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Found 11 results

  1. AWESome : Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow Makes ARMA 3's flight environments more realistic (GWPS, wind effect, etc.). Recommended to use with ACE since it will enable ACE Interaction instead of vanilla actions and give more specific weather data on ATIS. This addon is SP/MP capable and basically works as a client-side mod, and gives some additional features when used on both client/server. Although this addon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, feel free to contact me if you need any code from this addon for applications. ---------------- Features 1. Voice Informer, GPWS(Ground Proximity Warning) GPWS(incl. Voice Informer) has three modes: B747, F-16 and Rita. B747's GPWS has more familiar sounds from commercial airliners including altitude informers during landing. Suitable for large transport or support planes. F-16's ♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty GPWS includes missile warning and other sound-warnings (voice informers). Gives basic warnings such as: Counter; Warning; Caution; etc., and is suitable for fighter planes. Rita is a Russian voice informer which works similar to ♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty, but speaks Russian and has fewer features(it's mainly because I don't speak Russian, and therefore I can't find enough sound files). You can set default setting for GPWS in addon settings which will override plane's default GPWS mode setting and set GPWS mode to what you want when getting in a plane. However, if someone with this addon is in or has been in the plane, the GPWS mode will not change and stay as it was. 2. Realistic Aerodynamics (drag, lift, etc.) Basic drag model is replaced with an enhanced model so that it better reflects the drag in real life. This will generate drag that's much more complicated than a simple polynomial function and create many effects such as the so-called 'Sound barrier'. Vehicle's fuel status and weapon loadout will now affect mass and aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, resulting in high aerodynamic drag and lowered stability when armed heavily. This also brings air density and wind into consideration. Air density is calculated based on altitude, temperature and humidity which gets more accurate if ACE3 weather is used together. Can enable/disable at addon settings (enabled as default), and effects of wind can be adjusted with "Wind Multiplier" setting. 3. ATC (Air Traffic Controller) Radar Screen Shows friendly & civilian planes on map with name, speed, altitude, and heading. Useful when commanding multiple planes. Information lines are consisted of the following three lines : Pilot's Name or Callsign Speed Altitude Heading(deg) Pilot name/callsign setting and units for speed & altitude can be changed at addon settings tab. Supports kph/knot for speed and meter/feet for altitude. Note that unit callsign uses the unit's group ID and therefore cannot distinguish between planes in a same group. To enable this feature, you need to add the following code to the target object's init field: [this] call orbis_atc_fnc_addRadarScreen; 4. ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) Plays ATIS radio broadcast using real in-game atmospheric data. Provides wind, visibility, etc. Temperature, dew point, QNH will be provided when ACE Weather is enabled. With basic settings, ATIS provides real-time data, but with addon setting changed, ATIS data should be updated on ground To let the controller manually update the data, disable 'Real-time ATIS data update' option in addon setting, and add the following code to the target object's init field: [this] call orbis_atc_fnc_addATCConsole; 5. Ground System Provides towing vehicle & system for all planes. Works in MP and does not require other players to use this addon for towing their planes. Offroad vehicles are used as towing cars, and can tow planes by deploying towbar via Interaction / Action outside the vehicle. Once the towbar is deployed, place target plane's front gear at the end of the towbar, then use Action to connect target plane to the towbar. After towing around, stop the vehicle and disconnect target plane using Action. NOTICE : moving too fast may occur collisions, so drive with caution when towing. 6. Cockpit Utility Adds camera shake feature reflecting the vehicle's speed and status including the touchdown speed, and checklists feature for fixed-wing pilots which provides decision speed, rotate speed, landing speed and many more automatically filled in. This helps pilots to check if they have anything forgotten and gives reference speeds for takeoff and landing. ---------------- Issue Tracking To report issues, please use Github's issue tracker https://github.com/mgkid3310/AWESome/issues ---------------- Steam Workshop You can subscribe this addon on Steam Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1301399507 ---------------- BI Forum thread For more specific update notes, please visit BI forum thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/217012-awesome-aerial-warfare-enhanced-somehow/ ---------------- Authors (Contributors) Orbis2358 (mgkid3310@naver.com) : Project Manager & Programmer
  2. Ms. Booty Twish

    Report System

    Been playing this game for months on various accs and I will admit, I am impressed and wanna give kudos the player base as I rarely run into toxicity, BUT nothing is perfect so I have a humble suggestion to please add a easy-to-use coherent report system in-game. I have ran into a rude player on PS4 who literally harassed me after killing me and I feel he is breaking code of conduct and should be punished. Such behavior should not be tolerated in ANY game and feel Vigor should be no exception. The game should be enjoyable to all and players should be expected to act in a respectful manner. Please consider adding a report system, the only type of games that should not have report systems are single player games, but Vigor is purely an a online game with multiplayer and as such should be monitored. Thank you for your time Devs. I love the game overall!
  3. Hi everyone i have an issue making a simple money script / function in my mission. I'm finding the syntax of SQF and SQS difficult to understand or comprehend in comparison to languages like java and C#. I used this sample below as a baseline but the guy who responded didn't tell the OP of that forum how edit the value of your "Bank" right now I've created a object of money with an add action that adds money to my Currency variable, but now i want to extend that to the death of 'X' unit and i came up with this. To some this code might be laughable but i don't understand why this doesn't work when executed via a units init. Any input is appreciated. _man = _this select 0; while {alive _this} do { if (!alive _this) then { //GoldCurrency = GoldCurrency + 1000; hint"DEAD"; }; }; Many Thanks -Irish
  4. Access Points A simple to use system which allows mission makers to easily setup access points that allow players to reach places they wouldn't be able to normally reach (but should) *whew*. Why'd I make it? Because Tanoa looks pretty, but the skyscrapers don't have interiors, making players unable to access the rooftops by foot. Download: http://files.bitdungeon.org/arma/AccessPoints.Tanoa.v0.3.zip Multiplayer Compatible! Updated on 6-9-2016 Demo Video License http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html Setup Preliminary: Copy the "AccessPoints" directory into your mission. Copy the "execVM" statement into your mission's "Init.sqf". 1. Find yourself a nice building that you want to rig. 2. Place a trigger that you want a player to enter to access the roof. 3. Resize the trigger to better fit the doorway (optional) 4. Change the "Text" attribute of the trigger to follow the format "AccessPoint_UniquePairNameHere". This distinguishes this access point pair from the others. 5. Apply the change to the trigger text. 6. Copy the trigger (or create a new one, if you hate yourself). 7. Paste the trigger at the position you want players to be able to access. 8. Tweak the rotation and scaling of the new access point to your heart's desire. 9. Start the scenario and test it out! 10. Boom! That's it! You got it done like the badass you are. Changelog
  5. This is just a simple ATM/banking system that I'm working on for use for future missions, figured it would be useful to some people so why not release it and give it a little flexibility. Currently only works on user placed ATM's. Installation/Demonstration: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gcti9ys0wjwyj52/BUF_ATM.rar?dl=0
  6. Hi guys, A recent development branch update introduced, among the other things, new recoil mechanics. It should significantly improve the unique feeling of every particular weapon when firing. We put a great emphasis on the specific aspects of each weapon in particular to bring you the most authentic shooting experience we could get from mouse and keyboard. As always, every civilized and constructive feedback is indeed very important to us and so we would like to encourage you to discuss your opinions, feelings, expectation and experience with the feature itself and real weapon behavior as well for comparison. We will carefully monitor and process all your feedback to make sure that the feature is properly tuned and optimized for the release of Marksmen DLC. Thanks in advance, and see you at the shooting range.
  7. Hello, I would like special vehicles store in garage system and cleaner. Altis Life v5. Garage system: When vehicle storing to garage and if vehicle is not empty (any loot or resource in trunk or vehicle inventory) it must be stored in this garage and not allowed to retrieve it from another garage. Cleaner of left things: Every 15 min. server makes list of loot and vehicles on the ground (left players objects). If after 15 min. the inventory item or vehicle was not picked up or there was nothing players around 150 meters: -loot delete -vehicles goes to nearest owner garage This cleaner could save fps of servers. I would be very grateful if you could write a script or link to similar project. Thank you.
  8. Hello, For some reason, my Healing system is not working when the player's legs are hit .......... Can someone help ? While {True} Do { WaitUntil {Alive Player;}; Sleep 1; While {(damage player) < 0.1} Do { Sleep 1; }; Heal_Act = Player AddAction ["<img size='1.0' color='#FFFFFF' image='Images\heal_ca.paa'/>","Heal_System\Action.sqf",[],-100,False,True,"",""]; Player SetDamage 0.26; While {(Damage Player != 0.25) And Alive Player} Do { Sleep 0.1; }; Player SetDamage 0; Player RemoveAction Heal_Act; };
  9. QS_fnc_clientVAS2VA = { /* File: fn_clientVAS2VA.sqf Author: Quiksilver Last modified: 22/12/2015 ArmA 1.54 by Quiksilver Description: Transfer loadouts from Virtual Ammobox System to Virtual Arsenal ________________________________________________________________*/ if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; if (!isNil {profileNamespace getVariable 'QS_VAStoArsenal'}) exitWith {}; profileNamespace setVariable ['QS_VAStoArsenal',TRUE]; saveProfileNamespace; private [ '_index','_vasLoadout','_vasLoadout_title','_vasLoadout_primary','_vasLoadout_launcher','_vasLoadout_handgun','_vasLoadout_magazines', '_vasLoadout_uniform','_vasLoadout_vest','_vasLoadout_backpack','_vasLoadout_items','_vasLoadout_primItems','_vasLoadout_secItems', '_vasLoadout_handgunItems','_vasLoadout_uItems','_vasLoadout_vItems','_vasLoadout_bItems','_headgearTypes','_headgear','_gogglesTypes', '_binocularTypes','_binocular','_export','_data','_newName','_namespace' ]; _index = 0; _headgear = ''; _goggles = ''; _binocularTypes = ['Rangefinder','Binocular','Laserdesignator','Laserdesignator_02','Laserdesignator_03']; _binocular = ''; _namespace = profileNamespace; for '_x' from 0 to 24 step 1 do { _vasLoadout = profileNamespace getVariable [format ['vas_gear_new_%1',_index],[]]; if (!(_vasLoadout isEqualTo [])) then { _vasLoadout params [ '_vasLoadout_title', '_vasLoadout_primary', '_vasLoadout_launcher', '_vasLoadout_handgun', '_vasLoadout_magazines', '_vasLoadout_uniform', '_vasLoadout_vest', '_vasLoadout_backpack', '_vasLoadout_items', '_vasLoadout_primItems', '_vasLoadout_secItems', '_vasLoadout_handgunItems', '_vasLoadout_uItems', '_vasLoadout_vItems', '_vasLoadout_bItems' ]; { if (['H_',_x,FALSE] call (missionNamespace getVariable 'BIS_fnc_inString')) then { _headgear = _x; }; if (_x in _binocularTypes) then { _binocular = _x; }; } forEach _vasLoadout_items; _export = []; _export = [ [_vasLoadout_uniform,_vasLoadout_uItems], [_vasLoadout_vest,_vasLoadout_vItems], [_vasLoadout_backpack,_vasLoadout_bItems], _headgear, _goggles, _binocular, [_vasLoadout_primary,_vasLoadout_primItems,((getArray (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> _vasLoadout_primary >> 'magazines')) select 0)], [_vasLoadout_launcher,_vasLoadout_secItems,((getArray (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> _vasLoadout_launcher >> 'magazines')) select 0)], [_vasLoadout_handgun,_vasLoadout_handgunItems,((getArray (configFile >> 'CfgWeapons' >> _vasLoadout_handgun >> 'magazines')) select 0)], ['ItemMap','ItemCompass','ItemWatch','ItemRadio','ItemGPS'], [(face player),'',''] ]; _newName = format ['%1 (Imported %2)',_vasLoadout_title,_index]; _data = _namespace getVariable ['bis_fnc_saveInventory_data',[]]; _nameID = _data find _newName; if (_nameID < 0) then { _nameID = count _data; _data set [_nameID,_newName]; }; _data set [_nameID + 1,_export]; _namespace setVariable ['bis_fnc_saveInventory_data',_data]; saveProfileNamespace; }; _index = _index + 1; uiSleep 0.1; }; }; Compile(final) that function with the CfgFunctions library (or whatever compiler you use) and call it in player init (such as initPlayerLocal.sqf or init.sqf). Will run only once per profile. I'm not sure if BI changed the ordering of their Virtual Arsenal inventory loadouts regarding magazines, that could be an issue, someone would have to doublecheck how Arsenal saves/loads inventory, as this function may predate those changes. There also may be a new Laser Designator or Rangefinder class with Apex, if anyone knows the new ones, I'll update the post with it. Use like this: comment "Insert the below line into initPlayerLocal.sqf or init.sqf or wherever your client files initialize from"; call QS_fnc_clientVAS2VA;
  10. AegisWolf

    Race Systems

    Are the Kart Race systems (Race-Lineup, Race-Checkpoint, and Race-Finish) broken? I can't seem to get them to work, the More info tab just has you connect them to a trigger with an area, the location of neither purportedly matters.
  11. if your kicked or banned will you be able to see the same server you where kicked from on the server list or not? I lost session don't know why then I don't see the that server. did I get kicked or banned?