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  1. skurnicki

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    Join us every friday on the =7Cav= public server for public mission night where we play tactically as a huge group! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aircavnam join our steam group for details!
  2. skurnicki

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    There are no requirements for ACV to work, it is a standalone mod. Works with any map.
  3. You sure like accusing other people if stealing your work even though some mods were released months before your alpha even was released.
  4. Hello! A group of guys from the 7th Calvary Gaming regiment has decided to open a Altis Life server for its public and Cav members! The Server ip is or Look up Liberty Bell and add it to your favorites! Currently we've added A Red Light District and Casio Town to score big bucks and relax from your daily life of "Honest Labor" We have plans to add much much more! Our Liberty Bell web site is http://libertybellaltislife.enjin.com/ and you can find our TS 7th Cavalry is recruiting for members If a Milsim Clan is what you are looking for we offer a 60pl custom Invade and Annex server with a great public player base and We are the First and Only Air Cav Vietnam 60 slot Search and Destroy server. Along the ACV team who are members are constantly updating the Mission and ACV MOD pack! you can find us @ https://7cav.us/ Both Arma 3 and our Air Cav Vietnam units offer private mod packs to its private members so enlist today for the fun!
  5. skurnicki

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    I stand corrected ARMAholic has taken our mod to their DB and will update when we update. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29940\ Now there is 2 locations to download our Vietnam Mod
  6. skurnicki

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    Well boys and girls it was a fun year with a few laughs and some tears, and hours of looking at databases and code. The Air Cav Vietnam mod team would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a new year! For people traveling please travel safe! For those that are interested in joining the 7th Cavarly currently recruitment is over till Jan 7th for the holidays but this doesnt mean you still join just need to wait. After the 7th The ACV team will be creating a starter squad/ platoon completely dedicated to The Vietnam era. We will be hosting public Ops almost daily to showcase what we are planning and have planned to troopers to have fun. Currently we are working on Training Guides as well as massive 7th Cav ops allowed only for members. If interested feel free to post here or join www.7thcavarly.us for more details. --Units we are planning on rolling out with are: Air Cavarly Engineers Pilots (transport and fixed wing) Airborne Units Tank Squad Thanks for the continued support! -- Skurnicki
  7. Im gonna nip this in the butt after reading some of the comments about Air Cav Vietnam that are false. 1. Nothing was taken from unsung A2 everything taken from the armaholic community has proper credits that be saying we did the re-skins our selves 2. The Vietnam Map that we are using on our server was created by a fellow clan member by scratch and did not steal ideas from your map. 3. There was no finish line or a race for that matter. The only reason Air Cav Vietnam was created because the VTE mod caused errors on our map. After two whole years we assumed the project was dead. Ironically during our teaser stage people joked "this better not become another Unsung" That being said you have your mod and we have ours, doing things "right" matter of opinion.
  8. skurnicki

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    Steam work shop is the only place to get it.
  9. To remotely connect to the Air Cav Vietnam server the IP is: 2330 or search the mod name. The server will auto restart every six hours and is on the same time as Tact 1, meaning at 12a 6a 12p and 6p est the server will reset. http://steamcommunit...s/?id=550873311 that is the steam download! Rules: ALL PUBLIC CAV RULES APPLY! No swearing No Trolling No disrespect No racist remarks of any kind (regardless of wartime slang) No Team Killing If you are in a pilot slot or Arty (including mortars) you MUST be in TS3. If you have any problems please talk to an MP that is playing on the game server or in the ACV teampseak channel or anyone playing ACV with a =7Cav= tag. Monitoring: Since this isn't a official 7th Cav server The members who chose to monitor and admin the server aren't bound by standard official MP rules, this means: You been warned--- If it continues it WILL lead to a kick then finally a ban. Please follow the rules, and have fun! Thanks for your support on making this mod! ROE (Rule of engagement): 1. Napalm cannot be called on town that is being assaulted out skirts only. 2. Arty, CAS and GUN SHIPS may only be called in for attacks (no rouge attack runs) unless broken arrow has been called. 3. Broken Arrow is a call that an American unit has been surrounded or cut off. Broken Arrow may called ONLY if there is may casualties on the AO and LZ's are high and almost impossible for reinforcements to land and replenish AO. 4. Medics MUST do their jobs if not they will be kicked after they have been warned. 5. ARTY, CAS and ALL Pilots must be in the 7th Cavalry Teamspeak if you choose the slots in our server. 6. IF you chose to have music bots in the teamspeak they must be music of the Vietnam Era and MUST be at a volume where everyone else can be heard and the game can be heard.
  10. Hello guys, Me and a few memebers of the 7th Cav gaming regiment have been working on a Map and Mission to depict the Vietnam War Heres our Trailer and and here is our steam group for updates http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aircavnam Enjoy! -Skurnicki
  11. Ive looked all over the forums and the net, I have a new Altis life server and I keep getting this same error over and over Info: 08:37:31 - 30 minutes of inactivity have passed. Closing down MySQL connection. I read thats part of the persistant post: Arma2NETMySQL.dll The socket connection would stay open once started. This caused problems (aka crashing). Now, it will close down the connection after 30 minutes of inactivity. Does this mean I need to have some one constantly connected to my server? or can I change this so it wont time out?