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  1. Hello ! First of all thanks for the great Mod...! This adds a immersion and its nice and easy to setup! The problem what we have its with our server ! Our server dont allow mods who names are separated with a empty stuff between ! Only mods with _ or - or a words together! Can you please change the name to Radio_Animations_for_TaskForceRadio or something like this ! This gone a solve many people problems with their servers ! Thanks!
  2. skechbg


    Hello guys, i have a question! I work on Tanoa map a coop mission using Ravage AI spawn and Loot modules, with Tasks to compleate ! The problem what i got is, cant make it SAVE i mean , the Ravage save the characters and loadout by deffaut using the Ravage Save module , but the compleated Tasks are restarted when i log in again and all are present again! So its possible to make a COOP/MP Save Game who also save the compleated Tasks and provide this way a continue of the mission and not start again all the time!? (Sorry for my low English skills, and probably the stupid question, but im new in that and dont have the knowlage)
  3. skechbg


    I have done some missions and what i can tell you about the sleeping mechanics are working with the sleeping bag and folded tent but only in SP mission scenario not in Coop/Mp at least for me !
  4. skechbg


    Dont forget about the ACE and hes visual (screen) effects when you are in pain or bleeding.... have people who use it with the RAVAGE and gone a be confused if he adds a creen FX to the food and water status... i think with Sound Fx gone a be better ... or animation FX ...
  5. skechbg


    I didnt see any of this items, i think only the gas mask is the protection against radiation and anti-raids pills to stabilize it! (can be wrong)
  6. skechbg


    Amazing mod ! I make a SP/Coop Mission with all modules only NO ZOMBIES ! And its really cool and more realistic and (randomize) feel ! The only downside of this (and holding my mission without publish it) its because the RAVAGE mod its not in Arma Workshop... i hope @haleks you decide to publish it official in Workshop one day! This gone a make the mod more popular and easy to use with the Subscribe option! Thanks and keep doing the great work! PS: One think what i find... imagine coop scenario and when you die you automaticly switch to AI in your squad (in my case me and 3 AI) After that all its still working only the LOOT items in all boxes,bags ect ect its 0 ... no loot in the loot holders (bags,boxes) so its imposible to play that way only with humans works! I plan to release a SP experiance with the AIs but i wanted to makes it this way if you die to switch to next AI until all dies and its over but the loot doesent work... so now its when i die its over ... :)
  7. skechbg

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hello i have a question about Liberation the amazing mission.... first of all congratulations about the efort to crate this amazing mission... great job ... second sorry for my bad English.... and my question DO YOU plan to release the Liberation to PANTHERA A3 map !? ... i think must be very cool this mission in the islands of Panthera .... and if you dont plan it is posible to take the mission in this map by some way !?