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  1. thats news to us, are you sure you're not loading some other mod like ACE3 that would affect that?
  2. wow fantastic work! good luck with this project!
  3. no, we only cleaned up some of the scripts that didnt work very well, and no we havent considered adding any more ships. yes, as long as you dont rip and repackage our content, but rather use CUP as a dependency
  4. i stand corrected then, i didnt know about either one
  5. I fail to see how having LITE packs is an improvement over the current solution of compatibility data packs that give you the content in high resolution and a reminder on screen. As for who has an appeal for CSLA, some people like to run clean games with as little unnecessary data as possible, so swapping out mods for smaller CDLCs that focus on a couple factions is something they might like, also from my knowledge there's no mod that currently provides a cold war Czechoslovakia faction. Do mods cut into the revenues of these DLCs? Likely, but at this point arma 3 has been out for 8 years and its a game with an active modding community, had the program started earlier things would've probably gone differently (but we'll never know, guess we'll see what happens when a new Arma game rolls out).
  6. are you using ACE mod? if so you need the compatibility files too and use their method, otherwise its the same old useraction method
  7. Haha thanks, but its Alwarren and Varanon behind these masterpieces!
  8. I understood your point the first time, and i'm telling you why i consider it a waste of time for a convoluted solution that adds really nothing valuable to the game. If you dislike it feel free to write your own overhaul mod so it works in a way that better suits your needs. By havoc i mean things exploding, ragdolling, being shot in the sky at impossible speeds and other weird stuff you're really not meant to do cause the engine doesn't support it. I wouldn't trust the success of an arma session on transporting assets by driving them on an LCU and risk physx bugging out potentially wasting an evening of fun with my friends when a properly working in-engine solution is provided. You have to slow it down and make sure its stopped before issuing the command. It takes a bit of fiddling but it can be made to work, the AI needs a lot of handholding.
  9. ramp anim is just there for visuals, you're not really supposed to use it cause driving vehicles on it will cause havoc on physx, if you want it set to a specific height it can be scripted, but i dont think it's smart to require you to hit a button 20 times to get an animation to play fully
  10. Chairborne

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    wow thats insane, great work!
  11. probably next friday or the one after that