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  1. TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    My hopes for TAC-OPS DLC would be: Adding better movement features such as climbing through windows and over fences, scaling buildings with help from team mates. Like the EnhanceMovement mod. Precision placement of charges/mines, such as attaching charges to vehicles. Night vision options for snipers. Grenade throwing options for over/under hand throws.
  2. WIll they ever optimize it?

    Optimize your expectations.
  3. Jump

    I think jumping by itself is not much use, but the idea of being able to scale small obstacles is worthy of being added to the game. The vault mechanic in the game works most of the time but fails to let us do things like climbing through a window, or out of the water. If you haven't tried Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement mod yet you should, it really opens up the environment in terms of access to areas that are usually off limits.
  4. Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I feel the quality is better at low bitrates and file sizes are smaller. I think it would open up mission makers to adding more dialogue to their missions. There is a comparison with other codecs on the site here: https://opus-codec.org/comparison/
  5. Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I really hope that the TAC-OPS DLC will improve basic infantry movement. We need something like Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement mod in the game so we can climb through windows and over walls, or climb out of the water. It really makes a big difference to how you interact with the environment. And MagRepack... And in game engine support for playing opus instead of ogg would be cool too.
  6. BIS Aircraft Carrier

    This looks amazing. I just hope it is polished enough with supporting features like deployment by air and sea, and also options for infiltration to attack the air craft carrier from the submersible vehicle. And I kind of wonder what ever happened to that submarine model that was in the game and never really used...
  7. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    I have a bad feeling that it's going to be Bicycle DLC...
  8. 64-bit Executables Feedback

    I just ran YAAB on 1.68 x64 and got under 30 fps and it never used more than 4GB ram despite having 16GB, i5 3570K, GTX970, SSD. Was hoping for moar... /sadface
  9. I think the interesting thing in this video is that on the i5 we see all the cores are all equally being used and never maxing out, yet in the other two we can see core 1 reaching high usage and the other cores being minimally used. I doubt the x64 builds will fix this. I think if we could get Arma to make full use of all the available cores that would be "splendid".
  10. co10 Escape

    I tried using the option in parameters to save the settings but it didn't seem to work. Anyone else used this feature that can confirm it works?
  11. Scrap the AI System

    I don't think he stated that SP needs to be online. He stated the obvious fact that it is hard to prove that there is a majority of people playing single player offline. Even if you take away the number of people online from the number of global sales you can't "assume" that all the rest must be playing offline. It is possibly more reasonable to "assume" that those players are simply no longer playing the game. Perhaps subtracting online steam player numbers from the players in servers would give an idea of how many people just play single player but it would not account for those who play offline. Regardless the point I think is that AI improvements would benefit both offline and online play. And that we are seeing the majority of online play focused in areas of PVP type scenarios, possibly due to the issues around MP AI scenarios.
  12. Scrap the AI System

    I thought they did hire someone. I commented back in 2013 about it and got a response which you can read here:
  13. Scrap the AI System

    I was really really disappointed when A3 came out that the AI never got the kind of revision that I was hoping for, particularly in terms of performance. When you load up the game in the editor you can see the game runs fine. And even if you load in some AI with no enemy AI or activity the game runs fine. But when you run AI that are active either against other AI or against players you can see a dramatic decrease in performance. Granted these calculations for path finding and engagement behavior will have a performance cost associated with it I still think this is an area that should have been better targeted in A3. Simply by the fact that the maps are so large they really need to be populated with more AI to make them feel alive. The work being done on the dynamic simulation just now could help achieve the perception of more AI on the map in certain circumstances where fast movement across the map in jets for example won't cause issues with caching of AI. And I am glad that some work is still happening on these sort of systems. And after that "no magic bullet" statement I have came to accept that we will never see a revolution in AI performance across the board in A3. So I am watching the DayZ team with much hope for their efforts in making new AI in the Enforce scripting engine to see what is capable of happening in the future with BI products.
  14. co10 Escape

    We played build 94 and pulling out injured from vehicles was working.
  15. The still missing and badly needed Marines DLC

    I'd love to see some more things to enable more use of the water, especially after the effort that was put in to make swimming underwater possible in Arma 3. I think even small things like a simple harpoon type weapon would be fun. And of course I think a few bigger things like an LHD, a proper submarine, and landing craft would open up a lot of options. I know the ViV doesn't work for players but I would be happy with a static LHD that teleports with a fade to black screen between transitions. They could add a USV/UUV drone to compliment the land and air drones. And some oil rigs to assault would be pretty cool too.