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  1. Chairborne

    Updated All in One Config Dumps

    New config dump for arma3 2.0 with cup and cup+ace https://www.dropbox.com/s/5q1iy1zjnxavqji/configdump_200_cup_ace.rar?dl=0
  2. are you using GM too? that's a known GM issue
  3. Chairborne

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    this map is really fun and well made, thank you clearly a christmas tree 😏
  4. it can probably be disabled, usually we use randomization scripts from BI usually so it can probably be turned off. there were 35 pages worth of changes in this update, a car suddenly changing color is a rather miniscule issue in comparison, wouldnt you say?
  5. as much as i appreciate the shout out, this is still a team effort, there's many people whose work is invaluable and without whom this wouldnt be possible 😇
  6. regular VIV action, scroll mousewheel and do 'unload vehicles' or 'unload cargo' (i dont remember the exact wording)
  7. no, i think autotracking can only be done in the pilot camera (like on plane targeting pods), not sure if gunner camera supports this.
  8. Chairborne

    Australian Commando Weapon Pack

    wasn't there any more family friendly pic to showcase the gun? 🤣
  9. standards for those are probably all over the place, log a ticket for it but it will likely be a while before they're looked into
  10. ok we'll take a look