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  1. @Mr H. thank you for explaining but again the script didn't work. i tried pasting it on the description.ext
  2. Can anyone help me with this? tried making a zombie scenario. I would like a random generated missions that involves zombies thank you!
  3. @Mr H. It didn't work sir but Hoverguy helped me out and it worked. I think he found idea on your code so still I'm thankful to both of you. and for the people who will also need this just paste this on your init.sqf to make exp work on alive AI spawners. if(isServer) then { [] spawn { waitUntil{time > 10}; while{true} do { { if(!(isPlayer _x) AND !(_x getVariable["EVH_Added",false])) then { [_x] call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup; _x setVariable["EVH_Added",true,false]; }; } forEach allUnits; uiSleep 5; }; }; };
  4. @Mr H. thank you for your reply. Kill reward system is getting money and exp for every enemy ai I kill. it is used for the shop script that mr.hoverguy made. this is the code that I want to be in the units that will be spawned by alive mod. {[_x] call HG_fnc_aiUnitSetup;} forEach units (_this select 0); it worked on vanilla spawner I typed it in expression line. I tried putting it on init of the alive spawner and nothing happens. I have a very littlle knowledge of scripting and coding pls help me thanks.
  5. I want to put hoverguys kill reward system on ai's that will be spawned by alive mod is this possible because alive doesn't have expression line.