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  1. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    I uploaded a new development snapshot at the Github repository. It can be directly accessed here: https://github.com/NeoArmageddon/co10_Escape/releases/tag/Dev_191022 The new naming convention of these dev snapshots is "DEV YEAR+MONTH+DAY". I consider this snapshot a release candidate for 1.10 but further testing is needed. Especially prison creation and general mission loading/starting. Livonia (onyl terrain, no contact assets yet) is also included.
  2. It is no script but a replacement for the normal rain effect. Thus it can only be archieved by config.
  3. NeoArmageddon

    [TUTORIAL] Contact Scripts

    No worries if this is not your top priority. Sooner or later I will tear the functions and scripts apart myself. Just need to get through the campaign first 😄
  4. NeoArmageddon

    [TUTORIAL] Contact Scripts

    Really nice list! Just started the compaign yesterday and I really like the scripted stuff and the storytelling that comes with it. I didn't had a look at the scripts myself yet, but did you stumbled on the shooting star effect one can see in the second missions intro? Would love to use it for a campaign I am working on.
  5. NeoArmageddon

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Inverse kinematic animations and stereo rendering (aka sending two different renderbuffers to the headset, VorpX is "guessing" two buffers from the depth-buffer, which is by far not as good as real stereo rendering). Just to name two.
  6. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    One guy posted a port in our Discord and I will see that I can include it in the next update, but no promises.
  7. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    We moved away from Gitlab due technical reasons. The main repository is the one on Github (with added benefit of a lot of people already having an account there). The FTP is not accessible for now but I didn't got around to update the first page (also everytime I update it, the thread gets temporarily blocked, which is a bit annoying). I am planning on a new alternative Soon™. I got a day off tomorrow. Maybe I get something of this done.
  8. For everytime someone asks, we put the actual releasedate back by 1 week. Now it's "When it is done+1week"
  9. To reduce redundancy you can use a foreach and an array of objects this addAction["Activate Alarm", {{[_x, ["Sirenair", 1500, 1]] remoteExec ["say3d", 0, true];} foreach [alarmFB2,alarmFB3,alarmFB4];}]; Also not tested. Any error is an exercise in SQF debugging for you 😛
  10. I just copy and pasted the lines from the first post together on my mobile 😛
  11. NeoArmageddon

    "Pending approval" alert

    Had that myself a few times with my co10_Escape thread. The spam detection seems to trigger when you edit the first post in a thread with a lot of answers and the post contains links.
  12. It works also inline with addaction if you want to keep that stuff short but harder to read: this addAction["Activate Alarm", {([alarmFB2,["Sirenair", 1500, 1]] remoteExec ["say3d",0,true];}];
  13. The problem was indeed a small config error in CUP and was fixed on the release date of GM. As we had no major update since then, the fix is only present in the dev version of CUP (you find it as a seperate package on Steam). The fix will be rolled out with the next major update of CUP (soon™). Albeit the error is annoying, it does not break anythink important (as far as we investigated) and you can safely ignore it until the next update or use the dev version until than.
  14. This! I often see the argument that Real Virtuality is an outdated engine and A3 would be so much better with a new engine. That statement is not correct and makes little to no sense from a software engineering standpoint: Every engine can be upgraded to modern standards. It just takes work and skilled software engineers. In todays RV engine we see stuff, that people said were impossible with the engine a few years back (like bipods, graphics like sunrays, fire from vehicle, 64bit exe etc). I fiten read from people that some stuff is not possible with the RV engine, but that is wrong, it is just not feasible for BI. A compeltly new engine takes as much or even more working hours than modifying an existing one. That is the reason that in the past 17 years we have seen the same engine with huge upgrades between the games. And while the DayZ engine is called a "new" engine, I see many similarities which make me think it is rather a large refactor of the RV than a new engine. In the end, an engine is defined by its subsystems, and when model and terrain format is nearly the same (p3d, wrp, etc) I am not sure when you can call an engine "new" instead of refactored or redesigned. IF we see an A4 someday, I am pretty confident we will see many familiar stuff. There are also many parts of RV that are already good as they are and even if you write a completly new engine, an software engineer will design it the same way. There is a really good book about engine architecture by Jason Gregory (worked for Naughty Dog on Uncharted and The Last of us) and you will find a lot of similarities between how he describes a good implementation of a game engine and what the RV does nowadays. While this may read like I am a total fan of the RV engine, I have to admin there are many parts that are outdated and need a rework, like the config inheritance, animation system and the actual implementation of multithreading. I don't say that the engine is anywhere near perfect, I just want to stress that the majorities demand for a "completly new engine" is just unrealistic and needless. The current problems can be solved by a team of software engineers/programmers and probably it will be faster and cheaper than a new engine, that basically does the same as the current one. P.S. To conclude and answer the first post: Yes, I think we will see further upgrades of A3, which might be called A4.
  15. NeoArmageddon

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I suspect mostly assets as seen in the trailer. Focus seems to be on the "Science and investigation" stuff. Enemy is most likely something like soldiers with their minds taken over by an unknown entity. I doubt we will see many stuff in terms of driveable assets, alien weapons or even alien units. You can perfectly pull of this scenario with only abstract encounters.