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  1. Thorimus

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    Amazing work, thank you for this. Will this map be uploaded to the Steam Workshop at some point? There are a number of re-uploads there and I'm sure a lot of people and units would appreciate it.
  2. @Mr H. @Grumpy Old Man thanks. Any idea why the full script doesn't work?
  3. super simple question, why isn't this working? it simply does nothing, no error or anything. I'm using ACE and ACE extended animations, which is where the kk3 animation is from. {if (side = civilian) then {_x switchMove "kka3_hiphopdance"}} forEach allUnits; however, this still works: {_x switchMove "kka3_hiphopdance"} forEach allUnits; here is the full script, which also doesnt work: _arrdances = [["kka3_nighclubdance", 41], ["kka3_hiphopdance", 40], ["kka3_crazydrunkdance", 40]]; _randomdance = selectRandom _arrdances; ["THORMS ANIMATIONS", "EVERYBODY DANCE", { { _x switchMove (_randomdance select 0); _x sleep (_randomdance select 1); }forEach allUnits; }] call Ares_fnc_RegisterCustomModule;
  4. Thorimus

    addAction in multiplayer

    @Harzach @HazJ haha, I like to zeus in a community with several hundred members. They only give the community managers the ability to apply SQFs, but anyone can zeus. I’ve done fine relying on google to teach me stuff before, but with this there was either no documentation or a lot of threads where the examples were way more complex than what I can understand.
  5. I'm trying to execute a piece of addAction code on a server where I do not have the ability to add .sqf files. Every guide and solution I have found uses them, so I'm hoping there's a differenct solution. This is the code that I wish to make functional in multiplayer: subcontroller addAction ["AUTHORISE CRUISE MISSILE LAUNCH", { systemChat "OPCOM, GREAT WHITE. REQUEST RECIEVED. SURFACING, STAND BY."; subengine swimInDepth 2; sleep 8; _marker = ""; {if ((markerText _x) == "FireMission") exitWith {_marker = _x;};} forEach allMapMarkers; if (_marker != "") then { targethelipad = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F", getMarkerPos _marker, [], 0, "NONE"]; systemChat "OPCOM, GREAT WHITE. TARGET COORDINATES RECIEVED. GREYHOUND AWAY."; }; west reportRemoteTarget [targethelipad, 3600]; targethelipad confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; submissiles fireAtTarget [targethelipad, "weapon_vls_01"]; sleep 6; subengine swimInDepth -10; systemChat "OPCOM, GREAT WHITE. FIRE MISSION COMPLETE, DIVING."; }]; subcontroller addAction ["ORDER MANUAL DIVE", { subengine swimInDepth -10; systemChat "OPCOM, GREYHOUND. DIVING."; subisdive = true; }]; subcontroller addAction ["ORDER MANUAL SURFACE", { subengine swimInDepth 2; systemChat "OPCOM, GREYHOUND. SURFACING."; subisdive = false; }]; subcontroller is a laptop, if it matters. Is there a way to make this work for all players in multiplayer?
  6. Thank you so much, this spawns the vehicle. However, when I refer to "_vic1" in another piece on script, in gives me an "undefined variable in expression" error for it. I removed the underscores and now it works. TIL underscores make it so that the variable only works in that scope/script
  7. How do I use this with the createVehicle command?
  8. I'm trying to make a script which spawns a vehicle on a player-placed marker. The following code: _vic1 = createVehicle ["C_Offroad_01_F",getMarkerPos "VehicleHere",[],0,"NONE"]; does not work, presumably because markerText and markerName are not the same. getMarkerPos works by finding the position of a marker with that specific **name**, not text, and so is useless for determining the position of markers by text, which is what I need. There is no documentation on this (prove me wrong, i beg you) and many hours were wasted trying to get this to work. I need a script which gets me the position of a marker with specific text, for example "Vehicle Here". This is beyond my coding ability and it would be a great help if one of you wizards could help me. E: Courtesy of Schatten, this is the solution: _marker = ""; {if ((markerText _x) == "MARKERTEXT") exitWith {_marker = _x;};} forEach allMapMarkers; if (_marker != "") then { vic1 = createVehicle ["VEHICLE CLASSNAME", getMarkerPos _marker, [], 0, "NONE"];};
  9. Thanks, but that makes it fire on a player's laser. I need it to fire on a marker. EDIT: New thread:
  10. @stanhope Thanks, that works to fire on a helipad that has been named "TARGET". How do I get this pad to spawn on the position of a marker? using the getMarkerPos command like so: TARGET = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadCivil_F" ,getMarkerPos "FireMission", [],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; just spawns the pad at 0,0,0.
  11. Thank you, that should work for making the laser datalinked. Any ideas on spawning the laser itself? E: or is the laser superfluous and would it be able to fire on any datalinked target like this?
  12. Is there a variant of this script that works with the new destroyer?
  13. I have been trying for some time to make a script that creates a datalinked laser on a marker placed by a player, for use with the new Mk41 VLS. I have had no sucess and was wondering if any of the script wizards here have any ideas. My attempts consisted mainly of spawning a drone and using doTarget to get it to point at the helipad, and the fire command to fire its laser. doTarget didn't work at all and I couldn't find the "muzzle" value for the fire command. The script is intended to be used as zeus on a dedicated multiplayer server where I have no access to creating .sqf files, only running pieces of script in-game.
  14. Is there any way to set the colour of the new S-750 Rhea to any colour other than the CSAT Hex variants?
  15. I'm trying to write a script that involves setting the colour of the praetorian CIWS turret to the "sand" paint-job available in the garage menu. I understand how setObjectTexture works but can't figure out how to use getObjectTextures. I have a sand coloured CIWS placed down in zeus; what command would I use to see what the name of the texture is so I can incorporate it into my script? the example on the wiki runs fins but doesn't return a hint or anything. EDIT: Problem solved. In the eden editor, when changing a vehicles appearance, there is an "export" button which provides a script which spawns a vehicle of the selected colour.