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  1. AegisWolf

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Love the shotguns, wish we got a few more for the basic factions, both standalone, and underbarrel.
  2. I've been unable to load any virtual arsenal loadouts which have a suppressor anywhere but applied to the weapon. Is that intended? EDIT: Wrong thread, doesn't concern the actual assets.
  3. If the black Mk. 200 variant is intended for the LDF, there should probably be a red-tracer-ed ammunition option for it.
  4. AegisWolf


    Three things: 1) Players need to be the "soldier" class from Zeus, with the medic and engineer attributes, otherwise we're hobbled if we pull a class that has a toolkit or medikit. 2) The uniform standards need to be expanded to all uniforms for a related faction, pilot overalls, ghillie suits, etc. 3) The up-armored tank variants, both of the Rhino and the Slammer, should be available to NATO.
  5. @nodunit Is there any possibility or intention for an interface that would allow us to access the pylon settings from within the game, without resorting to scripting? Maybe ammo trucks or weapons trolleys?
  6. I play a lot of public Zeus on the official servers. Even when I play modded Zeus, it's a bit of a hassle, usually involves relaying pylons through the Zeus. Just seems like something that makes sense for it to be in the game, would benefit the game, and would probably not be extensive to code. (though I could be wrong on that last point)
  7. I'm somewhat disappointed that even though they're revisiting Jets, there is still no way to adjust an aircraft's pylons within a game. Ammo trucks, or even the decorative missile bomb/trolleys would be perfect for this, and allow people playing in any non-premade-scenario game to adjust their loadouts, and actually use some of these new weapons.
  8. AegisWolf

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    I love the work that's gone into the interiors. They're gorgeous. One problem: screens/reflections at night. Everybody suffers from this, including aircraft and helicopters, but it seems especially pronounced in some of the new vehicle interiors. If you're using night vision to look out one of the new drivers' vision blocks, it'll often catch glare from the screens presenting you information, and/or any gunfire your tank is unleashing. This can make it very difficult to see at night. The gunfire reflection is unrealistic for obvious reasons, the screens for the fact that screens like that are going to have an NV-compatible low-light mode. Even civilian glass cockpit displays, now, have this, not necessarily for NVGs, but to simply not be brighter than the environment exterior of the vehicle.
  9. AegisWolf

    Tanks - Autoloader Wish

    That, and they're much easier than an autoloader to replace.
  10. I'm not sure how I feel about introducing a learning AI to Arma. xD
  11. AegisWolf

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Well, that's that.
  12. AegisWolf

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Arma 3: Anatomy Infantry DLC
  13. AegisWolf

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Yeah, OK, we're on a short tangent. Discussion of APS requires discussion of aircraft armament and tactics, and possible necessary changes. Nobody's expecting or hoping the Tanks DLC to actually include more air assets, beyond tweaks to already existing assets in the accompanying base game patch. Yes and no. Comanche's heritage certainly sticks out. NATO doesn't really have a heavy attack helicopter, no. However, they have an attack helicopter drone, with Apex. BI may intend NATO to go for the drone partner tactic for rotary wing aviation: Blackfoot acts as spotter and leader, and lets the drones take the risks in the attack. Yes, DAGR are based on what is essentially simple guidance kit for a Hydra 70 rocket. Yes, they can come with HEAT warheads. Is this likely going to penetrate a tank? Maybe the top or rear armor, maybe not. Unless otherwise stated, I've been assuming that weapons like this are HE-Frag. I'd draw a parallel to 40mm grenades. We don't assume those are HEDP, right? Otherwise they'd be going right through MRAPs.
  14. AegisWolf

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Comanche was originally intended to replace the Kiowa, not the Apache. It was eventually scrubbed with the end of the Cold War and the advent of drones which could do the same job, with less personnel risk. The fact that it was originally intended as an armed reconnaissance helicopter is obvious in Arma, with it's rather light, though effective armament. Whether or not the default loadout can hack it is a moot point, as BI is going to make the loadout editor available in-game any...day.....now....... (right?...Eventually?) If DAGR can't overpower APS and destroy an MBT, as I do not think it should anyway, then the Blackfoot would have to resort to the same 2-step solution as the infantry: 1) Disable the APS turrets themselves with either autocannon, or DAGR or DAR that the APS will not intercept, no longer being a threat to the tank itself. 2) Attack the tank directly with Scalpel. Honestly, if they give us another aircraft DLC pack, I'd love a NATO heavy attack VTOL (Think stealthy Apache x Osprey) and a CSAT answer to the Blackfish, a super-heavy lift helicopter, like an updated Mi-26, (or -12) in addition to a non-stealthy/ESSS/DAP Ghosthawk loadout.
  15. AegisWolf

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    You do bring up a good point, in that DAGR would probably be the best weapon for a helicopter to take on a tank with, at least without taking on the APS with the autocannon, first. DAGR are pretty simple, IRL, they're not top attack, and they wouldn't carry a very big warhead, but in Arma, their damage stacks, even against armored vehicles. That might be a problem for the implementation in-game. It's a weapon that is unlikely to pose a serious threat to a tank's armor IRL, but does in Arma. If the devs have APS engage the DAGRs, odds are the DAGR will just run the APS out of interceptors, then kill it anyway. If they don't, it'll still be able to kill the tank with what seems to be a fragmentary warhead. Devs could maybe either reduce the number of DAGRs carried on a single pylon, or change the damage model of DAGR, so they only do superficial damage to tanks.