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  1. Ravage Mod

    i have that thing, that i always want to build a base in a survival szenario to hoard my loot and have a place to cycle back after a loot run and dig in... :) so for me actually, the show must always go on
  2. Ravage Mod

    i think every survival mission should have a tank somewhere hidden:))
  3. Ravage Mod

    I love the idea of this community coming together playing ravage on a server;) I really hope that at some point i ll find time to join in on a session! Make sure to record it, if a session happens please=) @haleks Thanks for the Ravage update, looking forward to check out the new Z uniforms. I have tested derelict for a bit now and I really like it. I never considered playing on altis or stratis, this changed now ;) With regards to the ravage equipment error, will deliver the RPT asap. cheers vd
  4. Hi Jason, im working on a fix for that next update. its a silly mistake from my end, at the time when initplayerlocal.sqf is executed, vd_funtions.sqf have not yet fully loaded, hence it does not recognize the variables in that line. in initplayerlocal.sqf, you could add a line: sleep 5; at the very beginning, that should fix it. a more optimized solutiom comes in the 2.32 Update:). cheers vd
  5. Ravage Mod

    thank you. Its possible that it only happens for the first wave of spawns indeed, i recall that this seemed the case a while ago as well. will check if the error appears after playing for a while;) cheers vd
  6. Ravage Mod

    ;) to come - no ETA tho, i have been served scripts on a silver plate but will have to find time to set up a dynamic spawn and despawn system. @all I keep having troubles with ravage AI units spawning without uniforms. (weapons, vests, backpacks, items... work fine). In my equipment module setup, I have limited Vanilla gear and set adjusted the equipment settings of ravage to use CUP gear only. I will need to do some more testing and will provide the error report (it refers to an issue in line 29 of the ravage equipment function.) I have had that issue occur multiple times now in various mod set ups in the past. General question - is anyone familiar with this issue? I cannot recall having seen this discussion here but I might have missed it. cheers vd
  7. Ladies and Gents, Quick question to any user - does anyone actually use the marker based site spawns (where you have to place markers on the map where you want sites to spawn) such as trader camp, bandit camp or shipwrecks or do you only use the automated positioning versions of the scripts? I personally don't like the marker based placement and am considering to stop maintaining two versions of the scripts, at least for the bandit camp and shipwrecks. Also - does anyone know a good guide on how to pack a script into an actual addon for steam and how to create eden editor modules? I would love to have an eden editor interface/modules where you can set up and tune my script to your liking. I will dig into the subject and search the forums and Youtube for myself, but some heads up would be great even so;) Cheers VD
  8. hm no, i have no experiance in that direction sorry=(
  9. @Caites there should be no issue with AI improvement mods. and i tested the most common ones:) i have worked on a script that makes AI search buildings and sometimes they did indeed get suck at the entrance. im afraid thats just a arma thing:( these mods might improve pathfinding tho (not an expert). cheers vd
  10. Ravage Mod

    hi @tourist i didnt really follow the forums recently and only notice now that you seem to be working in a persistency system that provides a solution also for my scripts. let me know if i can assist:) also, what exactly are you up to? you referenced a next iteration of something by me but i am not sure if the post was cut off by accident, hence i am not sure what you mean:) just me being curious cheers vd
  11. Derelict

    niice, thank you!
  12. Good morning everyone and happy new year! I have spent some off time in Azeroth lately and since keeping up with one game at a time is hard enough for me, my arma time suffered terribly;) However, due to the ongoing murder of blizzard by activision, im confident that i ll be back to being fully dedicated to arma scripting at some point:) in the meantime i am happy to gather feedback on the current state of the script for later improvement. i will likely change the direction of future features a bit, moving away from things like basebuilding, mission generator and such, partially because there are such scripts out there already or because i lack the knowledge to properly (incl. persistence and MP compability) implement a solution. this might change again but its something that i thought about recently. no worries thought, there are alot of other things that can be done;) @johnnyboy thanks! will be included once I start working on the script again. including some of your other scripts as discussed last year. @BlackFerret thank you, I appreciate the feedback and kind words in general;) For my scripts, yes it is possible and i give you a general direction on what to do below: 1: you need a faction specific loadout script. you can use my code within VD_functions.sqf. its called "VD_equipper = {... Code...}" . this function puts together random gear for AI based on my equipment arrays. copy paste that code to the end of vd_functions, rename it and amend the code to your liking. You can either assign a specific item/gear/weapon to the respective equipment slot or put together arrays per equipment slot for each faction. E.G. OPFORuniform = ["uniformclassname1","uniformclassname2,...]; then you replace the existing arrays with your new ones in the equipper code. e.g. x forceadduniform selectrandom OPFORuniform; do that for all equipment slots. this also works if you only enter one classname into the uniform array of your faction. 2: you either need a site spawner per faction or you externalize the AI spawner from the site spawners, create a AI spawner per faction and let the site spawner randomly select one of em. lets assume that you create one spawner per side/faction. copy paste the BC spawner.sqf and rename it. in the AI spawner code part change the group to west or indep (check if this is the right independend side name, i am not sure). and take the "survivor" classname of the respective faction. here you then change the equipper script that is called to your site faction specific version created above. the references east VD_equipper B_G_Survivor_F need to be changed in the lines below: _bandits1 = createGroup east; _bandits2 = createGroup east; _bandits3 = createGroup east; _bandits4 = createGroup east; {if (3 >= (random 10)) then {"B_G_Survivor_F" createUnit [([getPosATL _VD_BC_Fireplace, 5, 15, 0, 0, 100, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos), _x, "", 1, "private"];};"B_G_Survivor_F" createUnit [([getPosATL _VD_BC_Fireplace, 2, 15, 0, 0, 100, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos), _x, "", 1, "private"];} foreach [_bandits1, _bandits2,_bandits3,_bandits4]; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits1; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits2; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits3; {[_x] call VD_equipper;}forEach units _bandits4; the dog spawner s and IED spawner needs some faction specific tweaking same as above too. in VD_init.sqf, add lines to call your new faction specific bc spawners. just copy the regular bc spawner line and amned it where needed. so in general this should give you some guidance on what to change. depending on your experience with scripting this might be helpful or utter confusing nonsense. if the latter is the case, let me know. i am happy to help but can not promise an ETA for providing you with code;) @damsous yessir, all AI kills have a chance to reward you with anti infection pills. they are not "phisically" in your inventory but just a variable. if you are infected and carry such pills, u ll get an addaction to use pills. at some point i want to add some sort of a hud showing how many pills you have. please let me know if you experience issues with that. @CHICKENLICKEN thanks! @Caites thank you and welcome back to arma/ravage;) @MuRaZorWitchKING has a mission for you i believe. also there is a ravage steam group where missions are listed if i remember correctly. @all please post any mission you know about or have created here;) i general i would however encourage you to create a basic mission template with ravage and my scripts by yourself. ravage has very easy to use eden editor modules and my scripts can just be pasted into the mission folder. this way you can customize the mission to your liking. there are a lot of good videos on youtube on how to create arma and even ravage mission. and if u struggle, everyone on the ravage bi forum thread will be happy to help you, including myself;) no promises, but i ll try to provide such basic ravage mission including my scripts on next update. cheers VD
  13. hi @lv1234 i am talking about these blacklist markers, second and third point above. these avoid that banditcamps anf other sites spawn outside the map or that shipwrecks spawn inside the land in small lakes. i should have some time today and test and maybe Update the script to a default setting without the need to place blacklist markers. note that this is different from placement markers, the sites are still spawned automatically.