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  1. Ravage Mod

    Nice job @tourist! The setting looks promising!
  2. Ravage Mod

    Holy smoke it looks cool. Anyone tried it on Altis? I wonder how performances are seen as there is no caching.
  3. Ravage Mod

    Those are parts of the background loops for the survival system - they don't accept/use parameters, the whole system relies on various variables instead. Except for rvg_fnc_saveMPplayer & rvg_fnc_loadMPplayer, those are used for character saving & loading in MP; no paramaters for these either. By the way, here's a changelog preview for the next update : No ETA for now : the update isn't far from ready, but I want to make sure the demo missions are properly balanced... That takes some time, and real life has been busy for me recently.
  4. Dude, those landscapes are absolutely amazing! <3
  5. Lack of good usermade SP content

    Another problem when it comes to SP, in my opinion : if you are going to have the player interact with NPCs, it is important to have "alive" NPCs. Usually it involves a mix of ambient animations and dialogues, limited to cutscenes most of the time. That alone takes a lot of time and effort. Outside of cutscenes though, it's near impossible to make a life-like NPC, the AI in Arma has zero personnality - meaning that anything else than a stricly military scenario will feel awkward. Actually, the only types of scenario where the AI does seem credible are "special top secret operations" ones, where the AI has a good reason to be so silent. On a personal note : I don't have high hopes for BI's Old Man content. I reckon it's part of the reasons we see less SP content and more and more COOP stuff. Playing Arma 3 alone can be a weird experience compared to other games.
  6. Hey there Haleks so I managed to gather most of the building class-names and positions from the Chernobyl zone but I need some help with using the script/array hidden in the spoiler what exactly should I name the script  and do I need to create a folder for it. I found the script on the ravage wikia page section custom map loot list and replaced the Australia assets with the Chernobyl ones.

      Hide contents


    //----Add classnames Here ---

    waitUntil {!isNil "Building_list"};

    sleep 1;


    0 = Building_list pushBack _x;


    forEach [


    //---Classname Building Positions here ---

    waitUntil {!isNil "Building_registr"};


    0 = Building_registr pushBack _x;


    forEach [





































    1. Gill93


      So I talked to Kodabar and he suggested that I place the script in the Init.sqf  but Im getting this error and am not sure what needs to be done to fix it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1473943287

  7. Again, I can't find anything about such a prohibition, at least on the internet. We all know Disney is more protective of their IP than most : they did pull a number of selected 3d models and mods from several websites (while leaving others intact) - but I never heard anything about a total ban on SW related mods. In fact, SW is still very much present on the modding scene for various games, some of these mods are well-known, and yet Disney doesn't seem like they are going to take them down. This is quite confusing, and like I said, that blanket ban should be made loud and clear for everyone. A clear warning to all modders, with detailled informations and sources, would be more usefull than a video about tea & sex.
  8. @BohemiaBeck: Some clarification on that would be welcome indeed. I understand why Star Wars Opposition is banned (Opposition mods are blatant rip-off), but I couldn't find any information on Star Wars mods in general being completely forbidden on Arma 3. A lot of legit SW mods do exist for other games; if it is indeed forbidden to create assets inspired by the SW universe, it should be made clear to everyone - right now I can't find such a rule written anywhere. It would be best to warn modders that Star Wars is a total no-go, instead of risking a waste of everyone's time with DMCA coming from the blue...
  9. The assets in question aren't from Opposition; WOTR has been on the WS for a long time and is legit as far as I know. Why is it forbidden to post Star Wars related screenshots? It doesn't violate IP, no more than OPTRE does violate Bungie's IP?
  10. Any reasons you guys removed the Terminator pic I posted recently? Haven't received any message or warning about it...
  11. From today's SPOTREP : Anyone has more info on this? I've been using the RC branch for a few weeks, but I didn't notice anything.
  12. So the only solution now is to use an addon. Great...
  13. Is it no longer possible to enable the debug console in a SP scenario outside of editor? I swear this was possible until a few months ago; I just stumbled upon a bug I need to debug outside of editor mode, and all of sudden, I find out it's no longer possible to enable the debug console in such a setting??
  14. Ravage Mod

    @brunohxcx: If you are using the custom weapons arrays, make sure support for other mods are not set to "yes" or "weapons only".
  15. Ravage Mod

    Right now those dust storms are part of a new demo mission I'm working on. The feature itself will be exclusive to that scenario at first, but I may add it to one of the modules later on. Depending on several conditions (is the player facing the wind, is he wearing protection gear or inside a building etc), it will affect hydration and fatigue levels. It will also affect AI visibility - the script involves high fog levels, wich does have a sensible impact on the AI ability to spot targets.