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  1. Arma 4 a look to the future

    We really, REALLY need a GTA level style of vehicle doors opening / closing when you enter them. I'm tired of seeing a guy across the map press a button and float in the air for a second and disappear into a tank.
  2. Works fine for me, how far is your target?
  3. Not in the Jungle Hex tho.. Would be nice to maximize potential of this last minute, final DLC. Give the community as much that can be given with quality constraints and usability (ex. Tanoa colored vehicles etc.)
  4. Some recommendation for CSAT. I don't really understand this, its like a cross between year 3050 warfare and 1970s soviet invasion of afghanistan, I think CSAT needs new tanker coveralls.
  5. (2029) New "NYX" tankette rolls off the Altis Vrana owned vehicle and munitions plant. The logistics officer for the AAF isn't too happy about the traffic jam. Nikoaton's Anims, Direones and ReColor by our resident time-waster talented graphics professional Greenfist!
  6. Please get a new helmet for AAF. Even if its just a slight modification, its not very aesthetically pleasing to be using an ArmA 2 port.
  7. Please replace the overused Offroad 50 cal technicals with these beautiful new Jeep Wranglers with the LIM/M249 for the Apex missions. I'd really love to replay those missions with new juicy juicy content! (if not done already)
  8. So cute, lil boy here wants a cuddle
  9. Hope @Alex150201 made it back home.
  10. Project Zenith

    Is it possible to get a standalone vest without the MBSS? Via config or otherwise?
  11. Project Zenith

    I'd just like to say thanks for your work. Will you be accepting cryptocurrency donations?
  12. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Minor issue with NATOs DLC jet. The display doesn't fit inside the monitor, its going out of bounds.