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  1. Oh, my bad. ^^ I was thinking about the configured wild life spawns.
  2. Unless things have changed, Arma 3 handles animals locally and those entities aren't synchronised across the network. I guess it's fine for small stuff like birds, snakes and rabbits; but that would be more noticeable and problematic for the bigger species. I reckon that's why wild life in Arma 3 has always been a discreet feature; I don't think we'll ever see anything bigger than a rabbit... :/
  3. haleks


    Hello sniperb! It's not a stupid question at all mate; right now that's not possible though, the code isn't designed to check for blacklisted objects. But that's a good idea; I could add an entry to the module to input classnames and/or varNames. Mission makers could blacklist either a set of building types, or an array of unique structures named via the 3den modules... It would also be more reliable and less expensive to process compared to the blacklist area module.
  4. haleks


    @aussie battler: Have a look in the modules section : there is a settings module under "Contact". You can use it to adjust the damage resistance of UFOs.
  5. haleks


    Well there aren't too many weapons in rvg_weapons; I reckon it will be much simpler to keep it (especially to avoid breaking older missions), I'll be happy to update the data. 😉 Congratulations on the release by the way! You gave us a lot of new toys there! \o/
  6. haleks


    Not at the moment, but I'll make some changes to make that possible. EDIT : Here's a simple background music script if you need : if !(hasInterface) exitWith {}; waituntil {!isnull player}; my_ost = [ "AmbientTrack01_F_EPB", "AmbientTrack01_F_Tank", "AmbientTrack01a_F", "AmbientTrack01a_F_EXP", "EventTrack01_F_EPB", "BackgroundTrack03_F_EPC", "Fallout", "Wasteland", "Skynet", "AmbientTrack01_F_EXP", "AmbientTrack02a_F_EXP", "AmbientTrack02b_F_EXP", "AmbientTrack01_F_Orange", "AmbientTrack03a_F_Tacops", "AmbientTrack03b_F_Tacops" ]; c_ost = my_ost; _ehID = addMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop", { _this spawn { c_ost = c_ost - [_this # 0]; if (c_ost isEqualTo []) then { c_ost = my_ost; }; sleep 3; playMusic selectRandom c_ost; }; }]; addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded",{playMusic selectRandom c_ost}]; playMusic selectRandom my_ost;
  7. haleks


    I see 2 solutions for that : - I can add them to the default weapons lists. Since they are more numerous, vanilla guns would have less chances to spawn. Ravage has a classname check, so players not loading the rusty weapons addon won't see a difference. There is one downside though : people are going to wonder why rusty guns are spawning while there is no exposed option for them. - or, we could set up a module bundled with your mod, and its role would be to rewrite the ravage lists to replace vanilla guns with rusty variants : they all use the same ammo so that should be easy. The module would also spawn the jamming script for each player.
  8. Hey there Haleks I keep getting this error related to the Gearpool I believe I just don't understand why as the AI and loot are spawning the Gear I have chosen. Do you think it could be a Ravage Bug or something I have done wrong lol


    1. haleks


      Hard to tell to be honest, but it's probably a minor issue with the mod functions.

  9. @DnA: The above issue is even more disturbing with the new CBRN suit :
  10. haleks


    Regarding the furniture system for additional terrains/structures, as we were discussing with EO : I'm investigating several alternatives that wouldn't require us to create templates for each building. The best approach, I think, would be to use a hybrid system : a combination of templates for POI as EO suggested, combined to a random object spawner for the more generic structures whenever that's doable ( @Donnie_Plays provided some usefull data for Weferlingen). Such a system would only apply to Weferlingen and Livonia, the feature remains unchanged for already supported structures/terrains.
  11. haleks


    All planned still, yes. But with MyST taking most of my time, I don't know when those features will be ready.
  12. haleks


    Some of the GM items will work (the watch, the bandages etc) but I'm not sure for the toolkit... Those need to be added manually to the loot lists though.
  13. haleks


    I'll have a look, but I'm not sure it's doable with those EBO in the way... In any case, that's a change related to Contact Data, so I'll have to wait for the DLC release before adding it.
  14. haleks


    Tiny update! Note that the respirator backpacks from Contact DLC are not supported at the moment; the radiation system needs a few tweaks before that happens. Have fun guys!
  15. haleks


    Should be fixed within a couple hours. 😉