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  1. Ravage Mod

    It is always possible to reproduce what the DayZ mod did (wich is what 99% of modders do, as it is pretty much the only solution), but I haven't been down this road yet. A "proper" melee weapon need to be configured as a weapon class, in an engine thought for firearms : due to its limitations, they always look awkward animation-wise. That's why I'm not too hot about melee weapons; eventhough they're definitely nice to have, they don't feel right in Arma. A 100% scripted solution is possible too, albeit a tad complex to implement. The code snippet I posted above is a concept I am exploring for those moments when you have no ammo left, I might expand on it and add support for small weapons like knives (or screwdrivers), but other than that, axes and shovels aren't planned any time soon. Still, you can try to add melee weapons from other mods to the equipment pool module, but I don't know if the AI will be able to use them. ;)
  2. Tales From Nowhere

    Coming soon in Tales From Nowhere :
  3. Ravage Mod

    So guys, I've been thinking... Who needs melee weapons when one is born with perfectly working, 100% natural fists? player addAction ["", { 0 spawn { player setVariable ["_isBoxing", true]; player playAction (selectRandom ["babe_rvg_zeds_att1", "babe_rvg_zeds_att2", "babe_rvg_zeds_att3"]); if (cursorTarget isKindOf "man" && {player distance cursorTarget < 1.25}) then { playSound3D [selectRandom [ "rvg_zeds\sounds\zed_hit_0.ogg", "rvg_zeds\sounds\zed_hit_1.ogg", "rvg_zeds\sounds\zed_hit_2.ogg" ], cursorTarget]; _selection = selectRandom ((getAllHitPointsDamage cursorTarget) select 1); _bullet = createVehicle ["rvg_zedAmmo",(cursorTarget modelToWorldVisual (cursorTarget selectionPosition _selection)),[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _bullet setShotParents [vehicle player, player]; _vector = vectorNormalized (ASLToAGL (getPosASL _bullet) vectorFromTo (player getPos [100,0])); _bullet setVelocity (_vector vectorMultiply 7); }; player setFatigue (getFatigue player + 0.1); sleep 0.5; player setVariable ["_isBoxing", nil]; }; }, "", 0, false, true, "DefaultAction", "isNil {player getVariable '_isBoxing'} && {(vehicle player) isEqualTo player && currentWeapon player isEqualTo '' && ((getFatigue player) < 0.9)}" ]; Put your weapon weapon away, approach your victim of choice, left click, enjoy. It only works on humans and animals for now, but worry not : the next Ravage update will include basic tools for a scripted melee system, it will work on humans, zombies, animals, possibly vehicles and/or any kind of object (use at your own risk). I've also improved the gore FX on zombie melee hits, and I'm investigating potential improvements to their attacks - especially against vehicles. The next update will also add some surprises regarding the more advanced weaponry. ;)
  4. Tales From Nowhere

    The AI can be stubborn when it comes to crossing water, it's often a hit or miss. ^^'
  5. Ravage Mod

    Hi guys & gals! I'm releasing some of my concepts for Ravage : Have a look if you are looking for ideas or just a good reason to launch Arma! ;)
  6. Tales From Nowhere is a compilation of experimental missions for the Ravage Mod, showcasing fun or interesting ideas, concepts or game modes for singleplayer and multiplayer. Those missions will usually require 3rd party addons, or make use of various script techniques to achieve better immersion and explore what can be done with the tools provided by the Ravage Mod. Feel free to use or adapt any of the TFN missions or any part of it, as long as you give credits. All episodes of Tales From Nowhere are released under the Arma Public Licence If you enjoy the weird stuff I do with my spare time, want to support me, or simply buy me a coffee - good news! I have a donation thing :
  7. Ravage Mod

    Not at the moment, sadly. It's on my TO DO list, but I always forget it... ^^'
  8. Ravage Mod

    Yes. There is no easy way to achieve that in Arma; zombies from Ravage already have a very low detection value (better than a sniper in ghillie suit), so at least the AI doesn't snipe all the zombies from afar... A better targeting management would be usefull for Ravage, I might try to write something, but until then you will have to take care of it manually by commanding your units (that's one of the reasons I gave unlimited ammo to the AI btw).
  9. Ravage Mod

    Basically, a caching system will reduce the CPU load by disabling various features or simulations on objects that are far away from any player. Ravage will only cache empty vehicles though. In your case, it's not really necessary to activate it.
  10. Ravage Mod

    It is a caching system for pre-placed vehicles - or any vehicles that is not spawned by Ravage. It should only be used if you have a lot of vehicles placed in your mission, otherwise the Vehicles Module can handle everything on its own. Yes, that part of Ravage applies to any unit that is not a player.
  11. Ravage Mod

    It is time to update fellas! As usual, mostly fixes and tweaks, and a couple additions to module parameters. Please note that some of the scripts handling the ambient zed spawn system have been modified to address a potential issue in MP (causing zeds to stop spawning after several hours). As a result, previous saved games most likely won't be compatible with Ravage 155 - I suggest starting a fresh game once you've updated. Also, big thanks to @[SEN]Baraban for pointing me to a fix for the old grenades problem : Ravage is now compatible with any grenades from 3rd party addons! Here's the complete changelog : Download link : If you enjoy Ravage, you can support the mod by donating : Enjoy everyone, and thanks for playing the mod!
  12. Skynet deploys the latest terminator iteration : the T-1000 Addons : Pecher
  13. Ravage Mod

    Yep. execVM "\ravage\code\scripts\mission\ambientChat.sqf";//init system if not enabled from module (group _myUnit) spawn rvg_fnc_ambientChat; Enjoy. ;)
  14. Ravage Mod

    Here's what should be the final changelog for the next update, TBR in a couple days : * the way spawned zombies were counted across clients in MP was needlessly complicated, and could lead to failed checks causing the ambient spawner to stop (the only fix was to reboot the server at this point). That should no longer be the case now, the amount of data generated and shared on the network has also been reduced. Ravage 155 will be available around the release of the Tanks DLC.
  15. Ravage Mod

    The best way is to use the following : player setVariable ["_radToProcess", 1000] Use negative values to remove radiation (that's how antirads actually work), the max rad level is 10000. It will also work with protective gear, meaning that well protected players will receive less than 1000 "rads". If you need a more direct approach, not bothering with protection ar anything, you can use the following method : _radiation = player getVariable ["radiation", 0]; _radToAdd = 100; player setVariable ["radiation", ((_radiation + _radToAdd) min 10000) max 0];