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  1. Kalle Arsch

    Delete Objects

    Didn't work :(
  2. Hi there... I want to delete the USS Liberty after a cutscene. I give it a name like "A1" and run a script with the "deleteVehicle A1" command. It didn't work. I put everything in a layer and call it "Liberty" and run the script with the " _Liberty = ((getmissionlayerEntities "Liberty") select 0); {_x enableSimulation false; _x hideObject true} foreach _Liberty;". Everything else is deleted but the USS Liberty is already there. How can I delete it after my cutscene???
  3. Kalle Arsch

    AI Animation

    The animations don't work with playMove... They are all original from the game and work with the switchMove command. I only want to put it smoothly together. So why I had to make an addon??
  4. Kalle Arsch

    AI Animation

    OK. Can you tell me how it should look like. I have no idea how to write this in a config file. The idea is that a soldier stands right next to the player with this animation (Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_loop). After some time he should switch to this animation (Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_out) and smoothly in the next two (Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_in/Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_loop).
  5. Kalle Arsch

    AI Animation

    I already had this in my script [a5,"STAND","FULL",{(player distance _this) < 5}] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; a5 disableAi "MOVE"; a5 disableAi "ANIM"; a5 allowDamage false;
  6. Hi there... I tried to script a mission where the ai stand next to the player and execute an specific animation. When this animation is done the ai should execute another animation and so on and on... I tried these lines but between the second and third animation the ai get back into the normal animation and it is not smooth enough between the second and third animation. I hope everybody understands what I mean :) anima5 = [] spawn { a5 switchmove "Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_loop"; animLoop = a5 addEventHandler ["AnimDone", { a5 switchMove "Acts_AidlPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_warmup_3_out" }]; }; ...//here are some more lines in the script//... anima5 = [] spawn { a5 switchmove "Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_in"; animLoop = a5 addEventHandler ["AnimDone", { a5 switchMove "Acts_ShowingTheRightWay_loop" }]; };
  7. In the editor there are two screens: - Land Briefing Room Screen - Land Briefing Room Desk Which size must have a picture to fit perfecly. And where do I find this following picture? I mean the Right designation.
  8. Kalle Arsch

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    I still working on them and build a template with the USS Freedom. Maybe I'll find time to finish it and upload it in a few days. At the moment I'm very busy
  9. Kalle Arsch

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    I copy the specific animation from the viewer and wrote several scripts with them.
  10. Kalle Arsch

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    Thank you for your help. After dozens of hours it works. Also with the specific animations. Do you have any idea how the ai could land on the carrier?
  11. Kalle Arsch

    HALO Jump

    Hi there. I've been playing a while with the editor to create a mission where you and your squad jumps out of a C-17 (HALO Jump). The inspiration came from the last mission from Medal of Honor Warfighter. Now I found a way to move in a moving plane. Now I'm in the plane. Also my crew and a jump master. He count from 30 sec. and do a specific animation. Now what I want is that all men run to the open back door and jump out of the plane. But nothing works. Unitcapture and unitplay didn't work. Or I do something wrong. Have anyone an idea how this could work? Thanks.
  12. Kalle Arsch

    AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    Hi there I'm a totally noob in scripting and I tried this script a thousand times. It didn't work for me. I also have found a video tutorial in french (I didn't understand much ) but it also didn't work. So please, can anybody upload a mission where one plane start from catapult 3 and after this a plane start from catapult 4 (like in the showcase mission). It would be great if there is also the catapult crew with their special animations (like in the showcase mission). Thanks a lot!!!