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  1. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Arma 3 friends cant see my server

    I'm just using windows 10 firewall protection
  2. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Arma 3 friends cant see my server

    Problem resolved. It was the firewall 😂
  3. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Arma 3 friends cant see my server

    I just recently re-installed arma 3 and my friends can no longer see my servers. We host over a local network adapter and it has worked 100% of the time apart from now. I'm lead to believe that the reinstall has broke something. I had to transferee my profile files to my new drive and it seems to be working but I can't help but feel the profile may be the issue. Additionally I must give the profile folder location on start up in Parameters. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I've been having some serious issues with TFAR. My last resort is coming here, I've tried forms but no one seems to know. I'm hosting arma 3 games over a local network. Me and a mate are trying to use TFAR and it just wont work. We have the plugin, we have the teamspeak server, we have the mod on, we have the plugins. Everything is working but the voices just aren't coming from the players in game. It also only works in fucking helicopters. This is driving me up the wall. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Need assistance with Random Array

    I don't know how you do it mate. Absolute legend. Worked like a charm
  6. I'm trying to select a random soldier to kill. Once this soldier has been killed I'd like to remove his value from my array "_zones". I'm finding it difficult to do so. My current code is - _zones = [B1, B2, B3, B4]; selectRandom _zones; _zones setdamage 1; _zones deleteAt (_zones find _zones);
  7. I've been trying to get TFAR working for me and my mates to play arma with. I'm currently testing it and it's not working. We're connected, we get switched to the correct channels, we both have the correct addons but we just can't hear each other in game.
  8. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with ACRE2 Babel feature

    Oh I see, I'll try that now. Cheers.
  9. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with ACRE2 Babel feature

    That's what I have currently. I don't see what I'm doing wrong though.
  10. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with ACRE2 Babel feature

    I'm trying to use the babel feature in ACRE2
  11. I've been trying to set up babel for my mission but I cant get it working. My current code is this and this. I've also put down the ACRE2 module. I'm genuinely stuck here and I haven't a clue how to set it up. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with random Syntax

    There are 4 zones. Each with their own names. These zones are triggers. radzone1, radzone2, radzone3, radzone4. Once these zones are active they will start to hurt any player inside. I'm now trying to make the trigger's condition change from false to true via an SQF file. This file currently looks like this. private _triggerStatements = triggerStatements _theTrigger; _triggerStatements set [0, "true"]; _theTrigger setTriggerStatements _triggerStatements; []execVM "RandomArray.sqf";
  13. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with random Syntax

    Right, I've done this, thank you. But i still don't understand how to activate the zone once one at random has been chosen.
  14. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with random Syntax

    Right so, I'm making a battle royal, I've been for a while and I've just started again. I've got 4 zones. Each of them have a corresponding human somewhere hidden away from the player zone. Once say "Red" has died then the Red zone will be closed. Ik this is primitive but It's what I'm working with I guess.
  15. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Help with random Syntax

    I want to create a random number picker from 1-4. I think I've been able to do this successfully but I don't know how to use these. For instance If the random number picker chose 1 then a unit named "Red" Would die. I just don't know how to implement this. Any help is great, cheers.