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  1. Sparker

    Removing Dependencies from a project

    Hi, go to main Workbench window, at top-left click Workbench->Options, and there you can add or remove dependencies. Eventually they are stored in .gproj file.
  2. Sparker

    Ultra newbie question

    Hi, indeed there are many components and it's true that many of them are not documented externally. I think best options to figure out what a component does is this: - Components themselves might have a brief description of what they do if you hover on them in 'Add component' tab. - Component properties might have description if you hover on them - You can try to open script file of that component, it might be documented there. - Look up how it's used on an existing game feature or prefab (although I am not sure what's best way to find prefabs using a specific component). Also, the nature of a component is that it can be attached to any entity, but in some cases it might make no sense because it requires some other component. Imagine if you create a component which just moves entity along a line, then you could attach it to anything, not necessarily only to a group or waypoint. Another approach is to start with question "what do I want to achieve", instead of looking at a thousand of components, then ask that and one of devs might point at required components or solution.
  3. Hi, recently mod IDs have been added to the online Workshop. So, you need to find the mods you need and copy-paste the mod ID which looks like this: 59771059868B6FF2 https://reforger.armaplatform.com/workshop/
  4. Hi, what world are you using? According to how you describe the AI movement it seems like the AI navmesh is not present for that world or is broken for some reason. In that case AIs don't know where they can or can't go and just move in a straight line.
  5. Hi, I needed similar functionality recently and indeed PointInfo crashes for me as well. Looking at the scripts, PointInfo as attribute is never used in script, but only as attribute in C++ - defined components. I assume that such usage of it is not supported. So here is my workaround. Not perfect but at least something with visualization. It renders a helper shape while in workbench at the position of that vector offset. // This all is in a component class. //But for entity class it is also possible to use same approach. [Attribute()] protected vector m_vDeployablePosition; override void _WB_AfterWorldUpdate(IEntity owner, float timeSlice) { // Visualize the deployable position vector deployablePosWorld = GetOwner().CoordToParent(m_vDeployablePosition); Shape.CreateSphere(Color.RED, ShapeFlags.ONCE, deployablePosWorld, 0.05); }
  6. Sparker

    Really really simple feature request

    Hi, you can remap that key: In workbench main window go to Workbench (in the top bar) -> Options -> Shortcuts -> World Editor -> Exit Play Mode, and remap it to something like Shift+Esk.
  7. Sparker

    Unable to update a scenario

    Hi, Please ensure that the preview image of the scenario, the one which is specified in the mission's .conf file, is inside your addon. It must not be some image from another addon or from arma reforger itself. Also please check that the mod preview image from the publishing dialog exists. There you can use jpeg or png image.
  8. Glad to see Overthrow back! I played it a bit with a friend and we liked it so far. A few weird bugs I have discovered: - There are some ammo boxes in Morton with free weapons (AK-74 and a handgun). I am not sure where they are exactly, since I was able to access them through inventory while being in a fairly large area (hundreds of meters!). - I wasn't able to figure out where the items are transferred once you purchase them in a shop (I tried gun shop and general shop so far). The money is withdrawn, but I can't see the items in my inventory.
  9. Sparker

    Reported mod not intended

    Hi, yes, use the 'reported' filter in Workshop, then you can open details page of that mod and unreport it.
  10. Sparker

    Generated scripts?

    Hi, those auto generated script classes expose internal C++ functionality so that it can be used in Enforce Script.
  11. Sparker

    How to use mods on Xbox?

    > 1. You open Game Master (singleplayer) They are not specific to Game Master, mods are enabled when you launch any scenario in singleplayer.
  12. It will, but since current implementation relies on ray casts with one degree direction step (or so, I don't remember), it will just miss most of the air targets at big distance. It's meant to make images of large surfaces, not detect single targets. For that we could just transform every target to local coordinates and plot it in UI.
  13. Hi, I think you can set range up to 400 meters, or does it not work? Also I think that available range settings are here, but I barely remember the code at this point: https://github.com/Sparker95/Arma-3-Ship-Sonar/blob/c87c9deb2f238e5ad7bf1bdc10d39a923d34c392/ship_sonar/functions/fn_preInit.sqf#L21
  14. Hi! The workbench can be downloaded from Steam, it's called 'Arma Reforger Tools' in 'Tools' section.
  15. Sparker

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Hi, I was playing the Extraction scenario and I quite like it. Anyway, I have a bug report for you 🙂 We had an assassination mission (target was the ex-KGB guy) and a clean minefield mission. We decided to clean the minefield first, and then headed to the assassination destination. The target was nowhere to be found. We installed a debug console mod and I figured out that the guy... walked all the way from his town to the minefield. 😄 Tazzarine was the minefield location. And the town at the top-left was the assassination location. I am not even sure why he decided to walk there. When we headed for the minefield place, we flew several KM around the assassination place.