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  1. @UNIT_normal - thanks like your script which works fine. I dont want players to change the colors of the vehicles only the camouflage. Is that posible by excluding a part of the script. Im not a scripter more a noob 🙂 - thanks Best
  2. @fn_Quiksilver - it's the RHS mod - icons doesnt change when entering a vehicle
  3. @fn_Quiksilver Thanks fast reply - will test again and let y know - thanks
  4. Gents - is it correct that this script only works correctly with vanilla ?? do not get the right icon with mods vehicles - thanks
  5. Perfect work Gents, thanks
  6. TUNED ?????? Im on the very top of it :-)
  7. Interior light looks great
  8. @Dedmen @rebel12340 - probably something when wrong by merging maps/missions. I had multible object(s) Jammer1, Jammer1_1 , Jammer2 and Jammer2_1 have overlooked this, problem solved - thanks
  9. @rebel12340 @Dedmen - both I did. Rebel I deleted the first line with "//" in the initPlayerLocal - let me do some clean tests without any other script / mods - let y know - thanks replies
  10. @rebel12340 - hi there, have some errors, forwhich I give the flw screens. 1st - innitPlayerLocal, 2nd on start lobby and 3rd in game. Could you please have a look. Thanks and have a great day https://imgur.com/a/8n1y1sJ
  11. Outstanding thanks Gents
  12. Great stuff Gents ..... Thanks
  13. @GEORGE FLOROS GR - ευχαριστω πολυ - trying out
  14. @GEORGE FLOROS GR φίλε μου :-) .... do y know whather schadles script works on UAV and Mortars ?? seems schadles has been on line lately - thanks
  15. @schadler17 - hi there - is it correct that UAV and Mortars are not working with yr script - thanks Best Spoor
  16. @Larrow @pierremgi @7erra - thanks Gents all work just fine and inlcuded the Campaign
  17. Working on a TvT Campaign and would like to have a script that changes a flag when a faction captured an area (trigger) been looking around but can't find anything suitable - help appriciated - thanks
  18. @pierremgi - you made my day - thanks - both scripts working just fine with this "player addRating 1000000;" included. Using yr last script - thanks again
  19. @pierremgi - TvT 50/50 Campaign - You have to help me onesmore. As said earlier I would like to punish players when they kill a civilian (AI). The max number off civilians during the mission will be 6. When placing the script in the unit init it works all fine but only for 2 kills. I have been trying the use the addition codes too but dnt succeed unfortunately. Dnt forget noob here but love doing this - appreciate yr help - thanks quote Posted February 6 civilian men? I can't test it but try: this addEventHandler ["killed",{ params ["_killed","_killer","_instigator","_side"]; if (([_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide == civilian or captive _killed) && !isnull _instigator) exitWith { [side _instigator,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }; if (count crew _killed >0) then { _side = [_killed,false] call bis_fnc_objectSide } else { _side = [_killed,true] call bis_fnc_objectSide }; [_side,-1,false] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets }]; The problem is what you want to protect with that. I guess you can't copy/paste this code in all init fields of the units/vehicles. So you can define an array of units. Never mind the method, just think about edited (3den) or spawned (in game). The second case needs a loop to refresh the array but, without treating the former units again and again. First, the code is: { _x addEventHandler [.....] } foreach AnArrayOfUnits; // can be [bob1,bob2,bob3] but also allUnits for example (men only), or vehicles (as written) or allUnits + vehicles Second, if you spawn some new units, you need to track the new units and "treat" them with EH. Two ways: You treat them, immediatly once they spawn (I kept the case of an array here): { _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach arrayOfNewSpawnedUnits; // just after spawning code or make a loop in init.sqf, waiting for some new arrival, considering general arrays like allUnits or vehicles: [] spawn { while {true} do { { _x setVariable ["treated",true]; _x addEventHandler [....] } forEach AnArrayOfUnits select { !(_x getVariable ["treated",false]) }; // works fine with allUnits or vehicles } }; unquote
  20. @pierremgi - works however when leave the trigger area the flag turns white again. The flag should stay at the faction who captured the area - please to hear. @7erra - noob here :-( but trying hard) - do you have a sample mission for me to see how things has been put together can't get it work. Thanks Gents Best
  21. Gents, Thanks all will test in the mission later - let y know. @Larrow sync with sector controll module I know but would like to have flag changing without the module just with a tricker - thanks. I like @7erra idea aswell - and @pierremgi scripts works always :-) - again thanks guys Best Spoor