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  1. Welcome to Vandeanson’s Apocalypse Version 2.17 Vandeanson's Apocalypse (VA) is a dynamic spawn system that spices up ever mission you play or create by adding sites of interests, events, enemies and loot to your world. NOTE: This is not a MISSION. This is a dynamic site and event spawner, that runs on top of any mission that you start while the mod is active. It spawns in sites based on player position, terrain and your settings. THIS MOD CREATES NO DEPENDENCY THE MOD MUST BE INSTALLED ON BOTH SERVER AND CLIENTS TO WORK Check the FEATURES to see what is added by the mod. Link: Vandeanson's Apocalypse INSTALLATION: USAGE: FEATURES : GENERAL: KNOWN ISSUES/WIP: REQUIREMENTS : THANKS: Thanks to all the great guys on the BI forum for their help and advise. With special thanks to Dedmen, sarogahtyp, gc8, LSValmont, George Floros GR, Johnnyboy, Mr H., HazJ, Larrow, pierremgi, Haleks, Grumpyoldman, Gunter Severloh, the Ravage folks, all followers of my topic thread and anyone I might have forgotten right now. The biggest thanks goes to @zagr for all the hours he and his crew tested every aspect of the previous versions of VA and provided valuable feedback! HELP TO IMPROVE: Please subscribe & rate on Steam and let me know about any issue that might occur, I would appreciate receiving any feedback that helps me improve the mod. Please be specific when reporting a potential issue and try to test your potential issue with as little mods as possible, in order for me to replicate and fix a problem. Cheers VD
  2. Whitelisting and bulk blacklisting looks like its working in my tests. Beta link updated with v2.19 as I have added support for ravage gear pools.
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    New option incoming;)
  4. The whitelisting of custom classnames seems and or the bulk blacklisting of mods might not be working as intended, will check.
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    Sry, i meant the ravage variable names representing the individual loot arrays. I think my question was a bit missleading.
  6. Very welcome:) Ps: pls make sure to only post in english language, according to forum rules;)
  7. Yep correct, VA only spawns patrols on foot. No plans for vehicle patrols. I would use ravage for vehicle patrols:)
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    @ any ravager that is interessted: Would greatly appreciate some ravage testers before the next steam release:) I am sure its been posted before (i might have asked for it myself) but i cannot find it. can someone kindly post all ravage loot arrays? I would like to add an option that overwrites the default VA loot settings with the ravage loot settings, so VA loot in buildings, lootcrates and VA AI equipment follows the ravage loot settings. Thanks! Cheers Vd
  9. A new VA v2.19e BETA build is available: New features: This version changes the loot economy substantially compared to the steam version. - new mods are categorized - categorized mods are: arma 3, dlc, all 4 RHS, CUP, Niarms, friths ruins, ravage (project infinity, EO, ttsk, warfarethai, ifa3, KA, aftermath and any other mod are yet to be categorized) - categories are: civilian, military, police and special - option added to take over RAVAGE gear pool settings and overwrite VA default settings. Blacklisted classnames are still excluded and custom gearlists will overwrite this. This is intentional - these categories define in what buildings what loot will spawn - police gear will (wip) spawn in buildings designated as police building (e. G. Liviona police station, tbd for arma, dlc and CUP) - special gear is ghillie suits, diving suits, oxygen tanks and such. Will not spawn often, will not be equipped to AI, will likely only be obtainable from loot crates and traders, tbd) - AI will either spawn with gear from the civilian pool or from the military pool, chance based - Loot crates are filled with gear from all categories - mod content will only be categorized if mod is active - new settings: seperate military loot adjuster (chance for rifles, items, uniforms,...) - setting to bulk exclude arma 3, dlc, ravage equipment seperately (option for weapons and for equipment) - setting to BLACKLIST specific classname from lootlist - setting to overwrite/WHITELIST loot arrays for itemslots with custom classnames (will ignore default generated lists and apply your classnames only) - setting to adjust chance that AI spawns with military gear Other changes: - chance to spawn guard dogs set to 0 by default until friendly fire behaviour is fixed (BAD DOG!) - debug hints cleaned up (only worls in SP and hosted MP atm) - added counter to show how much loot is currently spawned - removed bis fnc task defense from AI that is spawned at sites until AI behaviour issues are fixed. - added a ravage time multiplier to some function. For example for bleeding to avoid bleeding to tick faster than intended. - some settings cleaned up I hope you enjoy and thanks for all the v2.19 testers that have offered their help and have actively discussed the beta on discord so far, you rock! Join the discussion: DISCORD It looks like we are getting closer to a steam release;) Cheers Vd
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    How to make random loot .sqf?

    I think first you would need to create a "groundweaponholder" and then additemcargoglobal into that gwh. So YOURLOOT must be "groundweaponholder". Then you can do _box additemcargoglobal ["classname", 1] ; (doublecheck that code pls) Or the adequate commands for weapons gear and magazines. Cheers Vd
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    Hi all, might be me being a noob but i recently noticed that the RHS GREF and SAF mods match quite well into a survival scenario as they have both military and civilian/old miltary weapons. What a nice surprise:)) In other news, irish mick has started a ravage series on youtube, lets show his videos some love;) It always spices up my morning commute when seeing new ravage yt videos pop up in the morning:) Cheers and happy Friday Vd
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    How to make random loot .sqf?

    You can join me on discord and i can show you how to either use my mods loot spawner (it does all that you describe) or help you create your own script. https://discord.gg/SAFysz8 (i think/hope i am not breaching forum guidelines with posting a link) Cheers Vd
  13. Currently busy adding cup, rhs, project infinity, friths ruins, eo gear to the categorized loot arrays and working on a way to include all active gear mods (non categorized ones) by default
  14. @Luca thank you, so my code does not work for you in dedicated? I am about to start to look into this again once i am set up again (just moved) and i have a new partner in crime that helps me, will keep you posted! Will look at the linked code too then. @code34 Thank you, will start from scratch and check these points again. Cheers Vd
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/198q0np1TC3G87ugAnOcNRjac05IOFgql/view?usp=drivesdk In case the old beta link does not work
  16. Yeah i though about automaticaly feeding in all non cathegorized mods too, gotta figure out how to best do that:)
  17. Niarms and CUp weapons as well as most cup equipment is categorized in tge WIP build
  18. If this is the full code in your triggers on activation box, then your code does not know what _group and _pos is. These are local variables an must be defined within your code or passed into it. Basically that code does not know what group you want to assigne it to and where you want to spawn it.
  19. EO gear, RHS, friths ruins, project infinity, niarms, cup, warefare thai, will all be added one by one i think, and others that i have forgotten. Just a lot of manual work:))
  20. Niiice niicee, keep 'em coming! 🙂
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    Fyi, i am looking for beta testers:)
  22. Hi all, I have been able to fix all known issues of the new loot economy. I could use some help with testing the beta version, hence anyone interested can find the link to a local addon version below. Any feedback is appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/198q0np1TC3G87ugAnOcNRjac05IOFgql/view?usp=drivesdk NOTE: You will need to turn on the dynamic loot spawner manually under the loot economy settings. Forgot to enable it by default. Will change it tonight. New: - civilian and military loot categories - vanilla, dlc and ravage gear/weapons are categorized - affects lootspawn, AI equipper, player equipper, trader goods, lootcrates from sites - tradercamp (requires ravage and the rvg ambient AI module) traders redone to include VA medical items (bandage, anti virus pills /injectors, bloodbag) - added a hint loop how to use medical items (shift + f) - added tooltip to medical items Known issue: - in SP, shift + f no longer works after a restart. You will have to close and reopen the mission. Working on a fix. In my personal opinion, loot spawns feel much better now, with military grade gear only spawning in military facilities and civilian areas only spawning items that are likely to be left behind in a normal household. I will add two more categories, police and medical sites with specific loot pools. Cheers Vd
  23. W.I.P. update: I have categorized item types into the categories military and civilian for vanilla, dlc and ravage content. Depending on your active mods and settings, this feature will take relevant arrays and merge it into a final e.g. military rifles or civilian rifles loot pool. These pools are used to randomly equip AI, players, fill loot crates and for loot spawn in buildings. Military areas and civilian areas spawn different loot as they access the respective gear pool category (civ vs mil). AI and Players would mainly be equipped from the civilian gear pool, with a low chance per equipment slot to access the military gearpool. Sites (e. G. Banditcamps) have a higher chance to have lootcrates with military gear and bandits have some chance to be military grade geared. I did some testing yesterday and most parts work well. I have an issue with seperating military type buildings but i believe its just a minor error in the code, once thats fixed the new loot economy is working and all i need to do is add/categorize further mods:) Cheers Vd
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    Ravage Persistent Server

    Nice! What did you use for persistency? Cheers Vd