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  1. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    This is to let you all know that I just spent 1h trying to get code to work. The code that I used before would just not work and nothing I d do would make it work. In the console it partially worked. it is now 22:13 CET, I was doing this since approx 21:00 CET. I have now realized that I was editing .sqf files that where not placed in the test mission I had open in arma.
  2. Vandeanson

    Scripting General & Library

    Hi folks, Maybe someone here knows this.. I m looking for an android editor on mobile phone where arma. Sqf syntax highlighting can be imported, any ideas? I am currently using droideditor, but i does not support .Sqf. Cheers Vd
  3. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Hopefully it is not your gfx card melting 😞 crossing fingers!
  4. Vandeanson

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    I like that you have been inspired by a book. taking a good existing story as basis for your mission/tasks will surely help building up something good and immersive! Ps: I know you as a man of detail, hence I wanted to note that "Her" is written "Herr", in case this is meant to be the translation of "mister", fyi;) Cheers VD
  5. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Thanks man, I am currently adding more blueprints. Then I need to add some more ressource spawners and with that set I will very likely publish a playable script version within a persistent mission template for the ravage folks to test it along with their ravage setup. The GRAD scripts seem to work fine as it is also possible to exclude vehicles and AI spawned by ravage or other mods, even specific structures in case you want to spawn additional stuff. It will save everything of said type (e. g. Structures) unless it is specifically excluded. If you pre place stuff in the editor, you need to assign it a variable name, else it gets duplicated at server restart. Thats a bit clunky (and i think there is a better way) but it does the job. So yeah, going to be looking forward to user feedback then;) Regarding HC, by chance I just looked into the topic today. It seems that this is something you can add when editing your mission: I am interessted in how HC, dynamicsimulation and caching compare to each other btw, if someone here knows:) Cheers VD
  6. Vandeanson

    Scripting General & Library

    Code optimization: Fellow scripters, If you are like me and have no coding background, then you might to end up with a project that you have been putting together for months maybe years. Learning to code in the process. It is time to review your old code! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation I read through the article and already noticed quite a lot of things that I did wrong or could be optimized in my VA mod, maybe this will help you too. If you are not as messy as I am, you might have familiarized yourself with above prior to releasing a mod - good for you:)! Cheers Vd
  7. Hi all, Below the earlier announced update video for v0. 3 Cheers VD
  8. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Hiho all, below a quick overview of v0. 3 of the basebuilding mod. Cheers VD
  9. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    I did not yet look too deeply into it, but due to some issues i will have to get in touch with them on the forums. It seemed to be quite easy to include or exclude AI, vehicles, structures and containers into the saving system. Although the option to ONLY save zeus/script placed stuff didnt work for me. I use the setting where everything (if saving is enabled for that type, e.g. Structures enabled, but vehicles disabled) gets saved and it works well in that scenario. However, editor placed stuff that has no variable name assigned, gets duplicated. My main issue right now is saving variables from players namespace to GRAD using the custom save options. Gotta invest some more time into GRAD but so far it looks promising:)
  10. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Yeah i will look for a solution like that. Didnt find much yet but maybe I am searching wrong😵 Worst case i could create a blacklist area around every placed object, that sends close AI away via waypoints or so. I assume fps wouldnt like that tho:) Cheers Vd
  11. Damnit, reminds me that I need to add this to my ai spawner! Too good to leave away!
  12. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Tested and can confirm that they walk through the new structures at some points. Shame:/ will see if anything can be done here. Cheers VD
  13. Vandeanson

    Extended Fortifications Mod

    Hi @Benno101 I am working on a simple ressource gathering and basebuilding mod that uses existing assets as objects to build via addactions. Would you mind me integrating some of your structures into the mod? I will of course take no credit for your work and give credit to you accordingly. I would yet need to look into you files in detail to see what I would want to use, but before I do so, I wanted to check in with you. Thank you and BR VD
  14. Welcome to Vandeanson's Basebuilding! In this thread I will cover everything about my WIP basebuilding mod. V0. 2: feature showcase and introduction V0. 3 - I have re-written the blueprint creation function. It is now easy for users to add new custom blueprints or delete default blueprints when creating a mission. - added an option to rotate the object (the object that is being built) - added an option to get object closer or further away (max distance can be limited, currently at 5m) - GRAD persistency enabled for placed stuff (tested in client hosted and dedicated) - placed objects can be destroyed, you get back scrap materials (which can be refined into other materials again later) - moving an object will save its new position via GRAD - added a few new materials - added place-able light source with on / off switch. I plan to add a feature that requires a generator connected. See light showcase: next steps: - release updated showcase video - add more blueprints - add GRAD setting to save collected material per player - "Move" and "deconstruct" addactions to be saved via GRAD - adding possibilities to destroy other players placed objects - adding blueprint spawners, so players can collect and learn new blueprints - material traders - loot system for all materials that may be found (currently wood, stone and sand can be farmed) Looking forward to receive any input, suggestion or ideas from the community. A playable mission demo will follow shortly. Cheers VD 
  15. Vandeanson

    Ravage Mod

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂