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  1. LJFox

    [qip] BFT

    Hmmm, I didn't even think about locality, it's probably one of the reasond why my simple attempts in the past have failed. Much appreciated for everything mate
  2. LJFox

    [qip] BFT

    Thanks mate for the explaination, I was looking over your code, can't believe I missed those 2. Would it be possible to change the Group Icon as well as give it a new colour to something else via ACE self interact?
  3. LJFox

    [qip] BFT

    Awesome to see you are still around, The first question that sort of leads into everything else is: How are you detecting what icons are used for different units? (e.g. Infantry, Helicopter, Motorized, etc.) The remainder are requests based off the answer you give for above: Is it a bug or intentional for the marker to no be on the group leaders position but off to the side? Would it be possible to change those icons to another whilst playing, similar to the same system that ACE uses for Team Management in the Self Interaction Menu? Would it be possible to change the colour of the icons to another whilst playing, similar to the same system that ACE uses for Team Management in the Self Interaction Menu? Cheers Mate
  4. LJFox

    [qip] BFT

    G'day Mate, Just stumbled across this as I was looking for a more customizable BFT to use for my community. I'd like to ask some questions about the mod if you are still around? Cheers
  5. Has anyone managed to get player placed objects to persist from session to session. I have tried using ACE Fortify & ACE Extensions to try and place those objects down but they won't no matter what I try persist across sessions. Is there something I am missing?
  6. Thanks mate, It took a little research and a little fiddling but now works due to your feedback. I'll probably stick to this version knowing it now works haha. Thanks again @mikero :)
  7. G'day guys, I need a little help solving an issue that is preventing me using pboProject. Since the August release I get a "One or more tools are not installed" error which prevents the program from running any further. I have attempted multiple times re-downloading the entire tools set and then just what was required for pboProject. I had issues with the previous version as well but found out that it was just an environ path issue which I ended up fixing thanks to the answers of some previously asked questions 2-3 pages ago. I have attached 3 images with the hope of providing some visual information to those who can help as I can no longer think of anything and no other asked questions that I could find have my issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is an amazing tool, and more than likely it is a simple issue that I have overlooked. Cheers :) pboProject Error C:\Program Files (x86)\Mikero\DePboTools\bin environ path
  8. Gday All, The Development team behind Project Uncut is proud to announce the completion of our current milestone: Australian Special Forces. Inside the update you will find an assortment of new uniforms, vests, backpacks, headgear and anything else to make your trooper tacticool. For those of you who can’t have enough surgical explosions, we now have the M4A5 GL variant and for those who have more of a keen eye than your standard rifleman, we have our new HK-417 (WiP) model. Now that I have skimmed across the surface of our SF stuff, here comes some stuff for those of you who have just wished there were ways we wouldn’t stick out like saw thumbs in different environments. I introduce to you all, AMC-Tropic and AMC-Snow. Both camouflage patterns are based of the real life AMC, but edited to fit the environments that troops may see themselves virtually deployed to. All colours are taken from australian landscape reference images so this is no simple copy and paste to make our mod size larger. You can find these new patterns in the same items used by our AMC Units. Now, both these AMC variants are fictitious in the sense of Real Life and therefore are entirely optional for anyone to use or not use. Just delete the .pbo’s from the addons folder and everything will continue to run as it should. Now that you’ve read through all of this, you may be thinking to yourselves, “there are still no vehicles!!!”. Let me hopefully put you all to some ease, during the SF Milestone development, a small number of vehicles also began making their way into the game. We decided during the week prior to release that some issues still needed to be ironed out in order to prevent any potential game/immersion breaking scenarios appearing for our users. Fear not though, they are definitely coming, and are closer than they seem even if you can smell the exhaust fumes just yet. I could go on for a little while about some fixes we have made but I would rather talk briefly about our future milestone. Through previous interactions with community members, we always got questions regarding [REDACTED]. Since we have managed to get most of our modern infantry units out into the community, we thought it about time that we start dedicating more time to this to eventually get you all some far more interesting toys to play with. Now to end this all off, I would like to call out to the community for anyone who is interested in joining the Dev Team. We are looking for people who have knowledge in Object Builder, 3D modelling and Custom Animation Creation. Our next milestone is far more complicated, and will require more hands at the working table than there already is in order for us to get things out to you all at a steady pace. If we can’t get anybody onboard, unfortunately expect extended periods of time between released content, this does not include bug fixing. If you are interested, feel free to contact me either through DM on our Discord or via BI Forum messaging. I hope you all enjoy the content that myself and the team have put together for you, - LJFox DROPBOX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/to4laelgcb4jlvq/%40PROJECT_UNCUT (V0.2).zip?dl=0 STEAM WORKSHOP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934785894 ARMAHOLIC: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32799
  9. @beno_83au That looks pretty damn cool mate, saw your earlier progress and glad to see it looks far more polished now :)
  10. Mods: Project Uncut (WiP), SMA, Lythium
  11. LJFox

    ADF Hawkei

    Congratulations mate, looks damn fine and can't wait to take it for a spin
  12. I did this with arma3server.exe and it worked fine as far as I could see, just can't use A3S which is weird
  13. Gday Shepard, I have a question about -filePatching within A3S on a server. There is the tickbox option which I have used but it does not seem to work, at least not on my end anyways. I have also tried within the additional parameters window adding -filePatching and as far as I can detect that doesn't work either. The server.cfg has "allowedFilePatching = 1;" so I am unsure as to why it is not working. I have been testing with the mod VCOM, but if I run A3S with no mods, is there a debug mode I can run in that I can see if it is working or not? Also I'm sorry if someone has asked this question in the past but I was unsure if it is a new issue or not. Cheers
  14. Hey barden with your other projects going on you should be smiling a lot more
  15. Gday everyone, As we get closer to our Infantry Release, I would like to show some WiP shots of some optional extras that a mission maker can use to boost their Australian based camouflage capabilities. Introducing the AMCU-T and AMCU-S camouflage patterns. Both come directly from the new AMCU, and because of that, they are purely unique to Australia like other patterns in the past. They will allow for units to blend into more Tropical and Snowy terrains that the Arma Community has to offer whilst still being entirely optional as to whether a unit/community uses them or not. AMCU-T AMCU-S Also as we have some more screenshots to show regarding our OPSCORES which are getting close to being completed. We hope you enjoy them when you all get your hands on them - LJ