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  1. haleks


    The code does account for latitude, so you should end up with seasonal zombie migrations. ^^ That bit of code returns all alive zombies : debug_zeds_a = true; 0 spawn { while {debug_zeds_a} do { hintsilent str (count (entities [["zombie"], [], false, true])); sleep 0.5; }; hintsilent ""; }; I haven't witnessed this myself - any mods involved, either Animations or Vehicles? Good catch mate, it's going to be fixed very soon. 😉 Also thanks to @Barmalei75, those are useful informations! I'll get started on an xml file soon, and probably share it here if people want to help with other languages.
  2. haleks


    Hello @Barmalei75! Sorry for not replying sooner - to you and everyone who's been PMing me recently - it has been a busy month on my end... Thanks a lot for the offer! I'm answering here rather than by PM, since this could involve efforts from several people (I can handle French and English, but that's about it!). I'm working rather slowly on Ravage these days, but yeah, I'm definitely interested. What would we need to get started on this? I'm guessing a list of all custom descriptions/names for configs would be a good start? Plus a list of all custom/contextual messages displayed via scripts, probably... I'm thinking a public spreadsheet would work well, if people fluent in other languages want to help? Some parts of the code will only execute server-side if said server is a dedicated one, but that mainly concerns background/system functions, so that shouldn't be a problem. IIRC, pretty much all scripts involving a displayed message are executed locally in Ravage. 😉
  3. haleks


    Hello folks, Time for another tiny update : I doubt I need to say it, but the tweaked sleep system is designed to make your life harder. 😉 It is no longer a fancy skiptime machine : you can't sleep more than 12 hours in a row, and it will take time to "feel sleepy" again. Right now it is a simple cap on how long you can sleep, but the next updates will bring more changes and tie this to fatigue and other stats - in the end it should be very similar to how it's handled in The Long Dark. Have fun guys!
  4. haleks


    Haha, yeah! In fact I'm probably going to tweak them to make them more "DS like" : the "stay still if you wanna see them" mechanic is just so brilliant! ❤️
  5. haleks


    And that has been bothering me like hell since the beginning! ^^ I might have found a solution though... I'll try to push a small update for that around next week, plus some tweaks for the SP sleep system. 😉
  6. haleks


    The entities command should return an empty array if no AI module has been placed : (entities "Ravage_ai") isEqualTo [] or : (allMissionObjects "Ravage_ai") isEqualTo [] You can also check if the "rvg_traders_s" variable has been created by the module scripts (although it's probably safer to check for entities) : isNil "rvg_traders_s" Those changes were only made to make debugging easier, the fix itself will come with a future update. 😉
  7. He he, as it happens I spent a bit of time tweaking and getting the F3llout mission up-to-date last week-end (the premise changed a bit since the old concept demo). That uniform is going to be put to good use! 😉
  8. You're being way too modest my friend. Nowadays, my typical test-play of the Altis showcase in Ravage begins like this : keep hitting dat "restart" button until the dead truck driver has an EO uniform I can take, and then I'm good to go.
  9. haleks


    Not yet, but I'll check it out! Although, to be honest, I'm kinda reluctant on adding more presets - it's a lot of work to keep them up-to-date with each mod release. ^^' By the way, I'm pushing a super tiny update guys : This release disables the warning message for incorrect music classnames, so make sure you get them right until the next update!
  10. haleks


    Although the premise has room for an alien origin story, I want this to be accessible to everyone - the mod won't use anything that's not part of the base platform. You won't see alien entities in a typical MyST scenario, but it will be pretty easy to add them into the mix with the editor modules if you want to design your own mission. It should work pretty well in combination with my Invaders mod or my Contact mod. 😉
  11. haleks


    New update, bringing boar back to the menu - bon appétit guys! 😉
  12. haleks


    * W.I.P Thread MyST is a new project stemming from many inspirations, from the good old STALKER games to more recent sci-fi titles such as Death Stranding. This is a work-in-progress endeavour, and both scope and releases will gradually evolve over time : very much like Ravage, it will start "small" and grow up... And hopefully provide fun and appealing ways to play Arma 3! Premise With this project, I want to take a slightly different route for the sandbox & survival style. Arma 3 is a great platform for survival & zombies scenarios, but its near sci-fi context is often at odds with our usual idea of what it will/should be like. The idea behind MyST is to make the best of both worlds, and to propose an alternative take on the "end of the world", more grounded in science-fiction and technology (and a bit of paranormal too!). Release Plan Tools First : MyST will be very similar to Ravage in design, providing ready-to-use modules for mission making. Those modules will include spawn systems, random objectives generators, light survival mechanics, but also less orthodox, immersion-based tools. The Endgame : The mod will most likely include a simple free roaming scenario to showcase new features as they're added along, but the ultimate goal is to assemble an interesting premise with room for both "classic" Arma gameplay and new ways to challenge the players. MyST will offer sandbox and objectives-based scenarios for both SP and MP. W.I.P Features *The Phantoms *Dynamic Tasks *New Factions *Paranormal Events More Coming Soon... Special Thanks This project would be stuck in a temporal loop if not for the help of my supporters on Patreon - thank you guys! And of course a big shout out to the broader modding community for sharing knowledge and tips.
  13. haleks


    Thanks man, at the moment I'm semi-guessing it's an issue with dedicated servers and the way a couple functions are created and added on the fly (I do that too often in Ravage, it's definitely not the way to go...). I'm going to tackle that specific issue first, but there's a lot more cleaning to do in general. ^^' @Gill93: Is it hosted locally or on a dedicated server?
  14. haleks


    Hi folks! I'm pushing a small compatibility update for Arma 3 v1.96 : the vanilla alien AI can now target vehicles (at last)! \o/
  15. haleks


    Oh, sounds a locality issue with the script then... Is it a Ravage only set-up or is there other mods like Exile in the mix?