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  1. Hey Zorrobyte, I follow some of the work you do, so I'm very glad to see you here participating with Hetman. HAL could definitely benefit from caching units, but it seems all focused on the player. Could the caching be based on the AI leader instead?
  2. I use Vcomm when I want the AI to utilize the HMG/GMG units. It's better than ASR_AI in CQB environments and squad organization, but ASI_AI dynamically alters skill level by rank, so it's good for placing groups without much micromanagement. I don't think ASR_AI pushes as many instructions to the AI, so it's less demanding on the system.
  3. Thank you for the update on the OF and DF. I didn't mean like vocally talk, just text in the side chat. I really like the side chat/radio chatter. The chat is immersive while the commander and squads are acting and reacting to the situation.
  4. When you do get around to working on it again, one of the chat responses is "No possible - Over" when it should be "Not possible - Over" "No possible" sounds strange, even though I'm sure everyone knows what the group meant. If you ever figure out a way to have the commander talk to those groups, it would be nice to know what he's ordering them to do. The only text I see him say is about artillery missions and "To all groups, perform Oscar Foxtrot! (or something like that)" What does that mean? Is he calling an audible? It doesn't make much sense without context.
  5. The AI is pretty good about loading things. I gave one of the new choppers a "Lift Cargo" waypoint that I place directly on top of a truck and placed a "Drop Cargo" waypoint a few kilometers away. When I previewed it, the chopper automatically grabbed the truck and dropped it off. Very simple. I tried an ammo box and it worked the same.
  6. Rydygier, are you going to rewrite the RydHQ_AmmoDrop now that there is sling loading?
  7. Rydygier, I hope you will incorporate the new choppers soon so they don't need to be added manually. Thank you for continuing to develop HAL. I don't know how I would play ArmA without it.
  8. I have a group of friends that prefer using Zeus/MCC on my dedicated server. Does this mean they will need Vcom installed on their systems to control AI they spawn?
  9. I'm confused by that statement Wiggum. I know you have some skill with coding, so I don't understand why the fsm checking for rank would be bad, such as in consideration of a group's hierarchy. One of the features I really like about Robalo's ASR_AI is it bases skill from the unit's rank and provides a randomized threshold, so every unit can have a different tier of skill with some scale of randomness. I tend to place groups, which by default, have the leader as Sargent, followed by corporals and privates. I hate having to micromanage the skill of each individual unit in a group, or even as single units, I would rather just make a quick drop down of the unit's rank and be done with it. Am I missing something?
  10. That's a massively helpful tutorial. Thank you for posting that.
  11. I transition between Vcomai and ASR_AI on my dedicated server. Vcom works just fine, but it's only good for missions that do not involve units walking on patrol (this setBehaviour "Safe") because Vcom will force them to go into formation and walk with their weapons ready, like they are hunting. I know Genesis is aware of this issue and working on a fix, so I'm patiently waiting for the day I can replace ASR_AI.
  12. Please change my name to Euly
  13. The best course of action in this situation is to shelve the unfinished features and revise the project to FFIS1. Once you release the project, people will find problems and hopefully report back to you, which will help you identify areas of improvement and possibly inspire your ideas and methods to re-introduce the features you shelved. Right now, the options are: have a version of FFIS2 compatible with ArmA 3 that resembles FFIS1, or have no FFIS2 at all. Do what you gotta do man.
  14. euly

    Revive Script?

    Grimes' Simple Revive script should work, but I'm not sure after the update. He is actively working on it, though.
  15. I'll give that a shot. Thank you Wiggum. ---------- Post added at 01:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:55 PM ---------- The timing issue didn't occur to me. Thank you