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  1. Keelah, I just have to say amazing work. FASTER IMO is certainly the premier server hosting tool. thank you so much for keep up the support and work. This is a must for all server owners.
  2. Medic have always been the ones to only be able to give blodd. It is a skill they poses only. As for the Max Revive Time - Set Fatalities to "Cardiac Arrest Only" and turn the Cardiac Arrest time up as long as you want. Players then will only be able to die after a timer and them being in cardiac arrest.
  3. Ok thanks, I'll give it a try. Update: I gave those settings a try, our settings we pretty close to that as they were. Bbut like I said so long as you have ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 2; the player is invincible. For example I just put a M112 Demolition block on the ground, stood on top of it and set it off and I didn't die. I went into an unconscious state, I was a total mess, but none the less I could not die from the large explosion or large caliber fire. Now if I set ace_medical_fatalDamageSource = 1; Then that is the opposite. Yes players will die upon going up in an explosion or being hit by a .50cal but they also will be flash killed by a head shot from a 9mm. Prevent Instant Death would prevent players from being killed by small arms (unless the AI double tapped them) but would they would still die from large explosions, land mines, large caliber round etc. etc. I'll keep using these settings for a time being though thanks.
  4. Why did they get rid of prevent instant death? While I think the new medical rewrite is an improvement players are basically now either immortal or vanilla delicate. If you set death to Cardiac Arrest Only: Basically a player can be head shot by small arms, blown away by a .50cal, shot by a tank, step on a land mine, being a vehicle that explodes or in a plane/ heli crash. And they will survive, in many cases they will get out consciously and walk away. If you set death to always it is just the vanilla head shot and you're dead, critical body part and it's over. There is no mid ground. This is what "Prevent Instant Death" did so well. Players would survive being shot with small arms. If they were spotted by an enemy patrol and the player took a 7.62 AK round to the chest or head instead of an instant kill, the players was forced in an unconscious state unless the AI double tapped the player. But if the player stepped on a land mine, was in a vehicle that exploded or in a plane crash they would die. This was a fantastic feature that kept players alive in an infantry firefight most of the time, but kept them cautious if they were driving a vehicle, dealing with explosives or if they were around technicals, static encampments, MRAPS or APCs. Now you have to set it so players either are invincible to everything except the cardiac arrest timer (which is basically the old Revive System) or they are Vanilla dead. Could we please consider bringing back a version of "Prevent Instant Death"
  5. Ok can anyone give me a guideline on how to best setup out medical setting with the new system. our group is more focused on fast, high action, Zeus based tactical realism. In the past we have used the basic medical system with the following parameters: Basic Medical Prevent Instant Death 1.4 Player Hit points medics only use Epi, anywhere We added the ACE 3 Canteen mod which allowed for non medics to pour water on players heads to allow a small chance of making up a patient. With these settings we basically wanted Players to be able die in battle which is why we did not run REVIVE. We wanted players to be able to flash killed in an explosion, being shot by a .50 cal technical or just being able to be killed by large events. However we wanted to keep players alive in the event of them being critically shot by small arms, Aks, M4s and the like. Our server for our missions runs a 2 life perma death situation so we want to keep the players alive but not have them feel like terminators. Anyway, We like the idea of the limping and splints that is all pretty straight forward. Where we have gotten lost is really the other settings. We all the bandages set to heal hit points, all the advanced stuff turned off. While it seems Prevent instant death is gone, we thought the cardiac arrest system might be the modern alternative but it doesn't appear so. It also seems that waking people up is very difficult now, morphine doesn't work instantly and it seems only a random chance players will wake up from EPI. While we aren't resistant to change, can someone please show me some documentation or explain how to best setup the medical system for fast paced, tactical realism. Cheers.
  6. Thank you Keelah for your continued support. As much as I love FAST2 it has some breaking bugs that haven't been addressed. FASTER just works.
  7. Any idea if those amazing new sounds are going to conflict with players running JSRS?
  8. I'm not sure if this mod is still supported, but apart from what Mickeymen said I too love this mod, but my unit hates it, mostly because they get their night vision and helmets shot off all the time. Any chance on having a CBA setting where it is set for AI only?
  9. Awe that's a shame. is it complicated is it something I can put into my mission? or is it more of a config that need to be incorporated into the mod itself?
  10. Thanks for the script but I'm looking for the default CUP Terrains snow script, the one that works by default on Chernarus Winter as it doesn't have much affect on FPV and performance on a large scale mission.
  11. Can anyone give me the quick and dirty script to make it snow on maps that are not officially supported by CUP terrains? For example I know on Charnarus Winter all I have to do is make it overcast and rainy and it will automatically make it snow instead of rain. But I'd like to also make it snow on maps like Abramia or Namalsk. Can anyone tell me what script or piece of code I need to use to make it so.
  12. So I've found out that the issue is not actually mod but in our mission framework (initialization scripts and mission settings), I've updated my post with the thought process, however I'm not sure how to proceed with the framework, could you please take a look and see what is in there that could be causing the issue with ACRE 2. Our framework is pretty concise The mission where ACRE worked fine we had all the modules still present, the problem is clearly coming from our scripting. https://github.com/IDI-Systems/acre2/issues/741
  13. I've made a post with as much information as possible for now. I can't seem to enable my own RPT files for some reason even though I do not have -nologs enabled. I'll work on it and get my RPT uploaded.
  14. Ok I'll see what I can do, but all our missions now, when most of the players spawn in they can't hear other players via proximity chat and have to quit back to the lobby to get it to work. And No radios work for anyone. We did some extensive testing yesterday, I can't for the life of me work out if it is our mission framework (which is pretty basic) or it is a conflict with another mod. Either way the previous version of ACRE worked flawlessly. Does anyone know of a location I can download the previous version?
  15. How do I post a RPT on here, everytime I try and put it in either CODE or Spoiler when I hit Submit reply, the browser just craps the bed and nothing happens. Here is the acre_dll.log if it helps from today