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  1. And to add to this: The new content will be part of CUP Core and thus be available for terrain creators to create new winter themed terrains and update old ones. For example with realistic winter leaf trees (no more white leaves).
  2. You sure about that? :D
  3. Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    If you want to use it for DCS and Arma, get a TrackIR. It has a direct integration and works as expected. Even if VR works with arma, there is no real input support besides mouse, keyboard and joystick and Arma is no game where you can play without viewing what keys you are pressing. My TrackIR5 recently broke down and I will definitly buy a new one even though I own a Vive.
  4. Just guessing but loop = 1; in your rsc_loadingScreen may prevent the videostopped eventhandler from firing. Some other ideas: The Biki implies that RscVideo uses BIS_fnc_playVideo for starting the video internally. So maybe the scripted eventhandler BIS_fnc_playVideo_stopped will work. If the new video does not start AND you called BIS_fnc_playVideo you can try the removal of the videoOverlay control and addin a new one, directly with the correct video. Or you can just end the current loading screen and start a new one with a different video (make the video a parameter of the loadingscreen, so one loadingscreen can invoke a new one).
  5. Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Nope, no real stereo possible without changes to the renderer. I assume that is what they added in VBS to get native support. I wrote a OpenVR implementation for A3 (complete tracking of all devices and vive tracker support) but still the lack of native stereo rendering makes this just a tech demo and nothing usable.
  6. I have seen this flickering before and in the past it was related to other maps or objects are not 100% compatible with CUP Terrains (terrains that have self ported A2 content that was not moved to other). If you are sure this is a bug with Summer Chernarus itself, please test it without other addons than CUP Terrains loaded.
  7. co10 Escape

    Thanks for your time you spend on this issue yourself and an even bigger thank you for you explanation and solution for the issue. I didn't even considered someone placing pbos not directly into the mpmission folder (albeit I knew about this new feature that was added a few patches ago). I assume linux is just not handling the subpath aswell as it was meant to be.
  8. co10 Escape

    Wish you had recorded that screaming aswell :D
  9. co10 Escape

    Try renaming the mission pbo to all lower case. linux A3 servers are prone to casing problems. Spawing with gear and at the same place just means A3 is loading the mission setup but is not starting any of the scripts. Most of the time (as you already said) this is related to autoinit but it can also be Arma3 just not finding the script files. I suspect the A3 linux server is loading the mission.sqm from co10_Escape_BIS_NATO_vs_CSAT.pbo but is internally refering to all content in lower case form (what shouldn't be a problem on windows), so it now looks in co10_escape_bis_nato_vs_csat.pbo which is non existent in your file system. Can you try renaming the .pbo and teting again? Also make sure to start server and client with -showscripterrors command line, so A3 will prompt warnings about missing files. Regarding the amoun of pbos: They all go into mpmissions. You can copy the mods and terrains you want to use and leave out the rest if you want. Every pbo works standalone.
  10. co10 Escape

    Remove this class Missions { class Escape { template = co10_Escape_BIS_NATO_vs_CSAT.Altis; difficulty = "Regular"; }; }; This part is known to break scripts (not only in Escape).
  11. What is this Game mode Called...?

    Sounds like "Advance and Secure" (AAS,AS). There were a lot of different installments of this mode with different names.
  12. co10 Escape

    Weapons and magazines can be added in te unitclasses file under a3e_arr_PrisonBackpackWeapons. As there is no config array for items, you need to add them manually in functions/Server/fn_initServer.sqf just before the line // Spawn more guards. The local variable _backpack contains the backpack object.
  13. co10 Escape

    Okay, you are talking about the enemy AI. The number of patrols and patrol size depends on the difficulty you set in the mission params in the lobby screen, before you start the mission.
  14. co10 Escape

    The mission is not designed to support AI in the player squad. It would break stuff like the revive-script.