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  1. TPM_Aus

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    What does this line do? GF_AL_Cleaner_Spawn_Enabled = true;
  2. TPM_Aus

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    Downloaded the new version. Limiting the number of items to the a selected amount was a good move.
  3. TPM_Aus

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    I am not running the current version then, I downloaded this one a few months ago. I have been away on a work trip and just getting back into finishing my mission. I will keep the current version I am using and not worry about the possibility section. Just trying to gain as much performance from my mission as possible.
  4. TPM_Aus

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood what that parameter was for. I have another question if you have the time. With regards to: GF_Auto_Loot_Possibility = 10; Is that 10% of buildings will spawn loot?
  5. TPM_Aus

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    Morning @GEORGE FLOROS GR , I am back to working on my Encerrado En mission. I have nearly finished, however I am having an issue with the auto loot script. I have set the loot to only spawn within 200m from a player, as seen below. However it spawns across the whole map on mission start. Any ideas? diag_log "//________________ GF_Auto_Loot Script initializing ________________"; //________________ Settings ________________ //________________ Set true or false ________________ GF_Auto_Loot_Systemchat_info = true; GF_Auto_Loot_Hintsilent_info = false; GF_Auto_Loot_diag_log_info = false; GF_Auto_Loot_Debug = true; GF_Auto_Loot_Systemchat_info_count_items = true; GF_Auto_Loot_Hintsilent_info_count_items = true; GF_Auto_Loot_diag_log_info_count_items = true; GF_Auto_Loot_Possibility = 10; // 1 = Load every Mod + Bohemia Items , 2 = Load every Mod - No Bohemia Items , 3 = Load Bohemia Items Only , 4 = Custom items only GF_Auto_Loot_Select = 1; GF_Auto_Loot_Blacklist_Zone_distance = 1000; // Add here the distance from the Blacklist Zones GF_Auto_Loot_Distanse_from_Players = 200; // Add here the distance from players
  6. TPM_Aus

    Arma3 Videos

  7. TPM_Aus

    Arma3 Videos

  8. Mods: Vinjesvingen, RHSUSAF, Echelon Int. Operator Package, GCAM
  9. I used unit capture and animations for the below trailer.
  10. TPM_Aus

    Arma3 Videos

    Trailer for my groups upcoming campaign.
  11. Would it be just a lil to cheeky to ask for an approx ETA on this new map? 😁
  12. How many airfields are there?
  13. Anyone having issues with the garabge cleanup not working on a dedicated server with a headless client?
  14. Anyone figured out how get the car wheels to turn while AI are in playback? Along with jet flaps? The flaps seem to stay in airbrake mode.