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  1. Yes that is true but there's no way to control when the particle is underwater and should shut off, it happens automatically as soon as the object is at waterlevel.
  2. you're using a super old version of cup
  3. Chairborne

    Community Factions Project

    good job on the winter vehicles and units!😎
  4. Chairborne

    POOK JF-17

  5. wow this sucks, hope you can solve this. good luck!
  6. all gear should be retexturable, so you can make your own mod relying on cup and using different textures for your own faction. that's one of the objectives of CUP, a single centralized mod users can use to make additional content of their own
  7. not sure i understand where the problem is, cant the models be retextured? or is the flag embedded in the materials? i'll take a look, but considering this hasn't been an issue for a long time i suspect the problem is elsewhere.
  8. Which vehicles are you having issues with? An explanation on how to reproduce would help, fell free to update the ticket in our feedback tracker.
  9. tickets go in the feedback tracker, if you put them here we'll most likely ignore them or forget about them as we dont check the forums often https://dev.cup-arma3.org/ the harrier can also scan the ground for IR targets, not just radar, odds are that's what the GBUs are locking on, i think vanilla GBU12 do that as well yes
  10. engine weirdness doesn't allow us to do much. for example the artillery computer doesn't compensate for vehicle movement, meaning that if you're cruising at any speed the shell will go off target without you knowing it, that was one reason why we removed it.
  11. did i miss something? :D
  12. we changed some loadouts in the last patch, they were set up using vanilla a3 nato as reference iirc (and we had to do some cleanup so it might be that some unit configurations got mismatched) yes, its his model (thanks for the kind donation!) not equipping everyone with proper optics is less extravagant than using scars for the us army or ak107 for russians, so it made sense to make those changes
  13. The kit is based on their loadout in A2, where not everyone was equipped with ELCANs and SUSATs. Same goes for the USMC.
  14. there shouldnt be any compatibility necessary to make the two mods work together now