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  1. co10 Escape

    Weapons and magazines can be added in te unitclasses file under a3e_arr_PrisonBackpackWeapons. As there is no config array for items, you need to add them manually in functions/Server/fn_initServer.sqf just before the line // Spawn more guards. The local variable _backpack contains the backpack object.
  2. co10 Escape

    Okay, you are talking about the enemy AI. The number of patrols and patrol size depends on the difficulty you set in the mission params in the lobby screen, before you start the mission.
  3. co10 Escape

    The mission is not designed to support AI in the player squad. It would break stuff like the revive-script.
  4. co10 Escape

    Jenkins will be depreciated and be replaced by Gitlab CI. This process will take a few more days to be completed. Please use prior builds until than.
  5. co10 Escape

    Yes. Could you check your RPT for errors please? Dev build or release 1.9?
  6. co10 Escape

    That is actually an unintended bug^^ Feel free to make a Git fork/pullrequest with different setting if you see yourself in a position to do so.
  7. cheater or not?

    I doubt there is a hack involved. Why? Because it does not make sense to have a hack that is that bad. He could just use "a good one" and just edit out the parts out of his videos were it could be seen (or just remove his playername/the server name) or not upload it in the first place. Also your whole claim is: He is moving two times in the same direction/distance. Within this argument are two problems: First you don't have an exact measurement scale and the "same distance/direction" is just a subjective assessment. Second the video is long and taking the limited options into account (he needs to target at a specific spot on the screen) it is perfectly valid to assume that over the course of a complete gameplay round a player would make similar movements more than once.
  8. cheater or not?

    I looked closely and it seems perfectly fine. He is just moving his mouse too far. Why do you think that would be a hack (it is definitly not a cheat)? That would make no sense at his sway movement is making him miss the other player with the first shots. I would expect an hack to make one aim better, not much worse At 0:25 it takes him about 10-15 bullets to hit the other player in 4m from the hip. That is actually a pretty bad aim.
  9. cheater or not?

    Looks fine to me. That guy is just spraying and praying a lot. At your timecodes it looks more like he is startled by spotting somebody and than starts shooting (sometimes even in the wrong direction) and only aiming after starting to shoot.
  10. What I was trying to say is, that he can't unpbo something, take the config, change values and repack it. That is the same as editing a p3d and reupload it. RHS was a typo, but my text also applies to RH. Absolutly right, but you need permission, if you unpack a pbo, change stuff in the config, and repack it as is. That is what I understood what Blitzen is doing. For private use nobody would mind of course. The best way for a config patch/compat is to overwrite values in a config (that is what I meant with patching) and not unpacking -> changing a value in cpp -> repacking. When this is the config you want to patch: class CfgPatches { class SomeAddon { name = "Some Addon"; requiredAddons[] = {}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {"SomeWeapon"}; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class SomeWeapon { something = "blah"; anarray=["blah","blub"]; anumber = 1; //More }; }; You are creating a new config with your own cfgPatches and dependency on the SomeAddon class. Later you add the existing config class and only overwrite the values you want to change. Otherweise your compatibility patch may break when the patched addon gets an update. Your config: class CfgPatches { class MyCompatAddon { name = "Some Compat Addon"; requiredAddons[] = {"SomeAddon"}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {"SomeWeapon"}; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class SomeWeapon { anarray=["blah","blub","with","more","entries"]; //Just as example }; }; Works the similar with subclasses (for the rails in this particular case). Hope that clears up, what I meant.
  11. On a side note: You don't edit the configs as one, for that you would need permission and/or evn cause incompatibility problems with other mods. What you want to do is create your own addon config and "patch" the config values from RH config there by using the same classnames and RH pbo as dependency. Maybe even the += operator will work for silencers.
  12. co10 Escape

    Good idea. Will put a config lookup on my todo list.
  13. CUP server issue

    Your server is a windows host. Just remove CUP and redownload it completly. Looks like the download is corrupted. Make sure to only use the official CUP DL mirrors.
  14. co10 Escape

    Thta sounds like some of your people have older or newer versions of the terrains installed.