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  1. Vandeansons Dynamic Spawn Scripts A "plug and play" script package that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically de and respawning for ongoing survival action! Never again will it be pointless, dull and boring to run around in armas beautiful forrests, just because all the loot and action is stuck in cities and other remains of civilisation! My scripts spawn in bandit camps to raid, small survivor hideouts to find and loot in the deepest forest, crashed helicopters that should definitely be searched before other survivors get there, ferocious packs of wild dogs that will jump you in the dark or animals to hunt for survival. Find a tame horse as a compagnion and tie it up next to your homebase while setting up barricades and boobie traps to fend off attacks against your newly claimed home. You will never rest easy, knowing that your steps may be watched from far and the moment you get too comfortable at a place, bandits pick up your trace and hunt you down! more to come...;) Direct download link of the Dynamic Spawn Script collections: (Version 2.31 - 06.12.2018) VDSSP v2.31: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V6mysMzbsqwDUm3Ku9SvJRDgHHzQ3MSY How to install and modify the scripts: 1. Download the file above un-zip it 2. Open the unzipped folder and copy the whole content into your mission folder. you may already have the following files: - init.sqf - description.ext - initplayerlocal.sqf - onplayerrespawn.sqf you will need to merge these two versions of the files. 3. Minimum setup in eden editor: - read the comments under VD_Settings.sqf - place the blacklist areas for the sites that spawn at land this is done to avoid that sites spawn outside maps such as chernarus: - place the blacklist area markers for the shipwreck spawner - place markers on airfields for the plane spawner thats it! if you want to spawn the tradercamp, banditcamps or shipwrecks on markers, follow the instructions in VD_Settings.sqf v2.2 tutorial and showcase (don't mind the v2.0 in the loading screen, i forgot to update this) (the voice audio line is missing and i wont bother updating but rather make a new video at some point) Showcase Videos: (slightly OUTDATED, however principle remains the same) Quick showcase video: Functions of the script General: - all sites spawn and despawn dynamically - sites will not spawn too close to players and will also not despawn if any player is near the site - dynamic simulation is enabled for all spawned objects and units (activation is based on view distance or a custom meters amount that you can define) - the sites perform distance checks so sites do not spawn too close to each other: (example of a bandit camp spread) - MP and SP compatible - note that the script is not persistent yet. this will mainly be a bummer for the basebuilding. i currentl lack the knowledge how to provide a database for persistency tailored to my script and lack the time to dig into it. having said that, i plan to provide a solution at some point Bandit Camp: - finds a random empty place to spawn a random pre-made bandit camp composition - random loot in main loot crate - random loot may spawn in secondary loot crate - AI group that patrols the camp OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the camps spawn at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . (both can be active same-time) Trader Camp: - finds a random empty place to spawn a pre-made trader camp composition - all ravage traders (gear, supply, arms) - one VD trader for weapon attachments, explosives, grenades and respawn backpacks OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the camp spawn at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . No Rest! Spawner: - AI Spawner that will continuously check if you are not moving much over a certain period (e.g. it will check if you stay in a city looting for too long) - will spawn an AI that will come after you if you remain at on area too long - will continue to hunt you until you are 200 meters or further away from AI. once AI reaches the last known player position, AI died or you moved too far away, the script stops and the AI is despawned (if not dead) Ship Wreck Spawner: - spawns a Ship Wreck site with props and one loot crate somewhere at a shore - the automated placement script works very well now, no debug zone spawns - OPTIONAL: Place markers if you prefer to have the wrecks spawn near (find a shore) at random selected markers positions. Change this under VD_Settings.sqf . (both can be active same-time) Hideouts: -small lootable 2 man tents with possible AI - looting the camp may spawn AI nearby that will hunt you (see No Rest! spawner) Crashsites: - lootable Helicopter crashsites - lootspawns around wreck - additional loot may be found in the wrecks cargospace - looting the wreck may spawn AI nearby that will hunt you (see No Rest! spawner) Infection: a script that "infects" players with a deadly disease when hit by a zombie. - starts damage-over-time ticker. effects at each tick (frequency 60 Seconds) are: - damage is applied - stamina reduced drastically - text indicating something is not right - wounded sounds - shaking - delay between damage ticks decreased by 5%, hence, if untreated, the infection will eventually kill you - additional disturbing effects in higher frequency, but these dont deal damage (only stamina loss, shaking, text) - all AI have a low chance to drop injectors at death - injectors can be used via addaction to curecthe infection. thix addaction is only available when infected This is currently triggered by zombies from the ravage mod, via the parent "zombie". of course this can be changed to any other zombie mod. Vehicle spawns: - boat spawner - helicopter spawner (spawns with a site, e.g. field-helipad) - plane spawner (needs marker placement, see VD_Settings This is spawning vanilla vehicles. the vehicles array can be updated under VD_Settings.sqf Spawners for cool 3rd party mods: - DBO rideable horses, with custom addaction to tie them down and disable dmg taken, requires the DBO Horses mod by DeanosBeano https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1470493486 - feral dog pack spawner, necessary scripts from JBOY Dog by johnnyboy already included. - huntable animal spawner (Vanilla asset Goats and Sheep spawner that can be hunted with the Ravage mod) Personal Loot-crate: spawns a loot-crate next to you on mission start, can be dragged around or loaded into a car. can not be destroyed Disabled by default, can be activated under vd_init.sqf Basebuilding: removed amd to be replaced VD_Equipper: - function that equips AI (Bandits, Traders) with random gear and loot according to your settings in VD_Settings.sqf VD_Player_Equipper: - player equipper that randomly equips players with gear and loot according to your settings in VD_Settings.sqf , can be called fom initplayerlocal.sqf or onplayerrespawn.sqf (call VD_Player_Equipper) to make your players respawn with a random loadout VD_Settings.sqf - adjust the scripts to your liking here, no scripting knowledge required - manage mods and lootlists for the script here VD_Arrays.sqf: (do not touch!) - puts together arrays based on your active mods and VD_Setttings.sqf - arrays may be used for your own scripts. the arrays are: Weapons: VD_WeaponArrayRifles VD_WeaponArrayPistolsAI (use for AI equipper/loadouts) VD_WeaponArrayPistols (may include Max Melee weapons if mod is active, hence used for loottables and player equipper) VD_WeaponArrayLaunchers VD_WeaponArrayAll (all weapons) Equipment: VD_EquipmentUniforms VD_EquipmentHeadgears VD_EquipmentVests VD_EquipmentGoggles VD_EquipmentBackpacks Weapon Attachments: VD_EquipmentMuzzles VD_EquipmentOptics VD_EquipmentBipods VD_EquipmentFlashlights (not automated, only contains vanilla Flashlights for pistol, smg and rifle) VD_Settings.sqf: - apply what Equipment or weapon mods to use - remove parts of mod content from loottable (e.g. with IFA3 no ww2 gear but only weapons) - add items, blacklist or remove specific items - set min/max timers, min/max ranges, safe distances and amount of camps/stuff to spawn Addon dependencies: - CUP Terrains - Core - Ravage: this script was made with Ravage in mind, however the script works even if the Ravage mod is not active. Ravage specific classnames may be removed from VD_Arrays.sqf. Just search for "rvg_". Supported Mods: (can be modified under VD_Settings.sqf) all gear mods are supported and automatically included into spawner (eg. gear and weapons for AI or lootcrates) Known issues: To Dos & Ideas: - TC: add trade option for vehicles, base-building materials, ...maybe more (WIP, partially finished) - Hideouts & Banditcamps: add IEDs (completed, polishing, will be in v2.3) - Banditcamps: add option to claim raided banditcamps (BC will not despawn and serve as your base. will trigger regular attacks by bandits) (not started) - Claimed Banditcamp: add basic base reinforcements (select and place defensive structures) options or option to move current structures (not started) - Banditcamps: add further patrols and roadblocks in proximity (not started) - add spawner that will place survivor notes to BC, when collected, will reveal hidden stashes (money, loot...) (not started) - task system: spawn "contracts" that if collected create a random task with rewards (not started) - task system: add task npcs with selection of tasks that the npc hands out over radio (randomly timed) or via dialoge/addaction (system in place, need to add a lot of tasks now) - add ambient chatter and flashlight activation for AI by johnnyboy (not started) - add spooked poof chicken alarm system by johnnyboy (not started) - add guard dogs for hideouts and banditcamps (done, polishing, comes in 2.3) - add scavenger AI spawn: spawn a hideout in the forest, moves to nearby towns and moves from house to house (feature finished). moves back to base randomly from time to time to stash his loot (fills up lootcrate at base), then returns to looting towns (this is not yet working properly) - add Z horde spawner when player remains at same location for a while (or chance that a horde is spawned, should probably not be 100%). Spawns Z's in some distance and in all directions around player with move to waypoint to player position. (based on the No Rest! spawner, hence more or less in place) - spawn and respawn system for planes (just planes spawning in airstrips, marker based) - spawn and respawn system for helicopters (small sites with improvised structures such as some sandbags, camo nettings, mechanic tools, some boxes. basically the military has left behind a perfectly fine helicopter:)) possible new features - Sanctuary: I am thinking about adding a larger scale sanctuary that is either occupied by friendlies or enemies. if under friendly control it may offer: - mechanic to repair vehicle (for money) - trader for vehicle repair parts and fuel - a respawn point - general traders - vehicle and helicopter traders - task npc: patrol tasks, investigate possible hostile presence,... against money reward - tasks to repair damaged sanctuary defences - events: help AI fend of enemy attacks to defend the sanctuary - the defensive structures should be destroyable but there should also be a feature to rebuild e.g. a walls or fences if under enemy control: - the area around the sanctuary will be patrolled by increased amounts of AI - if you are in the area, AI hunting parties will be sent after you - roadblocks may be set up - minefields are placed - IEDs are placed on roads - any other feature that would make your stay in the area around the sanctuary miserable and makes you either avoid the area or forces you to take action and capture the sanctuary - feature to raid the camp and capture it for your allies - occupation may also change randomly from time to time - after a takeover by friendlies, you will be tasked to clear the area from remaining enemy AI presence, roadblocks, minefields and IEDs. if overrun my Zombies and contaminated: - a third status would be after the sanctary has been overrun by zombies and has to be cleared again - or that it has been contaminated and the area can only be entered with contaminatiom gear. players have to either wait for the contamination to find or remove the source of the contamimation will think about what other features could be added that make this provide interesting gameplay... i am very open for your ideas:) =================================== Changelog
  2. thanks;) Yeah would love that - but I have no idea where to start - if you have some, could you send over some links and basics - id love to start digging into it! at the very least my next release will come with a basic mission template on steam. but a mod would be awesome =D
  3. just to share an idea and upcoming feature that should add something to do and add an incentive to travel the map. Also some general thoughts about loot rarity and increasing the (non monetary) value of certain items. the new NPC Joshua will be a guy that offers rewards for information and locations. Sites of interests will be spawned throughout the map: - mass graves, hinting of government atrocities - cultural remainders of the past society (art, historic sites,..) that Joshua, as a man of world and taste, is interested to keep for the time after the whole apocalypse-mess - crashed planes, ships or containers to salvage, to big to handle for a sole survivor it will require the survivor to carry around a GPS, maybe also a Radio and a Map to mark sites and notify Joshua of such sites in order to obtain his payment or rewards. You will have to cycle back to Joshua from time to time, to collect your rewards. What I like about that fact is, that it might make these Items (e.g. GPS) much more valuable in a ravage or other mission scenario - so it is something the survivor wants to search for or obtain enough money to buy one, adding a lot of potential value to a otherwise maybe "useless" or "uninteresting" item. we could add code that will destroy such GPS some time after its being picked up, so a survivor will have to make sure has some reserves stored. Such sites of interests are not marked on the map. but there is a chance of finding notes/maps in Sites or loot them from dead AI that reveal such locations on the survivors map (so again, one more reason to carry a map). Maybe, if you carry a Radio, Joshua will contact you if you are near a possible site of interest, giving you an area you can search. The rewards form Joshua may be money or items/equipment, probably just randomly selected. Generally, I think I will tune down my script in terms of how much loot drops and how much gear and items AI are carrying. Personally I think it gets boring once you are fully equipped in a survival game (I have the same in dayz SA - the way is much more enjoyable than sitting on the airfield, full ghillie and gear, if you know what I mean). It should be exciting if you find a lootspot, or kill an AI and finally he has that GPS, or that binoc or long range optics in his inventory you searched for so long. i think there should be a set of rather common weapons - and a set of rare weapons - so you still get that excitement when you find a crashsite and finally there is a SVD or M4, whatever;) Personally, I will tune this in line with ravage, probably adding only a restricted set of weapons to the rvg equipment module and let my script spawn in the big bangs. As an idea... TL;DR; I ll further develop my script along these ideas: - providing sites and events that might be very exiting for surivors, but there is only potential, no guarantee of leaving a site fully military geared. - adding features and requirements that will add value to common items (such as, map, radio, GPS, explosives). A good example here fore is, how important light sources are becoming when you play ravage and night approaches. surely you will think twise if you should drop that flare or stack of glowsticks for some additional space for a magazine=D
  4. @ArteyFlow Hi, you also commented on YT right? I rarely get to test MP myself and only found out recently that something woth the loadout script doesnt work ob MP. It is either a small mistake or a general missunderstanding on my end. in initplayerlocal.sqf you can try and add params ["_player"]; in the first line, and replace any mention of player with _player. do the same in vf_functions.sqf within the code VD_Player_Equipper = { params ["_player"]; ....code... (replace all mentions of player with _player) }; if that does not fix it then i might need to add remoteexec code language, but thats new land to me and i am not sure about it yet. if i find a fix, it will be part of the next update. EDIT: after reading again through the BI forums entry about remoteexec and the comments there under, I am now pretty sure that my code is not MP compatible and that I need to adapt the code using remoteexec, FYI. infection script: there should be a line under vd_init.sqf calling it. smth like execvm "../.../VD_infection.sqf" or smth like it. just delete this line. EDIT: ups, nvm - the infection script is called from initplayerlocal.sqf via an Eventhandler - you will need to remove the eventhandlers related to the infection scripts. I will add an option under VD_Settings.sqf to easily disable the infection script in the next release however. May I ask, is there something you do not like about the script, but would use it if it was better, or do you just in general do not want such a feature in your mission? (just FYI to see if improvements can be made). hope this helps;) cheers vd
  5. fyi: just finished a new feature that spawns a broken down red cross truck that was about to provide much needed first aid materials, anti radiation pills and most importantly anti virus injectors! if you are lucky you might run into such a truck somewhere on the road;) just adding some additional composition of the crashsite now. before that i have re-done the tradercamp, the spawner is rewritten so i can easier add variations of the camp. also, guards are back in and Joshua has joined the camp. joshua will greatly reward you when you mark point of interests for him on the gps (e.g. mass graves, artifact sites, crashed cargo planes, washed up shipping containers ..). next up will very likely be underground sites in a very basic form and i also plan to redo lootspawns in banditcamps, moving away from the lootcrate but spread the loot in the camps so players have to search it. cheers vd
  6. Ravage Mod

    i have a launcher detecting script in my script pack, you can find it in the files VD_Arrays.sqf. if i get around to it tonight i will send it to you;) edit: got it: VD_WeaponArrayLaunchers = ("getnumber (_x >> 'type') isEqualTo 4 && getNumber (_x>> 'scope') >1" configClasses (configfile >> "CfgWeapons")) apply {configName _x}; this creates an array with all launchers from all active mods. this can be used to remove the items from the weapons pool. let me know if you have troubles implementing this. it depends a little how u spawn stuff. cheers vd
  7. Ravage Mod

    i have that thing, that i always want to build a base in a survival szenario to hoard my loot and have a place to cycle back after a loot run and dig in... :) so for me actually, the show must always go on
  8. Ravage Mod

    i think every survival mission should have a tank somewhere hidden:))
  9. Ravage Mod

    I love the idea of this community coming together playing ravage on a server;) I really hope that at some point i ll find time to join in on a session! Make sure to record it, if a session happens please=) @haleks Thanks for the Ravage update, looking forward to check out the new Z uniforms. I have tested derelict for a bit now and I really like it. I never considered playing on altis or stratis, this changed now ;) With regards to the ravage equipment error, will deliver the RPT asap. cheers vd
  10. Hi Jason, im working on a fix for that next update. its a silly mistake from my end, at the time when initplayerlocal.sqf is executed, vd_funtions.sqf have not yet fully loaded, hence it does not recognize the variables in that line. in initplayerlocal.sqf, you could add a line: sleep 5; at the very beginning, that should fix it. a more optimized solutiom comes in the 2.32 Update:). cheers vd
  11. Ravage Mod

    thank you. Its possible that it only happens for the first wave of spawns indeed, i recall that this seemed the case a while ago as well. will check if the error appears after playing for a while;) cheers vd
  12. Ravage Mod

    ;) to come - no ETA tho, i have been served scripts on a silver plate but will have to find time to set up a dynamic spawn and despawn system. @all I keep having troubles with ravage AI units spawning without uniforms. (weapons, vests, backpacks, items... work fine). In my equipment module setup, I have limited Vanilla gear and set adjusted the equipment settings of ravage to use CUP gear only. I will need to do some more testing and will provide the error report (it refers to an issue in line 29 of the ravage equipment function.) I have had that issue occur multiple times now in various mod set ups in the past. General question - is anyone familiar with this issue? I cannot recall having seen this discussion here but I might have missed it. cheers vd
  13. Ladies and Gents, Quick question to any user - does anyone actually use the marker based site spawns (where you have to place markers on the map where you want sites to spawn) such as trader camp, bandit camp or shipwrecks or do you only use the automated positioning versions of the scripts? I personally don't like the marker based placement and am considering to stop maintaining two versions of the scripts, at least for the bandit camp and shipwrecks. Also - does anyone know a good guide on how to pack a script into an actual addon for steam and how to create eden editor modules? I would love to have an eden editor interface/modules where you can set up and tune my script to your liking. I will dig into the subject and search the forums and Youtube for myself, but some heads up would be great even so;) Cheers VD
  14. hm no, i have no experiance in that direction sorry=(
  15. @Caites there should be no issue with AI improvement mods. and i tested the most common ones:) i have worked on a script that makes AI search buildings and sometimes they did indeed get suck at the entrance. im afraid thats just a arma thing:( these mods might improve pathfinding tho (not an expert). cheers vd
  16. Ravage Mod

    hi @tourist i didnt really follow the forums recently and only notice now that you seem to be working in a persistency system that provides a solution also for my scripts. let me know if i can assist:) also, what exactly are you up to? you referenced a next iteration of something by me but i am not sure if the post was cut off by accident, hence i am not sure what you mean:) just me being curious cheers vd
  17. Derelict

    niice, thank you!
  18. Good morning everyone and happy new year! I have spent some off time in Azeroth lately and since keeping up with one game at a time is hard enough for me, my arma time suffered terribly;) However, due to the ongoing murder of blizzard by activision, im confident that i ll be back to being fully dedicated to arma scripting at some point:) in the meantime i am happy to gather feedback on the current state of the script for later improvement. i will likely change the direction of future features a bit, moving away from things like basebuilding, mission generator and such, partially because there are such scripts out there already or because i lack the knowledge to properly (incl. persistence and MP compability) implement a solution. this might change again but its something that i thought about recently. no worries thought, there are alot of other things that can be done;) @johnnyboy thanks! will be included once I start working on the script again. including some of your other scripts as discussed last year. @BlackFerret thank you, I appreciate the feedback and kind words in general;) For my scripts, yes it is possible and i give you a general direction on what to do below: 1: you need a faction specific loadout script. you can use my code within VD_functions.sqf. its called "VD_equipper = {... Code...}" . this function puts together random gear for AI based on my equipment arrays. copy paste that code to the end of vd_functions, rename it and amend the code to your liking. You can either assign a specific item/gear/weapon to the respective equipment slot or put together arrays per equipment slot for each faction. E.G. OPFORuniform = ["uniformclassname1","uniformclassname2,...]; then you replace the existing arrays with your new ones in the equipper code. e.g. x forceadduniform selectrandom OPFORuniform; do that for all equipment slots. this also works if you only enter one classname into the uniform array of your faction. 2: you either need a site spawner per faction or you externalize the AI spawner from the site spawners, create a AI spawner per faction and let the site spawner randomly select one of em. lets assume that you create one spawner per side/faction. copy paste the BC spawner.sqf and rename it. in the AI spawner code part change the group to west or indep (check if this is the right independend side name, i am not sure). and take the "survivor" classname of the respective faction. here you then change the equipper script that is called to your site faction specific version created above. the references east VD_equipper B_G_Survivor_F need to be changed in the lines below: _bandits1 = createGroup east; _bandits2 = createGroup east; _bandits3 = createGroup east; _bandits4 = createGroup east; {if (3 >= (random 10)) then {"B_G_Survivor_F" createUnit [([getPosATL _VD_BC_Fireplace, 5, 15, 0, 0, 100, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos), _x, "", 1, "private"];};"B_G_Survivor_F" createUnit [([getPosATL _VD_BC_Fireplace, 2, 15, 0, 0, 100, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos), _x, "", 1, "private"];} foreach [_bandits1, _bandits2,_bandits3,_bandits4]; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits1; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits2; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits3; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits4; the dog spawner s and IED spawner needs some faction specific tweaking same as above too. in VD_init.sqf, add lines to call your new faction specific bc spawners. just copy the regular bc spawner line and amned it where needed. so in general this should give you some guidance on what to change. depending on your experience with scripting this might be helpful or utter confusing nonsense. if the latter is the case, let me know. i am happy to help but can not promise an ETA for providing you with code;) @damsous yessir, all AI kills have a chance to reward you with anti infection pills. they are not "phisically" in your inventory but just a variable. if you are infected and carry such pills, u ll get an addaction to use pills. at some point i want to add some sort of a hud showing how many pills you have. please let me know if you experience issues with that. @CHICKENLICKEN thanks! @Caites thank you and welcome back to arma/ravage;) @MuRaZorWitchKING has a mission for you i believe. also there is a ravage steam group where missions are listed if i remember correctly. @all please post any mission you know about or have created here;) i general i would however encourage you to create a basic mission template with ravage and my scripts by yourself. ravage has very easy to use eden editor modules and my scripts can just be pasted into the mission folder. this way you can customize the mission to your liking. there are a lot of good videos on youtube on how to create arma and even ravage mission. and if u struggle, everyone on the ravage bi forum thread will be happy to help you, including myself;) no promises, but i ll try to provide such basic ravage mission including my scripts on next update. cheers VD
  19. hi @lv1234 i am talking about these blacklist markers, second and third point above. these avoid that banditcamps anf other sites spawn outside the map or that shipwrecks spawn inside the land in small lakes. i should have some time today and test and maybe Update the script to a default setting without the need to place blacklist markers. note that this is different from placement markers, the sites are still spawned automatically.
  20. you need to place those markers to avoid that land site spawns spawn outside the map or that shipwrecks spawn in small lakes inside the map. if you do not want that, then you need to delete the area markernames in the two arrays in vd_settings. i dont recall the exact name right now but the vd_settings has comments for all setting so it should make sense if you check the various options. unfortunately, since the latest patch, it is causing an issue if you do not place the markers, but have area markers in the map defined as blacklist areas in a bisfncsafepos function. cheets vd
  21. @lv1234 have you placed the area markers for shipwrecks and land sites?
  22. for usage in my script, just do not add any marker names to the arrays (vd_settings) that are not actually representing a placed area marker on the map. before, non existenr markers that whrre mentioned in a script, where just ignired it seems. but this is just in bis fnc find savepos
  23. Ravage Mod

    how do you spawn/equip your AI? i have had no issues with my way after the patch.