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  1. Hahahaha, "AI Driving"....that's a good one! Welcome to the forums in general and AI driving hell in particular. You should be able to improve your situation by putting your drivers in a different group as the passengers, and setting the drivers' behavior to "CARELESS". This should increase their ability to drive under fire. Here's a link to a good discussion and a great video for how to get a convoy to keep moving under fire. Good luck man! You can also prevent the passengers fro dismounting under fire with this command: vehicle setUnloadInCombat [FALSE,FALSE]; // passengers and person turrets will stay mounted
  2. [Release] MIL_ClearGrass

    Our ruggedly good looking scripter from down undah strikes again! Good on ya mate!
  3. [sp camp] Gambit Royale

    Might be a problem with latest revision of Arma. I noticed a new bug in my Razing Cain mission after latest revision (an invincible gendarme was standing near a burning vehicle, it should have been a hidden unit that player never sees...something weird in latest update caused it).
  4. Here's the animation I'm using: [_dude, "AcinPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"] remoteExec ["switchMove", 0]; Looks pretty good:
  5. Libby Dubodd and Jerome Cabra are also excellent suggestions, and have made my short list! And makes me think of legendary ChupaCabras (mythical creatures, or possibly a show you can see in Tiajuana).
  6. That is going to be hard to top, and just made the short list! I'm just glad you didn't say AZZRahmeur (French?). Of course none of this reflects on AZ as these names were randomly generated. Keep the ideas coming gang!
  7. Excellent suggestions! Thanks! :)
  8. GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Damn, gc8, you are a frigging machine! Don't forget to eat and sleep brother. And whats the status on @froggyluv's fruity AI commander behaviour?
  9. Make ai say things

    These AWESOME tools are a MUST HAVE if you want to re-use BI in-game sounds.
  10. Simple Sound Browser

    Just found this. Thanks Rydgier, this is SUPER useful. Any chance you could add a string search capability to the tool? It would be nice to type in "explosion" or "briefing", etc, and have list of sounds filtered to the matching set. Just an idea man, its awesome as is... Also, people finding this post may be interested in @Larrow 's console based tool for finding sounds. This link finds in-game sounds that seems to include the one's found by @Rydgier's tool, plus many more: And this link finds all the AI radio dialogue sounds ("Return To Formation", "Halt", "Attack", "Roger", etc. for all AI commands and responses): The only drawback with Larrow's utility is it takes minutes to load all the sounds (and I have a new powerful PC). Rydgier's is super fast, but its loading fewer sounds so that is why. It seems to me that Rydgier's and Larrow's tools could be merged. And it could be super fast if Larrow's code was used to export all the links to the sounds to an array one-time, and save that array in a file that is used by this script and demo mission. This would eliminate the time needed to navigate/read all the Configs. If BIS releases new content, then the tool creator could export the array again and release a new tool with the latest sounds. Of course that is easy for me to say, and not do!!! :) Regardless, I am grateful to have both these tools available.
  11. Medievac graphics

    I get it now: The invisible object that you set textures to. Thanks.
  12. Medievac graphics

    Hey Haz, that was very creative man. Question: In this case, what is the "texture" object that you attached to the helicopter? I understand that this object was set to the icon texture first, but I think your example is missing a step?
  13. Purely coincidental my paranoid friend! Trust me!!!!
  14. Guys, I have a serious problem. I can't make any progress on Episode 3 of Last Tango in Tanoa, until I get past this big obstacle. What's a good name for this Goat Keeper character? He is the protector and keeper of one the last remaining "Leopard Goats" (an endangered species). I've got writer's block, so I am crowd sourcing this problem here. So far these are the only names I can think of: Zagoat GrumpyOldGoat LazyLarrow FroggyLuvsMeSomeGoats PierreDeChèvre GeorgeGídaBoy AZGoader GoatyMcGoatFace Phronkadelic Christine Lagarde Any others? Which name best fits this character's personality? Pick one of the above or suggest another. Legal Disclaimer: If the names above resemble any person or poster, living or dead, that is purely coincidental.
  15. Medievac graphics

    George is right: its pretty easy. I made the custom shirts and helicopter texture below using a very crude technique. This is how I did it. You either find the original vehicle texture and convert it to jpg first (or use your own pattern texture as base texture). In the screenshot below I have a basic tiger stripe texture set to prowler on left, and a crude number reference texture set to prowler on right: I want to place the Madagascar Flag texture on the back of the guy's shirt (below the 15), and on the right front door panel of the prowler (a little to the left of the backwards 6). You can see how the numbers texture gives me an idea of where to put the small texture in the picture file. You can do the same thing with the helicopter texture. In the Editor setobjectTexture to the numbers.jpg to get a good idea of where you want to place the red cross. Then make a copy of your base texture and cut and paste a red cross image in the location you want it, and size it. Then view it in-game to see if the red cross is exactly where you want it. It will take 4 or 5 tries to position exactly where yo want it. Here's my crude numbers.jpg file (you can download this from this link and use it if you like): And here's the Leapard pattern jpg after I pasted a Madagascar flag near the backwards 6 (to place it on door of Prowler): Here's the Leopard pattern with flag applied to position left of 15 to place it on back of shirt: In Editor, I update the init lines for the Prowler and the Unit to setObjectTexture to the new .jpg files, and view it in game, and they look like this: The above is my first attempt at placing the flag where I want it. The above needs work to be perfect (I need to rotate the flag images, and move the one on the shirt to the right to center it better). But you get the idea. I just used Windows 10 Paint for this example, but GIMP is better because you can have the small image on a layer to move around and resize. So that is Johnnyboy's super crude re-texture method. Hope that helps you or someone else.