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  1. I'm adding this code in Hearts and Minds by BTC but im not getting any reward after killing AI, I only receive reward for X Time stay in game.. [_AI] call HG_fnc_aiSetup; private ["_killer"]; _killer = (_this select 0) getVariable ["ace_medical_lastDamageSource", (_this select 1)]; if (!isDedicated && !hasInterface) then { [(_this select 0), _killer] remoteExec ["btc_fnc_mil_unit_killed",2]; } else { if (random 100 > btc_info_intel_chance) then { (_this select 0) setVariable ["intel",true]; }; if (isPlayer _killer) then { if (isServer) then { btc_rep_bonus_mil_killed call btc_fnc_rep_change; [_AI] call HG_fnc_aiSetup; } else { [btc_rep_bonus_mil_killed,"btc_fnc_rep_change",false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; }; }; //{count units _x == 0} count allGroups; //(allGroups select {count units _x == 0}) apply {deleteGroup _x} //(_this select 0) spawn {sleep 0.5;{deleteVehicle _x} foreach (nearestObjects [_this, ["WeaponHolderSimulated"], 5]);};
  2. loadScreen = "core\img\btc.paa"; author = .; onLoadName = ..; onLoadMission = ..; #include "core\def\dlg_def.hpp" #include "core\fnc\fob\dlg.hpp" #include "core\fnc\int\progress_bar.hpp" #include "core\fnc\log\dlg.hpp" //#include "core\fnc\rev\dlg.hpp" #include "core\sounds\sounds.hpp" #include "core\def\param.hpp" #include "core\fnc\task\tasktypes.hpp" #include "core\def\functions.hpp" #include "core\fnc\eh\extended_InitPost_EH.hpp" #include "HG\UI\HG_DialogsMaster.h" class RscTitles { #include "HG\UI\Dialogs\HG_HUD.h" class Default { idd = -1; fadein = 0; fadeout = 0; duration = 0; }; //#include "core\fnc\rev\rsc.hpp" #include "core\fnc\log\rsc.hpp" }; class CfgClient { #include "HG\Config\HG_Config.h" }; class CfgFunctions { #include "HG\Functions\HG_Functions.h" }; Im always getting this error.. specially in class CfgFunctions. Pls help
  3. 1. Select the all the scripts and paste them into your mission.pbo or folder. 2. For getting money from AI kills make sure in the AI's init field this code is added: null = [this] execVM "cashOnKillAI"; what do you mean by this? do I need to put this code "null = [this] execVM "cashOnKillAI";" in every AI that I put in mission file? what about for example the AI is randomly generated from the server?
  4. DailyGrind

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    hello, I have a question.. last time when we play a joint ops mission we are on the TS and when we join to the arma 3 game server we are automatically move from another channel in TS... how to make it using tfar?
  5. someone pls tell me how to add money when killing AI?
  6. Can I use this as a regular script? without the database? just like put it in a mission file?
  7. Shay_gman, is it possible to use the MCC to make auto generated random Mission/SideMission?
  8. Can I use the sandstorm module in the Editor without the yellowish collor? if yes, how to change it in script?
  9. DailyGrind

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    is the Z&D broke? every time the zombie respawn they don't move.
  10. someone give me an example mission of MCC survival? mine is not working also the loot in objects. ok, now I know what the promblem is.. the MCC is not working with CBA and Ace. like for example in the survival mode you cant use the loot search. and its not working in CUP terrain maps
  11. can you make this compatible in MP?
  12. how to add damage to player? and the sound not working Edit* i think the sample mission file is not working..
  13. is it possible to use the "Lights Off" (something like that) in MCC to 3den editor? also is there a module to enable the survival in editor too?
  14. DailyGrind

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    guys? I only want infantry to spawn in the area, how do I do that? I try to remove the classname of the vehicle but i'm getting error
  15. DailyGrind

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    do you guys have all the classname of the zombie?