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  1. haleks

    Unlocked Uniforms

    ACE3 uses a totally different (scripted) approach though. And it's not quite plug-and-play either...
  2. Mod version : 0.1.0 (2021.07.18) Here come the perfect avatars for Arma 3 AI : Androids ! This mod was made with Singleplayer in mind, and to provide a more immersive experience when leading AI units. Although it is possible to play as an android, please remember that the primary goal is to offer credible virtual companions for players. Features - Android units and groups, ready-to-use, split in 3 factions for NATO. - New uniforms and gear. - SP showcases based on the Combat Patrol mode. - Edited surfaces config : AI will favor the “crouch” stance over the “prone” stance in stealth and combat modes. - Disabled some of the most annoying idle animations. - Edited radio protocol to eliminate useless chatter. - In 2035, crickets have gone extinct. - ACE3 compatibility : androids are machines, and as such are excluded from the Medical Simulation. More factions, skins, loadouts and demo missions are planned. Credits This addon is based on @lordfrith's original project : Frith Robots. Download :
  3. haleks


    @HereIsJones: None that I can think of. :/ It never is an ideal approach, but I guess you could monitor the player's "rvg_hoursSlept" variable from a loop, and run your code everytime it goes up.
  4. haleks


    Another one!
  5. haleks


    Is the "Loiter" option enabled in the spawner module?
  6. haleks


    In theory it's a possibility, but you would have to be extremely unlucky - if it happened multiple times I'd say there's definitely something wrong. I'll make a few changes with the next update to cap the maximum amount of time phantoms can linger, but there's a possibility LAMBS causes some kinda conflict...
  7. haleks


    It is indeed part of the vanilla system, except for the opening bags thing, but that feature only kicks in if you're stealing from someone in a traders group, otherwise Ravage doesn't touch the rating. I'm assuming you guys shot too many friendlies. ^^ Anyways here's a quick, untested, code to cancel any negative rating : player addEventHandler ["HandleRating", { params ["_unit", "_rating"]; abs _rating }]; Run that from initplayerlocal and you bad boys can go crazy. 😉
  8. haleks

    neon Clothes ?

    As far as I know, vests can't be retextured via script - the vestContainer command returns a dummy p3d. The only way to do that is to configure a new one with a custom addon.
  9. haleks


    A few details regarding the new feature : the way zombies interact with vehicles will be similar to how they attack humans, by that I mean that I'm trying to stay inline with vanilla mechanics. Rather than scripting damages directly, the system relies on actual impacts, and the simulation does the rest. The implication is that zombies will barely do any damage to most vehicles : they hit hard enough to nudge a van, and can flip it if there're enough of them hitting at the same time from the same angle, but they won't tear it down. There'll be some degree of customisation, but I reckon I'll keep it to realistic levels - since the feature is physX-based and relies on collisions, things would easily go out of control without some sort of limit, Arma being Arma.
  10. Are you sure your new PC is set to show hidden folders?
  11. haleks


    Wait until you see the system I've been making for Remnant - the Ravage one is starting to look prehistorical. ^^ I have something really robust now to work client-side... With Remnant I'm laying down the foundations for future spawn systems relying on procedural generation : a lot of things like wrecks or camps will persist through server reboots without the need to save everything. A seed combined with a few variables will be enough to repopulate the world as it was; and the client side system will be able to recognise if a player used a mission-placed vehicle and restore it to its previous state. With both approaches combined, that's near complete persistency without database management or performance cost. Still need to do a server side version though, and decide how far I can go with this...
  12. haleks


    As of next update, vehicles will take a pounding... At long last, zombies can actually hit and push vehicles around, with audio feedback and everything. The feature will auto-scale with the custom damage parameter - in some cases zombies might be able to knock your truck over...
  13. haleks


    Hi guys! Here comes a small update, with a new feature I've been working on : Phantoms finally have proper footprints! \o/ It sounds like a purely cosmetic addition, but it does change things a lot if you're playing with 100% invisible phantoms : it helps keeping track of them if there're more than one of them things wandering around you... And yeah, it does look cool too! Nothing to configure - the new footprints are auto-generated along with the "splash" VFX and will smoothly disappear after some time. Have fun people, and expect more goodies soon! Download : Remnant v0.2.5
  14. haleks


    Tiny hotfix : I realised the previous update messed up the configs for Malden, causing it to be completely devoid of vegetation... :/ The update only changes a few config lines, no need to update your missions guys. 😉
  15. CSAT ninjas ! Addons : MGSR, Ravage, Imperial Conquest W40k, Improved Melee System