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Found 10 results

  1. AI REVIVE/HEAL SP/MP Last update 26th/11/2018 Hi all, Here is a script to allow AIs reviving and healing bros, according to parameters. This works in SP or MP. Compatible so far with AI RESPAWN script (see tag) Don't override the respawn system (MP) Incapacitation: This script relies on incapacitated status for players or AIs. This status is created when not existing (SP, or MP Ais) to allow revive scenario. parameters: REACT / HEAL DELAY / AI CAN REVIVE / KIT NEEDED / NEED MEDIC / AI CAN HEAL EXTRA GRP / BROS / WHITE FLAG ON MEDIC IN ACTION Parameters can be added to description.ext, class Params, just add what you want in classes: "react" "bleedOut" "noReviveForAI" "AiKit" "AiMedic" "bros" "whiteflag". So you can choose them while in lobby. Anyway, if you pass parameters calling the function, these params will override the lobby ones (except for bros class, see below). Code must run on all PCs. So, init.sqf, (trigger, non-repeatable, condition true)... Totally reworked (see below). EDITED: version with added parameter (see spoiler above. Should work fine in MP. Feedback welcome. Added possibility for multiple call lines. Last version with waypoints instead of domove + added parameter "white flag". Added one check more for distance form medic to wounded. What's a bro? - A bro is a unit (AI or player) who can be revived while unconscious, if some conditions are met (hard coded like within 200 m of another bro, or configured). In case of several healer candidates, the closer is elected. - That's also a unit able to heal unconscious unit (SP/MP) under the same conditions. But here, player(s) are not engaged in the process. They can heal but if an AI meet the conditions, this one will start the process. So, healer/healed is the same family: Bros. In which, the players are free to heal or not. How bros work (7th param or description.ext param class: bro ) - in SP, bros are switchable units by default. You can override this, passing a 7th param when calling MGI_fn_Revive, as shown in example (last code line). - in MP, * if bros class is present in description.ext, you can't override it; You have to choose one of the two settings: playable units or side player. Your description.ext should look like this (specifically for bros class): Bros = all players as default parameter means you can have different side and bros can heal anywhere.. if conditions are met. Keep on mind that disabled AI (slots) in lobby don't have existence and playableUnits = allPlayers (all playing guys), and not all playable units as in editor. So, each time you can let the slot as AI enabled, it's better. The list is updated anyway. The other possible parameter is set as WEST here. * if these parameters are not fine for your scenario, you can modify the bros class but you have to change the working line referring to your values: In the main function MGI_fn_Revive, look for: if (MGI_bros isEqualType 0) then { MGI_bros = [switchableUnits+playableUnits, WEST] select ("bros" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue); <<<<< THIS LINE CAN BE MODIFIED: [<your default array of bros>,<another choice>] select ("bros" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue) } else { MGI_bros = _MGI_bros }; * You can also delete the bros class in description.ext, and sets the 7th parameter as shown in the following example: [nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,east] call MGI_fn_Revive; This way, here EAST will take place of the missing (and non over-writable) bros class. The other parameters are set to nil, for not overriding the other existing classes. * Don't forget, there is nothing mandatory, neither description.ext parameters, nor function parameters (See default above). You can add any unit in "bros" team, just setting a variable: yourUnit (or cursorTarget) setVariable ["passedBros",true,true]; Extra Examples: call MGI_fn_Revive // parameters are default ones, or defined by your description.ext: standard usage in MP (allowing parameters in description.ext) [nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,east] call MGI_fn_Revive; // MP reworked/added side , class bros removed, other classes in description.ext [30,60,true,0,false,1,independent] call MGI_fn_Revive; // this will override the mission MP parameters in lobby, except the independent if bros class exist! Better usage for SP or even, in MP: [nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,west,false] call MGI_fn_Revive; sleep 2; [nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,east,false] call MGI_fn_Revive; Don't forget! bros class must be inactive/deleted in description.ext
  2. Hello, I am not too sure about the vanilla system regarding first aid kits, but as I understand it, if a player that is not a medic and does not have a medkit tries to heal himself or someone else with a first aid kit, then he should only be able to restore his health to about 75%. If you want to return a player's health to 100%, you should be healed by a medic with a medkit. I noticed on my missions that all players were able to heal themselves to 100% using first aid kits. I checked that this was indeed the case by using a little mod to show the health status, which can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1250429186. I am running a few scripts, but there is nothing that I implemented that should affect this. Is there a setting somewhere where I can change it back to the the vanilla system or a script that I can implement to force the system that I described above? Thank you
  3. Good evening everyone, I was making a mission but i'm kinda stuck at some point of the code. Would really appreciate some help ^^. Idea of the code: - Create an addAction on a vehicle instantly healing the crew (or just the injured soldier inside the vehicle), - addAction should only be visible (or activated) by medics who should be inside the vehicle to activate (that last part works with a 2m radius for the addAction), - Code for a multiplayer mission. Current code (in the init of the vehicle, vehicle name : "healing_vec_2") : this addAction [ "Heal", { {[objNull, player] call ace_medical_treatment_fnc_fullHeal} forEach crew healing_vec_2; }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 2, false, "", "" ]; Current issues: - I have absolutly no idea how to condition on being a medic in order to see the action, - (Only tested it on an IA inside the vehicle), apparently it only works on the player activating the action, the AI still had the legs injured. Any idea how i could rewrite this code to make it work? Thks for the help everyone!
  4. Hi all, Here is a new mission for Iron Front AIO at Omaha Colleville (CUP terrains). The SP / MP revive heal should work fine! Have fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1537586400
  5. Hi all, Mission coop for 9 max at SHAPUR, but can be accomplished in SP. SP or MP with HEAL & REVIVE feature for AIs and player(s)! Yes! In SP, you don't die. AIs fellows can heal you as you're unconscious. If not, you'll respawn after 2 minute bleed out. You can save them as well. Your mission is to hold the factory as Alamo point. You can enable/disable Arsenal crates for players. See on Steam for all required mods (R3F except bugged R3F objects, RHS, CUP terrain for Shapur, EricJ talibans for uniforms) . Have fun! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=539562506
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first mod in ARMA 3 ... I call it Arma Trainer and Enhancer (ATE) ... This is the first version ... This mod is meant to be used ONLY in single player campaign and missions ... I advise you NOT to use it in Multiplayer ... This mod will: 1- Add a box to your screen ONLY while you are truly playing ... To make this box appear you MUST move ... If the mission started and you NEVER move, then the box will not appear ... Sooooo, MOVE to make the mod work. The box will contain a list of cheating option to be used while in "game". Elapsed time "playing" in a mission. Your kills. Your squad call sign. Number of alive members in your squad. List of alive members in your squad (unit number + name + current health + current stamina). (Check Note-1 below) List of dead members who were in your squad and now there are dead. (this might not work in some vanilla ARMA campaign missions). 2- 3D mark different players with different colors (blue: BLUFOR or friendlies ... red: OPFOR or enemies ... Yellow: Your own squad members) ... These 3D markers will not appear if the unit is more than 800 meters far from you ... These 3D Markers will appear ONLY ONLY IF the units KNOWS about your presence in the area ... So, if there is an enemy unit walking nearby and there is No 3D marker on that unit, it means that unit is still not aware of your presence ... You can toggle these 3D markers ON or OFF ... These 3D markers are meant to enhance the "game" and bring some balance to your "playing" experience while you fight these crazy AI units. I know, some people will not like this feature, some will like it, so, it is up to you: like it or not like it ... You can toggle these 3D markers ON or OFF by pressing [ Insert ] on your keyboard. 3- Add the missing feature in the vanilla ARMA 3, which is: Auto healing ... This mod will add a healing round to your squad every 2 minutes ... If the unit get wounded and the health is less than 75, then the unit will heal "himself" only if "he" has a Medikit or First Aid Kit, otherwise, healing will depend on the presence of Combat Life Saver nearby (range of 300 meters) ... If the unit is wounded and has NO Medikit nor First Aid Kit and there is a Combat Life Saver in range of 300 meters, then the Combat Life Saver will move to get close to that wounded unit and heal "him" (of course this is ONLY IF the Combat Life Saver has a Medikit or First Aid Kit, if not, then forget it, that wounded unit will not get healed) ... This process keep repeating every 2 minutes ... I hope you understand the auto healing process of this mod ...Now you can forget about ordering your squad members to heal themselves, because they will do this by themselves and/or the Combat Life Saver will do his job without waiting for your orders ... Isn't that what we all wanted ?? Now you have it. The cheating options available are: Markers: ON/OFF. God mode : ON/OFF. Stamina: ON/OFF. Weapons sway: ON/OFF. Weapon recoil: ON/OFF. Grass: Visible/Hidden. Animals: Visible/Hidden. Infinite Ammo: ON/OFF (Check Note-2 below). Toggle the mod box. (Show or hide ATE box). Open Virtual Arsenal. Note-1: Health of wounded units will appear in yellow color. This will make you aware of which units are wounded in your squad. Note-2: Unlike some other mods, the infinite Ammo option in this mod mean REALLY INFINITE, everything will be infinite, ammo, grenades, rockets, explosives, on foot or as Car or APC or Tank or Aircraft gunner, and also drones ... ALL infinite ... Just make sure that you switch Infinite Ammo option to ON. Installation: ------------------- 1- Download the RAR file from the link below. 2- Extract the content of the RAR file into your ARMA 3 directory. 3- Make your ARMA launcher load this mod ... There are many threads in this forum explaining to you how to make ARAM run with mods. 4- Play a campaign mission or some other community created mission, and when the mission starts, MOVE yourself, and ATE will start working and the box will appear ... Enjoy. To Do in near future: -------------------------------- 1- Add Virtual Garage. 2- Add auto re-arm feature to AI units of your squad (everybody is tired of babysitting AI units :P) 3- Add Grenade throw notifier. (this is damn hard) All thanks to tRiKy_ch ... He is the one who guided me in the right direction to improve my skills in making this mod. Download here
  7. I want to make a MP mission for some friends and i want to make so a player has to heal a AI that have been shoot. I have <pilot setdamage 0.8> on the AI unit (pilot) inside unit init field. without the <> :) and this inside his INIT also [pilot, "PRONE_INJURED_U2", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; I have a trigger that has this in COND: damage pilot ==0.2 ( i have read somewhere on the WIKI that a medikit heals 0.75 %) on ACT : pilot switchmove "UnconsciousReviveDefault_B"; have also tried pilot playmove "UnconsciousReviveDefault_B"; and pilot playmovenow "UnconsciousReviveDefault_B"; He does not play the last animation, do i need something more to make it work ??
  8. This is something I wanted to post several weeks (months?) ago, but never got to do. It's a series of scripts, single and packs, that some of you might find useful. Beware that some of them aren't properly tested or simply unfinished (meaning that they basically work, but might contain bugs as aren't properly tested or developed). I'll tag those as I list them (and as I remember). -- MAP AI RUCKSACK - WW4 v1.0 REQUIRES: MapFact's rucksacks - WW4 Gives rucksacks to WW4 units and allows them to use the ammo stored there when needed. Every time the unit runs out of ammo it'll check its rucksack. If compatible mags are found it'll proceed to use the rucksack the same way a player does (crouching, etc). If no magazines are found and the unit has a LMG it'll ask to his mates for ammo. If any other unit in his group has compatible ammo that will be auto-magically* transferred to the unit requesting it. Tents, etc aren't supported by this script. Only rifle, pistol, etc mags and grenades (hand, smoke, launcher). *This is done to prevent breaking missions, scripts, player orders, or simply to avoid AI units pingponging between locations. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jwdzaj12bpspvbt -- HEAL GROUP v1.0 This script pack will automate the healing process of a whole group, as long as there's a medic in their group. It is initiated by selecting the corresponding option in the player's action menu. When using the MapFact's rucksacks - WW4 addon, units lightly damaged will try to heal by using their own bandages before calling for a medic. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?93ks69dru11n1s9 -- kVEHICLES v0.1 Unfinished/Untested Several fixes and features related to vehicles in OFP. FEATURES - Replaces empty vehicles with clones, to force AI units in the player's group stop firing at it - Crew bails out if vehicle can't move, can't fire or has no ammo - Cargo of land vehicles dismount if vehicle is hit or in danger - It might work in MP (I'm not sure if I included it in this version) IMPORTANT: In kVeh\start.sqs you'll probably want to change this: kVeh set [ 0, "wgl_units"] to this kVeh set [ 0, "list allUnits"] Or whatever array you use to keep track of all units. This is needed in order to vehicles to know when they're in danger DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?98ck2f6aewysu2b -- WGL AI RUCKSACK v1.0 Allows AI units to use items stored in their WGL rucksack. Every time the unit runs out of ammo it'll check its rucksack. If compatible mags are found it'll proceed to use the rucksack the same way a player does (crouching, etc). If no magazines are found and the unit has a LMG, MG or some type of rocket launcher it'll ask to his mates for ammo. If any other unit in his group has compatible ammo that will be auto-magically* transferred to the unit requesting it. Bandages and other items aren't handled by this system. Hand grenades (explosive and smoke) are, though. *This is done to prevent breaking missions, scripts, player orders, or simply to avoid AI units pingponging between locations. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bi15575ln8w3y3a -- REASSIGN WEAPONS WW4 v4.2 This had its own thread somewhere, but I'm adding it here for convenience. Equips individual units or whole groups with predefined sets of weapons. The weapon sets are based on the ones being used by the different types of WW4 units. It can also equip high dispersion (HD) ammo, suppressors, night vision goggles, antimaterial rifles (for the snipers) and grenade vests or flare pouches (for the grenadiers). CHANGELOG: DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?af5f2gjl4ycc62h -- kFLARES v1.0 The passed unit will be equipped with a grenade launcher and flares and will shoot them during nighttime if it detects enemies close DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3ttaelx2na4dopy -- kINFOSHARE v1.2 Allows group leaders to automatically share information about enemy units with each other. The distance at which they can transmit this information will depend on their side and wether or not they have an RTO or a vehicle with a radio in their group (in this case they can transmit to all friendlies on the map, without distance restrictions). Singleplayer and multiplayer. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/download/isz92piv9bawpe8/kInfoshare_v12.zip -- REFILL CRATE WW4 v1.0 Refills crates or vehicles with ammunition (and weapons) associated to a given side The type and amount of ammo and weapons to be used as cargo is predefined in the code You can fill a cargo with ammo and weapons from several sides at once. You can also fill it as many times as you want from a single call, or fill it only with high dispersion (HD) variants of the ammo DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qdbejdjsj2868k0 -- BAS STAND AND CROUCH v1.0 Modification of the BASriverStandup.sqs script Original script by Rom These are two separate scripts, one for stand up and the other for crouch. Periodically forces all the units inside a trigger area to crouch, and reverts them to auto when they are outside. Those units that can't stand up (hurt legs), are inside a vehicle, don't have any ammo left or are players are automatically excluded DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?g7lkx5sv39a71go -- WALKERS MANAGER v1.0 Standalone version of the CivPopulate script Adds a unit to the walker manager The walker manager then will take care of moving them around at random intervals to random positions [i just noticed I didn't include a proper readme for this, so I'll post the instructions below] INSTRUCTIONS Put this line somewhere (like in init.sqs): [] exec "walkersManager.sqs" Add this line to any units you want to walk randomly (values are just examples): [this,getPos this,30,"full","careless"] exec "addWalker.sqs" It has this format: [<unit>,<current position>, <wander range>,<speed>,<default behaviour>] exec "addWalker.sqs" DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?0623ap6rnp5q114 -- HD AMMO WW4 v1.0 Changes every magazine of any array of units to its HD (high dispersion) equivalent, if it exists DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?vcyfkgrokcusldm -- That's all, folks.
  9. HI. Im new to arma 3 scripting language. Im trying to do a simple task with triggers. what i need to type in initialization, to set my objective as succed if i heal a teammate(pilot1)? im trying something like if (damage pilot1 < 0.25) then {this}; its my last attempt, and i have many wariations of it, but i failed every time. I would appreciate any help! :)
  10. Hello, For some reason, my Healing system is not working when the player's legs are hit .......... Can someone help ? While {True} Do { WaitUntil {Alive Player;}; Sleep 1; While {(damage player) < 0.1} Do { Sleep 1; }; Heal_Act = Player AddAction ["<img size='1.0' color='#FFFFFF' image='Images\heal_ca.paa'/>","Heal_System\Action.sqf",[],-100,False,True,"",""]; Player SetDamage 0.26; While {(Damage Player != 0.25) And Alive Player} Do { Sleep 0.1; }; Player SetDamage 0; Player RemoveAction Heal_Act; };