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  1. Chairborne

    Community Factions Project

    good job mate!
  2. Corrupt/incomplete download or mods loaded incorrectly from commandline.
  3. Issues go here: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/ 😀
  4. is that the one that mounts directly on the carryhandle? then no, dont think we ever had one, currently even fixed carryhandle colt rifles have a rail that is used to mount top attachments. maybe unsung or the 80s black ops mod had those.
  5. its all good feedback, but as all things go when modding this game there's lots of ideas and not enough manpower 🤪 if there's skilled modelers or terrain artists hiding among you the door is always open. cherno 2020 is still being worked on, we wanted the update out to start getting some more feedback from the community, expect more changes to come in the future.
  6. it probably went unnoticed because, to my knowledge, flags were only used for the old 2d editor's factions, which now in eden dont work anymore. please make a ticket before we forget: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/
  7. The model is fine, there's probably some weird script running in the background or its just the game doing this stuff. Not our problem. 😀
  8. this thread is for terrains only, the one you're looking for is this: anyhow no, they're not in, unfortunately last i heard the person who was working on it lost all their data and those uniforms cannot be retreived. 😥
  9. What is this meant to say exactly?
  10. The LAV needs some fixes, and the Stryker needs the configs to be refactored at the very least.