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  1. Units init field: [this,"FlyingMonkeysInSpaceInsignia"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; and this in your missions description.ext: class CfgUnitInsignia { class FlyingMonkeysInSpaceInsignia { displayName = "Flying Monkeys In Space"; // Name displayed in Arsenal author = "All mighty NeoArmageddon"; // Author displayed in Arsenal texture = "insig\us1.paa"; // Image path. Not sure this is right, try "\insig\us1.paa" otherweise textureVehicle = ""; // Does nothing currently, reserved for future use }; }; Dictated but not tested™
  2. Pretty sure we didn't changed the classname of CUP_Worlds. I looked it up and the last change to that file was in Oct 2017 and even than only some minor fixes and no rename. So I am pretty sure CUP_Worlds is there and intact.
  3. Isn't that the proper Arma2 behaviour? :P
  4. co10 Escape

    See fn_initServer.sqf.
  5. co10 Escape

    Good time with public escape and regulara? Never imagined that is possible :D Glad you worked it out!
  6. co10 Escape

    In initplayer.sqf. But disabling revive will break the gameplay and respawn won't work.
  7. co10 Escape

    That depends which version of Escape and which Malden do you want to play. There are several Escape missions for two different versions of Malden. The modset you need is written in die mission name, it is either Vanilla (so no addon) or CUP/RHS. For "old" Malden you will need CUP Terrains, for the new Malden you should only need the free Malden DLC from BI. If the later is a problem, your server might be misconfigured to download the official DLCs. You can try uploading the DLC content from yoru local game directory manually.
  8. Torndeco fixed this already in our internal branch. Will be fixed Soon™ for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
  9. No more Armaholic.com ?!

    If you need technical assistance (if it f**ks you all up) drop me a PM.
  10. co10 Escape

    The config from the enemy units. Escape is mostly using the vanilla loadouts from mods and vanilla and is only removing objects (for example the map). When you want to add other unit classes, you have to edit unitclasses.sqf. If you want other loadouts, the best way is to create a config addon which adds those loadouts to the units.
  11. Why? You can just click the error message away and play australia.
  12. Or (more likely) a thirdparty terrain is tinkering with the CAWorld class (or similar). Run CUP Terrains without any other terrain mods and readd them bit by bit to find the one with faulty config. TerrainSynth config parameter was not in A1. CUP Terrains fixes this for most terrains but some A1 terrains may alter the config and removing the fix by itself.
  13. Google Drive on website is updated. Other mirrors and torrents aswell as the terrain updates will follow Soon™
  14. GD should be updated soon™.
  15. What you describe sounds like a hardware failure that only comes into play, when a program taps more RAM than usual (64bit + Terrains). You can test this with Memtest.exe or something like this. You could also try running A3 64bit with -maxmem=2047 (or lower). Just an idea