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  1. co10 Escape

    The newest development build contains some additions by @belkon to make escape work with ACE medical. Testing and feedback would be awesome. The Build has #128 (There are mission and addon builds available)
  2. co10 Escape

    Opening a LAN server and play for yourself should work but will be very hard to beat (as the mission is designed wirh coop in mind).
  3. co10 Escape

    For the first one it is Massi's addon collections and RHS. The zombie missions are not supported anymore but they used "Zombies & Demons" AFAIK.
  4. How much Arma have you played?

    Steam says I have 2,504 hours in A3 on record since release. But I played all other titles before nearly as frequently (or maybe more as A3) but not with Steam. So when I extrapolate my playtime in A3 to all titles back to the OFP release in june 2001 I get around 8757 hours in all armaverse games (not counting Take On, DayZ and Carrier Command).
  5. co10 Escape

    Thanks for your commend. Would love to have you back working with us on Escape!
  6. Instead of just complaining about CUP Sahrani, why don't you do something constructive and write your objective problems with it down in the CUP bugtracker?
  7. co10 Escape

    Ruha is already in but we noticed some huge performance problems (seem to be related to some corrupt objects in that map). That is the reason we did not included it in the last release.
  8. co10 Escape

    When you are playing solo, yes, as there is no respawn.
  9. co10 Escape

    Please hide long logs in a Spoiler-tag. This looks like your servers scriptengine is bugged as those error messages don't make any sense (defining a variable throws undefined variable). Make sure you are not starting your server with -init commandline parameter and you don't have a mission rotation/autostart mission configured in your servers config. These are known to break a lot of scripts (engine bug most likely).
  10. Make a ticket in our bugtracker and attach some screenshots.
  11. Script obfuscating

    Correct me if I am wrong, but one can still exchange stuff like authors name even if the scripts are obfuscated. Obfuscating is more geared towards making a scripts logic unreadable and making it hard to reuse parts. Obfuscation is not encryption. If you really want to protect your whole mission from being relabeled and reuploaded, your best bet is DCMA claims. Steam workshop makes this quite easy. Report an upload, include the link to your original release and in a few hourd the reupload is gone and the theft may even get banned from SteamWS.
  12. All I can find about this claim are interviews with Epic boss Tim Sweeney where he says it is Microsofts plan to make Steam hard to use in Win10 by replacing Win32 with UWP. In the end his claims are just speculation (first report I found about this is from 2015). Also he never says that he things Microsoft forces Steam off the platform, only that MS is supporting the Win Store and not Steam in future platform updates, basically making Windows updates more cumbersome when you have steam (resulting in making Win Store more "attractive" aka less cumbersome than Steam). The worst case scenario would be: Steam is forced to switch to UWP platform. That means you would have to download Steam from the Windows Store and not by using an installer and MS hopes that this two step installation would be more annoying to users than using the Win Store for games. Nevertheless I think switching to Linux for Steam gaming would be much more cumbersome for me (and other players) than anything MS will do "against" Steam. I have to deal with Win and Linux at work and for my spare time I always prefer Win over Linux.
  13. Teleporting at Dedicated Sever

    Gate1 and Gate2 variables don't exist at other clients. Make them public: gate1 = "mercenaries_gorka" createVehicle(position player); publicVariable "gate1"; gate2 = "mercenaries_gorka" createVehicle(position player); publicVariable "gate2"; [gate1, ["Yeeehaaw", {player setPos getpos gate2}]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true];
  14. Script obfuscating

    This. One of my larger missions is played, hosted and downloaded thousand times per month and I have only seen slightly modfied versions were people exchanged weapons and units (allowed per license) but I never encountered someone who has ripped stuff out of the mission for use somewhere else. I assumeit is too time consuming to unravel all the modules, scripts and parts to make use of them in other missions. The default "script kiddie" wants fast results, so he looks somewhere else. The serious modder writes me a PM with "Hey, I really like that one script in your mission, mind if you can send me a sandalone version?". Also something that was not mentioned here, and in my opinion it is the biggest objection towards obfuscating script: In a few years you look for that one script you wrote back in A3 (maybe to use in A4 or something like that) but you can't find it on your HDD/backup. So you search it online, download it and unpack it. If the code was obuscated, you are out of luck. Releasing something is actually the second best backup method (after having a real backup of course).
  15. co10 Escape

    Post your RPT please and make sure you are only loaded what is needed for the mission.