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  1. I do so already 🙂 but as mod it will be MUCH easer!
  2. Is there mod version? So tired to integrate to every mission we play at our coop server.
  3. Thanx for answers all, but I have bad fps even starting same mission locally on my computer itself. Looks like it's not network dependant. We play Liberation, and FPS drops when I look at big city when enemyes already spawned there.
  4. I host dedicated server at standalone computer (i5, 8gb ram, GTX660) in my local net, behind the router, port forwarded. So I connecting to this server directly to 192.168.0.... , and my friends connectins from outside through internet. They have normal playable FPS, but not me, I have drops even to 10 FPS, despite I have i5, 16Gb ram, SSD, GTX1060 6Gb. In RPT file I have spam of: "23:29:13 Object id 9f6c9121 (289) not found in slot 402,251 23:28:06 Link cannot be resolved 23:28:06 In last 3000 miliseconds was lost another 2 these messages." In task manager all resources (CPU, GPU, RAM not used even at half). Server config: hostname = **** passwordAdmin = **** password = ***** kickduplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; persistent = 1; admins[] = **** enableDebugConsole = 1; forcedDifficulty = "custom"; forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; class Missions { class kp_liberation { template = "kp_liberation.lythium"; difficulty = "custom"; }; };
  5. Same thing, all the mods give signature mismatch after update (both client and dedicated server was updated). (RHS, CUP, many more)
  6. Is there some mod which enforces AI, sitting in vehicle, to auto repair, rearm and refuel it's vehicle then it stands in area of repair/fuel/ammo container or vehicle? I'am play KP Liberation as commander and so tired to do it by myself.
  7. Please clarify - where are whitelist file and place to add items to it?
  8. Please add cargo load )
  9. Please have look about this, may be it is mission glitch? Also I have strange long explosion series of civilian cars, it can explode like this many minutes:
  10. Looks like that, but I don't maker of this mission, it is KP Liberation. Good hint, if this "loop" can't be disabled by another way, I do so.
  11. Thanx all! What about constant repeating "taking command"? It is so annoying :) Can it be mission (we play KP Liberation) bug or what?
  12. I play on my dedicated server with friends vs AI enemy (CTI), and have some strange behavior of my AI controlled units. I have AI controlled M4 Scorcher at deep rearward in my squad (I am squad leader), and it have order to "stop". If I die at fight, this unit starts to repeat something like "taking command" constantly, and sometimes start to moving to battle front. Both of occasion is negative, can I prevent this? Until I die, all is ok.
  13. Bug found on Chernarus Redux:
  14. I tried it in chernarus, but train not moves. I do something wrong or this map rails not supported?