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  1. Sparker

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    Sure you can write to me on Discord 🙂
  2. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Recently a YouTube content creator HzzBo made a great review of Vindicta: We don't have any video material of our own, but I think that if we were to create one, it would look like this 🙂 . If you ever passed by this page but didn't want to go through the wall of text in the first message, you can check the review to get an impression about our game mode.
  3. Sparker

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    This is a fully scripted solution to solve the problems of UI element positioning and size. It's up to you how to set event handlers of your controls and how to decorate them: - You can use arma's standard Rsc... config classes and create elements according to them, then register them in the grids. - You can create your own GUI element config classes, then create elements in code and do the same. - You can also customize the elements (event handlers, color, text size, etc) by SQF code when you create the controls. There is no 'export this to config' button, the goal was to get rid of horrible configs for size and positioning :).
  4. Sparker

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    Hey, so I guess you're the first person to try the test code? I'm glad that you are enjoying it 🙂. Thanks for the error report, I've fixed the issue, make sure you update the code from the repository. I didn't notice it because I was testing the code with a call compile ... of the files, instead of spawning the code. In this case the game doesn't report unknown variable names, unfortunately 😕 and I totally forgot that
  5. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Hi Andy, I don't know why you decided to cross post here from the steam thread if I have answered there a few days ago. If you really want to talk we have a Discord server where we manage most of our comms, the link is in the first page of this thread or at the steam page, and you are certainly welcome to join there to talk to other Vindicta players. Anyway, regarding ACE, if anyone else is wondering: it is modular and you can tweak most of the settings. You can also delete lots of .pbos from ACE folder and it will work without these parts. You can certainly delete the stamina and medical parts. Vindicta only needs the ACE Cargo, ACE lockpicks, and ACE gestures, and maybe a few more, but certainly not those which handle how your character behaves.
  6. Intro The idea of a GUI layout manager is simple: instead of using raw coordinate values we can use sets of rules and let the system calculate UI element positions and sizes for us. Just think about how mobile phones scale their apps for different screen sizes and orientations, or how web browsers manage page layout. GUI Layout Manager for Arma 3 This layout manager is written in SQF. It supports several sizing and positioning options for rows, columns and elements inside cells. Just watch the video: Summary of supported layout rules Column/row sizes: absolute and relative Cell content sizes: absolute and relative Cell content positioning: relative and snapping to borders Content margins: Layout Example For example, this is how the code for the following GUI looks like: https://github.com/Sparker95/Layout-Manager/blob/master/tests/example.sqf Source code and docs Please check the GitHub page to get the code or documentation: https://github.com/Sparker95/Layout-Manager https://github.com/Sparker95/Layout-Manager/wiki/1-Basic-concepts I hope this helps someone in GUI adventures. So far I have seen zero people who like to do positioning of GUIs for Arma (including myself), I really hope that this code changes it!
  7. I don't think you have the right to either ask for something or to complain so much about a piece of work people do voluntary in their spare time. Also, ACE is modular. You can run ACE without the medical module if you want to. Probably explosives could be disabled as well, but I am not entirely sure.
  8. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Hi, thanks for feedback! About 3., what do you mean by dialogs? Do you mean dialogues with civilians or UI dialogs for interacting with mission systems (for instance, every UI window inside the game is a dialog)? And what ideas for options do you have?
  9. Hi! How does Matlab generally connect with something else? Through TCP? Or through a named pipe? I am pretty sure that it can use either of these. You can't access any of these through SQF natively, but you can write an extension which exposes these interfaces to SQF. Or you can do it with Intercept. Info on extensions: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Extensions https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/callExtension Info on Intercept: https://github.com/intercept/intercept I'd go the extension way, it's extremely easy. Only disadvantage - you will have to convert numbers to text, but it's quite simple. You can write an extension in C++ or C#. Now about the simulation part, I am not sure that you can get a lot of information about waves and impact forces at all. These commands are all what is available to you: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_Scripting_Commands
  10. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Hello, we have released version 0.54 at Steam Workshop. There are several minor changes and bug fixes, and a few pull request merges from contributors. Full change log is below: # General - Override ACE cargo space of vehicles (to fix incompatibility with GM and maybe other mods/DLCs) - Saved games are sorted by UTC time by @Br-ian Note that saved games from old versions might be sorted incorrectly, but will be listed below new saved games. - Added livonia firing range object into the building sorting, AI will utilize the wooden and concrete targets in the firing range script @SomethingSimple # Maps - Removed Nam2 objects from Unsung's Phuoc Tuy province map by @YaksAreTheBaneOfSociety # Fixes - PROBABLY Fix insane mission loading time on dedicated server when first client starts mission ('wait for host' screen). Please tell me if you see any difference regarding this issue. - Fixed incite dialogue option not working - Fix default playable unit at Anizay map - Fixed Staszow map configuration error, which made this map not show in the list - Fix RHSPKL map configuration error, which made this map not show in the list, by @Lazejun - Fixed wrong build version showing in the mission instead of the proper build version # Translations - Russian translation by @igrik - Czech translation by @VEVERUSKA # Factions - Added civilian faction utilizing RHS gear by @SomethingSimple - Added police faction utilizing RHS gear @SomethingSimple # AI - Trucks with machineguns are properly utilized as combat vehicles by AI (reworked combat vehicle sorting) @SomethingSimple # Technical - Fixed SQF-VM validation tests not working at GitHub Actions
  11. I've put a fix to Workshop, thanks for your report!
  12. Hi! Thanks, I will have a look. Ok I see the problem, it runs a script on dedicated server while it shouldn't. You can try to disable the mod on your DS until I release a fix. The mod runs purely client-side.
  13. Sparker

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Hi, I've just had an idea - ensure that you are passing the correct coordinates to the function. There are various types of them (ASL, ATL, ...), maybe you are just giving wrong coordinate type, which works as expected over terrain but not over water? Unfortunately the setDriveOnPath page doesn't state which coordinate system it uses, but you can try some others.
  14. That's right, and to add to the dissonance, a cold war era DLC in in the same niche as the numerous cold war era mods available for free. And the underlying problem is simple as 2x2: the creation of free content for whole life time of the game, to the point when there is so much variety of it, that noone would want to buy anything because it's replacable by a compatible free pack from another modding studio. The modding community has forced this situation upon itself, unconsciously - because it loves to make content for free. The consequense is that nobody can sell anything in this case. Situation is terrible, but it is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Solution also seems obvious - if you want to sell something, make something which has no alternative in the mod sphere at all, Apex DLC is a good example of this, no surprise it's the most widely-accepted DLC out there.
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum! I don't want to discourage you in any way, but there have been several such projects for Arma 3, and all have met same outcome due to lack of regular players. It's a lot of work to make something like this. You need a lot of people constantly willing to play to keep this operational. And you'll need to pay the server rent yourself too. Names of such projects (I might have missed some) are: Tactical Battlefield (TACBF), Frontline, Arma At War.