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  1. haleks


    New module parameter(s) incoming! ^^
  2. haleks


    Is there a list of structures used as replacements?
  3. "thisList" is an array : a list containing several objects : [obj1, obj2, obj3] In this case, the array contains all units/objects that fulfil the trigger's condition statement. Use this code in the "on activation" field to see what is included in thisList : hint str thisList The "thisList select 0" code simply selects the first element in that array (indexing starts at 0 when going through arrays).
  4. Always happy to help destroying stuff! Here's a ready-to-use function : //example : [getpos somelogic, 1000, 1] call myFunction to level everything, or : //[getpos somelogic, 1000, 0.75] call myFunction to damage everything myFunction = { params ["_pos", "_radius", "_dam"]; _arr = [ "BUILDING", "HOUSE", "CHURCH", "CHAPEL", "BUNKER", "FORTRESS", "VIEW-TOWER", "LIGHTHOUSE", "FUELSTATION", "HOSPITAL", "WALL", "HIDE", "BUSSTOP", "STACK", "TOURISM", "WATERTOWER", "POWER LINES", "POWERSOLAR" ]; { _x setDamage [_dam, false] } forEach (nearestTerrainObjects [_pos, _arr, _radius,false]); true }; I'm pretty sure nothing will survive that - although keep in mind that some buildings may not have a proper "damaged" model (mostly structures from Tanoa).
  5. haleks


    Looking at it, you're probably going to need to set "allowedTargets=0" for all Ravage functions except rvg_fnc_init_loot : most of them will run client-side (assuming it works like remoteExec where 0 means all machines and 2 means server only).
  6. haleks


    I think the following covers it : rvg_fnc_init_loot fnc_checkLoot fnc_loadFrnt fnc_findNearestBldCat fnc_lootSearchAction Note that most of these functions aren't properly configured (wich is something I really need to do some day...), but generated on the fly after module inits - it may be a problem, I have no idea to be honest. The loot system also involves a few vanilla functions, but I don't think BIS scripts are blacklisted? Definitely a good idea mate! I'm mostly working on MyST these days, but I plan on pushing a Ravage update before November (before Death Stranding hits the shelves, actually!). 😉
  7. Well, on the other hand, BIS moved so much stuff to the free platform that there isn't much left at this point to be kept as an exclusive for DLC owners, except for the aliens... Judging by the quasi complete absence of user-made missions involving said aliens, I think they went the wrong way as to what should be made available to everyone though.
  8. It's supposed to be true call BIN_fnc_showHorizontalCompass, iirc.
  9. haleks


    Because they're not present in the thislist array. Remember that thisList is based on your Activation setting. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Trigger
  10. haleks

    increase damage to player?

    Don't know where to put it? Well, where did you put it? There're multiple ways for this, one of them being initPlayerLocal.sqf : player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_source", "_projectile", "_hitIndex", "_instigator", "_hitPoint"]; if (_projectile isEqualTo "") exitWith {false}; _original_damage = if (_selection isEqualTo "") then {damage _unit} else {_unit getHit _selection}; _added_damage = _damage - _original_damage; _coef = 1;//change this to increase or decrease _final_damage = _original_damage + _added_damage*_coef; _final_damage }];
  11. haleks

    Language of the AI

    Why not get in touch with Operation Frenchpoint? They could be interested. 😉
  12. haleks

    Language of the AI

    I think @Marechal Lasalle is looking for a "proper" french language protocol - the Tanoan one has a very strong accent and that's not how people speak in France. As far as I know, there is no such addon at the moment though.
  13. haleks

    increase damage to player?

    Don't use setdamage/setdammage, it has a very simplistic behaviour and should not be used for units with multiple hitpoints. HandleDamageEH is preferable IMO : params ["_unit", "_selection", "_damage", "_source", "_projectile", "_hitIndex", "_instigator", "_hitPoint"]; if (_projectile isEqualTo "") exitWith {false}; _original_damage = if (_selection isEqualTo "") then {damage _unit} else {_unit getHit _selection}; _added_damage = _damage - _original_damage; _coef = 1;//change this to increase or decrease _final_damage = _original_damage + _added_damage*_coef; _final_damage
  14. haleks


    I'm guessing you're using _unit call rvg_fnc_equip instead of [_unit] call rvg_fnc_equip? I've been somewhat inconsistent through the code : some functions require arguments passed in an array while others work the object passed directly.
  15. Not yet, I had forgotten about it to be honest... ^^ I'll see if I can push a tiny update this week-end with the parameters I use for Ravage.