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  1. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Hi, thanks for stopping by in this thread. 🙂 I do still work on the project occasionally, I just don't make new features for it. At least those which require lots of SQF programming. Bugs and crashes are still fixed, and minor tweaks are implemented. We continue expansion to support more maps and more factions. There are pretty massive change logs since we decided to wrap up work on the project. You can check change logs at our Discord page or here. Regarding helicopters - they are locked until anti-air defenses are implemented. You can imagine that the guerrilla scenario is pretty pointless at the moment when you aquire an AH-64 attack helicopter, so helicopters had to be locked for now. At least until there is some more danger or cost to operating them.
  2. > Again, for those who really want to - it can be easily circumvented, and not "illegally". Do more than half people know? Or maybe more than 10%? I guess that most arma players don't know how to do that. And it's the general case which is more important. > Also, its hidden in workshop, you need to know that it exists and that you need to look for it there. It's not really hidden but it's buried under so much text at the Steam description page. I agree that it should have been listed above all that text somewhere, or even better in the DLC list somewhere as TesaCC suggested.
  3. Remember that dissatisfied people are almost always going to leave feedback, especially if they come to a situation when their gameplay depends on using a vehicle or a gun in a random situation, but they can't because it's locked. From mission makers' point of view the story is this: you add DLC assets -> you get to handle negative rage feedback from people -> you have to remove the DLC content (or in our case we made options where one can choose either to have it or not, but anyway it's more work). Of course as a mod developer aiming to have wider audience coverage, less negative feedback, more fun for the developer team, etc, the choice is to not use DLC content.
  4. It doesn't mean that 45% of people are negative about it. Those who feel disappointed or offended are more likely to write something in the comments than those who are fine with it. Minority always makes more noise. I agree with TesACC, I also think that low-res content for non-owners might make more sales in this situation. Right now we have only more supportive people buy the CDLCs, as I see it. In the proposed variant those supporters will buy it as well, and add to that the amount of people who will buy the DLC because they will be brought into buying that by their community, which will be more likely to use the DLC content.
  5. Sparker

    3CB Factions

    Hi! Looks like at least these are not existant any more: UK3CB_TKC_C_Fuel UK3CB_TKC_C_Open
  6. You should implement the rotation through per-frame event handlers so that it rotates smooth. These commands will help: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/diag_deltaTime https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/addMissionEventHandler#EachFrame Also if you are making it work in multiplayer, perhaps you will have to perform this client-side with a client-side object, because if you just do the rotations on the server, probably it won't look so smooth on client since values will most likely not be interpolated, and I am not sure if Arma server broadcasts updates of such static objects very often.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss! I don't see any way how init.sqf could have been deleted by arma since its editor generally doesn't write to any other files except for mission.sqm. Did you check the trash bin? Perhaps the file is still there. I would suggest you to use Git for versioning and tracking changes of your projects in the future.
  8. Sparker

    Vindicta: Altis 90's

    That's pretty nice! Seeing Altis 90's addon I was thinking 'I wish someone made a Vindicta faction for this', and a day later I see your thread 🙂 .
  9. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Unfortunately we had to give up further programming on this project for this Arma, you can read up on the reason in this messagea few days ago: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/227302-mpcoop-vindicta-alpha/?do=findComment&comment=3414657
  10. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Why not try it with ACE then?
  11. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    I would prefer to not reinvent ACE if big amount of people (if not majority of experienced players - that's what mission is aimed for) use ACE anyway. We need ace logistical thing a lot - it was planned that bots will be using same ACE cargo loading to transport their boxes and static guns, but I doubt it will happen any more. So yes, I'd encourage you to not reinvent what should have been in base game already, just for the sake of reinventing things. This probably will take several times more time than you think it will. But it's up to you, I don't want to limit someone's creativity either. Yes, lockpicking is used to lockpick vehicles only. There is ace_gestures used somewhere as well. Maybe you could have a look instead at what minimal ACE configuration could be made? We have an automated script which checks for ace updates and reuploads it with removed medical module, we could do same variant but which leaves only things required by VIndicta.
  12. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Hi! You can play with ACE with disabled medical system now, which should ease things. Which other ACE modules you do not want to play with? Maybe we could make some minimal ACE reupload which adds only modules absolutely required to play this mission (cargo, lockpicks, and a few others).
  13. Sparker

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    0.46.0 is released on GitHub and Steam Workshop The mission has been moved to our new Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2185874952 Previous main branch release at Workshop will remain but will not be updated. Previous saved games are not compatible due to multiple gameplay changes. Most likely this is our last major release. At current state of development (and currently we have 4.5 megabytes of SQF code and 300+ SQF-OOP classes) it is apparent that the available programming language and tools are completely unsuitable for such project. Following releases, if they will happen, will be dedicated to error/crash fixes or minor changes. Change log # New features: - Enemies can use attack helicopters - Big changes to city relations, recruitment, and external reinforcement for enemy commander. Now both sides can only get new soldiers by recruiting them from cities. - Campaign progress and enemy aggression level are now separate values - Enhanced map UI, showing brief overview of forces at locations and city influence - Friendly AI can be equipped with headgear and vests - Rewritten civilian presence, which is now better optimized for large cities - Lots of changes to unit-level AI - New dialogue framework, more options for civilian and police dialogues - Mission can be run without ACE Medical system now. In that case standard Arma revive system is activated. - Construction resources can be obtained by talking to civilians - More ways to get intel about planned enemy actions - More options (in Addon Options menu): civilian density, AI-to-AI and AI-to-player spawn distance, Loot amount, etc. - Abandoned vehicles are deleted after being away from players for several hours # Tweaks - Adjustments to factions by contributors - Adjustments to maps - Tweaks in undercover system - In-game tutorial is removed, now it points at guide web page - Bots will no longer stick to roads if they have no vehicles # Maps - Added Takistan map by Jasperdoit # Technical - Saved games can be saved into separate files if FileXT extension is loaded - Faction specifications can be added as external addons (previously it had to be in mission folder), making it easier to develop and maintain 3rd party factions for Vindicta. - Various performance optimizations related to code scheduling - Redone project file structure and build scripts: - NodeJS is no longer needed to build mission files - Now it is much easier to add new maps - For server owners: server.cfg missions class entries have same name now, independent of version. An example server.cfg is autogenerated and can be found in mod folder. # Fixes - Fixed: Init screen appearing for everyone when someone (re)joins - More robust code to prevent vehicle dissappearing while being driven by players - Lots of other minor fixes
  14. I guess nobody will want to help you with so many... questionable words in the message. Anyway, just because I feel your pain - all of it - that's the approach I prefer for dialogs: - Learn to use configs to define them. Make your own base classes as you need. - Use Arma Dialog Creator for initial placement and numbers https://github.com/kayler-renslow/arma-dialog-creator - Export the config, if any modifications must be done to placement, do them in Arma Dialog Creator, export again and copy the numbers around. Also for really simple dialogs you can make all the elements through SQF (ctrlCreate command) and perform placement and adjustments through code. There is a 'gui_makers' channel at arma 3 Discord, I think that's the most efficient way to get help on dialogs.
  15. Thanks for your words of appreciation @LSValmont! This means a lot to me! > PS: Does this work for Dedicated servers only of is it possible to use on hosted missions too? The addon itself can be used on any Windows machine, both on dedicated server and self-hosted or singleplayer game. Or if you mean the case for Vindicta specifically, only the one which hosts the mission needs to load it, as only server manages saved games there.