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  1. Mozkelby

    Sat image editing

    If I understand correctly, you want to edit the colour but without taking away the detail as simply painting over it would? Like the others said, Photoshop is your friend in this case, but more specifically, on a separate layer set your blend mode to 'Multiply', then begin adding colour to it. That way you can sustain the image detail while completely manipulating the terrain colour: (Not a terrain, but you get how it works...)
  2. Would anybody here happen to know what the maximum kick message / ban message length is? We'd like to include as much detail as possible in our bans so the player thoroughly understands the reason.
  3. Mozkelby

    Sound update ruined this game...

    New sounds a great IMO. One cannot simply, dislike, new sounds.
  4. Mozkelby

    Arma 3 2DEditor and you! Please leave feedback!

    I honestly don't see why you would want the 2D editor anyway. Everything can be done the same, if not better in Eden Editor.
  5. I guess we all have our definitions of a 'realistic' game, I clearly am quite strict about what I label as realistic.
  6. I can completely agree with this. I was hugely dissapointed to hear Arma 3 would be set slightly in the future, and to this day I still wound not define it a 'realism' simulator due to its slight tinge of futuristicness. It would be great if BI could set the next Arma at present date, and use the REAL names of vehicles and REAL names of weapons.
  7. Mozkelby

    Latest Arma 3 update: Gains not worth the loss

    I'm still sticking with JSRS3 Dragonfyre, the new sounds are good, but not better than some of the community sound mods.
  8. Mozkelby

    Is Zeus purely for human vs human multiplay?

    Hi again, As mentioned in your previous question, Zeus, can be used in an editor-made mission by using a mod such as MCC Sandbox. So in short, no, it is not just for Human vs Human.
  9. Mozkelby

    Is there a freecam that we can issue orders from?

    I believe you can use a mod such as Mission Control Center Sanbox to activate Zeus in a single-player editor-made mission. From my rather short experience with Zeus, I do believe it's completely functional with both editor-made scenarios and multiplayer scenarios.
  10. Perhaps, one could simply exit the boat, and use the scroll wheel to enter the next? Nailed it.