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  1. First Thread has your answer
  2. The volume was reduced on the birds, perhaps alittle to much as I cant hear them now lol
  3. See post #252 on previous page for reason your game is crashing ---------- Post added at 00:20 ---------- Previous post was at 00:16 ---------- https://www.dropbox.com/s/1s5b1j80e4z9w9v/cement.rar?dl=0 Try this addon
  4. Aus

    PLP BeachObjects

    Excellent work PP keep going mate this stuff is a blessing for map makers, there's not slot of custom content around and your work is of a great standard. Well done Sir!
  5. You wont have any issues now with Version 2 Rivers I deepened them all so they are all usable now :) If you look in Perth theres a road to nowhere atm, that was going to be leading into an Airbase west of Perth. I just havent built it yet. Get Xcam make the base as prefab and I can hardcode it onto the map, saves time and you get to have your base for all to use :)
  6. Australia has now been Indexed by the ALIVE team, thanks guys :)
  7. I started sculpting that area for a naval type small dockyards but got side tracked with Bug fixing. It'll be completed for Version 3 :) ---------- Post added at 00:30 ---------- Previous post was at 00:29 ---------- It was made with Arma 3 toolset and would also mean a complete re-write of all the code plus removing thousands of objects and replacing them :(
  8. I wouldn't blame the AIA pack, Ive found it very good. Australia is very stable using the AIA pack
  9. Awesome Video matty :) I've been getting reports of Players locking up when viewing the large concrete wheat silo's in Victoria. After researching the issue it seems one of their pbo's wasn't the correct size. If your having issues please check your buildings2_ind_cementworks.pbo "SIZE ON DISK" should be (62,418,944 bytes) if yours is not this size then will need to download this pbo again, use torrent version
  10. no sorry cannot be used in Arma2 ---------- Post added at 21:16 ---------- Previous post was at 21:14 ---------- Nope Arma3 doesnt have the amount of assets needed for a map this large, you can use the AIA data pack which saves 1.2gig.
  11. Hey all I've submitted a request to have Australia V2 indexed :)
  12. Forgot to mention theres a concrete area just South of Darwin with Roads for Mission makers to add a base or anything they want :)
  13. CLICK HERE - DOWNLOAD V2 AUSTRALIA It will be on Steam soon but I thought I'd post it here for anyone not wanting to wait. Delete your OLD @Australia addons folder and replace with this one. (server Key included)
  14. Version 2 Completed new buildings added, Server and bisign keys done, one last look around then uploading. final change log below: Change log Version 2 Fixed: - set objects to correct height - roads smoother - roads less slippery - lighting fixed - sounds fixed ( ambient sounds added) - road network completed - Apartment block icon fixed - fixed glitching in Sydney Powerstation - Retextured Melbourne Airport runway - Flattened Perth football field - fixed Glitching in Alice Springs airport - various satellite and mask fixes - Removed Broken T pieces from Roads - Fixed PAA errors on startup - mine height adjusted in Desert - removed trees and bushes from Roads - Adjusted Containers to correct heights in Docks - Plus loads more Bug Fixes - Flattened Bridge south of Melbourne near Industrial area - Fixed texture error popup in Perth and desert Areas - Many Bug fixes on new Buildings New: - new Intro Cutscene - 2 new double story houses added - 4 new variations single story houses added - Added Comm Bank building - Added Centerlink building - Added Small prison building - retextuerd Centrelink - Perth Airport added - Retextured all of Tasmania - Added 3 new towns in Tasmania - Added new plaza and 3 new underground parking areas in Melbourne - New treehut/slum village - Added rusty WW2 plane as a wreck - Added more underwater wrecks - Added more Wreck icons - Added prison/holding yard Perth - Added more houses to various suburbs - Added Stadium to Melbourne - Added more lights to Cities/suburbs - Added new Hotel area to Brisbane - Added rocks/plants to Lake in Sydney - Added Police station in Alice Springs - Added Hospital Alice Springs - Added Prison to Alice Springs - Added Prison to Brisbane - Added Prison to Melbourne - Added more traffic lights to all Capital Cities - Added Multistory white office Building to Broken Hill - Added Houses to Toowoomba - Added Police station to Tasmania - Added Hospital to Tasmania - new grass texture Tasmania - new broadleaf crop to Tasmania - new Central Business blocks in melbourne - added more wheat fields - Removed Arma2 docks in Melbourne replaced with Arma 3 Docks - Added thousands of trees to west coast desert areas - Added map icons for all Police,Hospital,prisons - Added map icons for Mountains over 250 Meters - Added more housing in Perth - Rebuilt Tailem Bend town - Added industrial building to Brisbane - Added small Army base to Desert Area plus north coast - Removed Arma2 Hospital in Melbourne replced with Arma3 Hospital - Red Desert Textures slow cars - retextured Comm bank Buildings - added grass to Pinegap - Added map icons for Palm trees - Added Debug island bottom left of Map - Wheat Silos - Added Concrete area South East of Darwin for Players to build base etc - Added more street signs - Added Custom billboards - Added Bridge construction site to east perth - Added Tennis courts - Added more trees/bushes to all over map - Tweaked clutter model to obtain more FPS - Added State Icons to map - Added Quarry to map - Added more buildings to Willcania town - Added icons for lumber yards - Added treehut - Added wooden lookout tower - Added Helipads to police stations that dont have external landing facilities - Added sounds to Prison Gates - plus heaps more new stuff that i cant be bothered adding here Removed from Map - Skyscrapers - removed large rocks - removed all Arma 2 Road crash barriers - more Arma 1 buildings removed - Some Arma 1 piers replaced with Arma 3 items Version 3 - Add more detail to the existing Airports, better runways etc - more custom content (buildings,signage, etc ) - completion of Army base near Dam - further updates to mask and sat images - more custom ground textures - 4wd only tracks - more Army bases spread around the island - more towns/cities
  15. Version 2 is completed I'm just waiting on Mattaust to send me the buildings to add as prefabs shouldn't take more than an hour to add them all and create new Bisign files which will be labelled 002.