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Found 7 results

  1. We are a unit which is participating in the NATO VJTF Coalition with 3 other units. Our Ops are in Australia and we are a Serious Milsim group that follows the U.S. Air Force procedures. Both experienced and new pilots are welcome, if you are intrested in CAS or CAP and flying this is the right unit for you. We operate with the FIR aws F-16 and conduct our trainings working together with TACPs or single JTACS, aswell as Agressor Pilots. Operations : Sunday 20:00 CEST or 18:00 Zulu. https://imgur.com/a/xqBzP46 Training days : Tuesday - Thursday 20:00 CEST. Discord : https://discord.gg/zGjJGqX Teamspeak :
  2. It is finally here, ladies and gentleman! After several months of waiting, implementing and overhauling - the sound mod for Firewill's F-16C/D Fighting Falcon is now in v1.0! Whoo hoo! To celebrate, I made a short video showcasing a taste of what it's like in-game. Huge shout out to the Air Combat Command guys (Dogs, Haze, Fett and Bomb) for helping me out with filming and MP testing. Also a big shout out to Laxemann, who helped me understand a few things about the new audio system and answered all of my questions. Here it is! There's been a LOT done to this aircraft since the initial video I released in October, which showcased what I've been working on, but the end result is an improvement I never thought we could make. A changelog is available below, if you're into that sort of thing. One thing that I'm still trying to get working is the low-pass filters and new stereo processors for use with this and future aircraft sound mods, it's on the wishlist - hopefully I can add it in a patch later down the road if we ever figure it out. Oh yeah, this will also be available for download on the ArmA 3 Workshop! This is a huge milestone for me and Shazer, so why not give this mod the full treatment? ;) Major features overview: Implemented several new soundsets to the aircraft Much more realistic interior Clearer / better sound samples for exterior Finally; If you encounter any other bugs, issues or have feedback that I would find constructive - please share it below or send me a message. DOWNLOAD! Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1193740840 ArmAHolic: Coming Soon Google Drive: Server 1 --NOTES--- * This mod requires Firewill's F-16C/D Fighting Falcon mod, available on ArmAholic and the Steam Workshop. --CHANGELOG / MOD STATUS:-- Known issues: - Sometimes the plane is silent when flying over, think this is an ArmA scripting issue. *Wishlist* - Change pitch of idle based on throttle inputs (not sure how to do this) - Get distance filters to work properly (buggy, issues with implementing) - Stereo processors implementation (same as ^) v1.0.1 TWEAKS: - Increase volume on nearly all exterior samples - Tweaked shutdown/startup volumes. FIXES: - Fixed exterior shutdown sequence not working properly (incorrect file format) - Exterior idle_distant sample was not correctly defined. v1.0 - Successfully implement all new Jets DLC soundSets and Shaders - New idle samples - All new interior samples - New close proximity rear forsage (afterburner) sound - Low throttle distance sound - Frontal approach sound - Custom ranges set for some samples - New customized filters for current and future releases - Cleaned up config, new separated shader/set files - Interior / exterior idle volume increase - Eliminate noticeable exterior idle loop int/ext (0.7.8) - Mid-throttle sound for close proximity - New full throttle sounds (distance and forsage) - Implement "D" variant into config. - A lot of tweaks and fixes I can't fully list v0.4 (10-2017) - Implement shaders / sets into aircraft config. - Initial sound adjustments v0.2 (02-2016) - Firewill's F-16C varient release - Overhaul of all sound files - Added actuator sound upon thrust (exterior) - Added several high/low pass filters to interior for more realism - Exterior start-up sequence changed - Idle sound replaced - Exterior throttle up a/b added - Eden compatibility (currently trying to remove Firewill's afterburner scripted sound file as it just ruins the realism, will be added in a hotfix) v0.1 (04-2015) - Initial release for USAF Mod.
  3. Is there a way to equip the FIR F-16 with ACE’s Maveric missiles? I know it’s not possible in the “configure pylons” menu, but is there a script or something I can run? I have never scripted or anything before so guidance would be appreciated :) EDIT for clarity: can I add a weapon to an aircraft that I’m not supposed to, like a Sharur missile to a wipeout jet?
  4. 421st Fighter Squadron F-16C By: J. 'Dogs' Summerville BACKGROUND The 421st Fighter Squadron is part of the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. It operates the Block 40 General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft conducting air superiority missions. The squadron is one of the most decorated fighter squadrons in the United States Air Force, being awarded three Presidential Unit Citations and seven Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards for Valor in Combat. The unit was originally formed as the 421st Night Fighter Squadron in 1943. After training, it was deployed to Fifth Air Force and ordered to New Guinea to provide air defense interceptor protection against Japanese night air raids on USAAF airfields. It later served in the Philippines Campaign where in addition to night interceptor missions it also flew day and night interdiction missions against enemy troop movements, bridges and other targets of opportunity. It later served on Okinawa and in Occupied Japan where it was inactivated in 1947. It was reactivated by Tactical Air Command in 1962 as the 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron. Equipped with F-105 Thunderchiefs, it deployed to Southeast Asia and engaged in combat operations over North Vietnam. It returned to the United States and was re-equipped with the F-4D Phantom II and returned to Southeast Asia for a second and later third tour of duty in the Vietnam War. It was one of the first USAF Squadrons equipped with the F-16A Fighting Falcon in 1980 and went on to serve in the 1991 Gulf War. In recent years, the squadron has deployed to the United States Air Forces Central Command, engaging in combat during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. INFORMATION This mod was created for Firewill's F-16C, based off of the 421st Fighter Squadron. I am currently working on making custom skins for all active Fighter Squadrons in the United States Air Force. This mod includes 6 different textures for the 421st Fighter Squadron with custom tail numbers for each aircraft, labeled via classname. Because this mod uses firewill's F-16, naturally his mod is required, it can be found on the steam workshop. DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop ArmaHolic
  5. 8th Virtual Tactical Fighter Wing --------- Event Information --------- Time Zone: EST Event Dates: Most weekends at 10 PM EST Active Members: 8 ---------- Requirements to Participate ---------- - Some sort of controller that allows for precise control of ailerons, elevators, rudder, and throttle along with buttons for toggle functions. - A Facebook Account - Microphone - Willing to download a large volume of mods - Team Player - Fluent English Speaker -------- Typical Mod List --------- - ACE - All CUP mods - Firewill F-16 - Firewill Air Weapons System - Firewill Pilots and Crew Pack - Fox MIG-23 - Fox MIG-25 - Fox MIG-29 - POOK SAM Pack - TOH South Asia - Sonic Boom - Extra Editor - F16 Real Sound - JSRS 4 Apex - Blastcore Tracers - Blastcore Phoenix - USAF --------- About 8th VTFW ---------- The 8th Virtual Tactical Fighter bridges the gap between arcade flying and simulators. We almost exclusively operate Firewills F-16 series due to its versatility and assortment of mods. We are quite relaxed but do role play to maintain immersion when preforming missions. Originally we started as a group of local airsoft players in Florida who attended a common field called DV8 Airsoft. We decided to make up a fictitious airfield called "Lithia Air Force Base" that uses the tail designation "DV" and the 8th VTFW as seen on the tail. This is a play on DV8 Airsoft of course. These are our custom color schemes generated based on Firewills template. We have three squadrons active for you to join at your preference. Each squadron bears custom tail colors and serves a specific role. 1st Fighter Bomber Squadron [RED TAIL] This squadron focuses on CAS, Interdiction, and Strike type missions. This is the most active squadron since they are used in my combined arms missions with infantry and armor. A 1st FBS F-16C preforming a practice run over Everon. 2nd Fighter Squadron [BLUE TAIL] Air to air engagements such as CAP, Escort, and Sweep missions is focus of this squadron. A 2nd FS F-16C Preforming Escort over Takistan. 3rd Wild Weasel Squadron [YELLOW TAIL] 3rd WWS F-16C flying the long 70km trek on a SEAD mission over TOH South Asia The primary mission of the 3rd WWS is Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses or Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses missions are the role of this squadron. They disable, distract, or destroy SAM sites like the SA-2 while other units preform their mission.
  6. Beta release: http://www.footmunch.org.uk/f16/rkta_F16.rar (4.5 MB) (Thanks to eddyD and Blue_Flight for testing and texture work) Included in the PBO are three versions (listed under BLUFOR->Air): CAP - Combat Air Patrol - 6 (BIS) AIM-9 Sidewinders CAS - Close Air Support - 4 AGM-65 Mavericks and rockets GBU - Precision Strike - 4 (BIS) GBU's - skin by eddyD All are marked as USAF - in the next release I will make the roundels and tail decals user-changeable to allow for international versions. Also, this next version should have an opening canopy, air brakes, extended damage textures, nozzle animation and some other bits and bobs. Any and all comments welcome...
  7. hi all i works on one shotgun for my zombie mod and i have now add a réalistic cartridge effect my amunition type and a eye point for shot with précision. a amunition picture has ready if this amunition has on vehicle cargo but i d'ont see this picture in my inventory. for this iuse a paa texture at 256by256 with alpha Layer. and i write in cpp file class CfgMagazines { class Default; // External class reference class CA_Magazine; // External class reference class Chevrotine_cartridge : CA_Magazine { displayName="Chevrotine cartridge"; picture="\abg_870\Remington870shells.paa"; ammo = "chevrotine"; count =7; }; }; i d'ont remember me the comand line in cpp file for see this amunition in inventory its not a weapon slot or magazinetype i need yous light for this ^^. look a released on this movie. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=is03a-3kIzs