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    Save Vehicle After Restart

    I found a solution, there is not need any help.
  2. Hello, I would like special vehicles store in garage system and cleaner. Altis Life v5. Garage system: When vehicle storing to garage and if vehicle is not empty (any loot or resource in trunk or vehicle inventory) it must be stored in this garage and not allowed to retrieve it from another garage. Cleaner of left things: Every 15 min. server makes list of loot and vehicles on the ground (left players objects). If after 15 min. the inventory item or vehicle was not picked up or there was nothing players around 150 meters: -loot delete -vehicles goes to nearest owner garage This cleaner could save fps of servers. I would be very grateful if you could write a script or link to similar project. Thank you.
  3. Valdas Stonkus

    Save Vehicle After Restart

    I have the same problem, after server restart, vehicles that are not stored in garage, just disappears. I use Altis life v5. Your provide script not working for me. Could you help me ion this please?