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  1. haleks


    I'll see if I can fix that once I can resume work on the mod, but checking if there is an existing save should fix your problem : if (player getVariable "mp_saveLoaded") exitWith {}; [player] call rvg_fnc_equip;
  2. haleks


    The wiki doesn't say anything on this, but saveProfileNamespace is local only : in other words variables are only saved on the computer executing the command. Like all local commands, it mostly depends on how it is called : - using saveProfileNamespace from init.sqf executes it on all computers. - using saveProfileNamespace from initPlayerLocal : all clients with an interface have data written on their own computer. - using saveProfileNamespace from initServer : data is written on the server only. - using [] remoteExec ["saveProfileNamespace", 0] writes data on all computers. - using [] remoteExec ["saveProfileNamespace", 2] writes data on server only. - using [] remoteExec ["saveProfileNamespace", -2] writes data on all computers but the server. Do you have a script example? There're so many possibilities it's difficult to answer without more informations. 😉
  3. haleks


    Woohoo that's quite the challenge! ^^ In itself, a mission generation system isn't necessarily difficult to make (I mean that's the essence of Arma after all), but designing a configurable system that would suit all environments or settings is another story : some missions use AI or zombies only for instance, in others, driveable vehicles could be completely absent etc... It's a lot of variables to work with if we want something able to create generic tasks that work everywhere on all terrains and time lines. The nature of the task itself might require developping other features like random camps in the wilderness or outposts, wich means a new system to spawn compositions and caching them if needed. I tend to think such systems should be written on a "scenario basis" only, eventhough it implies a lot of work for a single mission or campaign. It is something I began working on for the "MyST" project - the next update on Patreon will most likely include a first build of such a system. It might evolve later on into a complete new feature, depending on the overall complexity, but there is no solid plan on that for now.
  4. haleks


    Hello everyone! I wanted to update you on the latest events : I talked with @MuRaZorWitchKING over the week-end, and he is going to send me his spare GC. It's the best solution for now, as my current financial situation makes it difficult for me to buy what is basically the most expensive piece of hardware in a computer. Regarding the donations I've received so far, I intend to use them to upgrade other bits and pieces on my rig : improving my "working" environment should allow me to work a bit faster and more comfortably. (That includes buying a headset with a microphone so I can - finally - play a bit online with you guys.) A huge "thank you" to @MuRaZorWitchKING, @whiteface73, @Zakuaz and @tourist for their contributions - and of course to everyone supporting me on Patreon! You guys have been helping me more than you can imagine. Speaking of Patreon, I'm probably going to make some changes : I will drop the tiers, and let anyone pledge the amount they choose. All early-access and conceptual items will be available to everybody, no matter how much they pledged. I'll most likely do that before next month. I also would like to remind everyone that items uploaded on Patreon aren't in any way exclusive : those are merely previews of WIP stuff and will always be released publicly later on (unless a project is deemed too ambitious or not feasable), so keep that in mind before subscribing. Thanks again Ravagers, it is trully an honor to have seen such a community forming around what began as an obscure singleplayer mod!
  5. haleks


    Since the last update, all loot or NPC gear potentially affected by the gearpool module are handled by a script executed by both the loot & gearpool module. Filling the empty slots in the SQF file will work, just like using the new options in the gearpool module will dynamically populate those. By the way : I was investigating a potential CTD when using the loot & gearpool modules together when my GC died, so anyone, make sure to let me know if you encounter stability issues when using those - (edit) especially at mission start.
  6. Why don't you want to use cfgFunctions? Properly defined functions are protected by default against rewriting, unless you force "allowRecompile" or play from the editor.
  7. haleks


    Sometimes I wonder how long people play or test before posting feedback... I've been asked to restore the old loot system fairly often (before the introduction of the ambient furniture system), on the basis that it was giving more loot... But the code handling the actual loot spawn (not the containers) has always been the same between the two versions - the "shipping" method is the only thing different. I reckon it boils down to lack of patience : play-testing or balancing a sandbox mission of potentially big scale is no easy task, no matter how streamlined the process may be.
  8. I began exploring such a setting a bit; right now you can check my "Contact" mission : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445226945 It is 100% scripted and uses vanilla assets only. It's just a proof concept for now, but I plan on making an addon for it. Of course it's nothing as ambitious as new models, tripods etc, but it has the potential for fun missions already.
  9. haleks

    Global Mobilization - To higher price to pay

    I would argue that 100% of the GM content is original - unlike Apex, wich is about the same price iirc.
  10. haleks


    Ghaaah! (Thanks for reporting, I'll investigate as soon as technically feasible)
  11. haleks


    Those GM vehicles look absolutely dope - that truck feels much more menacing than any offroad! ❤️
  12. haleks


    I reckon "HitPart" is safer to use in that regard. "HandleDammage" should only be used if you wish to override the final damage; for any other use, I would suggest using "hit" or "hitPart". 😉
  13. haleks


    @Moon_chilD It might be easier to work with the HitPart EH : this addEventHandler ["HitPart", { (_this select 0) params ["_target", "_shooter", "_projectile", "_position", "_velocity", "_selection", "_ammo", "_vector", "_radius", "_surfaceType", "_isDirect"]; if (count _ammo isEqualTo 3) exitWith {};//undefined origin (fall, collisions etc) if ((_ammo # 4) isEqualTo "rvg_zedAmmo") then { hint "Goddamn zombie!" }; }];
  14. haleks


    Yep, _shooter isKindOf "zombie" is the way to go. Alternatively - and if you don't need to return the shooter itself - it can more reliable to check for the ammo classname : _projectile isEqualTo "rvg_zedAmmo" or (typeOf _projectile) isEqualTo "rvg_zedAmmo" I can't remember the exact syntax right now.
  15. haleks


    For the moment, I'm afraid it's impossible to define your own backpacks - the classnames are stored in a variable local to a script so it can't be manipulated from the "outside". 😕 But adding a global variable to deal with that is easy peazy - I'll take care of that once I resume work on Ravage. Good news otherwise - I realise I totally forgot to test the upgraded gearpool set-up on traders! 😄 It's nice to see they are behaving.