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  1. beeper

    Sling Load Rigging

    What kind of reproduction you need? I think I can do it in editor, but how can I give you necessary data to work on? Make video or something?
  2. beeper

    Sling Load Rigging

    Hello again 🙂 Tried to evacuate crash-landed heli and have some issues, please look at 25.00 (may be still not HD) And from 15.30 Rigging hook attaching have not visualized in process of rigging, but it was, and rigging points was not at the vehicle but in the air. Heli was at some angle relatively at horizon, may be it is the reason.
  3. Got it. But, when gunner turning out, this happen. Is it possible to catch this event or something? Or it hardcoded some there deep in engine?
  4. Please help, my server crashes sometimes, silently, it's window just disappears, in rpt - Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at EE8A77B4 Can someone skilled look at RPT and crash dump? Thanks! http://beeperz.ru/arma/servercrash/arma3server_x64_2021-01-30_17-00-34.mdmp http://beeperz.ru/arma/servercrash/arma3server_x64_2021-01-30_17-00-34.rpt
  5. Please help, can not launch game with mod, it CTD with these last strings in rpt: 1:50:03 Intercept initialization part 1/3: 1 1:50:03 Intercept initialization part 2/3: true 1:50:03 Intercept Loading Plugin: SQF-Assembly 1:50:03 "Intercept: Load completed [SQF-Assembly]" 1:50:03 Intercept Loading Plugin: ArmaScriptProfiler 1:50:04 "Intercept: Load completed [ArmaScriptProfiler]" 1:50:04 Warning: 1004 ms spent in callExtension calling name: "intercept", function: "load_extension:ArmaScriptProfiler,\z\armascriptprofiler\addons\main\dummycert" 1:50:04 "Arma Script Profiler preStart" 1:50:04 "ASP: Selected Tracy Adapter" 1:50:04 Intercept initialization part 3/3: -1 full rpt: https://pastebin.com/FCbj9nv6 UPDATE I have change to profiling biuld and successfully connect to profiler. But now I need to connect to dedicated server, and no luck, RPT: 0:26:14 Initializing Intercept 0:26:14 CallExtension loaded: intercept (D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Intercept Minimal Dev\intercept_x64.dll) [�] 0:26:14 Intercept initialization part 1/3: 1 0:26:15 Intercept initialization part 2/3: true 0:26:15 Intercept Loading Plugin: SQF-Assembly 0:26:15 "Intercept: Load completed [SQF-Assembly]" 0:26:15 Intercept Loading Plugin: ArmaScriptProfiler 0:26:15 "Intercept: LoadLibrary() failed, e=126 [ArmaScriptProfiler]" 0:26:15 Intercept initialization part 3/3: -1
  6. Dedicated server put this string in logfile about 8 times per second 19:30:14 "FLS: Add action to player: <NULL-object>" (Спамит в лог несколько раз в секунду)
  7. Can I change side of vehicle (UAV)? I need to put AI in empty UAV but then I do it by previously created action with code createVehicleCrew _target; it creates enemy AI in uav. I look at console by "side cursorObject" on this uav and see EAST. Can I change it to WEST before put AI crew in UAV? It can be done by "UAV hack" command but I have not UAV specialist in mission.
  8. As I see, main turret of all tanks in game always stabilized, when gunner place is taken (turret always keep it's direction). Is there possibility to give gunner (or crew member) ability to disable stabilization of turret? When gunner "turning out" from turret (looks out from hutch by "ctrl+e"), this turret became non-stabilized, so I think it fundamentally possible. What happens when gunner turns out, and is it possible to create menu action (or ACE action) with this same effect? I have read wiki and found "stabilizedInAxes" description. Can it be used for this? Which syntax is right for action creation? I guess it some like player vehicle mainturret setvariable "stabilizedInAxes" 0 (not right syntax of course, just keywords). Please help, thank you!
  9. I talk about engaging any vehicle which players disembarked from freshly, read carefully. Attack from heli it's just example, it can be any AI unit - tank gunner, or even personnel with AT. I interested only of mod author's opinion, and not somebody assumptions about author's opinion. Especially: ORLY? ))) And this is only mods I left besides my modpack (because of server - launcher data limitation) FRESHLY DISEMBARKED! Goddamn you kidding me. It's meaning not to attack any opfor vehicle, empty or not, only spotted with players or already engaged. It's situation possible in any mission.
  10. It "doesnt permit" many things, that is why mods exist. I doubt you (and anyone) can define that. It is just suggestion, and author will decide. And i see it as needed Don't get it. Only I can say - I hosting dedicated with about 40 mods (including this, VCom, etc) and never seen CPS less than 40, even on complex missions like KP liberation (about 5mb of script files). Moreover, this function can be optional. Depends of realization.
  11. Thank you for this work! Small suggestion, may be you want to do some about this situation: bots don't attack vehicle, which players just disembarked from, so it's provoke some "cheating" way to save vehicle from attack - for example, AI's attack helicopter engaging players in tank or APC, players just disembark from their vehicle (if they have time) and AI loose interest to this vehicle, but in real situation pilots must destroy vehicle, whenever it have crew or not.
  12. Please help, I added some action to all vehicles by: _action = ["actionname", "Make some", "", {My code}, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; ["AllVehicles", 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], _action, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; It's working, when I come close to vehicle and activate ACE menu. How can I make this action also be then I get in vehicle (as driver, gunner, anybody inside)?
  13. Thank you! But I found some init strings of a3w in scripts\server\init_server.sqf, do I need to insert them too? I have vanilla KP Liberation.
  14. I don't need in-mission included squad management, I want to use defined in mission.sqm squad structure, so players will not need to join to group, they will play in group which they have chosen at lobby (as in vanilla game). Which code I must to correct to disable that squad management system? Thanx!
  15. Is it possible to take Dynamic Sides Missions from your build (which initialization strings and files/folders I need?)? I want to install it to KP Liberation on my private dedicated. Thank you!