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  1. Derelict

    Yeah, the "That escalated quickly" syndrom is very strong on Steam. ^^' Thanks for the suggestions EO, I'll try those and see how it looks. Right now, Derelict is mostly about texture swaps, rather than 3d models replacements (I explored that road in the earlier versions of Ravage, with mixed results), but these buildings aren't too common so that could work nicely. @corporal_lib[br]: The mod might well be extended to Malden, yes - I just need to make some time for it (the process is rather tedious and boring - scripting is definitely more fun than config fidling, haha). No plans for Tanoa though - too many of them structures are unfinished (they don't have damaged textures or models). Regarding mirrors : I will only host on Steam for practical reasons, but anyone is free to mirror it - I will update the OP with links if needs be.
  2. Ravage Mod

    Unintended behaviour - the AI isn't supposed to love you that much. ^^' It'll be fixed for the next update.
  3. Ravage Mod

    Hello Ravagers! I just released a small mod that should set a proper mood for your trips across Altis & Stratis : It's fresh out of the oven, so make sure to gimme a shout if you spot any issues! Enjoy, and happy new year everyone.
  4. Mod version : 0.1 (2019.01.08) Derelict : Derelict modifies structures and vegetation of Arma 3 terrains to give Stratis and Altis an abandoned atmosphere. It retextures most buildings to look neglected, damaged or rusty - these changes apply to any terrain using those structures, so this mod should only be used when playing on vanilla islands. Features * Retextured buildings. * Vegetation modifications (WIP). * Disabled artificial light sources. * No performance impact. * No dependencies. License Derelict Mod by Haleks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on request. Using Derelict Mod on monetized servers is strictly forbidden. Download link Mod development support :
  5. Ravage Mod

    @Donnie_Plays @RZNUNKWN Indeed, damage depends on where the target is hit and protection too; but also keep in mind that the Health value displayed by Ravage is actually an average of all hitpoints : even with 92 health, it's very possible that one of your limbs is in very bad shape (and Arma being Arma, you die if any hitpoint drops to 0). Make sure to pay attention to your status and try to stay "healthy".
  6. Don't speak too soon : even if AI pathfinding is all over the place, I have plans for some sort of AI in there...
  7. Ravage Mod

    @Donnie_Plays @RZNUNKWN I don't have Arma3 nor my files on the computer I'm using at the moment. I should be back home sometime next week : I'll be able to provide more tips and informations then. ;)
  8. I use this in Ravage mod, and the performance cost is minimal. Still, if you're worrying about that, you could check the vehicles config at mission start to create a ready-to-use list of enterable buildings. ;) I think those buildingPos are present in the configs (now that I think of it, I might just do that for the Ravage mod).
  9. The best way I found is to check the number of buildingPos. You might need some kind of filtering, since (if I remember right) a couple objects such as those big metal containers have a few buildingPos - I usually check if there's a roof x meters above at least one position.
  10. One of your problems is that modules only initiate once - that's why moving the modules themselves doesn't have any effect. You would need to create & delete them dynamically as the player moves around. Also, this should be usefull : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/synchronizeObjectsAdd
  11. I've been wondering (sheer curiosity, not requesting anything) if it's possible to create invisible roads and paths, so that the AI can at least navigate corridors. Even if they keep bumping or walking through debris, it could be a cheap solution I reckon.
  12. Blud's Terrain thread.

    Why not using the Arma3 launcher in combination with private mod compilations created on the WS?
  13. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    Enfusion isn't an all new engine - look at DayZ : a lot of stuff are very similar to the way Arma is designed. Just because the scripting language changes, doesn't necessarily mean that BI has the capacity (or the will) to completely redesign how AI behave and interact (with vehicles, other units or the environment). The current limits are not tied to the scripting language itself - at least I'm convinced it's not the case, given what modders have been able to achieve in many areas. Besides, the only form of advanced AI we've seen so far within Enfusion are the zombies from Dayz, and they're very much unimpressive.
  14. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    It's more likely a combination of old AI scripts and evolving environments : while the AI itself didn't change much (to the point that it uses none of the new abilities brought by Arma3, be it new stances, weapon resting etc), the terrains and the complexity of urban areas have changed a lot. Given the recent focus on Multiplayer and the way new features are added for players exclusively (the Tactical Ping could be soooo usefull to alert AI squad mates, even something as simple as that was not implemented...), it is obvious that Arma3 will stay as it is. I'm actually pretty skeptical for the AI in Arma4 : either most of their behaviours are remade from scratch (I don't see that happening), or BIS keep the same basis and consider AI as a cheap way to fill MP missions.
  15. Today's changelog : This. Is. Awesome. Good bye kbTell!