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  1. SwissJohnson

    HELP required! (Airplane issiues)

    So what's with Addison Tommy, who fixed Ivory's Boeing 737 and released them in the workshop? seems to be okey but if you think so,... thx for nothing I guess ._.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Texturer and Mapper of a German RPG-Community and wanted to ask you here, if someone could help me with my problems. First of all, we started with a new Airport and wanted to create it's own airline for the fictive Island of Great Lakeside. So I started a while ago to make GreatLakesideRegio-textures for some planes. Sadly the planes got a few problems as Arma 3 was updated to a new version. I Think it was the last one.. The Problem is: The Boeing 737-800 retracts its wheels normally in singleplayer. So far so good. But in Multiplayer it retracts them, then by doing nothing they show up again, and that rhytm doesn't stop until I press G again, to normally let the wheels down again. We tried different ways to locate the problem but I really don't know why this is happening. And also just in Multiplayer... In Singleplayer it works all fine. The second problem is the typical issue that came with the Planes DLC. The well known CRJ-200 from Ivory is the problem. As many other models after the DLC-Update it bounces if you're rolling to the runway or want to start it. Ivory has stopped working on it long time ago, so I was wondering if someone of you guys could try to fix it. Download Links Removed by Moderating Team Thank you for reeding and accepting my bad English, Cheers!
  3. SwissJohnson

    Helicopter camera

    Same here. Flew since January 2015 nearly every day.. That's gone now.
  4. SwissJohnson

    Helicopter camera

    @Trimmer Same here.. the new Camera settings still suck as fu#*. They simply should add a setting ''Old Camera-View / New Camera-View''. The new one is still B#lls*it. I'm completely disappointed about the last Update.