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  1. The discussion was raising some interesting thoughts about the broader aspects of license enforcement, but fair enough.
  2. Why did you guys delete the recent posts? It's an important topic and some valid and interesting points were raised. Man... looks like we can't have an honest conversation here.
  3. haleks

    Increase render distance for Official Zeus Servers

    The best option we have right now is to use a high terrain render distance coupled with this : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFeatureType
  4. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    This should be fixed with today's update - if you are playing a SP scenario, make sure to start a fresh game. I'll investigate further on the Safezone issue.
  5. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    Hotfix time! Thanks everyone for reporting the recent issues! @TK-7919 Aster: Is this happening in SP or MP?
  6. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    Aaaaand it's fixed on my end. I'll most likely update next week-end (maybe before), once I've improved a couple things with the resurrection feature.
  7. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    I can. I'll fix that ASAP - thanks for reporting mate!
  8. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    They keep their gear - except for the weapon they were using when killed - I'll try to solve that in another update.
  9. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    Hi everyone! Ravage has been updated! This update brings some very much needed QoL improvements and some fixes as usual : The Safezone module should now work without issues, including regarding zombies. Note that it only prevents players from spawning ambient zombies once they're inside the safe zone, so keep that in mind when you set the max spawn distance for zombies. Manually placed hordes can still spawn inside a safe zone too. Also, new feature : killed people can resurrect as zombies. You can set it to "always" or "only when killed by a zombie"; it works on all units. Shooting someone in the head - even if he's dead already - will prevent him from turning. Have fun guys!
  10. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    Eeeer... Sarge?
  11. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    The UI still working, I would rule out hardware failure. The only thing I can think right now is the fog going crazy - see if 0 setfog 0 changes something. Some terrains, including Tanoa, have a weird fog config and cause a "wall of fog" at high values. If that's the case, you need to tweak the fog parameters in your mission settings to prevent that (or identify the script causing it, eventually).
  12. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    No problem. One last tip to check if the player is on foot (and therefor cancel damage when inside a plane or any vehicle) : if((getPosASL player # 2 )> 680 && vehicle player isEqualTo player) then {...};
  13. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    You probably tested it in the northen part of the map, where the Y coordinate will be high. I haven't tested Chernaredux recently, but 13800 seems to be very high. When you are on those mountains, just type hint str (getposASL player # 2) in the debug console and you will have a better idea of the right altitude to use. But you should know that sea level is often inconsistent between terrains (especially modded ones) : your script might not work as intended everywhere, and could need some adjustments for various maps.
  14. haleks

    Ravage Mod

    @MuRaZorWitchKING: getPosATL is the relative pos above terrain - getPosASL (above sea level) is the command you really want to use. 😉 Also, you made a little mistake : in a pos array, the altitude is index 2 : getpos # 1 returns the Y coordinate. if((getPosASL player # 2 )> 13800) then { hint "Mierda, we're high up here!" };
  15. haleks

    About Arma 2 OA

    Sentence, singular. One long, very long, sentence.