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  1. Make a ticket in our bugtracker and attach some screenshots.
  2. Script obfuscating

    Correct me if I am wrong, but one can still exchange stuff like authors name even if the scripts are obfuscated. Obfuscating is more geared towards making a scripts logic unreadable and making it hard to reuse parts. Obfuscation is not encryption. If you really want to protect your whole mission from being relabeled and reuploaded, your best bet is DCMA claims. Steam workshop makes this quite easy. Report an upload, include the link to your original release and in a few hourd the reupload is gone and the theft may even get banned from SteamWS.
  3. All I can find about this claim are interviews with Epic boss Tim Sweeney where he says it is Microsofts plan to make Steam hard to use in Win10 by replacing Win32 with UWP. In the end his claims are just speculation (first report I found about this is from 2015). Also he never says that he things Microsoft forces Steam off the platform, only that MS is supporting the Win Store and not Steam in future platform updates, basically making Windows updates more cumbersome when you have steam (resulting in making Win Store more "attractive" aka less cumbersome than Steam). The worst case scenario would be: Steam is forced to switch to UWP platform. That means you would have to download Steam from the Windows Store and not by using an installer and MS hopes that this two step installation would be more annoying to users than using the Win Store for games. Nevertheless I think switching to Linux for Steam gaming would be much more cumbersome for me (and other players) than anything MS will do "against" Steam. I have to deal with Win and Linux at work and for my spare time I always prefer Win over Linux.
  4. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Gate1 and Gate2 variables don't exist at other clients. Make them public: gate1 = "mercenaries_gorka" createVehicle(position player); publicVariable "gate1"; gate2 = "mercenaries_gorka" createVehicle(position player); publicVariable "gate2"; [gate1, ["Yeeehaaw", {player setPos getpos gate2}]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true];
  5. Script obfuscating

    This. One of my larger missions is played, hosted and downloaded thousand times per month and I have only seen slightly modfied versions were people exchanged weapons and units (allowed per license) but I never encountered someone who has ripped stuff out of the mission for use somewhere else. I assumeit is too time consuming to unravel all the modules, scripts and parts to make use of them in other missions. The default "script kiddie" wants fast results, so he looks somewhere else. The serious modder writes me a PM with "Hey, I really like that one script in your mission, mind if you can send me a sandalone version?". Also something that was not mentioned here, and in my opinion it is the biggest objection towards obfuscating script: In a few years you look for that one script you wrote back in A3 (maybe to use in A4 or something like that) but you can't find it on your HDD/backup. So you search it online, download it and unpack it. If the code was obuscated, you are out of luck. Releasing something is actually the second best backup method (after having a real backup of course).
  6. co10 Escape

    Post your RPT please and make sure you are only loaded what is needed for the mission.
  7. co10 Escape

    AT is our own internal modset with basically a mixture of CUP, CAF, RHS and some compatibility addons not released. They are packed with the normal missionnwhen dev versions are generated and I am too lazy to filter them from the public folder. Please ignore them, they are not meant to be played (but if you are curious you can checkout the classnames directly in the unitclasses.sqf on git or when unpacking the pbo).
  8. AFAIK that model is already broken in the A2 MLOD pack by BI. I thought it was fixed in the last TP update thou. Which CUP version do you use as base? If it is the newest, can you open a ticket in our tracker?
  9. ExecVM from triggers

    Just for the record, if a trigger is created in a script and local variables need to be used in the activation call of the trigger, all forms of parsing variables into strings can be used: private["_casSpawn","_casPos","_casGroup","_trg"]; // Setting _casSpawn,_casPos,_casGroup to some values _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos _casSpawn]; _trg setTriggerArea [20, 20, 10, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["CIV", "PRESENT", true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", format ["null = [%1,%2,%3] execVM 'mount.sqf';",_casSpawn,_casPos,_casGroup], "hint 'Test'"]; This will parse the variables into the string and it will become a static expression like "null = [someObject,[2312,54234,234],SomeGroup-1-2-West] execVM 'mount.sqf';" that can be called uncoupled from the script creating the trigger. In some cases, the str command needs to be added to the parameters of format to have the variables added correctly (needed for string to have correct escaping of quotes). When debugging this, it is good to make your called script (mount.sqf) print all parameters and their type into the rpt or chat to check if everything worked as expected.
  10. Please help me solve the problem !!!

    The engine itself is more than 17 years old and envolved during that time a lot. You find a lot of games like Operation Flashpoint (the old one), Armed Assault, Arma1-Arma3, Take on Helicopter, Iron Front and DayZ. As this is not an engine for licensing to other studios, there are no tech demos (wouldn't make much sense to release tech demos if you don't plan to sell the engine). Also Arma3 is basically all the engines features and thus the perfect tech demo. BI uses Linda to generate trees (Linda was developed for Arma/VBS AFAIK). The engine renders trees like normal models. Foliage is mostly renddered as 3d sprites.
  11. Help needed: Quick questions

    Most likely. This is a question that can't be answered as everybody has different taste and expect different stuff from such a game. In my opinion ArmA is the pinnacle of milsim gaming. Than get it from humble!
  12. co10 Escape

    Would be helpful to know which version you are trying to play. All Apex reversions require Apex (what a surprise). The other versions don't use Apex except for civilian traffic but there is an option in the params to disable all DLC content. Also you shouldn't be kicken for not owning a DLC. This sounds more like some pbos are missing. Nevertheless your brother should buy Apex anyway. Tanoa is great for Escape.
  13. co10 Escape

    Be sure to set Debug mode in server params (in the MP lobby) to "Off" and the first setting to "Use below and save". Seems like you turned debugging on someday and saved the settings. You can check the setting also in mission in the briefing under "Settings".
  14. Way to treat newcomers! Gj! (sarcasm)

    Just so we are on the same page here: As far as I know there is nothing like being "invited" in the lobby (may be the case for some modded scenarios but not official ones). Also in most cases you don't have to wait to join something except for some Coop missions without respawn. In all other scenarios you can just click a slot and join the session (or spawn in spectator). Also, does on official servers someone can kick people or is only #vote kick possible? So I suspectthat either of these were the case: You waited in the lobby while you could have just joined the running session. You joined but it was some mission without respawn. You joined a server where all slots were already occupied. You were kicked because the mission at restart was full (and maybe albeit you joined an official server, you encountered a closed group playing there). Maybe you were kicked because you were idling in the lobby (see point 1 and 3). They really were some childish people not wanting you to play with them. They are not representative for this community. I don't want to defend the people on that particular server, just wanted to say there are other possible reasons you had to wait/got kicked than just stupid and toxic people. We can't be sure without knowning which gamemode/mission you tried to join. The missions/maps in arma work a bit different than in regular first person shooter games.
  15. co10 Escape

    It was added in the dev logs and only some files. The ports are not complete yet and thus missing from the final release and the 1.9 release log.