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  1. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    The latest packed version can now be downloaded here: http://co10esc.anzp.de (temporary domain)
  2. Hi Neo


    I am trying to incorporate finding intel on enemies to reveal POI's into an escape scenario.

    i thought I had it correctly set up as and my params reflect the 'intel'  choices in game but no intel appears on the enemy. I think the functions file is also correct..


    How do I do this?


    Thank you in advance.



  3. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    prei_khmaoch_luong is a custom terrain. You need it (obviously): The map from VN is Cam Nao Lam. You don't need this. Remove it. The params stick if you are logged in as admin and change the first parameter to "Use below and save".
  4. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    Sorry, my crystal ball is in repair so you have post these errors.
  5. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    There is no cleanup (the function cleans comcenters and sourroundings). If you add boats to the mission.sqm they should be ingame. I suspect the packing of the mission.sqm into the final PBO is where you have a problem.
  6. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    co10 Escape is released under APL-SA. As far as I understand, that means they must disclose the changes they made to the mission.
  7. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    DLC port is already in the dev build since DLC was released. To get the newest dev build, you can use the devpacker: http://escape.anzp.de/EscapeDevPacker1.7z
  8. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    Normally not, but there are two packages: Contact Platform (free an probably already installed on your server) and Contact DLC (Enoch, Premium). Make sure both uploaded on your server and are loaded when starting.
  9. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    Your server seems to be loaded without Contact content, just with the terrain. Just guessing that o_t_patrol_soldier_a_f is a class exlusive to contact DLC.
  10. NeoArmageddon

    co10 Escape

    Even with the settings set to nearest spawn distance one should not see AI spawning except when in very open terrain. Most scripts/missions I know spawn AI in a ~500+ radius which is normally more than enough, even with viewdistance larger than that. Escape uses normally much larger values with spawning of city patrols much further away from the player than ambient patrols.
  11. Have you seen that under "Export/Import" there is a button "Import Static" which toolstip reads "Import all mission/script placed static objects into MB project."? Sounds like that is exactly what you need.
  12. Try with an empty map and just one object first. MB's last update is a few years back, so no promise an update of A3 didn't broke anything in it.
  13. Maybe try { [_x] call MB_fnc_InitObject; } foreach allMissionObjects "All"; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/allMissionObjects Biki should be the first place you should look when something does not work as intended.
  14. Looks like a generic error. You probably have quotation marks somewhere around the code I posted. Make sure you copied it directly or even better type it into A3 by hand. Upload your rpt with the error somewhere. Last time I checked code I posted worked as intended.
  15. Play the mission -> start Mapbuilder -> run code -> ??? -> Profit