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  1. Just noticed the Stalker T-shirt, well done mate! ;)
  2. Oh boy. Anyone has more details on this? I'm very very curious.
  3. Ravage Mod

    @crazy mike: I can add optional parameters for those in the module, that's probably going to be usefull to a lot of people anyway. But man, I have to say, Exile truly is a pain in the ass with their mod blocking every single script and function... The bug you mention only happens because you need to whitelist pretty much everything for remoteExec.
  4. Oh damn. :/ I assumed it was off by default to avoid issues such as drivers not seeing players and driving over them.
  5. Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I'm guessing some zombies (or their animations) have a weird collision shape, that would be why they can knock off a chopper without seemingly touching it. But it looks like Z&D is no longer maintained though...
  6. The War For The World : Battle of Altis Addons : none Demo mission coming soon.
  7. Maybe the animation sequence is being interrupted, you could try with reload instead, although I'm not sure how it will behave with playAction and playActionNow. Note that you can't emulate every action with playAction, so if you use key press EHs, it is important to know when to override it or not.
  8. Tales From Nowhere

    For Epsiode 2 : 2047, yes it should work. But Into The Zone was made with SP in mind, it probably won't work on this one.
  9. @OkRightBackToSleep: some advice from my experience with the "autoWalk" feature for Ravage : - Always use PlayAction rather than playActionNow when that's possible. As far as I know, playActionNow is the only way to clear the actions queue; so it is best to keep it for situations where it's actually needed. For instance, player playActionNow "stop" will cancel any animation being played (as long as previous actions in queue are "playAction"), and then can be immediatly followed by whatever action you want to play - the transition should be smooth. In your case, something like this should do the trick : player playActionNow "stop"; player playAction "ReloadMagazine";
  10. That's probably because those items are in virtual containers called "weaponHolders". Look for the "groundWeaponHolder" or "WeaponHolderSimulated" types of objects, and then check their content. Warning : it's boring. ^^ But I probably wrote something like that for Ravage already - I'll take a look and see if I can find some usefull bits of code.
  11. Did something break again? I can't get that damned AT specialist to fire at tanks... I have an AT specialist on its own, facing a CSAT tank with its engine on. I had the tank speeding around and shooting at random targets to make sure it's heated up. And yet AT guy stays prone doing absolutely nothing. This is on the VR map with clear view on the target. The PCML launcher works all right, but the AI seem incapable of using any variant of the Titan. This is annoying as hell : most of the AT vehicles have a Titan equipped...
  12. Ravage Mod

    Pheeeeew, that's a lot! Even with dynamic simulation enabled, that's probably too much. A few advices : - If dynamic simulation isn't enabled/properly configured already, have a go at it and see if it helps. - Use 3den Enhanced to disable AI features you don't need on hand-placed AIs. If that doesn't suffice to improve framerate, you should definitely reduce the number of AIs. Or write a dedicated caching system for them, but that requires advanced scripting techniques.
  13. Tales From Nowhere

    I don't know really... Besides Ravage, I've at least 3 major projects at the moment : F3llout, the next TFN episode wich is in very early development and a full on alien invasion script (100% vanilla)... F3llout should have a first release soon, but be patient for the others.
  14. @Laqueesha @PuFu IFA3 does it : the mod has gloves you can wear as glasses or NVG.
  15. Altis, 3 days after the Thargoid invasion : NATO scores a win... Addons : none