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  1. What you mean this isn't Modern Warfare 2 forums!? Seriously though I know it's very similiar to Arma 2 now, except add in a living economy, proper supply lines, better enviroments (Arma 2 buildings are 90% of the time unoriginal) and then a few more sides. Then add in a ranking system, like 100kills/10 Cities captured makes you a private or something. Then add in a weapon modification but not overpowering then add the server so it can hold up to 5,000 players and good to go. Also maybe once you reach a better rank you can create your own faction and wreck small towns and capture them for yourself.
  2. I'd be great only if the game included the following: Huge Land area Major Conflict (2+ Major Power, 3+ Minors) Real World Objectives (Capture town and Hold, then move up) Balance between far away respawn points and getting back into the fun quicker Huge dev 'event' say armoured NPC column is approching city B. + Real-world weather (Flooding, snowing, hail etc.) Just imagining a small country with a massive capital in the middle and 4-5 major cities spread out as well as a few town/townships around them and each player faction has a homeland city and each one is fighting over the capital to insert either his or her's ideology whether Political or not. It'd need crazy server technology and alot of other power to support such a huge map with players etc. Then to make it interesting having supply lines for producing vechiles of war, ensuring that other players may 'snipe' these convoys delaying or destroying any chance of adding vechiles to townships/cities and ensuring that players of the faction actually protect and guard them. Not to mention mines and stuff would need to be protected as well as civies etc, but it could be awesome, although many games could have been awesome except fall on thier face so bloody hard.
  3. Sweet! Have to grab this now so when Arma 3 rolls out, I will be the ace helicopter pilot compared to worst pilot who couldn't land a helicopter without damaging everything but it's rotor on landing....