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  1. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Fuckin' sweet.....
  2. Tribute or tribune?? Unless you're blazing your own trail I'm pretty sure it's the latter!
  3. I like it so far!! The cockpit looks a lot less laggy than the illegal Peral port that everyone is "not" using........
  4. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Jesus.....how dumb can folks be eh?
  5. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I know Sgt F! You guys are a very reasonable bunch of devs!!
  6. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Yes, really. I was going to respond in support of you had the author of that post meant you guys since you had talked to me about stuff I liked with the HH-60G portion of your mod, and that you said you would keep my comments in mid for the update. It would seem from my experience that you guys do take requests, in a way, making that post - his post - unfair a little.
  7. robert31178

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    "......let's say that i wanted the hummingbird to be able to lift a tank. What do i need to change for that? " Um, the Hummingbird lol.....
  8. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    When you say "I doubt USAF takes requests....", do you mean the real USAF, or do you mean the team? T
  9. Ok, good deal. Thank you so much ~Rob
  10. Hi there! I tried to look up the class name for the MH-60S M3M and was unable to see it. Could someone please help me? We are running a CUP based Liberation map and I would like to use that helicopter specifically as the unit I roll with is a USN unit. Thanks in advance!! ~Rob
  11. robert31178

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    No one would ever say KFC is better than McDonald's, that's more of an "apples and oranges" type comparison, unless you want to go with just chicken sandwiches, at which point I would interject and be like "hey, just go to 'Chick-Fa-La' and you'll have a better sandwich experience"....... Waiting patiently for the updated USAF HH-60G, man o man!! I pretty much have ceased flying Arma3 until this pack is reintroduced into the community, it's that good of a helicopter. The best -60 series flight model, loved the sounds, etc...best!! This is kinda aimed at everyone, not specifically anyone here, although it does apply here, and that's this: I've been a flight sim guy for years, and no whee are are the devs as mean as they are than in the BS forums. The only time anyone gets wound up on other forums is when folks ask for timelines, the rest is kinda.....silly? I'm not sure exactly what it is about just this community that makes everyone so guarded or quick to turn around and bite a head off, but it makes it kinda hostile around these parts, people can't ask a question without getting hopped on. It's annoying, really. That said, some of the questions asked here are just plain silly too, and I can understand some of the devs' frustrations because they shouldn't have to field some of the requests I see, like re-skins in a community where there is bound to be someone who can use a paint program, etc. Some of these types of questions should be sent as PM's so as to not incur public wrath and in a way making the devs look like jerks. Two way street people, I'll stop there :-) ~S
  12. robert31178

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    Looking really nice!!! ~Rob
  13. robert31178

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Neetch....yeah dude, I want!!
  14. robert31178

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    Got it all figured out now. It's not at all like I remember it, but I got it. When I used this stuff before you could just alt+left click and there would be a line attached to your cursor, no map tool needed. Dow no one remember this? It was just like it is in DCS now, only here in Arma, and it was something I learned from my very first unit. We used to use it to make flight plans/routes. Guess it doesn't matter, I got this way now and can make straight lines again, and actually like how these look because the lines are thicker and you can actually see them way better. Thank you very much for all of the help!! ~Rob
  15. robert31178

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    Ok, I will try that out. I could not get the straight line "alt+leftclick" to work for me on server. Jusat to make sure I am doing it right, I have the map tool displayed on my map, and then I hold "alt", then left click and it is supposed to attach a line to my cursor for me to drop elsewhere on the map yes? Or at least it used to work like that? ~Rob