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  1. ok i will try to upload to steam
  2. Hi everyone, The original version of Arma Trainer and Enhancer is HERE This is new update for Arma Trainer and Enhancer (ATE) ... Version 1.3 Fixes: 1- Now, you don't have to move in order the ATE box (window) to appear. 2- Updated Markers option to: OFF - KNOW ABOUT ME - ALL SEEING EYE (Yellow for your squad - Blue for friendlies - Red for enemies). Also if any of your squad mates has health less than 75, the markers will be with red circle) (KNOW ABOUT ME: will show markers when any other player is aware about your presence). (ALL SEEING EYE: will show markers of all players even if they are not aware of your presence). 2- Added: Virtual Garage - Pressing Ctrl + Print Screen will open Virtual Garage. 3- Added: Compact Box - This will remove the list of cheat hotkeys. 4- Added: Elapsed time - This will show how many minutes you have been playing since the mission started. 5- Added: My kills - This will show how many players you killed in the mission. 6- Added: My Squad - This will show your squad name and how many players still alive in your squad. 7- Added: List of alive players in your squad + health + fatigue. 8- Added: List of dead player from your squad. Infinite Ammo option in this mod mean REALLY INFINITE, everything will be infinite, bullets, grenades, rockets, explosives, on foot or as Car or APC or Tank or Aircraft gunner, and also drones ... ALL infinite ... Just make sure that you switch Infinite Ammo option to ON. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ynzy3qhu529sy4/20181228021602_1.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/xebefxnjhqy0cu6/20181228021638_1.jpg Installation: ------------------- 1- Download the RAR file from the link below. 2- Extract the content of the RAR file into your ARMA 3 directory. 3- Make your ARMA launcher load this mod ... There are many threads in this forum explaining to you how to make ARMA 3 run with mods. 4- Play a campaign mission or some other community created mission and enjoy. Download Here
  3. I have no idea if t is possible to change VAA key binding ... As far as I know, U is hard coded within the code of VAA.
  4. Centollo James, By default VAA can be opened by pressing U on your keyboard ... but I made ATE open VAA with PAUSE, because some missions use the U key for other purpose, or, some missions disable the use of U key.
  5. Hello Centollo James, Now I was able to repeat the problem you are facing ... Without VAA mod running with your game, then pressing PAUSE will NOT work ... You can download VAA from here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26269 Download VAA mod, and run Arma with CBA + VAA + ATE and check if your problem will be solved.
  6. Do you have Virtual Arsenal mod installed ?? Try to run ARMA with CBA latest version + Virtual Arsenal latest version + ATE and see if everything works fine. Also try to run ARAM with only CBA + Virtual Arsenal (without ATE), play any official mission and try to open the virtual arsenal by pressing U, if it load fast, then it is ATE problem, if it remain take time to load or not loading, then there is something wrong with your ARMA installation. Finally, try to update and verify your ARAM files from inside steam.
  7. I downloaded the Hetman War Stories ... I already tried to play it, and ATE is working fine with it ... The whole concept of this Hetman War Stories is not clear to me, it seems like generating random missions ... I tried the Hetman War Stories with and without ATE. If you like, I can record a video to prove to you that it is working. There will be a new version of ATE coming soon ... Right now, I am working on AUTO-REARM for AI units plus adding some other enhancements, like >>>> user key bindings, compact box, clear destination, super health for squad teammates. I will be glad to hear any suggestions to improve ATE.
  8. Regarding Zeus, I think you mean, make the player have access to Zeus with all addons and unlimited resources, even if the mission disable access to Zeus, right ?? Anyway ... Right no, I am working on auto re-arming ... I want to end my headache of AI units NOT auto re-arm.
  9. (it keeps loading the virtual arsenal and never loads.) this sentence is very confusing to me. I tried to play duws, and when I press Print Screen the Virtual Arsenal will open and I can load whatever weapons and items I want. Have you tried to test ATE mod with any official ARMA 3 missions ???
  10. Right now, You cannot change the key bindings, because it is hard coded inside the mod script ... I think it is good idea to give the player the ability to set his own key bindings for the cheat options in ATE ... You can hide the box of the mod by pressing PAUSE on your keyboard, so that the box will not bother you. You can switch the 3D markers ON/OFF by pressing INSERT on your keyboard.
  11. Hello everyone, Now I will start to think about the best way to make squad teammates (AI units) re-arm themselves without waiting for player orders ... Please give me some time.
  12. Alright ... I will upload it now to Armaholic.
  13. This is V. 1.1 Changes: 1- Wounded teammates will have red circle in the 3D Marker, this will make it even more easy for the player to recognize wounded teammates. Download Here
  14. I did not understand your post. Please explain more.
  15. Have you tried to use it with any ARMA official mission? The 3D markers will NOT show up, until the AI unit is AWARE of your presence (mean: they know that you are somewhere nearby), otherwise that unit will not be marked. BLUFOR units will be marked in BLUE, OPFOR will be marked in RED, your own squad members will be marked in YELLOW. Your squad members will always know about your presence so yellow markers will always be there, all this is true if and only if the distance between you and the AI unit is 800 meters or less. Any AI unit more than 800 meters will NOT be marked (including your squad members). See the screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nef3fivoavopdoo/20180826233435_1.jpg Keep in mind: when AI UNITS know about your presence it DOES NOT mean they immediately see you, it means they know you are there somewhere nearby!! And, this will make them RUN + HIDE + TRY TO SPOT YOU, and believe me, they WILL spot you fast ... So, when you see RED markers: HIDE yourself immediately or go prone. The reason for making such mod is not to ruin the game, not at all ... I made this mod to help new "players" to try to understand the game and understand what is going on ... A lot of new players fade up with the game fast, because they get killed so easy and so fast, and they keep repeat and repeat without success, so they fast fade up and stop playing the game ... So, these markers and this list of cheats, will help them, to get used and enjoy the game at least in the beginning. The potential of this mod is not just about cheating and markers, it is about AUTO HEALING.