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    GAME BREAKING EXPLOIT GLITCH! There is a really bad game breaking glitch in warlords where you can put turrets under the map on any beach shoreline of a sector your side owns so pushing forward is impossible. You can't play the game mode anymore as soon as more people figure this out.
  2. is there a way to add more units that can disarm the explosive like engineer role?
  3. Hello, i was wondering if it's possible to setup multiple servers then have a script that i can activate in one server i am in that instantly connects me to another server? This is so i can have a main serve where i would have a main base HQ, then i activate a script on an npc that connects me to another server with a mission that auto starts and when finished i can go back to the main server HQ and hangout.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if anyone is developing a call of duty style mission with the bus that goes from town to town doing the missions.
  5. triggz671

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Thank you for the script! The chat kill/death message information is amazing! I disabled the simple default death message of arma in the server.Arma3Profile so no multiple kill notifications in chat, way better
  6. triggz671

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    wow! thanx for the quick response! also im using your script for the DAC created units that come with this invade and annex version http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28344 if it helps any.
  7. triggz671

    GF Headshot + Killfeed Script

    Thank you so much for this script, I added it to my server and put all credits in the diary. Question: Could you make this script work with mortars? I also don't seem to get a notification from Air to Ground missile kills. This is on a home dedicated server.
  8. Hello, please can someone show me where to put dreadedentity's EH script for it to work with DAC (Dynamic AI Creator) created groups? Right now it only works on players and zeus placed units using a sleep 10; script timer.