam Profile Please keep in mind that all textures/models are work in progress, and can be changed through the development of this modification. CONTENT Currently working on; - LBT 6094, various setups, (new model) - Crye Precision Gen 3 uniforms, various colours and patterns, - Booniehats, various patterns, - Berets, versions dependent on units, (new model) - Opscore helmets, various colours and patterns, (new model) - MICH helmets, various colours and patterns, (new model) - PVS 21, with COTI module, CEHUD module and regular, (new model) ...and various backpacks in different colours and patterns. IMAGES Future plans are everywhere right now, I'm open for suggestions and willing to include vehicles later down the road. The mod will be a WIP for a while, and be added on frequently. All camo patterns used in this addon are made from scratch, and can be shared on request.
  22. I have a Little Question. I tried to place a Bridge and trees from Tanoa on the Island. In X-Cam the high was correct. After packing and after start the game the objects are mostly to high. whats wrong?? cheers...
  23. We are happy to annouce that we are starting new Exile server Currently we are beta testing and would like your feedback,the map is Tanoa from apex DLC which is required to play, server has 40 slots, the difficulty is set on medium we are planning on adding mods in the later stages of tests. We also offer TS3 server to talk to other players and your friends currently we only have 20 slots but if needed we are going to increase it. Exile IP: Teams speak IP: blackshark.net-speak.pl
  24. hello to all, I have doubts about the objects of tanoa. As far as I know, on May 30 bohemia has released the objects of tanoa to be used in your land. The problem I have that using the x-cam I can see and place the objects but when passing them to terrainbuilder these do not appear. I have seen that the files are not seen because they are in .ebo and it is necessary to pass them to .pbo some tutorial of how to do it? any other way of being able to enter those objects on my map? Sorry for my english
  25. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm