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  1. Welcome to the forums Trenchcoat, and thanks much for this great contribution to the community. Since you hail from Wichita, here's a link to my favorite cowboy tune "Jack Straw" that contains the line "Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down". ๐Ÿ™‚ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCdXyj57HO0
  2. johnnyboy

    AZC JBOY Pain Mod

    God****it, AZC, you ****in' broke this sweet *** tourettes mod!!!! That was a feature!!! $!!##*****!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. johnnyboy

    Transport mission Livonia

    Put your markers in arrays, then use selectRandom to pick a random marker from the array. It would work like this: DropOffLocations = [drop1, drop2, drop3]; // assuming you named your markers drop1, drop2, drop3 _nextDropOffLocation = selectRandom DropOffLocations; // selects one marker from the array
  4. Hi guys, I'd like to be able to playsound3D the vanilla footsteps sounds (at a higher volume to re-use it for larget animals). Does anyone know the path to that sound file? Or what config command to use to find that sound? Thanks!
  5. johnnyboy

    Path to AI footstep sound fx

    Thanks EO and merci Pierre! I'm heading off on vacation for a week, and will look into your suggestions when I get back. I appreciate your help.
  6. Your can try the dog out in my new mission: Last Tango in Tanoa 2: Razing Cane. If you like JBOY Dog please rate this mission on Steam to motivate me to continue improving the Dog Scripts and creating more Dog-based missions. Now updated to Version 1.5 on December 21, 2018. Download link below is now for v1.5. Note: This is NOT MP compatible. I have no immediate plans of making it MP compatible. (Maybe this bold note will prevent this question being posted 100 more times...) Version 1.5 Video (Doggy Cam!) Version 1.4 Video (AI controlled sentry dogs): Here's my JBOY Dog script. Initial version released. Here's V1.1. video showing new features (New dialog menu from Soolie, Dog packs roaming and attacking). Version 1.2 Tracking scent trail and Swimming Download Download the zip file and unzip it into your missions directory. You can then try it in the Editor. Download Version 1.5 Basic Template mission from DropBox Missions Featuring JBOY Dog (play and rate these on steam if you like JBOY dog!) Shadow Fall (amazing campaign!) by @AZCoder A Man and His Dog (great Ravage survival mission) by @Stampede Last Tango in Tanoa: Episode 1: Missing Person by johnnyboy Last Tango in Tanoa: Episode 2: Razing Cane by johnnyboy Features: NEW: AI patrols can now use dogs to sense and attack enemies (v1.4) Dogs obey these commands: Heel - Dogs follow handler closely Move there - Point to a position and dog moves there Attack - Point to a man or animal, and dog will attack it Detain - Point to a man, and dog will approach and threaten man. Man plays surrender animation while detained. Stay - Stop the dog Sit - Dog will sit Fetch - Dog will retrieve small animals (rabbits, chickens, snakes) Get in Vehicle - Dog boards vehicle (currently only Offroads, APEX jeep, zodiac and hummingbird supported...more to follow) Get out/Disembark Track - Dog senses scent trails and follows the trail. Trails end at water or when quarry boards vehicle. SITREP - Dog barks. Useful when you lose sight of dog in dense jungle Dismiss - Dog no longer controlled by handler All dog commands can be issued by player or by scripted AI units. Voice commands use either custom voice commands by me (Johnnyboy), or any in-game language (English, French, Chinese, Persian) Voice commands may be quiet, normal or loud depending on combat mode (stealth, safe, combat) Handlers use hand signals also when commanding dogs Roving dog packs that hunt/attack animals and men when they are near. Vanilla dogs can't swim...JBOY dogs swim (while following handler in heel mode) Vanilla dogs die with one shot...JBOY dogs can take 2 or more hits. Vanilla dogs don't bleed...JBOY dogs have blood textures Vanilla dogs don't bark or growl...JBOY dogs do bark and growl Vanilla AI will not fire on dogs...JBOY dogs will be fired upon by AI if attacked by dogs Dogs boarding vehicles will lock cargo position in vehicle so AI boarding will not clip with dog Player can Heal dog Dog will detect enemies and point them out (stop, growl, and look in enemy direction) Ability to have a Doggy Cam display in player's HUD. Optional. Can be turned on/off via action menu. Planned Enhancements (I hope): Make it MP compatible. May be now...needs MP Testing! Any volunteers? Detect - Bomb sniiffing, drug sniffing, etc. Scout - Dog runs ahead and stops and points at enemy it detects Fetch any small object - Get my pistol boy! Get the Tactical Bacon! Improve AI firing on dogs. Unconcious mode for wounded dog, so you can heal your best friend. Make a kick-ass mission with Boomer at my side! Done! Twice! Known Issues: Credits: Soolie for beautiful Dialog menu to replace clumsy action menu AZ Coder for Doggy Cam script Larrow for his awesome utility for finding voice files in config. SuperTruite for his amazing particle effects utility KillzoneKid for help on forums and his awesome blog Cosmic10R for his DIK code based menu (very slick, but opting for addon free Dialog menu for now...maybe someday offer option for either) AZ Coder for some dog pack behaviour snippets and a few sound fx. Love the menacing growl I use for detaining perps! Persian MO for MP-proofing JBOY Chicken Nomisum: I borrowed some code snippets and ideas for using arrow helper objects as a scent trail to track. Thanks man! Grumpy Old Dude: For help with the smashed grass trail. Thanks to these guys for Testing and Feedback: Cosmic MP Testing of JBOY Chicken AZ Coder for implementing JBOY Dogs in Shadow Fall Version 1.5 Change Log Version 1.4 Change Log Version 1.3 Change Log
  7. johnnyboy


    Haha, glad my dogs are still doing their job and soiling people's shorts around the world! FYI: Regarding blood on dogs, there are two types. Blood on the face is good (it means they bit somebody). The dog is not injured in this case. Blood on the side (and what looks like a bullet hole), means the dog is damaged. Jboy dogs take 2 or 3 shots to kill (unlike all vanilla animals that die with one shot.
  8. That's great news ConthJon. Thanks for letting me know (I will have to check it out). I'm just happy you are using it, you did everything beautifully! Based on the screenshots, I can tell a lot of care and work went into building the locations.
  9. That looks really sweet bean-o. Very cool. Is it possible to attach to the chute instead of the player, for the player case? Or maybe in the player case you create an AI (set invisible and no voice) that you attach to player, and attach the _obj to the invisible AI. I've found attaching to invisible AIs useful in other instances. Also, I note that BakedBeans figure crucially into your script. Why am I not surprised. Happy New Year mate.
  10. Also, setVelocityModelSpace. Here's the example from wiki: car setVelocityModelSpace [0, 10, 0]; //pushes car forward in direction car is facing You can use the one time to bump an object in some direction. Or use it in onEachFrame as Grump suggested, to continuously move an object at a set speed.
  11. Man I wish I could think that deep <..but but but I made jboy finger!...>. You have some great minds opining here, so if anybody can do it you guys can. Good luck fellas.
  12. johnnyboy

    Non developer with Mod idea

    As EO said, well presented. I've see others in the past drone on with text about their dream mod/scenario they want someone else to build, and I never finish reading them. I think this presentation greatly increases your chances of someone taking a shot at it. Sounds fun. Good luck in your quest.
  13. Learn something new every day! I did not know about _forEachIndex!!! I've been incrementing my own index in these loops forever. Doh! Thanks Grump!
  14. johnnyboy

    Detach command delay

    You can give them a gentle push after detaching if you want gravity effect more immediate using setVelocityModelSpace. _unit setVelocityModelSpace [0,.5,-.5]; // a slight push forward and down
  15. I found these nice sounding music sounds in ARMA vanilla sounds. I think somebody could take the sample script below and create music by ordering the sounds correctly, with correct sleeps between sounds. Anybody up for doing that? If so, post your music creation scripts here, and we can have a little library of the music scripts. UPDATE 1/7/2020: @Tova and @Maff have created a brilliant script to convert the 7 notes into a full scale. See Tova's post below. It contains a great demo video and the scripts. With these scripts you should be able to recreate any music. Hats off to Tova and Maff! Sample script to run in console and hear the sounds: Credits: The smoke hiss and coughing sounds in background are from @aliascartoons awesome Leak scripts. I'm using these scripts in the mission I am working on, and also re-purposed a few of his sounds for the hookah smokers you see in the video (hopefully he approves! If not, I'll replace them with my own custom sounds.).
  16. Outstanding! Bravissimo! ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ That sounded perfect man. Very cool. Is the piano object from vanilla arma or some mod? The fact that you and @Maff provided the pitch conversion to get the full music scale is pure genius. OK ARMA musicians, Tova and Maff have done the work to give you the full note scale, so its time to make some music!!!!
  17. You are a generous man. Thank you! That's my policy with all my scripts as well. Anybody can use them in whole or cherry pick any part of them.
  18. Perfect! Agreed, totally worth it.
  19. Nice screenshot anyway. Another possibility is to create an invisible target in front of them. Be sure the target belongs to an enemy side of shooters, reveal the target to the shooters. DisabelAI "FSM", setUnitPOS "UP" and commandMove them to points ahead of them. They just might move and shoot. A guy can dream anyway.
  20. johnnyboy

    JBOY Scripts Compilation

    Added new scripts JBOY Finger and JBOY Squib to list in top post.
  21. A few people recommended I create a list of all my content/scripts, so here it is...(hope I remember them all ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Missions: Leper Island Property of Mabunga Last Tango in Tanoa 1: Missing Person Last Tango in Tanoa 2: Razing Cane Last Tango in Tanoa 3: Halfbag's Revenge (under construction) Scripts: JBOY Throw Knife JBOY AI CQB Movement JBOY Dog JBOY Point Blank Melee JBOY Speak JBOY Lip JBOY BBQ JBOY Squib JBOY Finger JBOY Dunk Tank JBOY Stationary Animal JBOY Beanbag Shotgun JBOY Longboat JBOY Burning/Exploding Barrels JBOY Combat Up Down JBOY Patrol Chatter/Lights On Off JBOY Shotgun Bush Destroyer JBOY Turbo Chicken JBOY Random Boat Patrol JBOY Fish Jump JBOY Fish School JBOY Speargun JBOY Birds of Prey JBOY Fly in Formation JBOY Stack Objects JBOY Fall From Vehicles JBOY Molotov Cocktail JBOY PumpkinHead JBOY Say Module Sentence JBOY Flattened Grass Trail JBOY Trail of Footprints JBOY Mabunga Voodoo Dancers JBOY Move Collection of Objects JBOY Calculate Intermediate Position JBOY Pain Grunt Fix Rooftop AI from being frozen in air when building destroyed
  22. Awesome added detail of replacing whole object with parts. That extra effort pays off in immersion IMO. @Kreyne in your case, you could sink the Steam Shovel via setpos with a negative z value, and use BIS_fnc_setPitchBank to tilt it. You could even simulate breaking the shovel in 2 pieces by tilting and sinking original shovel so only backend showing above ground, and creating a second steam shovel next to it that is sunk and tilted differently so only the shovel part above ground. And possibly add a couple airplane crater objects around it for rubble (filter objects with word "crater" to find these"). #ImmersionMatters!!!
  23. Perfect solution, all coded, and ready to use, with a bow on it! You should reward yourself and head immediately to a beautiful Tahitian beach! ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿบ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜Ž
  24. I'm improving my JBOY_Speak script, and want to include all the nameSounds (see old list under setNameSound). I want to add the French, Tanoan, Polish and Russian name sounds (if they exist). Note that this config query does return the orignal names like Snake, Bennet, Stavros, Wardak, etc. But it does NOT return any French, Tanoan, Polish or Russian names. Maybe there aren't any? _cfg = configfile >> "RadioProtocolENG" >> "Words" >> "Normal"; _arr = []; for "_i" from 0 to (count _cfg)-1 do { _word = configName(_cfg select _i); _arr pushback _word; }; copyToClipboard str _arr;
  25. johnnyboy

    [RELEASE] Colored Hexes

    Cool dude! I like it. And your name cracks me up. Sounds like something my older brother would call me growing up. ๐Ÿ™‚