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  1. Vigil Vindex

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    It always is for "I'm alright Jacks". Story changes quickly when it their rights, homes, families, and friendships that are paying the human cost of it. But since it's them foreigners, who cares, it's all fun and games right?
  2. Vigil Vindex

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    If this is true then perhaps something should be added to de-prioritise sounds that are further away so that sounds closer can be prioritised as it should be less noticeable if further away sounds are being missed out.
  3. Vigil Vindex

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Is anyone else have issues with gun shots not being audible. Not sure when it started but I have noticed it recently, I hear bullets impacting but not the actual gun shot.
  4. I don't think Arma has ever been that kind of game where the campaign is the be all and end all of the product. That's the way other games like COD do it, huge focus on a campaign with some MP modes on top. I have always thought that the real stars of the Arma games was the maps, the scale of which enables them to be used for other missions etc. And I think BIS recognised this aspect by pushing Arma 3 as a platform rather than just a game with a campaign. That said, I also have a bit of nostalgia for the old campaigns, and would love for a return to the form of those past campaigns, Resistance in particular.
  5. Vigil Vindex

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Nothing yet, but I am betting on us never seeing them directly, just their drones and hover tanks with rail guns.
  6. Vigil Vindex

    NO, BIS, NO.

    When I first heard about the sci-fi theme I was disappointed too, but after looking at the terrain, factions, weapons, vehicles and props etc that would be added I had to agree that even if I ignored the sci-fi campaign, which actually looks good, it would still be a significant expansion. And if the money supports BI in making Arma 4 everything it needs to be for me to buy it then I am happy that my purchase of this expansion and GM will support that. If Arma 4 arrives and it doesn't provide the "magic bullet" that we where told would never come for Arma 3 then I will change my mind. Besides, at this stage of Arma 3's life cycle I think we are lucky to get any new content at all after being told development was winding down.
  7. I've seen no evidence that BI has hired anyone new to specifically work on AI for future titles. I do think that they already have staff who can do work on AI but they did not get allocated enough time and resources to implement the scope of changes that we would like to have seen in A3. Hopefully they are given the resources and time to work on AI for future Arma games in Enfusion. I think your suspicion that AI might be skipped in future Arma games could be true, Vygor for example is basically DayZ without the AI zombies. Which is fine, it makes sense to focus on the parts that work and cut the stuff that can cause problems and cost more development time than the value they bring to the gameplay. In the context of Arma I could see the benefits of cutting a complex AI system to focus on a platform that keeps the main focus of the engine efficient etc. Perhaps it would be best to make the platform robust enough to enable the community to develop custom AI but isolate that from the engine itself so we don't see the kind of problems we see in Arma when AI are added and cause the engine to get bogged down. We might already be in a better position with Enfusion, I got the feeling that the AI systems in RV was so embedded and undocumented that it was almost impossible to de-tangle the systems and prevent AI from dragging the engine performance down, leaving us with just small changes but nothing radically changed. Perhaps this is not the case with Enfusion and it will give them enough overhead to develop a new AI system. I just hope that we get something that allows for the large maps to be populated with more AI, we need a realistic military population, a company for each side, with maybe 2 platoons in each company. So that is potentially over 200 AI, then we want civilians so another 100-200 AI. And it would be hard to do that sort of stuff in RV without elaborate systems and hardware such as caching and headless clients which most of us are not in a position to do. If we could get those sorts of numbers I would be happy. And if the AI needs to be simpler to achieve that I could live with that, but let the community script more advanced AI subroutines that they can choose to use. I'm pretty sure that BI wants this sort of experience in the Arma games, there was talk of a large open single player campaign with the whole map being populated but it got cut, I think because of the Greece thing, but more likely due to the technical difficulty of implementing that sort of scenario in the game. We did see an engine based caching system in RV near the end of A3's main development cycle, but it was never really used much probably due to it's limitations in the way that caching system works by effectively pausing stuff that you want to be actively moving and interactive.
  8. I can appreciate that there is a lot of content, both from the devs and the community, that we all get to enjoy from all of the Arma and OPF series of games. And I would love for that backwards compatibility to be maintained going forward with future games. And from what we can see currently with DayZ it certainly looks like content such as maps and models can indeed be ported to future games without much hassle, animations could be an issue. However my main concern is that the biggest challenge going forward, both for DayZ and any future Arma game is performance, MP AI performance in particular. If ultimately we have to sacrifice that backwards compatibility of the content from previous games to achieve the "magic bullet" that will finally solve and unlock the MP AI experiences we want to have in future games then I think we should accept that cost. Worst case scenario will be that we will have to port the logic for missions and scenarios to the new scripting engine in enfusion. DayZ seems to have made progress with large amounts of relatively static entities (loot) in the MP environment, but I am still waiting to see large amounts of complex entities (AI) in the MP environment. Arma is great for large scale warfare, but we really need to populate those large scale maps with AI to get an experience that deserves to be called "splendid".
  9. Vigil Vindex

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    My hopes for TAC-OPS DLC would be: Adding better movement features such as climbing through windows and over fences, scaling buildings with help from team mates. Like the EnhanceMovement mod. Precision placement of charges/mines, such as attaching charges to vehicles. Night vision options for snipers. Grenade throwing options for over/under hand throws.
  10. Vigil Vindex

    WIll they ever optimize it?

    Optimize your expectations.
  11. Vigil Vindex


    I think jumping by itself is not much use, but the idea of being able to scale small obstacles is worthy of being added to the game. The vault mechanic in the game works most of the time but fails to let us do things like climbing through a window, or out of the water. If you haven't tried Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement mod yet you should, it really opens up the environment in terms of access to areas that are usually off limits.
  12. Vigil Vindex

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I feel the quality is better at low bitrates and file sizes are smaller. I think it would open up mission makers to adding more dialogue to their missions. There is a comparison with other codecs on the site here: https://opus-codec.org/comparison/
  13. Vigil Vindex

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I really hope that the TAC-OPS DLC will improve basic infantry movement. We need something like Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement mod in the game so we can climb through windows and over walls, or climb out of the water. It really makes a big difference to how you interact with the environment. And MagRepack... And in game engine support for playing opus instead of ogg would be cool too.
  14. Vigil Vindex

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    This looks amazing. I just hope it is polished enough with supporting features like deployment by air and sea, and also options for infiltration to attack the air craft carrier from the submersible vehicle. And I kind of wonder what ever happened to that submarine model that was in the game and never really used...