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  1. I know ShayGman hates this... But MCC is soo good. It is the go to MOD for making Zombie/Survival mods work better!! I'm Sorry, I really got into Fear the WALKING DEAD THIS WEEK ON A BINGE! I am Combining Ravage with MCC and the results are really surprising me. It's really great gameplay.
  2. Yea, thanks but I have done those didn't work. Crashes more frequently now.
  3. So, you can't play with mods now?
  4. Yes, please update. This is a phenomenal tool!

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    There is alot of talk right now in Steam and BI forums about mods and reposting, repacking, illegal mods and such. So, if we are going down that road... Lets talk about the biggest RIP OFF of ALL TIME! And that would Invade & Annex ripping off Xeno the ORIGINAL creator of Domination! UH, yeah maybe they redone it, and gave it a diff name, BUT,THEY still STOLE IT!!

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    Game and DLC only available on Steam. Seems to be kinda outdated to NOT put your mod on Steam. And I used to be a Steam hater... Lol

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    Wasn't this an issue with Arma 2 as well, before Steam or no?
  8. Wrong place, trying to do this with phone.
  9. I am a noob I know. First YouTube video.
  10. Just dawned on me. I place Fire and birds module down on all maps. I haven't seeen birds work in months.
  11. BruceALMIGHTYY

    Re-uploading mods on the workshop

    I have a question that seems geared towards this discussion. I to have noticed many mods being repackaged and uploaded and wish to do the same. But, I will NOT do so until I get clarification. Even some well known large clans repackage several mods or specific parts of a mod and its ALL OK. Then call it ABC Specialty mods, or something like that. Then I have also seen where a much smaller group does the same thing and he is called out and made to remove. The MAJOR difference being the smaller group was MORE Honest and listed the contents. Which then shoots up red flags. This is a big deal. And its probably already been discussed. But, shouldn't we be talking about WHY you want to do it in the first place? I am just a player and want to enjoy the game. NOT a scripting genius or anything of the sort. But, when your mod pack goes over 20 or so. BI won't recognize the full server list! I admit, I don't know or understand this completely, and from what I understand it has been that way for years. But, people want to play with their modpack. And, it gets cut off. Thats WHY ppl repackage and combine things. Why does it have to be this issue of how many mods? If I play with 15 or 150, if I have tested them and they don't conflict and IT WORKS! What's the problem! The Server should recognize them and allow a player to download and JOIN. I agree permission should be asked. But, there are many inconsistencies. Like, Ctab, no longer supported by original author. Some, authors won't ever respond. Now, If it has never been published on STEAM by original author. Of course thats a whole other thing and thats wrong. I understand and can appreciate ALL sides of the argument. But, isn't a large part of this that the server cannot transmit all data? That's the real issue for me. I have 37 mods. Other groups have 21, but really have 50 or more but compacting them. Set me straight, But again, I think BI needs to step up to 2018 in this department BIG TIME! I won't do anything if I even Think it might be in poor taste. But, this is a major issue.
  12. BruceALMIGHTYY

    WarfareThai EX Mod

    I love it, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! But, still have soo many questions. Dance Moves? How? Need instruction on the Survival modules. It works sporadically. Just hit or miss it seems, I know its me but don't know how to fix. Same with the arsenal in the inventory uniform section. Works sometimes. The item consumption and Money I am very interested in. This mod is great, but needs documentation. I have the Simple Parajump working. Sadly, After testing the Jump/Climb module I have decided to disable it and go back to Extended Movements. I didn't want to. I could not climb small walls. And, even found a impossibly tall wall that shouldn't work and it did. It prompts me to climb over the side of stairwells and is very inconsistent. Simple repairing, I have no clue how to make it work. Simple Heal, doesn't seem to support ACE. Is this NOT ACE compatible? Reserved Weapon system is GREAT! Again, it would be better if weapon was on back vertically instead of horizontally. Either way as stated before, Its very good. Also, played some of your missions on the workshop. Very cool, forgot I was playing Arma and flet like a NEW GAME!
  13. What map? Does this happen if you host from your PC as well? I don't think it's anything you have done. I bet it's server related. Who do you use?
  14. Geffel, could you be a little more specific. List exactly what and how you placing units and how you are viewing them. Also, is it in the editor, dedicated server or what?