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  1. samir17864

    UAV drone altitudes

    I found this in the CFG file: What I need is help to make a mod that alter these altitude options.
  2. Hello everyone, I want to ask about the UAV drone AV terminal: These altitude menu options, where I can find its source? is it a dialog or a display or what ?? I mean can it be found in CFG file, or in sqf file , or in hpp file ?? I tried to search P drive for something that leads me to where I can find the source of this menu. My goal is to make a mod that change these options to: 1- COPY GROUND (50 M) 2- VERY LOW PROFILE (100 M) 3- LOW PROFILE (250 M) 4- LOW COMBAT ALTITUDE (500 M) 5- MIDIUM COMBAT ALTITUDE (1000 M) 6- HIGH COMBAT ALTITUDE (1500 M) 7- VERY HIGH COMBAT ALTITUDE (2000 M) I know there are mod out there that let me set the drone altitude to these values, but I am talking about altering that specific AV terminal menu when the player right click on the arrow head and access the NAVIGATE MENU.
  3. samir17864

    Zeus curator attributes

    Never mind guys, I solved it, like this: _Curator = group player createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F", position player,[],0.5,"NONE"]; _Curator synchronizeObjectsAdd [player]; _Curator setVariable ["Addons",3,true]; _Curator setVariable ["Owner","objNull"]; _Curator setVariable ["vehicleinit","_this setVariable ['Addons',3,true]; _this setVariable ['owner','objNull'];"]; unassignCurator _Curator; _Curator addCuratorEditableObjects [allMissionObjects "all",true ]; player assignCurator _Curator; adding the curator to the group of the player made the attributes show up.
  4. I have this script to add Zeus ability to the player: _CuratorGroup = createGroup sideLogic; _Curator = _CuratorGroup createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F", position player,[],0.5,"NONE"]; _Curator setVariable ["Addons",3,true]; _Curator setVariable ["Owner","objNull"]; _Curator setVariable ["vehicleinit","_this setVariable ['Addons',3,true]; _this setVariable ['owner','objNull'];"]; unassignCurator _Curator; _Curator addCuratorEditableObjects [allMissionObjects "all",true ]; player assignCurator _Curator; It works well ... But I cannot access the attributes of the units when I double click. something like this: How I can enable access all attributes BY SCRIPT ??
  5. Hello everyone, Is there a way to execute a script (for example: hint "new weapon added";) when a new primary weapon (any weapon) is added to the unit (player) using the command addWeapon? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeapon something like this: when_weapon_added {do this};
  6. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part20: Q&A 1- Will this mod work for multiplayer missions ? NO. 2- Will this mod work for Apex Protocol campaign missions ? NO, because Apex Protocol missions are considered multiplayer even if you choose SOLO. 3- Is it possible to modify this mod to make it run in multiplayer missions ? Anyone can do that; it is just 2 lines of codes to be removed and it will work for multiplayer. But it is a cheating mod, no one will accept cheating in multiplayer environment. 4- Do I need CBA for this mod to work properly? Yes , for advanced optics addons , you need CBA. 5- Will this mod work for saved games ? Yes , if the save was done after installing the mod. For missions saved before installing the mod, it will not work properly. 6- What are the factions supported by this mod ? For now, the mod work well with the vanilla version of Arma ... I will need some time to make it support community created factions. 7- Will this mod affect the performance ? Definitely yes ... You can imagine how many calculations needed to be made every frame to make things run as intended by this mod ... However, I tested it with ALL campaign missions, and the game seems to run smoothly.
  7. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part19: Advanced Optics This mod will add 3 advanced optics to your equipment selection: - Advance LRPS. - Advance Night Stalker. - Advanced NVG. Each one of these will come with 6 different night vison modes.
  8. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part18: Artillery Strike ... CAS Same as paratroopers drop, these strikes can save you in hard times ... For artillery you need first to open the dialog and select the platform, then close the dialog, then point your weapon on the target and press Alt+DELETE , and that target will be erased from this world 😉 for CAS, use Ctrl+Delete.
  9. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part17: Virtual Arsenal ... Garage No need to talk a lot of about these, you will have access to the Arsenal and the Garage in all places in all times in all missions.
  10. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part16: Paratroopers Drop This is a crazy feature, I made it just for fun and laugh ... When you want to clear an area from enemies, and you find yourself desperate, send powerful squad of paratroopers on that area and they will clear it for you ... Point your weapon cursor on the desired area and press INSERT on the keyboard and see by yourself ... The paratroopers will not leave the area until it is really clear from all enemies, otherwise they will remain there (so you might need to interfere and help them somehow). You cannot send 2 squad of paratroopers at a time. If the markers is set to active, you will see a parachute icon on the spot where they will be dropped. See these picture:
  11. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part15: Flare This mod will give you the ability to illuminate an area at night. I was inspired by the work of other mod developers and included this feature in this mod ... My advice is to flare an area maximum twice at a time, because I noticed that a 3rd flare will have bad effect. See these 2 pictures:
  12. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part14: Environment No need to talk much about these. The player can try it and have a lot of fun.
  13. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part13: Player Cheats ... Squad Cheats Should I explain what are these? 😊 When you set squad member to be INVISIBLE, then they will be really invisible, no one can see them including the real player (only markers will help you to know where they are) ... But when the real player set himself to invisible, then he will be able to see himself (otherwise how he will be able to play?).
  14. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part12: Markers This is the top feature of this mod; in fact, I start making this mod all because of this feature. By default, the markers are off. And by default the distance is set to 1500 m ... When the player activates the markers, he will be able pin the location and see markers on most important object in the game: human or vehicles. Someone might say, this will ruin the whole game ... and that is correct! Guys, I know it is cheating. as I said before, I made this mode to help new players to understand the game and enjoy it when they first play it. This is why I made this mod work only in single player environment. Anyway, Marker range can change from 0 meters up to 9000 meters ... Player can choose what to show, human markers and/or vehicles markers. Colors of the markers is the same standard used by the game: Blue - For BLUEFOR Red - for OPFOR Green - For Independant Purple - For Civilians. For human it will show the names, for the vehicle it will show the type. The player color will be Yellow ... Why??? I set the real player color to be Yellow so that the player can distinguish himself from AI players. This is important when you fly a drone and use UAV camera to view the battle field. Markers will also show the mines even if you don't have mines detector. Take a lock on this picture:
  15. samir17864

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    Part11: Player Teleport ... Squad Teleport ... Map teleport This mod contains powerful teleport feature: The player can teleport to where his weapon cursor is pointing by pressing HOME on the keyboard ... If the player was pointing his weapon on a building, then he will be teleported to the top of that building. Sometimes teleporting on top of some buildings will make the player become stuck and cannot move! Easy to solve, just teleport to another location. Squad members can be teleported to where the player is pointing his weapon, by pressing Alt+HOME ... However, Squad members will not be teleport on top of the buildings. I teleport myself (as player) to a position by pressing HOME, and then I point my weapon to the ground between legs and teleport the squad by pressing Alt+HOME. There is also map teleport. When the player opens the map and wanted to teleport to a specific location, easy, just move the map big crosshair to point on desired location and press HOME. I will also make a video on this feature.