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  1. But is it new? Wasn't Enfusion purchased as an already deployed engine for other games? I hope 1-7 is being targeted but the lack of any indicators or mentions of it either in DayZ or the forums makes me doubt it. /sadface
  2. Has any of 1 to 7 ever been confirmed as coming to Enfusion?
  3. Vigil Vindex

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    1 - Cold War Era - I don't think we will be done with this era for a long time. They do not call the end of it the "end of history" for nothing. 2 - Reforger - I initially hated the idea and I am still disappointed that we are yet to see the groundwork for performant AI in a future Arma game taking shape in Enfusion. I thought DayZ would be the test bed to develop Enfusion towards being ready for Arma 4 and provide the opportunity for content creators to port their content to the new platform. Perhaps Reforger will provide a better place for that to happen. But I am worried that we are not seeing stuff like digging tunnels or trenches in DayZ, or new AI, deformable terrain, etc, the type of new stuff that we thought would not be done with Arma due to engine limitations that the new engine would open up.
  4. "Obfuscation aims at rendering your content unreadable and useless to third parties." - Seems to work for first parties too.
  5. Vigil Vindex

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I've was looking at hosting sites on the IPFS network. Services like Fleek dot co provide a free tier service that automates the process and lets you host a site on the IPFS network with automated SSL certs and custom domains using free options like afraid.org. The only issue being that it has to be a static site, so you have to use something like Gatsby or Jekyl. What interests me about this is that is zero cost and resilient as it is backed by a decentralised network. You can do it manually without using Fleek but it requires more work to configure. Do we know what the space requirements would be to replicate the Armaholic data?
  6. I would be more than happy if we get 1 or 2 good CDLC a year until A4 is ready. The idea of a lite version sounds like a lot of extra work to make people who can't scrape up ten bucks happy. And the CDLC content, particularly the GM vehicles are really good. If that is replicated in the CSLA CDLC then keep them coming. Nation CDLC packs are something that should have been done earlier. Most nations have Arma communities and mods packs for their nations. BIS should have played on that strength with the CDLC programme.
  7. The zippyshare link is 403 forbidden for me. Can you stick it on a better long term host, such a Google or Github?
  8. That is due to the chosen code to generate the waypoints for that patrol. If the patrol is limited to a random patrol of a single location area I suppose it is reasonable to ignore precise random last location of a random patrol. But if the patrol waypoints are less random and more curated, such as a patrol between larger distances, location to location, then you should be able to project into the future an estimated location they would have travelled to in the interval between caching. EDIT: Maybe something along the lines of: * Get the locations of all the waypoints for a group. * Calculate cumulative distance between those waypoints in sequence. * Estimate average speed of unit. Do the usual distance equals velocity over time to get location to de-cache.
  9. Vigil Vindex

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I've long looked for a way to execute code in the moment before the lobby. Primarily to execute code to create the players units. I'm not sure why it seems to be impossible. The commands to set the min max player count or game mode type are not there for example. Suppose some that info is required for display in the server browser so we know what we are joining. But being able to script the creation of players would be really useful for me at least.
  10. I've been thinking about the caching system and how it freezes cached units at the last location. The only solution I can think of to this would be to calculate the average movement speed, direction, etc and compare the time from when cached to the time of de-caching and modify the location according to that projected location.
  11. Vigil Vindex

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Agreed, most engines are iterations on already existing code bases. I think the issue with RV being so limited in terms of iterative improvements is that a lot of that code was poorly documented and the staff who created it left resulting in a fragile highly coupled deck of cards that can seriously impede the productivity of devs going forward. I often dream of BI starting from scratch building a new engine in Rust with Vulkan, but that would be a huge & risky investment.
  12. Vigil Vindex

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    I've been watching DayZ SA development, particularly the workshop to see what mods are available for it in the hopes that we would see a glimpse of what might be coming to A4. Two of my big expectations for A4, some form of deformable terrain/underground tunnels in the terrain sim, and radical performance improvements to AI pathfinding, both seem to be missing at this point. Hopefully this is due to a lack of knowledge on the part of mod makers rather than limitations of Enfusion. Regarding the speculation on the culture of BI moving forward, I doubt that they will wander far from their founding ambitions. With BI there appears to be a passion, or legacy, of simulating an era of conflict in a particular region. Often the largest artistic labour being the location itself. They have made multiple games trying to recreate this sort of experience. Every attempt has failed in numerous ways, but each attempt has been a glorious and splendid gaming experience. I suspect they will leverage whatever new assets, be it engine code base or skills & knowledge of staff to again attempt what they feel they have failed in the past. The investment in technical assets or skills and knowledge will hopefully pay off two fold in being able to improve what is lacking in A3 for the new A4, and also enable BI to apply that to other products. Just give us Cherno, where we can dig tunnels, with AI that can populate the map to make the space feel "lived in" with performance that allows us to play with things like VR and A4 will be a winner, in my book at least. EDIT: Interestingly the first red faction game with its "geo-mod" engine was released in 2001, same year as OPF.
  13. Vigil Vindex

    Red Hammer

    That's bad news. Hope you get revenge & return to us in the future.
  14. Vigil Vindex

    Red Hammer

    Can you repost the link because I no longer see Red Hammer on Steam. /sadface
  15. This was something I too was looking for when I was interested in making missions. I don't want to use the editor to redo the work every time, I just want to make a script that I can reuse and save my time to spend on other aspects of mission making. As far as I could tell there was no way to do it outside of the editor or eden.