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Found 14 results

  1. For some reason the amount of talk, theories and comments about future versions of Arma and the Enfusion engine has skyrocketed lately. Everyone is speculating and getting crazy about a potential announcement in the coming days regarding Arma 4. But what no one is talking about are the benefits of Enfusion taking longer to be released outside of the obvious "increased polish". Hopefully this post will show the anxious players out there that getting your Arma later than expected could be a good thing. I will be listing those benefits here and then keep updating the list with other users' contributions on the subject: 1) DirectX 12 Ultimate: With its Improved support for Raytracing 1.1 and Variable Rate Shading Technology means that when Arma 4 releases the engine will be able to make use of these amazing improvements. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/announcing-directx-12-ultimate/ 2) Vulkan 1.2's Parallel Tasking Technology: Vulkan is a new-generation graphics and compute open standard API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs that is currently used by most consoles other than the XBOX series. Vulkan 1.3 will provide additional improvements to its already impressive Parallel Tasking Technology which will bring lower CPU usage while also allowing developers to better distribute work among multiple CPU cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) 3) Windows 11: With Windows 11 announcement just around the corner (June 24th 2021) it has been leaked that the OS will feature many optimizations for gaming in preparations to its revamped Xbox experience that is now integrated into Windows 11, offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store. https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/15/22535123/microsoft-windows-11-leak-screenshots-start-menu 4) Microsoft's DirectStorage: PC game load times are about to get a whole lot faster thanks to Microsoft's DirectStorage tech, The tech behind the super fast load times on the Xbox Series X is coming to PCs in the form of DirectStorage, Microsoft have announced. The DirectX API aims to dramatically reduce loading times and enable developers to create bigger, more detailed worlds than ever before thanks to its "best in class IO tech" (that's input / output, in case you're unfamiliar with the term) - if you've got the right kind of SSD, that is. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 5) Nvidia RTX IO: "When used with Microsoft’s new DirectStorage for Windows API, RTX IO offloads dozens of CPU cores’ worth of work to your GeForce RTX GPU, improving frame rates, enabling near-instantaneous game loading, and opening the door to a new era of large, incredibly detailed open world games," according to Nvidia. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 6) NVIDIA DLSS: (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX™ GPUs. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/dlss/ 7) AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution: The technology boosts frame rates and resolution of gameplay without requiring people to upgrade their hardware. FSR is an image upscaling technology. Depending on the game, it can provide more than three times the performance of native resolution that's set to Performance. https://www.windowscentral.com/amd-unveils-fidelityfx-super-resolution-its-answer-nvidias-dlss 8.) True competition is around the corner: For the longest time the Arma franchise has benefited from being "the only kid on the block" regarding some of its more unique features: Huge Maps, Combined Arms, Advanced Ai, Accurate and "closer to reality" simulation of some of its systems and above all, the user's freedom to modify and create new experiences via modding, scripting, mission making via EDEN Editor etc. That "Only Child" situation that benefited Bohemia Interactive's creations for so long could soon no longer be the case thou, as many games and/or game companies that spawned from Arma's mods such as POG and the Battle Royale Genre, the Survival Genre etc have "opened their eyes" to the "revenue potential" that exists and now other big industry names and companies have developed a thirst for Arma like "business models and features". Icarus Survival being the latest example of this previous claim: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/icarus-survival-game-preview Of course it has taken years for the competition to get even close to what the RV and "Soon TM" the Enfusion engine will offer. Yet we are perhaps one generation away from getting the UNREAL ENGINE just as good and easy to use as the EDEN EDITOR, and other companies' game engines being able to deliver the same features with the same realism and detail as Arma does currently. Enfusion will surely be the tool, main weapon but also the testing grounds that will be facing that next gen competition and its ability stay relevant will dictate the future of BI in years to come so it better be good and it better be polished on release.
  2. If you'll take a gander at the comments under CSLA announcement you'll see that people are rather pessimistic than jumping with joy about this thing. Why is that? We need to look at Arma's history to understand it a bit. Back in A2 times we got assets for contemporary gameplay and mods were just an extra thing for other theatres or time periods. In Early to mid A3 era mods became standard and the defacto core of the game, no self respecting community plays without at least RHS or CUP. Bohemia went with a different setting becasue they could when modders would make what community wants anyway. We accepted lapses of quality, noncompatibility between one mod to another, bugs and recycled content because it was free and necessary. Now in late A3 era we're expected to pay for what would earlier be just a mod, with the same, or maybe slightly higher quality. Sure, its nice to reward modmakers, but look at it from a clan/community viewpoint. They can't make DLC a required standard for joining because it ads too little/can be replaced with mods that do simmiliar stuff and costs too much. Therefore they never can play at full capacity when employing a DLC. Therefore they don't play with DLC, because a lot of people are left out. I bought Apex and GM on their releases. I played ONE mision on Apex, and none on GM. Communities simply don't touch them and the dlcs are relegated to single play and plinking away with few friends. Because communities don't touch them people dont buy them. Because people don't buy them communities don't touch them. Bec... The cycle continues. Sure, there are compatibility files, but from a mission maker perspective they don't do shit. Non-DLC players can be in the same mission, but can't use the same equipment. So really you need to make 2 missions within one, one for DLC people where they have cool toys, and one for non-dlc people where they have substitutes from mods. Or just use the DLC as opfor. This simply won't do because then what's the point of using DLC assets when you still have to use modded assets, and you got DLC exactly because it has stuff mods/vanilla don't have? The only solution is to have compatibility files with low quality versions (akin to Arma 2 LITE dlc's) with assets you can still use, they just look bad. When EVERYONE has access to the content then there's a higher probablility of it being used on server. When it is going to be used on server then more people are willing to buy the DLC because they will be able to enjoy it with people, not just alone. Making LITE versions of DLC's gives you MORE money, not less. Counterintuitive, i know, but should work. TL;DR Bohemia, bring back LITE versions of DLC's from A2 days. You'll earn more that way.
  3. Just spotted THIS video over on the interwebs. Few keywords from the end of the video: Could reference OFP/ArmA as series. Planning to continue meaning continuation of ArmA, which is to be expected. Shift to new engine, sights locked, major project. I keep hearing ArmA 4 as I repeat those. It caught my ear so bad, and comments on youtube seem to echo my thoughts 😂 Right before this, Op.Drewski put up THIS VIDEO that did some good speculating too. Title might be a little clickbait, but he makes good points, and now the BI video seems to somewhat confirm what he says. Thoughts? 🤔
  4. Jetpack for Arma III Mod based on real project - "Jetpack Aviation" (http://jetpackaviation.com). Features: - Jetpack inventory is disabled, so I've added possibility to put second backpack on chest with stuff you may need on your task. - You can walk with backpack, but can't run (it's not limitation, it has been blocked intentionaly). If you start running by pressing shift or whatever is your key assigned to "turbo", you'll start flying. - Helmet mounted display. - Custom sounds (for now only bingo fuel). - The possibility of landing on buildings (and anything else detected as floor by engine). - G forces effects while flying instead of static animation: DEV screenshots: Instructions: - If you want to fly, just wear jetpack using action "Turn On and take" and press turbo key default "shift". - For refuel/repair you need special items which you can find in empty objects "Jetpack and stuff" category. *Classnames riten_jetpack_bp - jetpack riten_jp_repair - repair tool box riten_jp_fuel - fuel canister *Actions Turn On and take - use to pick up backpack and "arm" engines, if you pick up backpack manually it won't fly. BP on chest - puts your backpack to chest Take off BP from chest - take off your backpack from chest repair - repairs jetpack if you are close to repair tool box refuel - refuels jetpack if you are close to fuel canister Changelog - v1 Public relase Credits: - BIS for tools and engine - Community for tutorials that helped me start modding - Scripts, configs, model and textures by me License: This mod has been relased under Creative Commons (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/), only for Arma 3 use. >>Subscribe<<
  5. In the spirit of previous posts about enabling other players to visit each other's shelter; it would be nice to see a shelter customization feature added to the game sometime. Something along the lines of craftable items such as carpeting, furniture and lighting using various materials. These items could also be found in crates, hidden across different maps or earned through in game challenges to act as trophies to be shown off. It would be cool to see a challenge system that as you complete them certain items are added to your in-house mantle above the fireplace and/or displayed on your loading character boarder. This could be a nice way to keep players interested in looting while in game after shelter upgrading is completed, which really is not that long. In a month or so we are going to see players with fully upgraded shelters that have no reason to loot and will just go around killing other players that are still working on upgrades. Could just be me, but I see the game turning from a loot-and-shoot to a full on PvP game if there aren't systems put in place to keep people interested in looting.
  6. Hello everyone! Today, I bring you FIRST CONTACT. The idea came to me a few years ago when I was playing Zeus with a few buddies, and decided to surprise them by bringing in "Aliens". What I did was use existing CSAT equipment but make them look a little Alien-ish. That's where the idea came from. In this mod, I re-purposed existing CSAT, BLUFOR, and Civilian clothing/equipment to somewhat make it look like an extraterrestrial force has invaded Earth, and humanity responded by forming the United Nations Space Force. This is still very WIP, but so far I have the essential units for both sides. Each unique in their own way. Later, I plan to add more unit classes, retexture BLUFOR vehicles for the UNSF, and to add variants of existing CSAT vehicles but with Alien crews. DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Hello, i want to edit Altis, and it would interest me very much how close in the future the source files are available.
  8. Axel Horh

    Project A

    In the summer of 2050 the Earth began to be on the edge of self-destruction. Civil wars, a battle for resources, poverty and hunger plunged the world into chaos. Before pressing the red button there were only a few days ... A year before these events, scientist Andrew Scott received a new element of Galaxios in the hadronic collider. This substance is the basis of all non-biological compounds. It became the basis of the new 3d printer, which Andrew Scott invented six months later. In the Azores he continued his research and created an autonomous dome with a capacity of 20 people. His fellow scientist Adam Horch created a teleporter. They gathered a group of enthusiasts and made a teleport to the Moon. After 150 years, their descendants received a radio signal from the Earth. Downloading the remnants of Galaxios in the teleporter they sent the expedition to the Earth. Start of project 04.06.2018. 11/06/2018 WIP 30/06/2018 WIP
  9. Hello, Im currently in Beta phase and i release my Stretchlimo know. Test it and gimme feedback. Thx What i change in the future? -physx - Custom Gatling Gun Sounds and more Planning: Stretchlimo without Gatling Gun : -New Texture -New Wheels -Maybe Community wishes :P DOWNLOAD
  10. Heyho, Im Marshmallow and work on a Stretch-Limo for Arma 3. I have 1 Car Into Arma (Gurkha RPV) and this is only In A3s (Arma 3 Survival). This here is my next car and i think...thats cool. You can see, i make Screenshots and modelling all self. Maybe i make a non armed version....hmm.. More as maybe. Im Sure :P But i have not many time at the moment. I work on a big Project and i work and so. Pls be patient. You can see my Status in the Screenshots. ________________________________________________________________________ Moin, auf deutsch fasel ich jetzt hier nicht so lange rum. Ich Arbeite an einer Strech Limo mit einer Minigun. Im Prinzip ist es nicht so schwer, noch eine ohne bewaffnung zu machen. Nur momentan fehl mir die Zeit. Ich Arbeite an einem weiteren Projekt und hab auch noch andere dinge zu erledigen, daher bitte ich um verständnis :) Ich werde nach und nach weiter machen und bin mir ziemlich sicher, das es bald auch ingame sein wird. Greez Marshmallow You have a question? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977337107/ Update 1: Update 2: Update 3: Update 4: (first test of Texturing) Update 5
  11. Hi guys, A friend and I have been talking about this quite a bit recently. The only criticism he had about the game was the setting. He felt it was a weird choice to set it slightly in the future he felt it was unnecessary and led to some weird weapons and vehicles. To an extent I agree with him BUT I don't mind It as much. We came to the conclusion that we hope the next one is set in the present day as technology and weapons seem to have come a long way since the arma 2 days and we would enjoy it more. Thays just our opinion. My actual question is what was the developers’ reason for the semi futuristic setting? Do we know anything at all about the future of arma? (Next game etc.) Thanks.
  12. linuxmaster9

    Arma 4 discussion

    This thread is about what I could see Arma 4 being. I am open to theories etc. Arma 4 would be running on either Unreal 4 or rewritten from the ground up engine wise and otherwise. The engine would use either Vulkan alone or support switching between Vulkan and DX12. Vulkan would be the ideal choice as it is truly cross-platform. The engine would be coded to support subterranean heightmaps and features as well as ponds and flowing water/rivers/waterfalls. The game would be written for Linux and Windows side by side as BI has essentially shot themselves in the foot by not keeping the Linux beta client up to date with the windows client as well as not having Battleye on Linux. This move has stunted any appeal the Linux community has for Arma 3 as they are by en-large, unable to play on the vast majority of Arma 3 servers. The engine would use AMD GPUOpen (or whatever they call it) technologies instead of the Nvidia Gameworks crap as Nvidia's technologies they provide seriously cripples anyone's hardware that is not Nvidia. The engine would use a different Physics engine other than PhysX. something like Bullet for example which is multi-platform. The engine would make use of OpenCL for heavy number crunching tasks. The netcode would be seriously reworked to improve network latency and efficiency. Arma 4 would continue to have the modding tools and community. If the engine was changed to Unreal 4, Vulkan and DX12 support would already exist. As would Linux and Mac support out of the box. The UE4 modding tools are exceptional and vast. Arma 4 would keep the day/night cycles and all the realism features but would add in many of the features found in the similar product known as VBS3 such as the flowing water, rivers, ponds, large models (eg; Royal Navy's Type 45 Destroyer which has full ship walkthrough and fully functional). Arma 4 would replace the aging VON system with an actual radio based system like what ACRE2's omnibus system is where the game server comes with the comms server included and each client automatically launches the comms client. some of the VBS3 features that would be ideal are the procedural snow accumulation which could tie into a rainfall system that links to the water table. This would allow there to be tides etc. Arma 4 should be the ultimate version of Arma.
  13. I was playing around in the Arsenal recently and got the following clothing and weapon set-up. I thought they looked quite Scifi/Future based and could be used for a number of scenarios and perhaps they can be a enemy to the ETA - Extra Terrestrial Adversaries mod by Sabre_Dust‎. Anyway here a few screenshots, if there is a enough interest i may release these as a small addon :) http://naf.8bit-online.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/arma3/arma3-2015-02-02-23-01-44-580.jpg (133 kB) http://naf.8bit-online.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/arma3/arma3-2015-02-02-23-04-08-191.jpg (115 kB) http://naf.8bit-online.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/arma3/arma3-2015-02-02-23-02-12-351.jpg (124 kB) Cheers R0adki11
  14. Operation Ligneous Steed by: Monsoon Hi everyone! Today I'd like to share with you a mission of mine that has a rich history dating back roughly 2.5 years. It was my biggest and most ambitious Arma2 mission, but when the Arma3 alpha launched development kind of trailed off. With the recent releases and updates to @MEC & @CUP I had most of what I needed to port the mission to A3. Ligneous Steed is a product of countless hours of planning, tweaking, and writing between myself and my good friend Unfrail. I hope you all find it challenging, interesting, and most of all fun. Please enjoy! Briefing CIA operatives have gathered intel from tribal leaders in Takistan concerning the whereabouts of a missing US Predator Drone. Several sources have confirmed that the now defunct aircraft is located in a fortified bunker in a Takistani held airbase outside of Rasman. Due to heightened foreign political interests it is impossible to deploy an overt military presence to reclaim the craft. CIA resources are spread thin and they are unable to mobilize within the time frame required. You and your squad are assigned to infiltrate and destroy the craft to secure these technologies from Takistani Hands. An operative safe house in Falar will be the rendezvous point. A small stash of munitions have been stockpiled and should provide the tools necessary to complete the mission with effect. The local population in Falar are cooperative to most extents, but the surrounding settlements are not counted as friendly and extreme caution should be taken in transit to the objective. Your recommended approach is that of secrecy. This is a clandestine operation, and your presence will not be acknowledged by the US government. It would be best if your presence was unknown to the Takistani government as well, however you are authorized to use whatever force necessary to complete the task at hand. Features: Story driven mission w/audio! (~2.5hrs) SRS revive script (optional) EPD IEDs (optional) TPWCAS supression system Random AI via DAC Squad respawn Tested in a SP/MP/Dedicated environment Required Mods: @AllInArmaTerrainPack @MEC (@cup; @asdg_jr; @cha_mi24; @rds; @rds_tank) @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh @akp_spotlight (PW6 Collection) Notes AI heavy mission; my i7 2700k 3.5Ghz server averages~50fps for the first part, and ~30fps for the second. On lower end systems this could potentially cause the AI to turn into potatoes. Low server FPS situations may also delay or completely screw up the convoy because the AI are horrible drivers. Download Steam Workshop Dropbox