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  1. Hi Neo


    I am trying to incorporate finding intel on enemies to reveal POI's into an escape scenario.

    i thought I had it correctly set up as and my params reflect the 'intel'  choices in game but no intel appears on the enemy. I think the functions file is also correct..


    How do I do this?


    Thank you in advance.



  2. Dfcon5

    co10 Escape

    I got it to work. With escape if you save in the editor frequently but not always you only get a new mission.sqf but the game logic is stripped out. So I replaced the logic and it works fine. Also its better to change uniforms in the 'attributes' area rather than the the 'loadout' area in this case, not sure why but it only worked once I changed the uniforms in 'attributes' by changing the soldier. So in summary my mistakes were to change the uniforms in 'loadout' which seems to be ignored by escape even though a .pbo not working (re change of uniforms) on the MP server when brought back to the editor still displays the uniform change in SP. I am informed it works well in other scenarios so maybe my editor is squirly. My second mistake was to read the editor manual!!! Thank you Neo for your help it was pivotal because you encouraged me to push on because I was close. P.S. Mad about escape.
  3. Dfcon5

    co10 Escape

    Thank you for that but I have a snow 'escape' map working very well (Thirsk w) I just want to change the uniforms. I have changed to 'CSAT Cnow Tigers' uniforms for CSAT, in the editor and placed the mod on the server as required etc but the 'new' .pbo runs with stock uniforms only. The .pbo runs fine with new uniforms in single player/preview. do I need to delete the stock CSAT team and build a new one with the uniforms?...what am I missing? (aside from the obvious!!).
  4. Dfcon5

    co10 Escape

    Question can I put snow uniforms on CSAT in CSATvNATO ona winter map?. If so how? Thank you in anticipation. Defcon 5