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  1. What kind of justification is this? So if someone doesn't go online on the forums whatever content he made is fair game to you? This isn't how the communnity works pal.
  2. Just because im not around doesn't mean you can steal whatever you want you filthy thief. My mods are OFF LIMITS, they're not even available for download anymore for a reason.
  3. It is with great sadness that i announce my retirement from the Arma series. Simply put, i don't enjoy this game as i used to anymore. This experience with modding Arma was never to provide a service to the community first and foremost to me. I was always driven by my own desire to have content that i liked in game, the way i wanted it to be. And i can say that i succeeded in my goal (despite a few happy little accidents along the road), however long that lasted. Modding this game taught me new skills, introduced me to people with whom i shared the same passion, vision, and satisfaction of seeing something as big as CUP come to life. Now i've come to a point where the time spent modding is just not justifiable by the enjoyment i get from playing the game anymore. I can't play the game once without finding at least three things that are either broken or that i dont like and want to change, but lack the time to do so, so i end up with a huge backlog that keeps growing and growing to a point i don't have time to do new things i like but instead have to chase after old bugs. The other big reason that pushed me away was, well, Arma. The constant annoying issues (just saturday my plane crashed after the pilot hit "eject" by accident because of the same old crappy useraction menu), the unappealing content from the base game, the fact that for every bug fixed with a patch two new (and possibly more annoying) ones slipped in, the monetization debacle (and the subsequent time wasted chasing after people doing stuff they weren't supposed to do), often times the lack of documentation or the broken legacy features (took them 2+ years to fix amphibious vehicles, and now it seems to be broken again) slowly eroded my enjoyment. On top of this, a good chunk of the playerbase has left and i dont see them coming back until the next game is out, whenever that may be. THIS BEING SAID, BI, despite however many poor choices they did, managed to keep this game alive for more than 4 years. Seeing them constantly add new features to the game and how much they cared about it is what puts them aside from all other companies in the industry. I have to admit trying to keep up with them was a bit of a chore at times, but i was happy with the final result because the game was moving in the right direction engine-wise. All of this came to the low, low price of €0, completely free of charge. I can't think of any other company going out of their way to do things like this 4+ years after game release. I also want to add that the few people from BI i've had the pleasure to deal with have always been extremely kind and supportive of what we did, always ready to answer our questions or going out of their way to see if our requests could be satisfied. And yes, Arma has tons of defects and issues, but it's also the only game to do what it does. I don't leave this game thinking that i'll find what arma has to offer somewhere else, because that just doesn't exist. On a final note, i want to thank all of the people from the community who helped us and supported us, and all of the CUP Team in particular. It was great working with you, and sometimes i honestly regret not joining you guys sooner. Maybe things would have gone in a different way, but it is what it is. In the words of one of the head developers at BI "CUP went way beyond anyone's expectations" and i don't regret a single second spent here with you guys. Maybe someday we'll meet again, i don't exclude coming back to Arma in the future if conditions change, but until then this is a good bye. Have a good one.
  4. I was just making a joke on the 1bln dollar request. :D
  5. ...and maybe im interested in getting 1 billion dollars. If he's ok with sending me the money im sure we can find an agreement. :) Also you put redundancy in a bad light then suggest we should share our assets creating even more redundancy, so not sure what that accomplishes.
  6. yes, when its done probably because the ffv seats are gunners technically speaking, so they dont fall into the waypoint order. i think you'll have to remove them manually.
  7. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    I tried with the showAsCargo value as well but it doesnt fix it on regular turrets, i suspect it has to be combined with class cargoturret and ispersonturret = 1 to work.
  8. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    I just remembered something similar was fixed in dev branch a few days ago: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?do=findComment&comment=3242207
  9. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    Im having an issue on a few helos that have dynamic loadouts and more than one turret. If i pop one down without making any loadout changes the weapons are assigned correctly to the copilot, however if i go in the unit's pylon options and make any change, the pylon mounted weapons control switches automatically to the last turret defined in config, despite me choosing another specific turret. Let's say that i have a UH60 with a copilot, a left gunner and a right gunner (defined in this specific order in config). The copilot by default controls whatever i put on the pylons, but after i make a change the control ends up to the right gunner even though i set it to be controlled by the copilot in the menu. Is this a known issue or am i doing something wrong? If so, how would i go about fixing it?
  10. most likely a corrupt download or some other mod messing with your game
  11. That's usually handled by PWS themselves, i'll drop them a PM. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. 3CB BAF Vehicles

    Is any model or config change required for flags to work like that? I remember something was mentioned when LOW released but didnt look into it.
  13. While checking this out i found out the Czech variant was using the wrong textures (the ramp had the clamshell textures), opsie! Anyway i did a few tweaks to make it darker, will keep both as virtual garage paint options.
  14. Wrong thread, also no, i dont think any such change has been considered. Lighting is a pain to work with and there's very little documentation available to the community, so even if such changes were planned the implementation would not be straightforward.
  15. I noticed just now there's a darker variant for the Czech Mi-24 already (through the virtual garage paint editor), but the Mi-171 only has the lighter one.