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  1. Temperature is above zero degree celsius
  2. We are aware of it. It was an unlucky export error that is fixed with the next update. We don't want to push another hotfix for this, as we think Southern Sahrani is not used that often (looking at missions released for it) and hotfixing would cause more trouble than it solves. Sahrani and United Sahrani should be fully functional.
  3. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    Don't worry. With the next CUP update you will get a nice warm winter jacket.
  4. Maybe to elaborate a bit on this: First we released a hotfix with new bisigns 1.11.1. later we noticed a bug that may prevent some server configurations from not starting, fixed this bug an increased the version number to 1.11.2 with new bisigns. As the change wasonly affecting a few servers, we decided to sign the updated package (the whole pack with all data including hotfix) with both bisigns so players that load the hotfixed package or are forced to update through SteamWS can still join servers with only 1.11.1 keys installed (so basically servers that ran perfectly fine and didn't needed the hotfix). Otherwise we would have prevented a lot of players to play on a lot of servers until those servers update to a hotfix they don't necessarily need in the first place. TL;DR > 10% of servers needed a second hotfix. Hotfix was resigned with 1.11.2 and uploaded to SteamWS, etc. Included 1.11.1 sign so players with hotfix can play on the >90% servers that didn't need the hotfix.
  5. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    You can already find a mission in the Gitlab dev build, even using some of the new CUP winter units: https://gitlab.anzp.de/escape/co10_Escape/pipelines
  6. Sounds like your download was corrupted. Try redownloading.
  7. Checked a clean install of A3 and CUP terrains and I can't find any snowy roads on Takistan? Do you by accident loaded CUP Terrains Core 1.11.X with an old version of CUP Terrains Maps (<=1.4.x)
  8. We got rid of the "Complete" release more than two years ago because it was just a repack of Core+Maps and a lot of people were too confused about what they should use. Just replace "Complete" with Core 1.11.2 and Maps 1.11.1 and you are up-to-date.
  9. @oldbear Exactly what sparfell said. I wasn't aware of your terrains and their Utes dependency or otherwise I would have fixed them with a config patch in the last terrain hotfix. Of course it is even better if you fix it yourself in your own config. Personally I think making a terrain dependent on another terrain is a potential risk as the inherited terrains can always add or remove new entries that are not wanted for the derived terrain. But nevertheless deriving from a terrain config is the fastest and easiest way. I have footsteps on winter chernarus. They are not perfect but a good compromise. I can also say, that our talented @audiocustoms is working on a completly new (recorded) set of winter sounds for the next update.
  10. Baked into config but there it is available for other terrain makers. I know that some are already updating their terrains with the CUP snow.
  11. Thanks but most work was done by @OfotViking managing the CI pipeline and pushing the hotfixes to steam and google.
  12. Updated diff for fixed hotfix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pcHqSKjYYGVj97540EuaHFJ5b0X6pECg (updates Core from 1.11.1 to 1.11.2). This is not needed, if Terrains Core is loaded after 30.12.18 1500 CET. The roadfix should now work standalone without the need for Terrains Maps.
  13. Something messed up the requiredAddons section in the hotfix. Expect a hotfix for the hotfix of the hotfix :(
  14. We published a second (small) hotfix for Terrains Core (version 1.11.2) adding a PBO that were missed from packing the 1.11.1 hotfix and resigned all pbos. All download mirrors are updated. Everybody that downloaded Core between yesterday and today 1100 CET can download only the diff here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pcHqSKjYYGVj97540EuaHFJ5b0X6pECg (~100kb).
  15. It is simply the new tech that was introduced with Arma3.