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  1. Another look at the Remnants : Addons : Ravage (dev build) Hidden Identities 3
  2. run arma3 without steam

    As Roadkill said, you can't run Arma3 without Steam (since it also acts as a DRM), but there are a few things you can do to alleviate the performance impact : - launch Steam in Offline mode before playing. - disable the Steam overlay. - set the Arma3 launcher to close itself after launching the game. Hope that helps.
  3. Project "F3llout" Concept for one of the hostile factions : The Remnants Addons : Ravage OPTRE
  4. Ravage Mod

    Nice job Cosmic, I hope you aren't going crazy staring at gun textures all day! ^^
  5. Could you guys take a look at the hatchback configs? It has an annoying sound when in movement : it sounds like a short audio of wheels rolling on dirt or asphalt, but badly looped - it's constant and never vary in intensity (I reckon it's one of "tires" sound files).
  6. I really like where you guys are going with the new uniforms and vests, it adds so many possibilities (with or without 3rd party addons)... Thanks to all the team for the continued work on OPTRE.
  7. Ravage Mod

    Nope, it's actually the other way around : stamina affects hunger & thirst (someone who's running all the time will need to eat and drink more often). Regarding zombies : they really don't use anything from vanilla AI, except maybe the basic pathfinding; so no, their skill doesn't change anything.
  8. Ravage Mod

    What I can include basically depends on what's available with vanilla assets or 3d models provided by contributors. I don't think Arma3 has any suitable asset for MREs right now, but if someone is willing to make or donate one, I'll be more than happy to add them! Short answer : there is no exciting game at the moment. If I add actual hunting (I mean besides shooting rabbits), I want it to be more engaging than killing cows like we used to in the Dayz mod. ^^ That being said, if a courageous modder ever comes up with a fully animated deer, you can count on me to add support for it.
  9. Ravage Mod

    Hi guys! It is time for an update! This release should fix the two major issues affecting the new Loot module, and adds new options to the zombie module (please note that those were kinda rushed in - the ingame description might change later). Also, those friggin' vehicles should definitely stop exploding all over the place! Allefrigginluia! \o/ Here's the changelog : Download Links : Ravage v0.1.48 As always, if you enjoy Ravage, you can help fueling the machine by donating : Enjoy, and make sure to report any potential new problem you may find!
  10. A badass survivor... Addons : @lordfrith's ruins MGSR IFA3 Stalker Equipment
  11. Fallujah 2047 : two cops are on duty, trying their shiny new outfit. Addons: MGSR OPTRE Fallujah CUP terrains
  12. Time bug

    We would have to take a peek at those scripts : it's most certainly coming from one of those.
  13. Ravage Mod

    It's more like an unfinished feature rather than a bug per say : the Horde module lacks options, something I will address later this year. There is no official server at the moment : the current focus is about offering enough tools to the community so mission makers can create their own content with ease. It's definitely possible to set up a PvP server, although the current Ravage version may lack proper persistency options for now...
  14. Ravage Mod

    Not tested, but if you want something that works in both SP & MP, I'd say try this in the Condition field : startTime = date; ceil (startTime call rvg_fnc_returnDays) > 29 If it doesn't work, try defining the startTime variable with a gamelogic first and remove it from the trigger's condition field (you might want to use a small delay on the trigger, just in case).
  15. Ravage Mod

    Hello guys & gals! Here's a quick update on what's to be expected in the next release : * Some of you guys know how long I have been struggling with the "exploding vehicles" glitch. Well, if the next update is not the end of it I'll be damned.