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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Scripting This explains a lot about scripting for multiplayer. I can tell you from experience that without an understand of localities or client-server interactions, it will seem pretty confusing. But once you understand it (and it's not as difficult as it might seem at first) it becomes pretty clear how to write for a multiplayer environment. If you don't want to go through the whole page though there is a part that deals with remoteExec, and the wiki's entry for remoteExec is pretty detailed. Though one of the biggest things you can do to help yourself is to be aware of a command's locality for its arguments and effects, which are usually two icons of the top of a command's wiki entry ( e.g. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createUnit indicates that arguments are local and effects are global, by the icons at the top of the page).
  2. laserTarget should work. It returns an object (the laser target) and so you just need to grab that unit's position. How were you using it?
  3. A description of what exactly you are trying to do would help. "A laser designator script" is a bit general. For example i made a script for UAVs that can lock the turret on a target and feeds extra info to the user whenever the laser is active. There's also a few scripts based around using laser designators. Finding some and pulling them apart would also give you a better idea of what's needed and would also help you narrow down on just exactly you need to ask. Sometimes working out what you need to ask can be the hardest part.
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    No, as Arma 3 is not set in the present. But there are mods that cover that, and many other, time periods.
  5. @Gunter Severloh I've been here since almost the very beginning, started on the demo the moment it came out on CD (old PC PowerPlay) and the full game the moment it arrived in store, and ended up here shortly after. Seen many come and go, not always under the best of circumstances. It's nice to see recognition like this, like with Bushlurker's statue. Good post.
  6. Try grabbing them with nearestTerrainObjects if nearestObjects isn't picking them up.
  7. @GODSPEEDSNAKE Have you tried just turning them off? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switchLight
  8. beno_83au

    Units don't jump in paradrop :l

    I'm not familiar with the process behind IFA3's paradrop, but if the above is correct then just save the crew into a variable before they stand up, and use that with forEach. Just don't forget the difference between local and global variables and their usage.
  9. beno_83au

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    As an idiot when it comes to recording/YouTubing I can also vouch for OBS 😁
  10. beno_83au

    Ambient Sounds Script

    _cpbSoundNumber = random count _cpbSoundList; This is getting a random number that is almost always going to have a decimal, and I don't know how well select goes with that. But also, it looks like there's 9 sounds there (sorry, I'm on my phone) and so running random on 9 could result in a number greater than 8, which is a problem because arrays are counted from a 0 index. So if soundNumber were to be 9 (again, decimals and select, never done it) then select will try and select a non-existing array index. Easy solution, use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/selectRandom to pick the sound file instead of counting and randomising etc.
  11. beno_83au

    Working Explosion Effects

    I've used this to do breaching charges: "SmallSecondary" createVehicle _explosionPosition; Can't remember how I got it. It was ages ago but I probably just spawn a bunch of munitions until I got the explosion I liked, then check the ammo's config maybe?
  12. beno_83au

    Remove Item from Inventory

    Always check the biki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeItem Turning on showScriptErrors helps too.
  13. beno_83au

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I've used profileNamespace for persistence on a couple of coops. Works fine.
  14. beno_83au

    fade in from black with sound

    Yes - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/fadeSound Assuming you've already set it to 0 before hand, just swap your parameters above. I think that's what you're going for?
  15. I added my own key pressed event handlers. This is where I've taken my example from, in case you want to see it in action: But I had to add my own handlers for creating and deleting markers.
  16. Ok, thanks @sarogahtyp, you put me on the spot!! 😂 Luckily though, I've made two separate map controls in my time that both work well. I have a defines.hpp that, among other things, includes this: defines.hpp Then I've created a dialog, where the last class is the one that creates the map (idc 1029): dialog.hpp:
  17. Are you letting the download complete? I'm not sure if it downloads to the new location (HDD) or if the tool just moves the mod there after it finishes the download. I'm not entirely sure what the process is that it takes. But on one of my PCs I did have the problem that if my SSD didn't have enough free space for the mod then it wouldn't finish downloading and just fill up the SSD, whereas smaller mods would download and end up on the other drive. Maybe try a smaller mod first if that is the case.
  18. To be fair, initially I thought he was going for >= but just the experience of using the command helped. But I usually go to the wiki an embarrassing amount 😁
  19. Hello, been sitting on this one for a while now but here it is. This script will allow you to hit and sink the vanilla sub, HMS Proteus. Depending on where it is hit will depend on where it is simulated to start flooding, but will take the position of the last recorded hit when deciding where it "floods". Download the file MIL_SinkingSub.sqf from DropBox and place it in your mission folder. This needs to be run on the server and all clients, so to use this just run the below from init.sqf (or remoteExec it everywhere): nul = [_sub,_hp] execVM "MIL_SinkingSub.sqf"; _sub - the object/sub that needs to be sunk _hp - (Optional, default 1500) the "hitpoints" assigned to the sub Example: nul = [sub1] execVM "MIL_SinkingSub.sqf"; nul = [superSub,100000] execVM "MIL_SinkingSub.sqf"; This is a table with direct/indirect damage values for the weapons (taken from A-164) as a bit of a guide: Default - 1500 HP DAGR - [450,0] Shrieker AP - [435,0] Shrieker HE - [210,55] GBU 12 - [5000,1100] Guns - [180,4] And here is a video showing the effect of a sub sinking (this was taken during testing, but results are the same): The only issue I've come across while using this is with trying to lase the sub for a bomb drop, as the laser goes through the sub and registers the laser on the sea floor. So depending on how you approach, you might end up missing. NOT MY FAULT!!!! 😁 But I am open to suggestions on how to deal with that.
  20. @Rosso777 findIf returns -1 if none of those elements are found, so it'd read: > -1 As per the returned value from the wiki:
  21. beno_83au

    [Release] Sinking Sub

    @Play3r Ahhh so that was you 😄 It uses a "HitPart" event handler, so if an explosive/bomb/projectile/etc hits it, the script registers the damage. I'm not what the damage radius is of different ammunition though. Dropping some bombs as varying distances to see what effect it has might be a good little project for me tomorrow. If you were to sink it with a diver though, you'd probably need another method that allows you to attach a bomb to the sub as this was made with airstrikes/projectile weapons in mind. I know someone did that a while ago, but I just can't remember who it was right now.
  22. Assuming you name your group correctly it should be just fine: ({alive _x} count (units _group)) == 0 But, depending on what you're doing it might be better to use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/lifeState instead of alive.
  23. Yeah, once it's set up everything functions like normal.
  24. Yes. I keep this link bookmarked, it should still work. Step-by-step instructions in there for you:
  25. beno_83au

    Suggestions for DayZ game

    You guys really should read the thread before posting..... you'd only have to read as far as the very first reply.