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  1. Yup, your comp is outrunnibng your game. When I start Arma 3, the news mods and other tabs come up first, once this is up, wait anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds, then click on Play , for some reason mine does the same, but if I wait the 10 to 30 seconds, (just give it 30 seconds) and then play, All addond/missions load up just fine ! Hope this helps you out a bit, it took me about 2 days of reading to find out my computer is outrunning my game :P
  2. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Okies, well, you guys may have to wait a couple months still, buuuuut, I have Zubr Russian Hovercraft model 70-75% complete, still gotta texture it, and write a config or find a good config writer for it. Ill get some screens of it and load em up for you all to have a peek at :) For the hardened aircraft shelters, not that Im aware of, but I will keep an eye out for any such thing for you. Just wish we had more modelers out there in the community , those hardened shelters were nice ! Even to be able to port them would be great, but I wont use anyones models without written/E-mailed permission! Ill try to contact some more of these fellows with Arma 2 assets for Porting over. Hopefully more people will get with the community once Tanoa is released and bring in some more talented model makers, config writers and texture peeps as well. Hopefully my Zubr once completed will be to most peoples liking. Ill have those Zubr screen shots up soon.
  3. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I havent seen any as of yet, hopefully just a bit of time
  4. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Thank you henrikgh, You got it spot on. If so I may consider making some, If not forget I asked !
  5. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I am curious about the lack of OPFOR Naval forces, we need some desperately and I am trying to contact Ivan (the Original Author) Gnat the rework and rerelease or eddyD for Mlods of the ship and finding some config writers to bring this ship back to life in Arma 3, any information would be of great assistance, but I only want their information , if you know them fairly well and they agree to allow me to E-mail or contact them through this sites messenger. I am considering the beginning of a new Mod (Opfor Naval Vessels) but only if enough interest is shown, I am a fair 3d modeler , but havent written a config since OFP days, ( YES Im that OLD :P ) So I would be recruiting interested parties, who want to do this for the community ( NOT FOR PROFIT) So please dont ask about being paid. If enough people volunteer who are serious, plans will be made and discussed who the Mod leader(s) would be and what ships and boats would be for the pack release. Most likely we would not be bringing ion all the assets which the Naval Warfare Pack would, just to keep focus on Ships and boats for the time being. In my opinion this is something which Arma 3 needs in the worst way, for future balance and realistic game play. Thats just my opinion though So everyone who reads this, please weigh in with your opinions , but also with suggestions for ships/boats. Time Era, anything current or ships upgraded from the cold war Era. Quick request to the page site managers, this is a discussion, not a request, so please dont move this to the addons request thread. I need people to weigh in and get an honest opinion of if this is something people would actually want ! Thanks for your time all and have a great day! :) redman7g7
  6. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    As far as I know the M777 is a w.i.p. with the U.S. Naval warfare pack, not sure as the status of the mod but it sounds very promising, be patient, good things come to those who wait :)
  7. redman7g7

    Tracked Amphibious vehicles

    Great to hear, not really moaning, I know the hard work and dedication it takes just to make an addon, did a couple I never released in OFP and thought I would never complete for some reason never released. Just wishedI would have kept up on all the additional info, soooooooo much more confusing now compared to then, but so much more fun, Cheers and 3 Hurrahs to all the great modders out there , good luck to all , and cant wait for your future addons :D
  8. Are the tracked amphibious vehicles for A3 working yet or we still need to wait for Tanoa, currently Im attaching them after great amount of time with wheeled leading the way and the tracked being tugged along, but its an ugly workaround. If we're still waiting on Tanoa , Cmon Devs Ive got faith in you all, just kinda wish you woulda included this in the first place :P
  9. redman7g7

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    First of all, I want to express my appreciation to all the awesome work from all the great mods and the makers out there, without you all this game would be heading the way of the dodo bird and the Ivory Billed woodpecker !! The work you all have done is more than I ever expected and 1 million thanks just dont seem enough :) My biggest thing, we have more planes, choppers and ground forces than you can imagine, and lots of creative scripts and addons for for enhanced this that and the other, buts wheres the OPFOR's navies ?? Russia, China and the likes, from the smallest patrol boats to carriers? When OFP came out years ago, people seemed more than happy to be creating forces of all types for Blufor and Opfor both, though most of the large ships were static, they still put them out there, and gave others the opportunity to edit if they felt they could improve upon the models, the functionality and usefulness. Russian warships along with their invasion forces just send a chill down the spine of anyone with a lick of sense, just the same as U.S. warships with hovercraft and a crapton of AAV's snaking through the water, laying in smoke and beach clearing fire as they make the deadly approach to the inevitable fight coming. The fact that we now have a U.S. Naval warfare pack on the way, has me checking forums everyday for this wonderful creation to be released, but wheres the balance ? As of now the only balance there seems to be is Air and land forces. If I knew more about modding I would try to bring in a Russian Naval Warfare pack, but I have been stuck working on my model of a Zubr it seems going on for 3 years now and have hit a dead end. Im not gonna whine, bitch or beg, just saying it would be spectacular to see some great Russian and Chinese OPFOR Ships out there ! :) Thanks to all you great mod makers out there, and should you all decide to take on such a task lemme know , I would be willing to research and dig up as many resources as I can to lend a hand. Thanks to all and have a great day !!!
  10. redman7g7

    Advanced Rappelling

    Lotsa possibilities I see, mountain pass, crapload of loose boulders, convoy expected and well placed explosives , fooking avalanche !!! :)
  11. I have always enjoyed your work, your Mod never fails to impress me, and for your new interface coming up, looks outstanding !!! Cant wait to give it a try, keep up the great work :)
  12. Ive not downloaded this mod yet, Loved it in ARMA2, guess my question is do you all have the D-20 artillery piece yet ? Ive searched everywhere for a full list of vehicles and addons but have either missed it or it is not listed yet , thanks in advance you guys rock
  13. Man that would be great, ty for that :)
  14. Is there any way to dl the updated files in the pbo's as opposed to the full dl,, Im in an area where we have no access to fast dl's.. An updater like RHS has would be fantastic , tyvm in advance for your reply and Happy Holidays to all :)
  15. redman7g7

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Love the Mod, your creations were awesome in Arma 2 and your great work carries on :) , When I see your name or Eggbeast I know for a fact its gonna be another glorious mod to enhance the entertainment of the game by 10 fold at least. Only problem I have noticed is the Tunguska has a pretty easy roll factor (cant have anything to do with the fact I drive like a maniac :)) traveling downhill it rolls fairly easily if sharp left or right need to be made. AI does it less but also rolling on flat ground, most likely just a small tweak to the cfg., but since I am still studying addon making I wont even attempt the change myself. Ill give this a mod a 9.8 outa 10. For those of you who dont download this and play, your loss, I for one am open to reasonable amount of change. Screw it Ill change my rating to 10/10 good job Pookie :D